Laidout and Strange Interfaces

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Laidout and Strange Interfaces
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Updates on improvements in Laidout from the last 12 months, such as onscreen imposition folding, integration of the polyhedron unwrapper, and multi-mouse/multitouch capabilities. Also discussion of hardware and software interfaces as it pertains to the creation of artwork, particularly adventures in d-i-y multitouch surfaces.
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the strongest every major reserved I what I've been doing in the last year with laid out in my point you draw an upper classes in the prehistory of of laid out 5 with some speculative what's going to happen in the years to find about the 2017 it's will see in the next election goes so what's the 1st thing I
want to do is demonstrate the new screen folding mechanism to create and decisions in later so when
you make lots you know generally have only with the you end up with
a map of the imperative paradigm where we normally start out with a giant if the paper not but all of them at a time and it's not necessarily the figure out what page is for it to go where I'm working paper has 0 I finally managed to I make something for you can identify with the whole that screen so for instance by the if this is just the 1 start over the paper have 0 you you can have a pilot as many times as you want the fight for the mouth over over there and this is really up and down filter incoming piles you have you can adjust the gap in between the ages of pages and you use the advantage of the the trim on the other hand I want you to find how many you have the title of 1 have higher than you can define how many times you want at all with the same thing you have just inside the edge and then you can buy we'll up and down and select the defined haven't told you what you want to do that then you can just like inviting you were and then brand are you want all that the people might remember I told you the the current years ago it's very much in that spirit so you'll notice that this is always awkward you can also fall under the by in which the so with that you can make accordion positions of weird stuff like that so once you once you fold it entirely there you have it on the final page so you can adjust the final trim and final model so that the great ones the final margins and then when go imports the have 40 images you 1 important I think and how it's important to your margin area that we have modified model from about 5 and the right side it'll the images into the states that you've defined by your models if you have additional trimmed because when you hold a million times all repeated learning slightly offset so you job that's about the of this green more elsewhere by binding the there's a 3rd of the rent keeps track there anything that's along the that green area that's going to be the center of the forward that have had war over the only other really
mind you being and laid out the last year there
didn't basic object to all to be aware of
multiple input devices going 1 of things happening there
and I went to the vitamin couple here and they happen that 1 of the largest variance in the world but normally when you
start at the inter-word various when it's US higher with limits of Dunsmire the aptitude manual things to uh actually recognize different fire devices in the world are and there about you is the the the the sir now back at this this object and purpose
of the idea do that or actually starting the parameters not currently automatically detect
cannot have a 1 hour earlier would not have to to have an earlier
so now you can see it in gold title and sort you click in 1 spot and then you can drag and fertilizer has that the whole thing the effects that 1 the problem I have a lot of multipath will be that that the that all the members of the kind of like getting dragon originates you twist it all around I mean in practical work we don't do that really you have to work with constraints and as you can see it's not words that there's not really an easy way to constrain things that variable will do that plan to kind of cover around the edges you can select if you wanted to move just working or just deal with government it's just that it's really the kind of a collection of them around the idea that this that has to the goal role models accept this as an additional warming of the words used here are enriched that about sums up for what's new in laid out last year this China develop stop with multi touch
Interfaces patterns of various ways to get more in touch input 1 with multiple might want the thing computer that can often do tricks with we know notice that we must have an infrared camera on them so if you can use a couple lighter as we you can build an infrared and then again just like wave your little infrared light sources in the area and you have this sort of followed a multi-touch start getting better at me for performance issues so you can you can track someone's head like how someone guessed around you can use this
pretty stuff something I wanted you I'm in the middle of making but they will touch contact with temperature we use around the edges of the universe many contacts and the 1 5 so in a couple of months I hope to have people like this which I'm certain features in laid out that will let people select images and then dump out into a work under you all have a printer that people can do that kind of the principles that will print the bottom of the nite and like hide behind the curtain and stable atoms that America has been 1 of the activities data but I think that's the what innovation to be done so that all kind of other
kiosk that you can to a the field is wide open
yeah so he had also been working on my polydrug and
wraparound fully into reading that into laid out itself has 3 that you can unwrap into various so that they can be be used as the basis for international is laid out so I right now this this for instances that every even made out of cones but the columns have been decomposed into a whole lot different flat surfaces which is kind of annoying but you it should be able to buy you should be able to
define a cone and then have a computer remember that it is in fact a code the that the intersected with other current presenters called developable surfaces exactly the unfolded into flat surfaces as so like there's places and cylinders didn't have to be a circle it can be any cap and you just kind of experience out where cos it's just this everything radiates from a single point being across the need for a rainy lines of the conical surface there is another class of developable surface which is the union of all tangent lines along this curve is a little bit more difficult to deal with it's doing some work has a lot of guys
stop that you that sort of thing is used for industrial the life chances so there's a lot of the data sheet
metal and you have to start with a flat surface and they can also adapt on the same server that this pattern defines clothing because textiles have to start with lots of the only thing I
don't know and rationality that it is not like that of our God and
you can start with the I just like it is the teacher as something I did was I think it would be just basic pattern for a teacher to wait it out on a piece of paper and photographed aspect it into a rectangle research in the proper proportions with their respective tools namely down rulers so I can remember the original scale of the and then I inside trace the pattern into
Inkscape and then tried important that wonder I
pointer no longer represent reason wants to important that CVGs there I retraced in Blender again our sense of wonder as far as I can tell it's not really set up to automatically etracted developable surfaces things are really flat they happen yearly carefully get things and not doing things the way that cited that original stencil image shape in the computer so that it more or less stayed together and with some sort of actual
three-dimensional sense I took that and I brought that
model into my unravel here so you can pretend that the the teacher is not quite some dimensional the system that you I want to do that and just on rather than just write on the computer should be able to just unwrap this all by itself you shouldn't have to go through each individual black pieces of the million little flat piece is that you begin
have as their one-sided that I was able to use I laid out to you about I can't title laid out by the
remember they're like say this was the original feature image you can I and laid out select I different papers that trial across the image that we have something of the feature sciences years later and eventually the images that you can find out for instance 140 iron-on transfers when you do that you can buy fired on transfer intuitive and actual panoramic features of the love the primary on firearms grandpa's really bad but if it is approved improve upon the idea of a unique solution Better need some women want