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Hypermedia and the Annihilation of Time and Space

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I have a couple of main goals with my presentation here of 1 of which is to try and use that as many English turns of phrase without proper French conjugates as possible so I have a little extra game going with my translation team there they can become a meta story going on here but but otherwise I had some sort of grandiose notions before the conference of having a kind of comprehensive overview of some notions of time and the web in the browser which the ironically I is the resource some kind of lacking here in my a lightning presentation so and going to campus in a project you deal with these issues that I was and not directly involved with but was fortunate to work on with that of an integral going from the muzzle Foundation and a host of other collaborators earlier this year and my name's very through normally I work on a lot of interactive media projects and many of them are not for the web a lot of architectural projections interactive installations for museums and galleries and the like and what I find notions of how all these sorts of advanced media concepts transfer being translated into the web extremely interesting and this project is kind of both extremely useful and points the way to the similarity things are going think in the framework that we were dealing with is this framework called popcorn jails mammisi which side my my mother came up there I'm going right OK
work out for me and we have terrible resolution here 1 moment I'm done 800 600 so that we can deal with the ideas we can deal with the success
OK so and 1 of the issues with the web as you have this kind to separate things when you have audio and video and media elements which have timelines and the rest of the web is kind of this asynchronous no event-driven model and this talk on j framework is they fantastic way tie other media elements in with the timeline of video with HTML 5 and later on we change tire audio for some our the demos so if I find my mouse and on the other hand the ball is a funny thing sometimes seems to take so long especially during the and so you see what I run this last we have a little timeline learning there is a arbitrary element here are the things that happen on the last the HTML file you from ability to read led you which is kind of always right like popular video was shot you all this money a lot of contextually related
Laplace particle exists that you know the content of the video can change the way but there is a single
viral dancing to the exact of these that 1 of the ways to get started here and here is another of which is
kind of more there's a lot more going on here the whole
thing the world and thing and what about the end of the in the because of this how should the I what are you going working harder and harder these days just to stay financially afloat while that cats get richer and richer and not just the feeling and you're not alone the income gap between rich and poor in America is an agency here how has the largest
differential since the period immediately preceding the great depression I we have the dating more what they have not are getting that me while government even healthier right there's always a way of life and the public and I find that so it
is what's that but I'm going to show you how this works briefly some of the demos we put together this kind of thing is extremely easy when you're dealing it just deals with the HTML 5 video tag and so basically there just a couple parts this framework you include the popcorn JS and it uses J.
query to do all the kind of interactions and then pass that 1 this is the demo for audio we use this J. player player to to do the audio samples but on normal video all you have to do is included in your HTML 5 video 10 a a couple this that at time 1 sources files can be J. sorted XML in line and the patches be in the video tag so with that and you don't have a 3rd file the that has been in and out points and kind of the content you want to appear this can be broken up into sections in there to help our and then you have several popcorn plug-ins they can be written for in this case something like timeline which then they're literally just J. query calls in here To change elements as the time when progresses back in so what the 1st demo we put together was used for radio coke show called hyperdisk and the entities to work on and and if I just play this let's move on to the past several things happen when the new computer labs 120 tablets it's 1 of them is that transfers in everyday life that moves along because you know be Newswatch TG concentrated mainly chat with friends shop book tickets media doesn't have the feeling of when the weather and then that is Weitzel poor highlighted tries rely on the surface and here's the working this public almost coming down but I want to write not worrying like computers smart regularly on technologies it's certainly I opposed to those in our everyday life we use it does is to read news watch TV check e-mail chat with friends are shown tickets and maximum that and then you will know that is quite so portal each because you use and how it works clickable timeline to jump to places in the audio into several elements that go along with the time lines incidents that of language is changing she which should you find for from some because you to a different and translation an audio file on the same radio show 2 atoms this these kids who we've kind of got on word of 2 should make this demo for all when we launched Firefox's show called Radiolab was to we measure the less familiar with this of which is kind of a interesting show old for this text contents out of the basis initializer anything but they're they're at the different elements remakes interspersed along the time line all the time and on and what happened media we met with most of the people and the other from the original as vital read your lab
from and a little earlier this year and came up with something that integrates a SoundCloud play along with the regular show and this show was called desperately seeking symmetry and and the way this works is people can so if I can get this frame OK the can submit sound but no
I can't be stopped because when was in the area of the people can submit images and link them to the sound card timeline and if they you like them and think it you know they have some curatorial control over the show and if it seems like a relevant they make and bring it up in the video so we have something like a great deal
of time and and the the listening to radio that we haven't really W and Y so they that he edge
NP are have the how and I have that in
the genome run hierarchical which this is really a land and today we I desperately seeking symmetry of course this is not no around all of
our life this is the picture I can go back to the other pictures about using now the other way we will use now the
appearance of the nice thing about this obviously is that you know no flash all open you know all open tools concept at time 1 in the browser and I know this was extremely quick there is an this 1 final thing I wanna know that they're working on an apple butter which
is a which is a time and on Web timeline editor for these things you can do about that you're XML adjacent time 1 files anyway if thing I think is super interesting thing I would like to see integrated further into the browser and like a more robust way some sort of scheduling if anybody's interested in you know knowing more about how to use it come find me I'll be out there somewhere the end of this is me and that's about it interested in few good common questions to covered at all a set of now because 1 question and ability people use some programmers curious how were you on 1st we have to solve information being added to the the cartoons and with that of the manually with a video history I mean it was it was manually added added at some point yes it but we did so the couple part there that there's a
big file that has the of something that you know footers and some and additions other frames delineated and so like wikipedia links you add the link at a specific time 1 point and 1 of the new past that point that out up certainly I can imagine other him things being cold and more indirect ways than that but know what you all you need to imagine moving anything drawing anything some sort of time line concept thank you
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Titel Hypermedia and the Annihilation of Time and Space
Serientitel Libre Graphics Meeting (LGM) 2011
Teil 02
Anzahl der Teile 39
Autor Threw, Barry
Lizenz CC-Namensnennung - Weitergabe unter gleichen Bedingungen 3.0 Unported:
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DOI 10.5446/21665
Herausgeber River Valley TV
Erscheinungsjahr 2011
Sprache Englisch
Produktionsort Montreal

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Fachgebiet Informatik
Schlagwörter Libre Graphics Meeting (LGM)
Libre and Open Source graphics software

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