Using Blender for Patent Absurdity / advocacy animations

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Using Blender for Patent Absurdity / advocacy animations

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Using Blender for Patent Absurdity / advocacy animations
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Blender was used in the film Patent Absurdity to produce several animations. I will describe how those animations were made and talk about how Blender could be used for further free software / culture advocacy animation work.
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hey what I wanted to come and do a whole bunch of other things that they didn't think know about the topic of weather
and the develop kind of the contemporary art but it
didn't want it that at the end I invited the great about
it and thing about I am working on something called the double the probability like when if don't build 1 if they are going to be really difficult for modeling capturing rendering adding the poverty video editing both really going on and and have a that the particle that my country but anyway it although all the top and but know you want to think that
I'm going to show you a couple of frequent I don't know who did that idea that is going on with and we have a lot of the particularly call 1 and I hope that the body of an
occupant will complicated that is the level of mobile body on the can get that anyway that's cool thing opening
up that the model to make it out of the of and the and the right of number of and and and
uh but uh I I don't know what the government and time but what a cool thing that about 1
is that they have to use to help you build learned how to
get the that what 1 example of this is that the basically the story about God created that film that out of the 40 hours to make that will include probability that they could find get the wonder wonders by about the validity of the training and the grade was below but the the critical bat factor in that that in latter on and now
OK the knowledge of and you are wondering felt by companies like likely that 1 the little guy created someone a lot like that of willing to and that's the big thing about wanted thinking people to get along you make good use of it but all you to die at the very little application and you can put in the effect and the 1 of the things that need at the time and really operate wonder the the complainant would want to you want a lot that you here that can grow them on the board of directors but not the blood you think people I think that and will all of thing which is pretty cool and that mutual coupled with the ball I get all get you modeling in letter that the quick example I think the top of the hill with data and edges up like that but what I'm getting but it's a quick example of taking that getting on critical when you multiply aligned with other and by I only move by the end of the world and
later via the amount by method you can think about
that that around the time the type of that you that
help and I can grab onto this thing over here move around and this thing over here and I the going grab on the way but within those around that like that and you know that I want I need didn't 1 of the things that you move around so I go animated what what did the enemy and wondered about talking about later but could probably go on detecting not too complicated of the big idea that data that in the graph below the London in the following things around and going to have been left in the wrong things and grab the effectively what is that thing in making up my life difficult but in the form of all the required OK and locate it that will take them I have not been developed in the and all of them out and actually the portal that difficult began and what they do what that's 1 of while I'm not really part of the all of the bottom I don't know why my environment so that was my and that's because when that I I am going to read that the we the what do 1 With up again now that people were so that's the basic idea of animal that landed on the indicating some property Leonard moving forward in time with something like that you know that you 1 thing that is not the point so in this example I'm just looking around the plane now we don't know what the ground by yeah was that I have here but I think the old building having trouble what the thing and in ancient times are not going to do it anymore so by Michael then you will wonder I'm not
thinking the end of it today day and the OK we but what kind
of all about the and the in about that in the that that that that in particular and all those that have good that they were not so I did that and it will be working with that we talk about it and I don't know how good it is the on the new and and I actually we
want to buy it but while there is no you love we will be able to try to and can you didn't want hope of getting better and cannot be an island and you already working on the bill is
like when you go out with all that kind of having virus that don't do that again I do not involve kind of like a little example is that I had a lot of the things that we have had with that of the really theory with the company that had that in the oracle bought the dollar in by the people
you know you could help the dialog like now you have thousands of people all probably thinking about all the building in all of them become more and more the that there is some of the ones who were against the background of that doing another other company I think want to what you have in the will you can be part of the world and anyway so those will between data I thought
would the interval believable well with people
going about their I can get added to do a great job of being
able to take something in really kind of opening of the war and the like
and that would talk about some of the enemy with the idea that I'll
post it really the graph it would be kind of the mother
talking about the actual buildup of that and I
thought that and we don't have to to believe that the development had been talking about earlier in the film that I do that by the year that I what would happen if you know the Beethoven had been if they would you be quite yet pattern but but that and can can build your own and that that problem with that little bit about that but that is going to be evaluated for an and I think I I I you know
I don't know I the all a and so I'm in a new 1 vol developed agreement that there will be
going have 1 thing on that loop kind of that through the different I think that they were going on becoming a lot the difference of the vector of beginning with problem you think that the house where you are pretty that was
1 of the timeline and look at that when I go don't the the
focal point of the kind of thing so I'm going to happen information and that it was going to come in and will be will
again with because these are I knew
created appointed the pamphlet embedded in in data that were much of the people and there were basically different
images go on and on the 100 year you can do that once
during the during the you on bill this is a pretty good example of how
they're getting a bit of really you example of how in be the on the on the length of the here we that at the time line and then all we really that we have was that people in we get what you want to to think that the simple playing with an image that on that we had a camera and then then we get move the camera down from 1 side to another the beginning that happening here we you can only be done at the end of mind but people so 1 other thing that is being animated and I think that is 1 of the great things about what it was by that on everything the theory and enable them and that when this I don't think you have because the the property right with the help of the crowd density I don't think so that we move between the detector and the the optimal from here 1 but you can that how global properties the sample them but that is that is that the point is not to another point in that it happened the next value 1 and what will handle that and it was the example of like only really good with simple animals and that we get that well with the with the with the 1 and I think hopefully there will be described
will yet the graph that you believe that today about the stuff upcoming on the data on which open up I would give yet but that I think they could build up in the data and the the
connecting around with that on waking up half
individually with the people who do not have the layer and then go the energy of the moving parts of the money all of
graph and it didn't work and the variable the that political
map that we did not have the they are moving into
other fully becomes visible all that kind of thing not had
to be the the light becomes that of all that was really about that what do
would you believe you that and it was pretty but what I'm actually doing here is something that might people that could actually the that we are make it felt that we and I would like to do that but I didn't think that what happened editing at the school wanted they editing tools of the federal public and the notice the idea that living in on the background he did that and they don't think that I'm not going to make visible light now later on and then I will get that the thing with the plane the actually in the and I'm not going to benefit that well at all and that kind of walked out you have to go through and you might think that know we'll control like the help of the latent topic that people may have been believable and but and the land and Beethoven it
would pretty much the same idea that the are that in the
timeline thing but the way the more complicated what we did
was you can be the volume of data here we don't want the players the thing by individual that they had created what I think that but they can actually just along but each 1 of these that the opening of the energy of we can called moving from image to image and pull dropping out they the way forward and actually might be the
immediately look at it from the perspective of the point down here the camera here but and a that going to the end no
it's going to be pretty well we can build the app the long it a long
time if you want to when he did a good job and down and that'll be arguing that there will be a lot of playing around with immediate laptop them and trying to get the and that's what happened in you all the way to it but the the kind of
boring actually the things that that we want to a lot of work and the enemy and the other 1 that to the simple animation and
properties Our but do you think that everybody it was
directly kind of completely evil so we have the image of the background the done in the and then and we have that
belong and you can be the example here is the
development of you can see the line basically the problem was that we have that you know that that is about like 10 million different line that coming in at 1 time and the way to the end of controlling the availability of the line here only something that I want my the you have to use the current control the thickness of another market and you get that the the interesting thing is
that we actually use the on you control each 1 of the properties of the unit that what the curve and I think that I can do properties that object so we know that we have had the public properties 20 could that would not being looked and when was that but then what like that and if you the and forming and occur so yeah
I know I I would think that hold you could buy her I feel
like I'm getting actually look like and wonder if something like that if you want to add a monkey for example FIL it added that like the monkey if you want to that you can actually go go going to the enabled that among the it will
actually here but I can't equivalent branding among the angle of my light wondering about the 20 of the the that but now I can I can we do that by doing
divided up that now that yeah and the other 2nd yeah hello what I did actually feel that the older the it
up you put that any 1 of them might have knew what I had heard that and I would add another of the control that that that that could do that I want to load and at the so that the property of the gradient that it will go like that on with the complete that occurred probably heard and then I would get that along and in the clear let me just take
the property that they are and thank the and then and then the
OK so creative Commons there and build 1 thing I want to to build local
again 1 of the things that you didn't FIL and 12 years
you by modeling the overlap a set of them
that we got the result other wall at the all of them good on
the other side of the commitment to do that in but the really going to
impose no idea why when I did not to up with what you but what I'm trying to drive home at the state that the open when you having an analogy with the we have some ideas like that we thought that that we thought it up and it has been around for over 20 years but almost nobody people understand what the topic that you need to look at it in green then we've got could we end up getting the better the general idea of the topic that we talked about the definition of the people by having and all of that when I think there
might like the fact of Don but I pretty much completely over time so if you have any questions look at the the above
and below the interval entertaining vector but good coding the there are a lot of them like he later in the middle of you know think that the bidding on that 1 and you don't like you you had 1 variable and then you that OK so I want to know how much get that because I think it had really and give everyone including like what about confined later the not you get a lot of time here that not that the 1 and 1 there you have a lot of time the curve and prepare moving about this could at that point will belong exactly that and the other 1 is going weight to work I can remove that then you quick and on the point that we will add the get control I will occur 1 the things you really clever and evil thing like the blood the you can that part of the curve it's getting really get at that might be 1 of the things that you will interact with it actually the ability of curve would like to set up a I think that that could be true all the curve
and at the end of the day we want in Europe at the point at which I actually wanted to the book and I that was between the 2 points but without the Continental and that's the thing that I moving it back and forth with the public people within the
control and convert it into the middle and the animated actually that moving things wrong what this point of the collaborative the control of the ability of the curve I I actually get that and it was like that could include this thing and then would the the thing here and that important and 1 that means that it will degrade the bond with the fear that point and good it out and that that the you want to play with that and the other people like that the all of trying to get more you don't know whether any other questions the little guy with the way if you have not already willing 2 of the his utility use and who to
used do live in the field actually that I might have that opened up with automatic don't open divided by
the political right yeah but it can help but anyway and the ideal and but it will but there are a lot get I will follow up the you have a general tutorial anyone about how you make him so I don't have to worry all I can make 1
but really it's the kind of blockmodeling like that where you what we have and then I might like at the time of the year that it's true then it's true that you now we have kind of 9 and by that they don't like that will willing to walk model the united modeling where you get the idea of a kind of a general statement of putting it down in adopting the problem but at that point but I think that a much better example of how this kind of model and that I can help and that the what the creature factories but I'm glad you pointed that people about because the critical work and you could actually want them without having to take but anyway but yeah but if you really did God explaining like the modeling the fact that it will take I want you to go along with reduction parts within each of the movie you collaborate people give a graph mining so they would have been there at the director of the girls and basically would we couple the head of anything that we want to be getting a little later would not really they will be going to the graph and the other 1 and then they depended on what the what people want and then probably the only really pretty competitive wanted evaluate that number 1 the bank but but actually that was kind of fun because I would give a lot of people find out of the way the basically on the the polling to living here at the front of the of the timeline and and I was given pile that the public bodies and work with 1 of their like that at 1st but people tend to be included the 3 that I think they have biological there's nothing that we want the calculate but them in that while and and and with date of then actually on the directed graph and I think we need a new file we didn't actually give me file the wavelet on than the beginning about that the biochemical properties had all the nodes and everything like that the broken up and the image later on in the colonies the fear that point the point the point I don't know grab above and below a lot of the people and up to I would be able to get the height in that they had witnessed by and be you that but but I do have a of work that you get anywhere and I was like that's a really cool you the way things and I and thank you the 1st time