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Castro Guerra, Elisa de
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Presentation of Floss Manuals the fondation. Our platform: Floss Manuals & Booki (and bookimobile) Our goals and our need. This project is multinlingual, and we hope in Montréal touch people to translate french manual into english. Furthemore we want put out the importance of the documentation in FLOSS Graphics.”,”Elisa de Castro Guerra is a french graphic designer. She is also author about Inkscape book in french and docwriter on the french team of Inkscape. Cédric Gémy is a french graphic designer, teacher, art director, author (etc etc) about many floss graphic. He is also docwriter in some floss graphics. Cédric and Elisa have founded the new Association Floss Manuals Francophone, the french localisation of the fondation Floss Manuals. Floss Manuals is a fondation creat by Adam Hyde. Adam Hyde was a digital artist come from New Zealand. Now he manage Floss Manuals and Booki for creat new free and good manual about free culture and free tools. "Jon", "Phillips", "Fabricating a Libre Graphics Future", In art school we used to say there are people who work on themselves and those who make art. While this reductive analysis can’t possibly explain the complete path for promoting and growing development and usage of libre graphics software and ideologies, this presentation examines the two paths of conservatism and progressivism through several examples. From desktop vs web development with Inkscape vs Aiki Framework, software vs hardware with flickernoise and the MilkyMist1, and fixed-income vs dynamic business growth, both defensive and offensive strategies for the future of Libre Graphics is shown. Of course, the bias in this presentation is to grow the creative free software applications and libre graphics projects globally in the face of mass competition from locked-down creative web applications, the rapidly decreasing cost of consumer electronics for producing and consuming digital media, and possibly the largest threat to ourselves, the lactic acid of infinitely supporting legacy architectures of hardware, software and mental processes.
Libre Graphics Meeting (LGM)
Libre and Open Source graphics software
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