MyPaint – the past, the present, and the future

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: MyPaint – the past, the present, and the future

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MyPaint – the past, the present, and the future
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MyPaint is a fast and easy open-source graphics application for digital painters that lets you focus on the art instead of the program. Started in 2004 by Martin Renold to be a painting program he enjoyed to use and develop, MyPaint has grown to become a popular Libre Graphics tool. This talk will guide you through the past, present and future of MyPaint: Past A quick look at the history of MyPaint; the initial idea/motivation, and some of the significant events. PresentAn overview of the current status of MyPaint; what has happened in the last months and what is happening right now. A central part here will be about the MyPaint 1.0 release. Future Discussion about the future of MyPaint; some of the concrete plans that exist, and more abstract/undecided ideas and visions. Last but not least, how you can help the future of MyPaint will be covered. The talk will be introductionary in nature, and not especially technical. Curious digital artists, existing end-users, potential and existing contributors should all find this talk interesting.
Keywords Libre Graphics Meeting (LGM) Libre and Open Source graphics software

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so the is titled might the past the present and
future it will go through that has really quick given introduction about what might be is 1 of hottest stars and some parts of the development of the the 1st what we when this unit they also respond to John if that's and come on my spare time I do my paint overestimate to do something and development and that has some get below and in my day job I work and this was a company Milan specializing open-source software and currently working on contracts the needlework work so the past it all started in 2004 when Martin Reynolds decided that again I want to the bit of creative arts and then want to draw this is going on not 1st in traditional media and I'm not happy when the solutions out and his focus is really on the on the critics of he just wanted to drop so you is an engineer and when the time was a student and he this idea oldest amount you started basically with plane in the window and of urgent and going out 1 the window and brush and and he had some ideas but he wanted to to do with the brush engine and it thing is that it's basically the exact inversion the Museveni just added since some so annotated it's really simple version but it it really works so his motivation was to make something that he liked using and like developing so the initial
versions of some like this but this is now like every dialog is on the screen the stadium the main window where you will actually be drawing is just a catalyst and so really really about the 1 part and that he could agree works by having will nothing on this I like this in the screen just popping up this dialog those when you use them so you basically there's a full-screen Council part and yes so it this is initial version version of the style of just gives you every bottle and the KEGG connected and kind of response directly to have the best engine works these are ways to define dynamics so everything every kind of setting you see a bear like capacity and and while the taste of hardness radius again depend on and stuff like the pressure of the public cost is being moved the direction you move system the dynamic system in all versions are procedural so between
2005 and 2008 model basically continue developing on his own and added more more features and we got a really features a pretty early on which is infinite so you basically just start the blank canvas and once you start painting in some direction
well your canvas is that that this is because you need at a given time and I really love this because 1 it means you don't have to choose when you start up all I wanted you something but text that is that kills creativity and to it's like 0 I have this constraint i to actually paid beyond to change my mind what I was doing that now I would have to going to some dialog change the size something sometimes through really created out and not did you have even if your eyes get is still out on a switch from the creative mode of just drawing your totally into the art and to 2 to kind of filling with this with this computer thing that you don't really care about this sort so
it doesn't take a little like this if it didn't change much as terms we use in place is seen as more typical where users we have of the entire campus business about them menu the top course this is a standard UK 1 and the brush selection is and these are the 2 typical actions you do you change the color and you change your brush and it's so what happened why it why that 2008 and then the
9 1 up until now and what has been developing basically on some got accents like for but patches Mozambique specific being generally was his thing and he don't work and doesn't 9 people started started joining in such a get for on were from the broken spread things up for some reason and I joined and we had some others that were with us for a for a long time and now it's more of an actual open-source project and you you collaborate and you you do different things so I knew more features were added to that Satan 2008 we gun layer support and then and Michael was the 1st application to use aggressive as a default Doppler format so that was kind of important from NASA and also these easiest way can have because of even kind of the ones pushing of NASA lately FIL presses notices from that started and L. and and still is kind of developed around yes so this is how it
looked like basically with the latest release version and there are no differences and we got a layered dialog actually for a 1 major this wouldn't have a dialog with the layers you just like you were shortcuts and now really basic dialog but it is because that's what you want and a new caller selected I'm not very happy love it myself but it's there are some people like it a lot so the present I should have up but I
want to show you that my paint just making sure that the current configuration think so this is the latest release
and I think it is available always distressed so and the the latest version of story world most definitely have the latest released which is 0 . 9 . 1 the yeah I used forgive me for my quite visual and there's a lot and so we need to because see but is kind about how you would to start this is the default stop from IP so you have just show you that you can select colors and that you have several brushes due to choose from so and these burst sets that are currently in our work we have 2 artist Prophet's 1 called the body which is dated belong important during project and is a really nice press that and we have no 1 which is a reminder of the this and the does the the studio and also in general is active in many many projects so far the default presented show what the Russian can do and create comprehensive way and we still have a challenge and I'll show it to you you recognize this from the 1st it's exactly the same as before and this has the advantage that will gives you every tweet you can do alone in the as far as the person goes but can you tell me 0 which 1 of these switches fighters buttons are relevant for the current behavioral brush most likely you can easily do that and and this is the this is the problems this is something we're working on right now and slightly at least so much then we have the same have the same issue here is not is not obvious which ones of these are relevant for or what they do and so and that's something that we need in the love finally since is basically in the same for 6 7 years not and alan to show you some some kind of a unique features the migrant has good along the road works will 1st it's kind designed for for tableting keyword usage so you can have your you your your tablet and at all times but in Europe you use your right hand or left in the just so and a keyboard so we don't do on of but or tablet PCs very good because it's kind of keywords centric and that's also something area looking to to to to improve shows that number can developers have situation the sort of that the the really nice thing of course if that accounts I mean I started startling here and I decided well this might be a nice little and sometimes you just want to I don't want you knew Gutman I just want you to do some modelling and you just go to the site you draw drawing what can do as much as you like interaction and and and it always state and you can just going and you direction and don't worry about document size or anything that is really necessary was the time and another nice feature that you the momentum this is something we call our context thinking or or a breathtaking so we actually store the data about what kind of graph that you use any given point the best of the would fault see now I have a pen brush here is sample rush you press W and you actually get a brush which is but also in practice because you the way I do foreground what not necessarily from layer or stuff like that but you for in and details use different brushes and you you don't do you care about which party used very often you want the same brush or something very related to see see the effect on the price is like 0 I will not that but slightly bigger where they get any additions into its and this is something that once artists having into their workflow the kind of a hard life I don't they don't like doing things other ways yes things those are the 2 major features want show and now although slightly over 2 just show on the
development version the when some of the changes we had so 1
feature actually comes right away so that it is not intended that you have full canvas in public the Dallas as you need the practice we see that good answer a lot of a lot of people want to kind have every dialog time and on this swimmers of my business exactly to have a huge US green you can basically keep everything up to the cited people did this by like position winners 9 and said the bases a OK we will do a simple uh mode can just adopt things to side and which is it was just really helps that kind of workflow you it's not the main were fully want to to to to kind of that promote it is it useful work that has led to new feature well the thing is that this infinite canvas really that promotes creativity and and artist generally like it but you have some problems if you want to do causality quantum design things so you Ukrainian poster it needs to have a certain of physical size release of pixels by size you want and will have you do that there's nothing here that unintelligible you well this is the next pixel services and given the period and suspects inches and so people say 0 we actually do you want a defendant Dublin size at someone italicized size and we basically this is the oldest dog or features was going back to almost 5 years and and the challenge here is that we didn't want to do like a mobile like so you would switch over to the OK now your can this state and you can only can only be the space to wanted to preserve the creator of workflow you have can't see just like expand we we want there's no boundaries and previously the start of the speech right now what you can do lot things and I you give it some so size we know and this is looks like that kind
of like the cropping feature in again another those software important thing is that you draw all within these boundaries most of the time and value can still extend out at any given time and this this is the easy way of just like yes you can go do that we want to enable people to do that so and when you say to a PNG this will be cropped to the to the given and docking size set and and with if physical progress are working but before I will save all their but before we might introduce some destructive like only now you can you say I want to really copper supplement but in general we use a lot the so this is a new problem will be instead of blocking the 1 . 0 release is I'm having some property why for for for like moving and this unleashed all happen comes with an yes and also we will we added like just minor things more more preferences and different places in terms of what you're input device mapped to a markedly is that we now fully track the different uh and devices so now I'm using any kind of a pencil tool here for my minor for my the table and however you can switch to the to the other side and how like at all I a real reason us so you can kind of keep those so but there seems to be about the price and then there's Germany and 1 of the features I would like to highlight 1 or areas the concept of an eraser mode so I just you can use any brush as an eraser um which can can give you this workflow that is common in pencil and traditional slot reuse really where you draw the also had a draw with your eraser these kind of stub raised like these for instance and the Canaanites OK I have
some these are all not so interesting the what about the cases is like an air brush and we can just switch this to be an eraser so I would actually not simply erased parts of of the Suffolk procedure which would which kind of cannibalized for good so that was the
present a more or less hope that next I actually hope that we will have 1 . 0 done for all GM and they did not happen was not a lot of activity the last couple of months so it looks like it will be in in a couple months but 1 thing to note with my as that begin version is really really stable we basically do not have pressure issues and we have orders using a production is simple to build users button and many so if you're an artist or a developer and you can easily get well if you come from all the command line you can get and then used to get version is no point in really waiting if you're anxious for the features sort just right so future we have some some concrete items coming out in the future 1 being the the that 3 so we will move to Python 3 at some point this kind of becoming time to do that and we will also move to use on the part of the image object interest and introspection instead of using PPI gtk that technology changes happening because of the lowest will will point that after 1 . 0 all we will do it after and the real next thing and those the concrete items and that is more observations where we the I'm only 1 locus see might be going on we have the general trends that have created especially is becoming a really really Austin application for the full set of full workflow for painting drawing and all these things so maybe we want to position might in an officially Morrison sketching tool and kind of from some simple created tools and the thing is that most artists used might in this part of the workload is like they started liking for instance going to create a new data-driven mostly working area and it's a lot of more active or might end users and you might need for like 80 per cent of their under the stuff and the need for instance a quite commonly important and it again to do final crop color corrections and sometimes if you do on something between 1 like we have right now is there is no and different a composite modes and and we can add layers modes we can we're interested in and having brush mode so you have a light in Russia have broad adult Dutch brushed instead of kind of forcing people to to deal with layers and when the just want to like get that can affect to another people transferred again to do that kind of stuff that they like in the which is what kind of why I did the aggressors supporting again in the 1st place so we can enter into change really important for us because we are and we will forever be just part of the workflow that well we don't aim to to have all sets of tools that create a person's task on on game and 1 thing I hope to really is certainly emphasize this point in really kind of really and I hope to do this by by removing the the Brussels percentage to to get to the entire document would be described as a as a cable wrapped with some like and operations this means that you can you can very important again and it should be it should be less of an issue much faster operation to important again once again does goal of a lot and and to have the entire document kind of understood by game like every aspect of the my print stuff for me not everybody most and then that's my Brittany allow people to live in the operations but have have a basic concept of of albeit those things you didn't again so that the cropping transformations all all those things we don't really want implant and that we really want to enable us prior work and so that's and then hopefully we can if we had a common basic again but maybe you can even do crazy stuff like having again might paint edit the same document so basically just Alltop and you have gained a why available on all the action is exposes and then go back to my point and then just go back into your creator of spirit and just that that's my my my hope yeah and I said in the abstract I would tell us something about how you can be influenced by construction and we are we have a lot hours that we always like to give you feedback it's really important for us his own preparing we encourage it and that in general we mean need develops its code is what makes the some and then we are a very simple application and we we have a narrow scope instead of lines of code in more in the pipeline simple stuff you I could mainly version in that is like to those lines of code and it's also quite simple conceptually so it makes it a good project for for continues the starting out and they are also I would say even if any new contributors in a small type environment and so you kind of get to interact with the court people at once is not like any factors so I really encourage anyone who is interested in in Canada trying to this development where your article developer already but can't us in the if you like and my painter who want to help question what does it mean come to us because the nearest reading this so maybe you can tell what it is I would set we have then a simple page 4 and and showing that the communication channels we have here uh basically I'm not I see all the time so you can go on as might have might think that every and we mailing list world developers are at
least and not too many users but sort of it and it's they well-documented the that you have to so that those could be really useful question or not but I I'm I'm always amazed how is my pain so fast becomes to such huge images and like like like even like having the gimp is written in C and when you get to really big images to just it's slow and like my parents women Python you have a seat back and for this reason just like super-smart the written word of what's going on here and actually been cut the the back and it's quite an interesting story but we we have the back and mainly in in tuples if this persuasive classes but so that kind of weird stuff that is needs to have good performance that we cannot achieve by calling them down but and we have a version that is that you can separate out that's that's not to use in a moment but would can create a has been using because you have the you and expose we all know how you join us up and of the Russian Duma tween which maps inputs to kind of the dance which were just like circles you put on the screen which makes up this the the stroking and uh underneath that you have the surface information so you actually brought on an and that is an interesting thing because it's written plan to support interface that body and we actually use up pipeline dictionaries for the tile structure so we can have this the fairly well optimized structure that we but I just use and connects scholar this kind of take like do what needs to be is performance-critical in people's plus and use existing well optimize data structures and stuff effect but it is also a really simple but that also takes just within you may have when the person starts the project ingenue on embedded systems to keep yes what is it has about 10 minutes In this affects the that would be they had just solely because if you create talk was 1 if you thought about multi-page documents or it arrested presuppose that the recent work of sand presses not support which documents and there was a there is a film the operator of film in Berlin as during the using might for concept art and basically what he did was
which is kind of a hack well it's works is to use
our background so we basically have a love story
were background and is not I mean work this kind of can nice actually because you don't have this presently create these new insane things because of the effect that was this just not you can just go in the direction she knew that but this has problems you want to be rich sometimes so I I have to toy with the idea of having old page support but it's kind of you don't really wanna put in my shit because and there's only a very small subset of users that character elicited imitation it should be not the face and the millions space and development was also part is to if I have managed to get on my impression engine based gaggle that just makes in March March easier to reuse that code and all that stuff in other projects so should be pretty simple to and to just kind of creating new application that really you uses all of the hearts stuff so that that might happen eventually but it's kind really in yes