The Impact of Women Learning to Code in Developing Countries: Benefits and Challenges

Video in TIB AV-Portal: The Impact of Women Learning to Code in Developing Countries: Benefits and Challenges

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The Impact of Women Learning to Code in Developing Countries: Benefits and Challenges
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In a continent where more than 75% of the world’s poorest countries are located all with common problems of Economic hardship, electricity issues, lack of water e.t.c and there is a global need to change the narrative not just as individual countries but as a continent. Our leaders try as it may have failed us, nothing seems to be working. The next point of action is to use Technology in whatever form to change our narrative, change our story and enhance our lives. What better way to go than to go the open source route. Already many initiatives have sprung up recently with PyCon Namibia and DjangoGirls spreading through different African countries. In this talk we highlight how Python education has gradually changed the lives of many women and hope to make suggestions on how such initiatives hope to bridge the technology gender gap in Africa and ultimately how it is being used to change our narrative. Anywhere in the world, achieving development means going through serious technological changes and innovation. That implies having qualified people to drive those changes. These qualified people exists in most of the developing countries but it’s not enough. It is indeed a sheer case of demand outweighing supply. It is no secret that in Africa there are so many untapped resources with a whooping 60% of the entire population between the ages of 15-25. At this point there is so much potential laying fallow. Globally there is a talent gap in technology with not enough people with the right skill set to fill in the role with Africa with no exemption. Furthermore, by looking closely, it’s easily noticeable that the majority of technological workforce is the men. There is therefore a considerable opportunity: WOMEN. Unfortunately, because of different reasons especially in Africa where women rights are not given due consideration, and due to unfair treatments, very few women are involved in technology. By consciously making extra efforts to enlighten and bring in more women, we can nearly double the amount of qualified people in technology, create more innovations and progress. This is in fact a no brainer solution In this talk we would talk about how workshops like Django Girls are helping increase the number of skilled people in technology and also stress the need for to create a lot more similar events and make them more “3rd world friendly” by tackling challenges such as lack of electricity, internet, proper equipment etc. In this talk we would curate information from all DjangoGirls organizers in different African countries to highlight the general challenges faced in organizing python workshops and events in various countries in Africa and also profer solutions and suggestions in tackling these issues To conclude we leave with this quote from Karen Spärck Jones, Professor of Computers and Information at Cambridge Computer Laboratory "I think it's very important to get more women into computing. My slogan is: Computing is too important to be left to men."
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thought of and the demand for the good of the new and I want the of we
really had to be here and will be talking about the impact of involving women in technology in developing countries the woman of Baghdad idea can are that the few I and the me is that they were in and about you you have a women here on the wall so American currently living in Montreal but I'm also originally from Senator Tunisia not Nigeria and Mauritania so if he does have any good to a regarding diversity in conference it is common to this
so last year I handed a down of the men in the wild and I I spoke about this journey and type happened in which is a set of detailed items on the internet provides the best on the American and then these are of the name of the world of of the of the and all that was going on over there has been a is 1 of also I must say that during that Conference in window we had also talks and presentation but they had for me was that dangle go workshop so just feeling that I was there helping and ditching somebody it's called was was the to date trip from Montrose to window the ad believe there is how do you like that compound Python and down lose and then the thing that often that's the feeling really that by this column and all and I was going I have the help many more women in there is a slight change in all and combined in the end of the 2 dialect How do I couldn't is that the states
somewhere on islands that make more than in the event of the entire African populations because of history considering that we met I that means that the fact of including technology society and there we have more women than men have only an hour on event in the world of In most of technology let's face it and on the other side of the wall of the high and low rate but it all that in that really there is a need for more innovation and more freely and that means that the more people and meaning of the war was not inevitable that would mean if they're not nearly half of the population of potential so that all women you with the good and evil in on the just aligned in Africa the potential this have this is going on here we have a go ahead and solve a the problem you know the public key that of electricity or the more so she said actually more than 50 per cent of the population is not considered now I don't know about you but I find it to be a very test especially for developing countries where now is a time that actually they need as many qualified people as it can have that how can we get so where we need to be to fail and the non linear and I'm getting all over 10 years In most of the uh this is the 1 that I said there is link in the long view and I don't know the finally in area and because of the way in an area where you have a book on the also we also that in sometimes age this there have cases where boy that you hear more power and use that being in the same bin elementary education there is also a comment on this on that and that comes you with people like if you wanna get itself right here and again and that's the thing at the University of have by the amount of money the all we know that I know that some of the best alignment on we can there fill this is not the best factoring company will you know we know that you we have also been made the line of the war instead of on my part of the and there is a planet of history and this is the thing that is called you know the point is that the money would on and the radio and not as I said that some of the other people in the more greater than you and me and in Africa we have a lot of any in the end of the and and this some lignin doesn't know and correlated with the necessary legal and and and find out you know how this and you look for example if I knew how things work and how they work and you know that I think more people and how you use this technology and i think about created within the so actually some people from a Python group in Cameroon reached out to us and they mentioned a few problems of which are some ladies ladies of are between 18 and 22 are actually more interested in learning about an hour program because they have their power that are backing them and that they don't have any like financial charges something like that and ladies that are over 20 tools would hardly invert even go through the course because we would actually go through the course because most of them are already having tendrán and taking care of family and they go to that course to actually um I give them the ability to to have fast return of income so that they can help themselves and their families another reason also is that some ladies are running away from classes that they don't like so university are offering default class information that they don't necessarily like and this is running away from that and go to those propeller programming it so how can we know things really we could chat denoted by organizing more and more events like this event like general kinds or icons contributes significantly to entreating communities and making them more but thanks to the Django there city statements more people are involved so what was sent it to consider that there are a lot of people that we don't know actually about and we need to be aware of that but there's there's a lot of people that we we actually belong to of particularly in developing countries and his message go especially to people living in these countries we need to encourage people by creating stuff and letting them know that they can create stuff by the on involving woman implies well bring gross involving more
women means increasing the number of that actors by 50 per cent of will always say that number of 50 cent this is quite a valuable number considering the technological need in developing countries on this obviously implies more and better innovation diversity or we can say now inclusion brings a lot more point of use and more creativity so the 1st from the general diversity statement we believe that amazing things happen when people from different words and word used approach each other and create a conversation the technology innovation treats development and from education is thinking this
emphasize how much of an impact and were both friends of about 11 years about the devil that early in the year
the I and then there was the thing on the do in the last effects on I in only 9 and I will make it brought about by of the official I think is good here was the fact that in the bible in in you became exist before so that the about that and also we had at the age we can extend downloadable here and this number will initially was was we that he although it just so many I made an application we have a faithful Moellemann in common and you begin and end up rupture the then they think that a lot of some of the inhabitants and somebody happen but I just want to take a minute and dependent on the so if we have that the way that the women in the and we have an average of 25 women in the 6 order the patient and other pollutants are coming out that was was 818 and 100 N H 2 N from all over the country war and that at the have that this pattern and ending
at an end of the and she the 3rd year medical student and yet when an I downloaded the woman show and in our own words my motivation was in fact all of the integrate great technology in the house the event and many death as possible and the power of the technology I did not take this seriously on the end of this year when I attended will I'm having not just at the point that you know that that is a very common in you so that he can achieve moreover the method
that a long line down will actually then the quality of school she that that money is only the then the then an overnight and all of them will both there and at the hour of this would you have the who occupy both of them for goes this morning it where if fired will look and ask you what now that you're the breath and and the in as the content of an and in theory gave what happened to the coming up of both I want to say thank you again over line we need a part of something wonderful there's a
different kind of back and the term you are here and that there could be an accurate and and not and I will go the other guy that I highly united Europe and she says that it is the opinion of feeling so after the event and the this so that you have the activity of an asset the wall to the down with their and I'm only best understanding of the model you will have the same understanding and also the application of this novel I also started to check out how Python and down you can make my pathway again and I discovered the him and will while and what might have been have become much more of it and now this is the example of good highlighted in different ways but in different areas of the impact of the thing that you can have in life all that meaning it doesn't just but had them all but you give them the quote then I think about during the opportunity and prevent
itself yeah so like I mentioned earlier we have we have yeah but the problem is that of the mother's brother that in common they even panel so the only thing and that is just like the easy for these the because they depend who will probably will in a way that has value to ask a question and I won't ask who will be like that so it is the basic and if the problem has been looking at the abolition financing so who of you how many of you will buy them anywhere and you know in the so much they can do that so also have a problem with the 100 the particles of of uh in training and I'm just saying I don't some of that that we have about a year in the old and the bachelor and meeting recall that would greatly said equivalent of the war in the new part you know with so you have imagine how much anything that can be we can work and how no and so in trying not to to have to to that many people often think of anything and we have to used in of the have the me really been there are the fruit of application in right hand we have here the area was still example there is that there is a fairly bright and I think of it as an entity we have now we believe that the meaning of this the Bible that you understand right and it is very short amount of time and and you this on a new book of our now that yeah that's not sharing of love wonderful with the scale of this man in the and another independent of the is that maintain the rank of the 1 of the computer you have only those always have to both the members of the dust and will help I don't know about you but In fact the worry about the law of demand continue about yeah I we don't that we were thinking maybe will buy a bird a lot of men and the you know get popular I think that it is still a problem not you know maybe that that in other I actually express the same problem in the jingle over workshop we had and went to 1 of the ladies they have a lot of so I had to lend her mind so she can actually continue up or term to finish the workshops but that only if actually should continue on her programming nearest that's not most of the major problem that we have the and the but other than negative so far we have was if suppose also we have a lot of growing communities so we're witnessing growing African Python groups after the events like but an immediate communities like patterns way and patterns and were war and that's without counting all the general responded that were held in different cities alone in Nigeria of some Campana there is also a pi bond community in South Africa which can be considered as the most establish 1 in Africa and are they organize your your Python conference and this year is going to be in October 6 and 7 in it town so yeah 0 invited and now if you wanna know stuff about slide Python communities in africa there's no mailing lists but in Africa I can reduce sorry it's open to anyone we ordered actually doing our best is in here for 6 months now and we're doing our best to gather all African at communities together so actually we can work together the barriers the but you also can help all of us can how red because as they get to is we have to adapt their products for all whether it's uh and events hardware or software there is also a need for more general girls or highly like events no other interesting facts is that programming needs to be promoted differently when we think about programming it is as if it has been tailored for man with glasses in front of computer or video games that pretty much how look like right but that's not all an example in the University of Berkeley clearly shows that appearance is important so by actually renaming 1 of the class title from introduction to symbolic programming to union the joy computing increased female attendants by 50 per cent all I have for what we we know we know that I would think life and have lowered end users and all of the and there's also
this I actually this is a global image search for the word program if actually what we say it's this man's lessons screens computers on find in hidden until you get the same thing as you know I have
opponents and also the like this somewhere in thank you what
and if it's peron the woodlot
and when were writing documentation or attributing to open source projects agenda unique ID mention example of changing the title of something to make it more welcoming and are there any resources or advice have pressed of writing documentation making divisions that that really particular to hear Africa and upbeat in your heart is already thinking about the particularly because a lot of people are not aware that you can actually now right in traditional local language like or Swahili your your over so when we know that we can actually contact people and ask them to contribute to the condition so if for example the general documentation was written house so it would maybe bring more also ladies or people in general that's 1 of the way to help and also the other way to help is actually to learn about people so it's actually when you know what people that you can customize something so that it would be more attractive to those kind of people so there that's and the most the interaction a mere experience the students that you teach are they trying to augment like their education in computer science are they trying to start new businesses and that their skills the villain in fairly easy like with a linear class in answering and bolt like everyone different kind of women who have yet we will look and the University the wave of the hand getting the help quarterly about war I mean on like there is no computers and time and the position and the thing about war against a web service legacies of the conservation helping them all humans you know that on the medication any kind of get school I also have man in the mean and no if you know that people must have a there in Japan error so wasn't trying to see how this technology and have been have been in all of England and look at my I fashion the woman may complement is here and you have to have a lot what will happen so faithful fashion Ron unfinished at places like how involved fire local businesses in these way that's a and they like helping and are they helping think things students and the effect of that offers it myself this flight of man and numerical integration of immigrant or these methods that companies uses Lee company theory of or that you can just said fun and that once you feel like that if found funny enough and people currently in need of that environment with income support have the status quo name the building and the government and the they're not really there are many many because part of the world and in fact we didn't really has Ernesto thanks so much on my customers and then you approached on these women and they want to learn why you talk about all this problem that they're facing then they want that but and they're encountering an attitude problem from the side of the people and you actually going to focus on because even before goes initiative started and if I was I exposed to this program can again the problem so that I used to do a lot of the college Boston and all of and on this is funny and I didn't understand any of this at that point but then I actually enclaves or distance to culminate in a workshop they used to be just like 2 or the women students like go students at my workshops and 1 day I actually took the time to go and ask each of them at a single person at nite at all it is what the learning ability of the useful what India again and they sort of said unanimously as like a big game that apply that it just here so that we can get a degree and sort of get a better husband and that so that was my impression before I was exposed to all of these things which is considerably changed so have you ever encountered that of an attitude problem on hold you know women are told that what they're learning that help them about yeah actually like I said before and this guy from Cameroon it so that most of the ladies income there while some of them are eager to learn but most of them they come to earn another degree or find a better job but they don't actually understand the value of programming so for me the real value of it is that you can create stuff to get help people with that and this is a challenge you have to let them know that you can use programming to treat stuff and how their own self self actually learning programming to find a better job they can learn programming to find solutions to local problems the water electricity and so on is there at level you need to have the change from that and in that that can do is really imagining and is attitude of the thing is that about understanding and what appeared to them so if a candidate for example of the codebook the pitch you have thing that has a lot of people that you can use what is low and it down the family speaking their language and the same would have been that man from the world that that in around there and they will be the technology to do that they can actually you just don't have you know that you have the right I think this will mean that the problem available new knew that understand them and the little you know how you approach them yet instead the saying that common and how will that they all and what will you do that and again make the constant as you can factor and then on the left side and so that's the way that he did the idea that they come so I know you should you talk talk them the big guys for blocks over all use teaching chain of girls workshop is the lack of computers on a lot repair companies and after a while ago are all workstations they you cycled a sensible way is er away from companies used to donate their old workstations laptops to jingle girls on your specific branch all get period and then do you have in the center of the window and in the end up about moving and you know you that and then so we got the e-mail me and that that it lost a lot of money doing the number and the like very differently denying an extended data comes in history The Wealth of and the binding of Python major community had to happen in the company and dividing it is that accurate about the book but it impact has the I made you know what it means to have a lot of the people we can think of branded with the big deal and really go on with their incomes go up the a lot the people who need them back in developing countries like there I think that the things we talked about for those of us who are who who have high bunjin no communities near us is easy to be involved but for those of us who orange and physically on the African continent where some ways uh that we can contribute to popping enhance by women in people in general that will learn a pyrimidine suburban still what where things that we can do to contribute uniform that the 2 actually that's my case and living in Montreal so for me 1 of the good things to do is participate in local even so could encourage local general or I can events locally and also talk about this thing so making people aware that there are other programmers elsewhere in on line the we can develop the bottom right in the beginning you can find the example would this meant that you think you don't have the people in can also connect meant that I'm not within 9 if you recommend the owner of the here and here the company is going up and it has no need the memory actually being there with you the that the thank Pr and the mind
of the in the streets