Building JSON APIS With Django / Pinax

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Building JSON APIS With Django / Pinax
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Javascript is a language we simply cannot ignore. It isn't just Javascript too. Objective-C, Swift and Java are all languages we are finding we need to work with to meet client expectations about a web app. The role Django (and Python) plays in this new world is becoming a bit more limited. There are plenty of great efforts to get Python running everywhere, but this talk isn't about any of that. This talk is about building the API all of these frontends need to communicate with to drive persistent and business logic. pinax-api was originally built to serve the needs of a particular client at Eldarion, but later pulled out as its own app. It provides a simple and modern interface to building an API with Django. At its core, pinax-api leverages the JSON:API spec that was built out of Ember. The talk will cover: what is JSON:API JSON:API in pinax-api API primitives provided by pinax-pai how pinax-api leverages Django to its fullest automatic documentation generation using API Blueprint why not Django REST Framework?
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I know it is going to come in and say the things are done about the
ability of the jails in that I I like to say you know the jail backwards for the model because the light with a provision that changed vastly last year some years ago when the article was was introduced me I have no idea useful device could you will change your expectations of efforts that that's what's today and we have that for nearly everything you read on the FIL to us a little more than just the traditional you know model and so much more images into a view of the complexity of the committee select the sort of clients the interact with our data so avoid it before it's on little myself here the and when you run off and
on and on in Denver Colorado with my life in the you enough to work a few of my is your the union 1 of the areas where it is illegal that's it using you know that's I work on that so that it can work with this little components but also my spare time not the maximum and I know the also recently open-source a path Platform as a Service of the cell is a foundation for a commercial delivery of cloud as both visually on or in the killer cell this is a list of topics that here today and it also tried to go foreign axes in the in the but about me and you talk about
so that's the but the message was built out of similarity have room or development projects we have been on the goal of the axiom was there is a variety of approaches for building a culture that's of using genuine user j and actually implemented only the sort of the things that we build for what is actually used without throughout the whole ecosystem so before I get too far into the city I was at the time of the object itself this so this is a source of energy in it this it has the same product where which which is if you if you know are you would you like to do an exact project new project on that has some vision the ordinary into it and so that's how build upon that and provides even more efficient around these of more specific such as your 1st projects in various projects of the Council of part of kind of or more geared towards a specific set of of a requirement you may have to building your site and also the circumference of the usual has lot of what we have and this is all in their own use as the what's this about it's actually implement the functionalities of the event ID fall templates there are what of of the provider box with an actually work that's the time that earlier various views on the way to will you can you can relax that or other assistance frameworks actually do that stuff for useful on 1 of the like this was earlier but the reason for this is that was due to run on a variant of projects under a starry in research phase we came across the adjacency axis I have a specification a lot of variability against and this is the rest wrestling eyes only linear all by itself that was that came about with how was reduced to structures you can go on and on the basis of the keys here there was only structure this is the spirit of all of all that the this is what they do is they just south of the reason why we decided to build their CPI is there to use the obvious obvious choice of very well structured variable architect at in the just didn't quite work well when I look at different resources are available to connect see the I 2 generous framework and and build the advantage of all of the components of the of Jesus such as such as relationship to some of the words that and I'd argue is a little there's a little bit of a hint of of the managers and around ratified because we wanted to take full advantage of the stack in narrative and accidents embraces this is that really only the ability of approaches yield is the
natural flow chart that we had with the clients and the variance so long as it is increasingly common in modern application architecture but what this act as they guide to the right of that for a for a customer sits at the top of the young database-related daily lives on the use the explosives and on they include traditionally the view of the application is that a lot of a lot of this is all in 1 in 1 of the basic 1 1 process but but that's that's changed quite bit a lot you we'd actually sloppy science as there there is the only part of it is you implement in the language of this particular case it was because implemented on the and so that we got the chopper and In node reactive gasses in relapsed also looking to the future of a project like this is a good idea based priors on the plant and the answers we add and less interact differently from the UK with the the the so
lower due to the south of there could be producing data on the URL she talks about the specification itself is a lot more in depth details of available there on the article you into here from the the way of a patient is as it is the object graph on the object the object graphs national is that all we really want graphs on you applications through to the creation of your models and greater gender project etc. and resuscitation is optimized its optimized in a way that trees Efficient right and you also designed and we have really efficient started with so that words it it was be that it's great for efficient rights as well so for example let's say you have a blog posts and blog posts is the request by identifying and actually needs to be displayed account as well as well and it actually turned into 2 different they should be replaced by that's increase but lazy for free and so the way it is said that works as a you can actually use relationships and compound documents as a I what what well so as it's comments are also like its author policy unless you asked this information over over again some there are also politicians that is registered with the internet as a sign of worry so is actually there was this content adaptation of the fastest it so so of is design influences I haven't really connecting PI but it was it was the experiences of medical collapses the problem but it has to have a really great he yet use as the influence the basis of the things that I have ready as in general on jails was is obviously the influence images that was something that that rule J. the port come in the dual but also the influence the way the that of the actually I think about this so the architectural that's the available weight assigned I know in this case is from the time of the year for example that cat as well with the uses of because these applications are changes so drastically for the to implement and I wanted to make sure that this works well for that gets better gas strike solved as well so we need to learn more details of this is the character of the world in the eye you have the the source from the resources recitation of the data to the outside world but more of relationships always lead together so for example and do what those it won't set which is the derivative of the you you you you last differentiated enacted for instance methods of forming a Russell Russell interface the so the more you have resources in particular the a better resources available strategies general formal way out knowledge on this is really important so there was like this debate will be experimentally validated his you know interests and so on the way that that is designed so that you get actually completely Gnostic to these sources of it and that all the colors are used in India was over here a little bit that makes it lead to the datasets on so the reason why this is not slaves were known so for example the that so for example this is the silly the Times has to be a source it's time to representation of data which can be which will also be portable used inside the client layers well on and some particular design decisions that were made around this was that idiot that capsulate this is his own project separate from the project get this data and then that also use edges point talks actually I think it's elegant mostly on the model the model of which evaluation so this is the author of this video object model and you know this and you know the values of their geomorphologists source already been answered through your model and then the video quality so that the model can actually be at this new digital model can be anything that you can from the the data into then the users of our relationship a relationship information to In this year life leakage so relations that defines how you with data together so we have here but the same circuit actually in the relationship information here so I really should you be a non collection which is be admitted to 1 of the many and many others 1 the publisher or attribute collection
which in this case be can offer at post and the post is redefined here of users of of history the there's the 1st argument the actually the type the only registered as creates the resources in the beginning of this organization because the laws that will not survive was assigned to show as data at the end and it so in the end point set it up in the important set of 1 is of what binds the resources these methods so we perform getting interested into in connected guy to retrieve that where you actually with the marginal seconds and it yeah of resource and once it is actually derived from whence itself and that's largely would you use you have created points that that means to the of the resource to a points all the way you were also generated so it provides a simple algebra of this principle that knowledge the testing in the resource also here in this is the 1st part of this again prolonged your actual we sort of have in this case and so here we actually the importing of the resources in our mind and point set to the and to the resources of the resources and this is where you define the basic of bits of the of the author house and hook up and you also there's a base name was just largely is in the name of the of the model or or whatever that the model is the right exit actually defines and where the linear it you're you're only in space but with a collection of all of the look vector defines how will look for the individual object instances that inside that collection so in this case the field is the gate to yes can you give your on because of all this this all the components of the single rate at which the authors with the UK the matter the the reason that is that you would find in your and point sets actually everything altogether so you have listen to create up the destroyers were problematic to begin with collection get on the on the individual and point out individual objects on a of post on the collection and then put on the individual object and ultimately we the object and the validation of the inside of tree update is through is a valid method which actually just says on this particular resource class was about to say that it passes the the resource actually the 1st loss whatever model and you can actually the outer you want that with the and it'll handle all the key ideas that come with that out so for example of the need to have a letter a aware of quality we can really the they share in the in the in the context of the usual thing here of trade antigen B years for you the right you know what I had on the missing parts of the of was a lot of the features of the available in that city I that I'm not going to get it a lot of details of an authentication and is 1 you know are you using your permission to access the resources are all of the connection element those individual methods to ensure that the right person names in the person you can trust is actually in the them and then the other thing again next year that is on really helpful is using the process actually specification for right applications machine readable on this automatic generated through all the concepts and you have to find specific cuts additional documentation it was nice using a letter to get number is a you have the utility to leverage all to middle and if he was on so to 1 really really thing is that you can actually write out the next years ago I read that using phonetic that the news was true in that enables you to actually generate clients back and actually write the client code can be in the language of solvent the eco-system supports but something which that's all available at a set individual and points on you In that is everything that I have but if you actually look at next EPS close and get out of you know that comes such an ass and such that there is a clear documentation that was the really great detail on had actually do a lot of stuff that chart here with a lot of examples on and in my website and my twitter and about the whole idea is that you can check out the axes to or even you know that connect to the home which is what you get the world because the questions we have in the area of time for a few questions I ask you to wait for the microphones can pick it up a bit of
so I'm not really so where is this is done and when they were had is this of parliament or the differences from the Sun RPC so this and this is that this see how sieges some are conceivable that then that activities the on in our remote do all of that would be done more actually that genetic also translate into something specifically that would only be written in your life and this is actually providing a layer between how we actually call into into this force is the the rights of the work with all of its agenda is overdue but the that can be but I am so many beneath they samples or what the something that can the bear the hat in the eye and framework or I have the feeling is when you when you will see data if a wire is another work yeah so I got mutations has a lot of examples of how you might integrate with with real data with real data models of my blog posts itself amateur if I how how would look compared to generous framework you can see a lot of the things like I need to accomplish this 1 thing I see for example need to expose of blogposts you can you can see how that would look at how it can all connections in and then you can easily here using just prolong or whatever the consumer looks like Lydia comes back to do something he I of the specification of the website has a total information about exactly the way that the use back and how you know how you you expect in life client that actually does interact with there's a lot of because both of this equation has a lot of other clients or development has something that's that that's station is an issue question on briefly and then you would like to see added that can be easily yes on the last thing and the 3 1 4 so that's like and and asking all the probably the frames yes I was I was very satisfied back in January at the time it was much of than some for matters that word that 3rd party that you can solve JRS framework that will actually take your initialize format of general African tries without introducing gas you can use the clients already had grossed out of the the point of this 1 was the hopefully get something that was actually introducing together using the events of all the bits of the specification so does relationships in the compound documents in order of so much lattices of the generative and reasoning so I will remember that not only in this the way and overseas and have an interaction with a few Ch the the think
and you at the time