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Selected Phython Scripts for Scribus
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this is this is the Forbidden talk from the Montreal Python being forbidden by the space time continuum that didn't allow me to
get there it's a it's it's really just a very quick overview we are not going to talk script underlining that show Python on the screen so so I really if anybody wants to see the script what I've done is 0 here and they just say right
the outset here's how I write scripts pristop shaper says that a tinker so it's kind of the way I approach things and they always making little things in there and what I'm trying to do is sort of in a sense create utilities that you 1 little job or 1 particular job but then you go back described as a new release described as the way it's supposed to be used because there's so many things that you can do with no point in really from from start to finish creating an entire document because what you do is you will create a script that will do that 1 job and then if you wanted to modify or make something different where you have to create another script you have to to do a lot of modifications a lot of work sometimes to troubleshoot the Python script so when you have 1 working well especially but just to extend the if you want to I I made because I thought that that I wasn't going to be this talk that somehow it did they did get the information the Montréal-Python meaning if you go to that website my website there's several of of web page that I need basically is sort of an overview what I'm doing right now but it also has links where you can get to the wiki that says more detail about the script you can actually even click on the header headings of the on the web page and and download the actual little scripts that I'm talking about here here's this is I think
probably about the 1st script that I wrote because it actually the idea started out vitamin D before I knew how they have a right pipeline believe it or not writing a perl script which would create a as the discrete ascribe this document file In other words it would just simply assemble they text together that we would create an ancillary file it would take the the file names from an image directory and then create something like you would see here what was chemical on the and it while at work it really with and obviously what do we do it in any other thing of course this happened since then is that the the status file format keeps changing so not even know that old Perl scripts still works anymore it basically the idea here was to take a directory of images I would use like saying when I was on taking a bunch of pictures and just want to have some some document that I could so have the directory name and you see up in the upper left-hand corner in then filed and so what you do is you point this to any directory 1st
you start up and you have those 2 different layout state you want for fixed pages I realize you can enter anything you want in that little dialog to the left there but the only the only answer that makes Center for insects then you get a the file dialog that let you go to the the file directory you will not see the images that simply based on the way that this works but I will just be the find your image directory and then and then the last little dialog here you would have to specify which is a little code there so you can see which which types of files image files you want to pick out you wanna pick a ball out that the default but then you can select that individual ones or only certain ones if you want so then you would
get you would get depending on the choice of your layout and then when I would use this 1 over here on the right for would be to and make an album of say so I can add text frames in here I could change these little text frames here wanted the at the the name or whatever I want to do basically obviously will be in the images around so that's all this 1 and other people to go that way you'll see that some other people have done
some modifications that the next 1 this 1
I have actually yeah believe that I never use it in a practical sense somebody on the mailing list that you make a pie chart describe it so that well that's an interesting idea and so on basically the idea was to to be able to enter the data in an automatically created chart now even though technically this runs inscribed it's actually this is if you look at this script you can turn it into a command line utility because if you look at what happens here we start out
basically I'm just using the the different value dialogs describe his has here you give it a name to a file that you're going to say going to create and that's the file here and then you start entering data and let's say you have 5 pieces of that high you enter 5 pieces when you're done you need to put in 0 or just click OK and it makes a pie chart and then it just gives a confirmation that the and saying that without this
is what you get out of it it's there's no text of course you add the text later I did our modified from what what you might see in the wiki and added this book he here she 1 and that you don't do what you want to do is you ungroup this as the G are naturally and this does not show up scribers automatically and say this is just creating an SVG file which then you can import theoretically there is a command in scripted to loaded svg file but I've never been able to make it work so there's something about understand and so that that was his essay on
area that I just did it to this even could be done this
1 I have used a in this very esoteric than did I was interested I'm I'm all that we're just interested in how you are counseled Canyon OK we we get councils around the clock 24 hours a day and you notice that sometimes the day you get more than others and why is that I don't know but I just want to see what it looked like and so what what the bottom scale on the X. axis here is a 24 hour clock starting at midnight on the left and going to no more than 30 of the at the end of the right and then we just have relative numbers and you can see this funny distributions I watched this for months and months and months of time just to just to see and so there's and actually really understand why the these peaks in the day when we're more likely to have a counsel called enters Tatsi a patient than any other 1 this is sort of like around 11 and in the morning so this 1 is without going into too it's
too much detail there is a particular way that the data is created the data is created because what I did was like you post rescue well-to-do create a data which basically has at times and so i in the day of the week and so that that I could generate a data file that I can either look at the whole weeks work or I can look according to Monday tuesday wednesday Thursday friday provided this I don't know and great because we're not really using the information I would just interested but anyway it tells you that you have 24 data points which is good because it's a 24 hour clock you need to have that population that that this is going to work for your scale you get a choice if your polyline introduction make that defaulting being black that since I when I made this screenshot use a rather large color that is the describe as known colors that you have all those choices tho she would with legitimate color choices make then you get back to see your data that is so that you can choose what sort of the y axis signs that you want then the next part is that you get to choose whether or not make those taxis the reason for that is that I was always doing some superimposed graph and that would make 1 graph and then and make another 1 in color using the same scale that they was a pretty actually translated if you change that he that yes anything else that you don't make the taxes you just make the polyline and then you want to have the the interval for the tick mark that only shows that if you want to make the axes so that's that's what that it
does interpreted added labels on on the ones that I would actually make any use of that so so that so that and this 1 this 1 is another 1 that sort of
work related in about because what I needed to do was Mitzenmacher welcome I understand that that describe this has the barcode generator built in you can't script at the you can then you can't run it from the script and the other thing I didn't like about it was that it's a what it does it makes a postscript file that's that then you can plaster and you don't have a lot of leeway where how you can modify it yeah you can logic but you have to be very careful with barcodes look this up there are very strict requirements here this turned out it out of looking for a in particular for for a hospital then I'll show this at the end here but I I did know a code it was based so barcode generated figure out of the Code 39 which is a type of the barcode so there's there's 4 different elements here there's a wide space and aerospace a Y bar In an arrow bar and and so what I did was then generate 8 assistance in this script that that basically allows you to translate numbers into into these different codes in that plastic together in the course of a stop codon stop codon and I tried very tightly the other criteria it's a little bit harder if you ever trying to look up barcodes and there there are various restrictions and requirements to find it actually took it takes quite a bit of Web searching actually find someplace that talked about what the actual requirements are confined then you have a choice in this script so the the printing the number to the bottom or not and that was the only thing I don't like about bot-generated right as if you had 1 choice of fonts so if concentric request questions and wrote this could 39 from scratch yes um you aware that there is currently about 3 different bar code generators in prepay and I well no idea but this but this uses is describe drawing I'm seems from the therefore I you mentioned before that the pie chart 1 was using a speedy well it was is creating an SVG file right so there's you might be interested in lists your choice there's a bar code generator state really that basically which is generally an SPG block and you can just be imported directly if that's useful then you can generate any code not just consistent and
fair finance but again that would be of intellectually interesting to me so the part of the reason I'm doing is is that I'm still learning how the script and Python in no survivors then learning more pipeline as I go on so as I say I never knew that part of the of the pie chart so have I just did it because it really has been you know this is involved from I will do it now I think legislated 6 years old that that part here from my predates some of the code and you so and and you know again I I just do this out of interest is the responsive them the thinker of this
1 is basically for example if you actually enter your number if you you can choose a sizable part you can you can if you want to choose where to put it of course you can move it around its described later on if you want to and then just as if you want but the numbers at the bottom and that's basically it now the reason I did that so the reason I
didn't I again why do I do this but this is actually something I actually used and not necessarily every day and they're not necessarily all day long every day when I when I do use it but I wanted to create a hospital page for our chart but I wanted to look exactly like the hospital pages in our chart so you can see that we have the barcode up in the upper left-hand corner and this 1 over here is about this patients worry maturing information but they use a Code 39 that's what I figured out very quickly while at the hospital that we have you know we have broad sort of on our way to know electronic medical records we actually have a physical paper chart but when the patient's discharge take that in standard into the computer system the computer system raise the bar code on the upper left to show which section of the charts supposed to go to electronically and then it reads this code over here to get in the right patients charts not only for that particular person but that particular visit to the hospital so I want I I basically created the hospital pages so nobody would suspect this was something that somebody else was going and then I can over here in this bottom space I can type in my morality consultation and that's probably have the most legible doctor's notes in the charter anybody it was also done in in in a few cases for ideas instructional purposes as I can do a screen grab it and put the patient scanned images on the left hand side of some kind of a little notation on there are common in the in out the can it's sort of the the surprise or maybe even frightened some of the medical
staff were nurses when I started doing this but but they like it the they they make a lot of positive comments so that's what with the code 39 barcode generator came from and that's it the jury much wh