DjangoCon US 2016: Day 2: Lightning Talks

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DjangoCon US 2016: Day 2: Lightning Talks
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Day 2 Lightning Talks by Many People 00:14 - Lucie Daeye 05:22 - Rostyslav Bryzgunov 08:09 - Tobias McNulty 13:10 - Kenneth Love 17:58 - Joseph Bane 21:35 - Ola Sitarska 26:13 - Rachell Calhoun 30:36 - Joe Cronyn
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of the year and a half cup of the day and or
on the and now we are worried that the people of everything so yep so
I am anonymously and the insomnia the proof of their yesterday I'm working the general so I'm there also known as the method or alone so there is a foundation that helps our watch up around the world so it's 3 one-day workshops for women in our study 2 years ago now and that now we have a person in the the the common people than women who are work the candidate generous and building 1 what I was told of the unit of programming and the man I've organized 2 workshops in Paris and context and in Europe so I want to share with you what I'm
about to change but the thing is happening all the time and not only during the workshop different asking for help then uh colleague other words the sun there is no magic recipe to make your way teacher then there is a thing that is the thing that you should have what you for example you may want to run a keyboard command of someone that you have to show them here what want and you and you shouldn't have to
read out of the way because it's true that you're taking a keyboard book on the hand of someone with current using it and I think that's a lot of you that you not about that because also it's humiliating I don't only think of this person that they won't be able to think that problem and that's from the so that should you do you consider screen after the person in the camp on the screen or move a little bit if you want to travel on to be able to have a bit of the crowd as them or explain them how to do it for example you can say conditioned on or argue that did that are present the main idea is also to achieve entries you heroes so they will be able to do that because when you not there and it's really important because it will also and then the continents that's yes they can fix the set of things you
also may wanna do is saying something something to write about the operating system the software or programming language that people are using FIL immediately on that someone ask
for your help not your opinion so that mentioning a programming workshops on wanted to me whole someone on Linux that 1 of the problem and the thing is that was actually not true because moment knowledge you didn't have the bonds to making you works and similarly that's also a meeting again for the people there were then that using the next and starting thing what is wrong with my eyes so people coming to programming Workshop on him for help and that's about the skills knowledge or even legitimate you ask a question on the on a workshop programming the so you job is like a said to have them build confidence and also make sure they have a great time learning the non-nested comments or judging and I'm going on even thought about with all the action is on learners because I'm not here to produce the thinking this part of town you're here again to help people learn something but tourism nothing a keyboard non-judging not falling that's Mendeleev announced so what can you do you can help
them by building a friendly environment that could do that you have to think about some new teaching to the bundle sexist racist or replacing at least docs not it's easy my grandma can do it or other so to vote is trying to also create a relation where they can feel they can ask questions you do that's then and that no they won't bother you with all the question because you have to have them they also try to answer the question positively begins something like it's a good question I'm not sure also lexicon the Internet and also don't ever active right the question because they need to know that you want to add them also tried to be in their shoes and there's going to be so try to being issues not jargon boredom thinking quite simple you just have to do it because 1 is simple for you but it may not be the case for the person teaching and finally building a friendly environment also need mean taking of the person in the break or it's very interesting most of the people at all during opinion of what shut tend to spend the whole dating from the lunch form of the computer so going between right to take breaks the mutation and anchoring and remember that new learners and slow with you really respectively right to remember the going for lots so married to repeat expelled things little time and also tell them it's OK is a nominal everything so the families small and big victories and the whatever show you patient you can find that you hit 1 of
them so if you want to know more about how much you teach for someone can check all blind approach but generally look on and I strongly invite you to go to college and starts tomorrow I 20 and and on talking about from using years 6 assessors in gender another way so you start you have 5 minutes begin they might be even faster so from I think so if you already know about gender compressor In it's jungle application which provides you very nice some asset management and from study coming stuff um so hi I'm using it for a long time and up and um there is a way to use a cease-and-desist Sesame but you need to right som mapping between some stuff and Nolde commands so it's not very convenient and I have made my little addition to gender compressor which called gender compressor toolkit and let me just show you the results 1st so
here I created just during the last presentation 1 gender project and would have to jungle obligations base and up so 1st the In inside base have some basic stuff 4 years seeks for CSS and inside another application will want to use it we want to invert from NGS from years 6 from some kosygin obligations and same for a CSS we want to have cross in births between jungle plications because I prefer to keep static inside John GOPs modern 1 separate folder and still know about installations um you need to install the the bottom baggage and then to configure it on the small screen we so here I just install my compressor tool kit that that's junga compressor and that's mine so you'll use this mapping for and 4 years 6 and inside some Jonathan blades using compressor you include and just just your final Application of CSS and JavaScript inside which you'll reuse some another 6 from another obligations so that's the
insides and know how does it work the work-at-home Ch yeah the imports the link is red and years 6 years chance bottled compiled merged unified and executed and there's a great success the found that since why adjusted using the great thanks and so that mimes post McNulty I'm the CEO at this group and we are a 30 person the Django consultancy based in North Carolina we've been using Django sense 2007 and it's it's been a really huge part of our success of a number of our staff contribute back to Django over the years and this is my pitch to all of you to get involved and contribute and to show you why I think that's important I just 1 start with a recent example with
um so that raise your hands accuse them of how many of you have used to model of File Field for it's a lot of people and now if you that give them up if you have uh have you can use that to store it we all feel in the remote a story like S 3 the but also people and how many of you had to use the er the show did not have to use the Django documentation to do that and if you're able to go out using the gendered us devoted to document like maybe 2 or 3 people that at the hands of the documentation report and a few months
back and I was working to move content from a text field into File Field for projects and after reading through the Django docs like any number of times a stumbled on this StackOverflow post here and you know the post can shows a timeline of conversational file Field and the first one uses what is the purpose of this biofuel open method and somebody else 7 months later responds that you know the doctor a little bit misleading on that about a year later somebody commented that most of you should really raise an issue on this and here I am two-and-a-half years later struggling through this trying to figure out what is the purpose of this file and the doctor unchanged in no issue was arrays throughout time 1 on this
point so and for those of you who may not be aware untangle has an excellent issue tracker in food that gender project upon if you discovered issued in Django even if you don't have time to dig into it then you take a few minutes to 1st you search for the issue and make sure that it doesn't already exist and in if it doesn't you file a simple report on that the and so but they you
know did my due diligence and submitted that issue and a few weeks later we had 1 of our quarterly shipper days at act this has been a few hours and you working on this and within that time was able to get a PR
submitted and to master and then you know with some back and forth and code review about
3 weeks later it's not something that you can expect again immediately but within 3 weeks this really tiny change the documentation had was was merged into change of what and you know I think this is a really minor changes this is helpful to at least 1 other person in the future I will feel like that investment of my time was a worthwhile and you know I also think it's quarter note that this is really just 1 tiny tiny change in the history of literally thousands of patches that default make Django what it is today the the so so speaking of
thousands of patches why do all these people volunteer their time and energy to contribute to and gender caught them for those new Django it's a great opportunity to learn and begin to how jingle works I also get free expert code reviews from some the most knowledgeable people in the community many of whom were here at the conference and this week and you get to feel good you know not only about creating something but also you about being part of this community and and you lastly of course contributions to open source projects you however small can help improve your controls and on 2 jobs the yes you know I've picture curiosity and you're wondering where to start adding that has really good docs on contributing and but you know those dots like everything else could always be improved as well so as you get started on you try to set up the unit test suite for the 1st time for general use that as kind of a case study to think through and what's working what's not working maybe you discover a platform issue that's is specific to your the West and on the subject the documentation I was talking to a ten-gram yesterday drinkability you mention that his entire 1st year dangle contributions with messing with nothing but a documentation fixes I think that's incredible and you know no matter sir how good gender stock or group I ends and the others to IRC channels I think that anger spring 1 will be the 1 that we're using this week and there are also the the new this issue tracker mentioned earlier there are however I get time others we there 2 types agendas friends and Tim grammars 1 and run in for 1 in the NBA lounge they're just a little study of just to the left is you come and to be a well-defined and Thursday Friday will be spread so they so much and have to ramp up its few
right so high I'm can love of my day job is teaching Python and Doe I did it all through video and online which is a chemical we don't a lot of feedback right away with so many so for the past couple years I've been doing this and I've had a hundred thousands of students around the world I think of a couple of things that I think a handy teaching so I share this overlap of Lucy which collaborated the 1st of all there are not an expert I very well might be wrong so if I am tell me so I get better but if I'm not wrong cool I liked into something that act so as a teacher as a developer trying to teach what users that you know too much so you've solved problems you encounter all these errors bugs you've read documentation you've got mind Iousy which is really hard for people now I you gotta we're monster syndrome at least slightly rate now I still get nervous about teaching I've been here for 2 years I put up 30 courses in 2 years and I am still very nervous about teaching people I'm a bit nervous right now even and I know most of you beginners don't have any those
advantages that they're full of these unknown and then they don't know what they don't know they don't have find out what they don't know later on know any of this that that's why the beginners a father coming to you the teach them stack ends as part of the holes in a Python thing morale in the face of uncertainty resist the urge to guess so you have to do can resist to try to guess what they don't know but whenever you can and anyway was like again reminds it this is what you need to get you have bring yourself back to where they are so where were you 10 years ago 5 years ago 6 months ago if you only have to be modeled objects but all query and a for loop How would you then voted on the records that have a certain at or certain username right because often they have those 2 tools they know they have to know both of them the camp the idea other stuff Lehmann told so when you're teaching to answer 3
questions hello what you're gonna do what that themselves then tell them why they need to do that or when they're going to need do that when that problems going to come up and of course each them had actually sold the thing so you show them that they have a lambdas when the Islamists why would the lambdas right the things to avoid when
you're explaining try the bodies in the word easy the things aren't easy to beginners can avoid simple thing that's the whole members of the simple I just and ongoing as Lucy said you're not going to just do this thing it's not only this problem and all you have to do is a hard 1 to get rid of but it's there have to have that another point to bring up monazite dumb so don't use Mom's grandma's beds goals scrambles whatever as examples all these people are very capable is there a lot of few inspired was interwoven anyway these the ad the things the voice Chinese diverse and inclusive examples as surround mentioned yesterday you want to have as big an audience as possible you wanna get as many people and makes engenders a error towards feminine and non-binary sides on that we have more than enough male examples already if using visual aids represent as many different types of people as you possibly can genders raises abilities have somebody who floats it doesn't matter just bring and stuff I remember that in the wide world not everyone fits into a 1st name and last name not all dates showbiz month day year not all not all numbers have commas in them they have decimals instead share things that I got a part of the gender beginning of mysterious about 6 months ago they e-mail me to thank me for using explicitly the word they as a pronoun choice the course they self described themselves as brown artistic and non binary or gender queer and they felt like they didn't exist in the tech world so it's pretty amazing what 1 word can mean to someone so learning is hard to
recognize the achievements of you will have encourage self care to introduce communities like here and thank you FIL the residue and so
on says my data and all the 1 and only 1 of of so there are a couple things that economy into like basically in fall on years so we have a news message Jordan nowhere specifically relevant you for a lot of our asynchronous on tasks and no scandal jobs part of this uh will communicate with exchange the rest of and also just to our basic familiarity with the the of the but I would love to go into more donors to feed on so so this is really cool feature that reasonable upon and so it's called RDB and it basically is very similar I would use of his centuries inside the opponents spring-loaded where you think you have a problem and and it will give you access to the code on the run time of so it's it's often surprising me how is this was actually into when employers the don't given all the different components that have to work together for this to have most would thought I'm so as you look at them demo on this who steps are then start up around a broker on the start of a salary worker From that has the implementation of that house but only the book and then I'm going to apply the sinc function that communicates with the solar worker to basically start the job and then I'm going to attach to the previous session over Thomas and profit from social
we 1st is rather slow it's very just random his next is more sort it on Ivorian this'll set up to work on it has sought to and so on and people from so that's 1 and next on Newsday social plus variance the important task in the so is the undoing of the this passing a message general Congress is extinct me and I will not should account of it's a very simple task that just print optimization given in terms and you can see that I have this is already in the we yeah the so you'll see that in 1 my worker it's now waiting for a the connection from of we so it has the port which is now sitting 5 and they're going to say you have not only the data you have basically all of the there's a you would normally how have often do you do you have no less healthy stuff next bus of the Sun is gonna continue here and considered a woman pronoun warrior message in the logs for hello general
the but if fj
so ng to Senate means all the training of it and have a vested movements in working of that yes that could have connect Nietzsche and they're announcing quite and exciting 1st and he pulls 1 of the other members argued at your patent which was it an hour ago who through their synchronizing thing and and so is the working invertible weeks now and so fundamentally about what what we've been working on and what we do so that set of what we did so the use of code of conduct stuff he states is just a group of people whose job is to make sure that gender committee provides a harassment the experience for everyone involved we deal with and keep records of code of connected variations as laws provide support for conference organizers for the moderators of dengue online spaces credits for a maintenance and to help them keep their member safe so it could be 7 people standard across the world we're that members non-strongly and Europe Africa and states and it makes the granting meetings they found that when we had nite uh 1 at 8 against a so they like to tell you
and all the bit about the thing with the organotin and 4 dB weeks which is making our internal documentation existing at all and making public today so starting from an so this the condition is that contain everything from our how exactly we are dealing with the issues that are reported to us through establishing on make their own corotation did you work with that now to make sure we don't forget about our own well-being and bring so everything in there Is it and now
I'm going to go out and detect if there open Source Oliva creating creativecommon licens and I'll tell you now very briefly what confined inside out and we encourage you to check it out and read it on your own so the 1st after you can learn about the structure from the membership of the green tea and but the quite a members when the giant and when their term and 2 comedians you can also find out how members are added and removed from the community size culture transparent then yesterday straight into the most important chapter of the whole thing which is how we handle coordinate locations and you can learn about our uncle determination mentioned growth of entry passes and support is made and your sponsored closed as well as learn about a shepherd and how we make decisions then the equally important section is dedicated to the way we keep records who has access and for how long and how we saw information and where we saw it is all in there and public and 1 of the most valuable services would provide the Committee is essential record of all code of conduct violations that took place in different often very disconnected parts of our community so we are now a quite we've done this for a while but now we great officially and offering a way for commuter organizers to reach out just before the event expressed place at to make sure that none of those they're attendees is likely said us and the effect that this invitation to use the service or the pride and communities not just angle and last but not least you can find out how we handle frenzy and the statistics every person actions taken as well as a number of Buckley's that in fact people and you're still going to expand section in the future but so we hope that this is just a small step or something bigger so the goal and we have making this condition public is going to help us raise awareness about the work we are doing as well as demystify the process of what happens reports mates that we that could that can be scary at for some and we like to show you exactly how we will of just rising said the decision to strip there's something is a straightforward and obvious as possible not they're making this transparent Eleanor have other commuters also the GenGO world to make their presence is better because got an episode is very important but but only 1 is enforced and defending published on that side is not enough and it took us quite a while to figure how this whole thing works so we hope that people have other comedians make this happen and thus spelling lists clear looking to improve our processes with your feedback and I encourage you to take a look at our issues on our we West and and we are in very excited to see your that the and that's and to think of 1 thing
the DSF code of Canada conduct indeed a as many members of the Committee to and this and is
my hello I'm rachel I'm here that minds by women to follow with programming I talk fast on ending up yeah of an nervous top you faster but that's OK is most of your native English speakers I come from weaselly Korea I'm so I was and it's coming from him OK so Our 1st I mean who
I am Rachel I studied spanish and french is by fancy in university and then they are taught english in korea and President and Korean from and then I started studying pipeline try change careers and now i do jingle and so that's kind of my background I don't know
of anybody know what this is it is seen these before its job as samples and it that had not robbers and what they did was they wanna blow something like a stone or a toe not window to wake people up before I We along clocks here and the other 1 would not go the pole and I can fired by the talk and said Williams and she explained the jobs changed and Dad the changing now to so let me about this
so this something we kind of can relate to and dedicating taking is factory but also like in banking traders it's all on 1 side changes come forth I Industrial Revolution I and so let's take a look here that WEF in January this year on the rapport in 5 years not like 20 years from now it's 5 years 10 million jobs will disappear in only 2 really will be replaced and this number and this because smart technology you robots but this number will disproportionately affect women because on for example at this continues for jobs that man will lose only 1 we are placed before women 20 jobs that will be lost only 1 will be replaced so that's why it's really important to get more women not just in the schools and so education but now think the i'm because any such as programming it's
on CS + x I'm sure on some of you have heard this by it's in know + fashion CS + on education since plus medicine it's not a separate field they're all going to be combined of the cell and how can we do
that I'm sure you guys have heard this dingoes a recently I mean that's kind of or Greg come from and J. roles chapter in Seoul and you know girls is the one-day workshop to inspire the farmer with programming so what I want to today's out what's next on this is our 7
so last year was the 1st on
what our goal is in what I was told to achieve that just inspiring women by supporting them on the next step so afternoons by what they do on in so all we have on the curriculum 1st Workshop include camp and we have I too want camp to go back to the basics and the pipeline jingle I HTML CSS and then we do to based co capital free I'm in with others support that will focus on making your project so you learn it now do something with and that the best way to learn it on i and
here we have your website on Russell that word you can see a bunch of 15 projects came out of that and websites online and even have 1 Internet and
we also did a lot of community events workshops regular studied up on the weekends and so I want I encourage other cities in numerous communities you can start your own still continue education after the workshop the I I mean
we learn by doing and matter by teaching were working on a proper website I like some help if you could but because our members are all contributing myself included and this was a
participant she became a coach the next time around master my teaching and so how can
you contribute you can be a coach on organizing your own city and you can offer sponsorship finance you can offer scholarships to your events are the and workshops also
contributing all girls that lossless such contribute you can find other ways to contribute or get Cargill girls caught him there's a like leadership nonprofit project on for a school in Peru were making and also were trying to develop a curriculum for supporting women after the workshop so I hope I you to help us
inspire women to follow her they you the so I
want to that off today and as we know them by now look at the following very much but who in the room is you got an official and so the sum and model that's good some of you will not know that I don't know if you have a so I just also this claim none good using today of mine is that really wouldn't work I can later really wouldn't worry and so if you have users are not going to do during the day you just assume you've got there but what I'm really having a that inspires you to try using it because the amazing tool and I love using it daily and I try to tell everyone whether user before you should get out the and values in a so this is me I had to run it and work for Catherine Portland Maine so 1st of doesn't
dependencies ever make you feel like I I know I've been a few situations so this is my 1st shot working together and she I think about about a month installing things and figuring out like 11 missing another system requirements of missing another system requirement and it is really kind of a pain to get up and running and Sofia dependency hell no more because we got all being the possible if you don't need to install anything so regardless of what operating system you're on but not supported on Mac OSX it supported in Windows or in Linux and so really no matter what your running it's a great tool
that and it's time for a 1st down so but
see if I can fall flat on my face really quick but what I'm going to do is I'm actually going to start a brand new projects so we're gonna do django admin . 4 of the and can you see that on the big screen everybody of new projects at certain ago in a new product and when you get a requirement that that's a little and then go in the time the they found and then I'm going to create a doctor final and I'm going to use the official doctor image so all I have to do is say this containers from Django on build and that's the on build version of the gender Dr. container and from there I can just say Dr. build when the target in color Dr. them on and so uh this is that it is going to run through their doctor container they provided run the steps that they have and by default just runs managed up and so this leads into everything for I don't have to write any code and this project is going to hopefully run without a problem uh so now I'm going to run my way Dr. demo and of course it failed because I still have some been running for 1 2nd in those right so my doctor them was up and running as you can see it kind of looks like it's just hanging but that's because I've been attached to or watch what's going on in the container whatsoever I will print out the standard
out from the gender website and so what I'm going to do now is open that up any they was a 1 of really varies through how many units OK so we're doing our uh the 2nd
1 is actually a little bit fast so quickly believe more but if you do not have to use Dr. compose OK so the have not impose basically it's an easy way to have an entire configuration file that says run this this way on that this way United database the happier everything all configured preconfigured back
into all this along command well
so we're going to go ahead and try this
now and over and over again an area and always go back to something different need the the nerves are getting to so Dr. composing Django and going around Dr. composed of now the download all the files from before it's is like you're not stated in here for a 20 minute walking down and I figured that would probably be a good idea and so it's up it's running we're going to go to the local host in the for this 1 and I have a website but the with running a data there's a thing so but it fully functional and that new 1 command in 15 seconds right so if you never use it before I would recommend going to begin with and thank you all very much the and
the you the high
end of the year the