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DjangoCon US 2016: Lightning Talks
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Lightning Talks by Many People 00:04 - Adrienne Lowe 06:33 - Russell Keith-Magee 09:42 - Tom Christie 15:14 - Trey Hunner 18:39 - Paul Logston 20:28 - Timothy Allen
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on the thank you and the it so I here is
fine but mongo and you're willing to and they proved that anything like really cool they wanna lift up like this morning driving here there was a Venus are like in the wild I was like white the Narayani their legal no yeah and then the now possum a cool legally vessel algae and I'm like level 8 now right
the quote I don't and a training environment where Adrian friend I am Jenkins director of advancement well what is the mean of the OJ project has to have paid contractors me in 10 grams you probably are more familiar with tens work he is the 1 who makes Django go the do you know about Genghis thought were foundation added the use that is the nonprofit that's behind Zhang that administers Django and were run by a board of directors and Frank Wild Daniela who organized edging upon Europe last year I James dinner Karen Tracy and Rebecca Conley of our new Secretary staff is our treasure work really closely with him and then there are the 2
about using a set but this is the time getting your issues but that that clearly gives them an and we just the terrorists the idea is that the nonprofit behind Django and our main focus is the direct support of Genghis developers this means organizing and binding sprints we often sponsoring the Spencer conferences and helping both the time is right into a economies is expensive so we can provide grants for that we provide financial assistance the Django girls we find the Django fellowship program which is terms a work and that term trying to make something close to real developer salary making Django happen so is a little bit intends work at a glance just based on what I'd pull down from our recent post about his work here a lot but I can't I with 10 officially about a year ago and at the February really it's just happened when they happen since that some on a regular schedule and he keeps the community updated about what's happening he's a hugely valuable asset to us you want some more and you can join the gender Developers mailing lists and get his weekly updates about where he is working on In February he was renewed for another 6 months of finding until September of this year and he would love to keep going but we need the funding to make it happen we also want keep making indifference Virginia girls In generals last year we supported them 4 times and they said that when they approach different local companies about the workshop that company is didn't really understand what was important but the that made it possible
so there are some ways you can get involved and we need you yes you in this storm we need the person eating involved you can
become a corporate member if you're company of village and overviews Django show support to tango as a corporate member there are 3 levels of memberships silver gold and platinum there times the benefits including badges the input idea website that something it became even asking for for a while and we may happen
so just to give a shout out to some of our current corporate members there 3 slides so take a look look at the you the your company on here if you not see a company on the slide we need to talk let's talk
the morning and you or and read up there was talk
uh I and this is something
everyone can become you come only use of well Donna this is that the commitment to gender when you think about it this is giving a thousand dollars or more per year in a calendar year and you get a logo or a picture on a main fund-raising pages is like everyone goes to a new a special badge can use were real so we should well
don't donations may seem big but the cool thing
is they can be recurring we make it easy to give honest schedule so if you get a hundred dollars a month to gender for a year you become leadership level donor so when we do that we have a number called Archimedes do that you can sign up right on our website making a monthly quarterly or yearly donation we also run special names right
now we have a partnership with that right sometimes when you can get times Ahmad 30 per cent off and they're going to make that donation for every purchase that we make they're going to make a donation to gender so take care that the that I donated Zhang thought 1st of my lighting talk
here where the challenges a pretty big audacious challenge where there's not not so this
is where we're currently standing 1 apple this slide down like an hour ago were 34 . 5 per cent funded where nearly 69 thousand donated of argue yearly go goal of 200 thousand and that's composer 231 donors I don't
think it's 100 k we're more than halfway through the year Our goal is to 100 thousand let's give you 100 thousand by the closest friends on writing let's book these corpora membership let's make our personal commitments to gender and let's where that hard to 50 % for by the end of this week and if that sounds a little married CEO
keep in mind we've done this before when we launched in January of 2015 in 6 days this community gave 30 thousand dollars in 6 states that's what we're doing but may not and I
think that's something I
around the and and E I am a model of a modern jungle never before had already introduced in the military and form I get it out of the access to illegitimate you on the rails pile his penis look upon me with a law that criticized like language with the just schooling of this heavy thing about it is known that excite a couple of months and months and humans deserve a social accounts and sometimes even lead to a uh that were designed as it was the story there is static for the person is used by the system the state of the art of handling all that that you can afford and still very model of a modern day at a time when the when models can be intervened anymore about it is that we used was like anybody to the transactions and then families with good grace painting and all the Mennonite running any place but was given by the politics of the face infusion of administered test this but nothing can take some of with you and small you can read it in production introduces mostly and uh at that and that's why you was just such a have a comprehensive 1 of you listen to activities it's working the it's still up there and legal that he moves into the because then the more of a more general model of a the hopefully you could use me anyway that you of wanting to with comprehensive documents to assist when you have no clue supported by a friendly group of worldwide Jagger users who gladly volunteer their time mentoring in helping you with a building up migrations was figuring out a class which you would take place on the server on a platform that is very you I have no doubt that with the help of lovely bran cycle so all but the that many of them but when 1 is in the water and land that some of the looking for the next thing I wanted sons of the features 1 bring it that's the way the handling he moved into because in the moment engendered a I had the the the and the other thing is something that know that a but then so momentum because the new world of jungle was 1 what 1 and so the and I don't spend a few minutes talking about the um collaborative fundamental that we recently launched so before I start to last everybody in the room they you the company that you work for users jungle rest framework in some capacity can you that a while OK hands up if you the company that you work for all currently funds 1 of the rest from pay plans complete your hand up please OK I think about how could that be that's not move to challenge identified physical the communities yeah I have a few weeks back I quit my regular employment and started working on this framework full-time of the results of this so far there is a huge slew of books and tickets being closed all we've had the freeborn all release outs just last week complete weights given generation in the hive client library for interacting with your right guys and the command line tool for interacting with you right guys and this functionality is also going to start to open up a lot of other interesting possibilities as images and there's an absolute huge stack so in note that it's coming next on top of this as well so there's going to be a hypermedia cipal coming up I have plans for real-time support using WebSockets coming up but more mature authentication D volts in rest framework to help you build more security eyes are helping you get into production fostered by providing term weights that allow you to get your API up and running in production next the nodes on I have a wells so why don't in hopefully you know as we go forward scripts perhaps the jobless with it's um improved stalling for API documentation as well as monitoring and debugging all sorts of things that we can welcome I can see you know that the least 2 or 3 dozen years what the work that I can already see from sub the all I can do this without you help and we I think the 1st thing I want society about this told is trying to make the business case for funding whether it's all you know hopefully both the giant of fellowship ions of the rest framework the pipelines and the key here is a movie is I think that this is something worthwhile because I think it's in your best interests to do so like this is the page I want to make to the businesses because it's absolutely clear so you know I should be clear to everybody that a well invested open source ecosystems represents a huge competitive advantage to your company applied and also love the collaborative funding model is a kind of new business model and slightly dated colliding is really compelling because our look at it this way around so myself adjournments him so we want to what your company's full-time and as well probably as long column so there the catches we're only gonna work on these open source projects use nothing else the prior as the company you only have to pay as a small fraction of a full-time salary right that sounds like a good deal to me the so so if I'm asking for your money I think it's
very important to be transparent about exactly what I'm asking for help but I'm looking for a lot about 65 thousand dollars a year in order to make this a viable so it's not aid that's revenue not salary but this isn't some huge money scheme that money spending scheme but it is enough to support a viable business out where at the moment we're starting to
get close to the city point right that that seems to be 100 % funded level is the thing that will change all of this and we're starting to get that so is the moral
shock so the plans starts the corpora plans starts at 50 dollars a month ago i and every single 1 of those makes a significant difference from my side and every single 1 and I wanna make it clear that this is an investment not a donation
so if you your companies considering funding to note that in touch with me I will probably help you do with your business on or about trying to make the case for funding it but you very much for your time thank
my history I have a lot of experience with workshops and tutorials and letting thoughts up until this morning I had virtually no experience giving a talk longer than 5 minutes and less than 3 hours so on the showing you some tips that I hope will help inspire you to give your 1st went on
with thinking of a topic remember that you want to deliver value to your audience so beckoning reviewing a familiar concept that can mean teaching folks new skill you could shed light on a topic this a little new or unfamiliar galson entertain people with a fun story you can talk really broadly about a topic or just barely introduce it you know what I you could dive into a topic that's really niche that only a handful the people in your audience know about that's OK it when you make a lightning talk talk using outline make a bullet list of points that you cover and whole analysis down to something that fits in 5 minutes the 1st thing you want to do is set expectations if this background information necessary to review or state it's needed so that people know whether not the new target audience you'll need 1 away for finding a life time the fewer the takeaways is the better and don't be afraid to cut things out because you can always elaborate more later keep it simple limit the number of variables to decrease the likelihood that things could go wrong 1st lighting sort you slides don't use too many slides and don't rely demo like there was a really hard to pull off so don't even try the 1st Samuel I can talk you can always should be most people at the top when showing code-blocks make sure people can read the code on a projected a well-lit room use dark text on a white background don't use white text on a black background that looks cool on your computer when you coding late-night its kind hard read on a projector based on weight projected technology can works I also make your font size bigger so that people can make that I read in the back of the room and make sure not to put too much stuff on each slide right speaker notes it's been really edit the speaker notes and Scripture talk as much as you can buy you may or may not have noticed it but I'm entirely reading off of my speaker notes that's pretty much what I was doing this morning I gave my talk as well the there is no shame in scripting your talk it's nice to have his because memorize but is not essential performances are fine and performances are scripted ideally remove non-essential parts but you notice well rehearsing the worse case scenario you have that if you have like 80 per cent of your talk left and 30 seconds to go what is that 10 2nd take-away phrase you can deliver before you say thank you very much when you get to the other towards that 5 minute time limit limit make sure to panic sorry don't have if you're interested give ably a 10 2nd pitch and moved to questions or you and that right there after your talk is over take a deep breath and congratulate yourself if you are an introvert like I and you just broke the ice you gave everyone else something to talk to you about afterwards a reason to find you somewhere else the conference and I introduce themselves to you know that
and cool so toxin grass and we OK so I know how many of you know frequented the size the anonymous they had tested yet great and so on if you recorded in the past 6 months you probably saw that it's going down and the people that were running at all will achieve what it is it tired the 1 1 on parents there was a bunch people stepped up to say let's keep this thing going it's great personally to I learned a lot of are some things about phone and indeed studying on my own while I was working out a doing the dishes or whatever choice that but so II ended up being the only person left temporal and people say we know about the I have being the only reflect that had built the site in type icon and now we have while as an icon of 2 people together to continue work on the project and i it's not that built Django sorry building pelican effects a generator but it is hosted on get out i which makes super lightweight super cheap to run and whatever you do is tell you that 1 exists were always looking for help are we are moving really fast and getting new tops out on to fight to us I pies already upside I added a few days ago over the up er for your viewing pleasure a hand if you have any questions or wanna talk about contributing back so feel free to Twitter we up all lobster Norris come up me and leaders profits thanks thank
you would oppose better prepared in a way that is busy I would probably don't slides but we're gonna make do with what we in here so who used to be an all right also with the 1st order on a computer in the world it was made right here on Penn's campus and other parts of it the blocks away from here so if you came all this way annuity but don't leave without seeing union so you're couple things he had all the original
programmers were women the men considered a beneath the but not only that not only was the 1st programming language ever designed designed by women all the initial programmers of media were women they're going to gender roles by a code like a good teacher in use in the picture you're gonna take within it find a new friend somebody you don't know and make the walk the leader
of the nebular couple years ago you may know from Web series like the guild or TV shows like supernatural and a bunch of other things that that are out there she was pretty site and this guy retweeted many times I'm working to try to get in touch with the curator of we've gone back and forth a couple times you find it at a time when he could actually open up the entire display so we deduce photo ops like this so if you want a chance that you but I might whether it may be last minute I'm twitter . com slash lipid DNA what were like the dolphin here like Pennsylvania because I'm going to put that together to get a couple people some shots like this which are really cool you can actually see the vacuum tubes and everything it took to make for a whole K of memory if you need directions from here to
there it is incredibly complex you at 37 31 at street it is a 7 minute walk to 30 300 1 of the ways in the parent you can walk down the 33rd Street turn right and the 1st entrance on 33rd Street on your right is the EDF display there's a signpost outside of 30 3rd street that says me that I had so good in the and if you get a chance it's absolutely awesome this is
positive that you enter but is not the guy from their vitamins also had
37 and what we know that is if you go down to 37 story and turn left those in what way in between Chestnut and market LDA on the weight on dynasty where you see the money when 2015 we conducted the original 6 women intervening had you are technology you walk of fame here and which is a pretty big deal this is 1 of my favorite spot on Penn's campus and it was long overdue that we credited the 6 pioneering programmers a with the others they all deserve so let parts that have to be 5 full minutes why is not you but money for the next and the development of what you can do in 30 seconds under the theft but the high
end of the year and