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Space-Time Research
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time heal the talks fundamental questions concerning the very beginning the beach but the researchers here on developing is about how time was created source new technologies for example observing that I find homicide meet since I signed space and time of opened the stage of players the great theater and all the players a subject of the quantum roles including space and time of year quest is investigating not only the fundamentals of gravity like string theory of gravitational waves but also practical applications by the gravitational field of the year the
gravitational field of that as a rule such gravitational field measurements carried out from space using satellites show quite precision measuring devices make this possible the gravitational field is also measured from a
distance original if donations from the the data must be approved the resolution measurement results
diet this is not only it added came out with 1 of the most interesting reasons why we measure the gravitational fields on the accurately is because we continue to changes all variations in so when you measure the policy the distances between these 2 . 3 precisely he is moving on and India for example the loss of our masses green every year and uses about 200 K comes of ice masses to go into the sea is a very important figure for companies it's a figure we know today and because we have missions in future we haven't even clearer sharper picture these processes that's why we're developing new technologies based staff the visit yeah when we are determining the gravitational field it's essential to know exactly what the that part of the continent is it is precisely here that scientists are yet I'm not in the job
we're developing laser interferometry for the next generation of gravitational field emotions where we want to use laser to measure very precisely the changes in distance between the sides the distances about 200 kilometers the changes in distance we want a measure less than the Micro meter less than a millionth of a meter only a few meters we are using the technology we've developed for
release of the last 10 years the technology is very similar but the application is of course completely different here we're developing interferometry itself the phase measurements measurements of the little changes in angle that occur between the satellite and was some technologies that go along time
also plays a major role for instance since with a D honestly is the of measuring
relativistic this indicates that time is dependent on the gravitational potential for example if you stay in touch quantum
physics within determined differences in height between 2 distant points more precisely than ever before uh the key to this is an
optical atomic clock the
highest-ranking according to my style Cox of the centers of slow and there a certain height for example clock 1 meter above the surface accumulates 1 2nd in 300 million yen as if you compare to such clocks director Stevison difference in these crops inquest with currently developing 2 transportable optical Fox that
will take different locations the difference Speed 2 plants will be determined the difference in hard and compare this with the best available geodetic models that get another Qwest's
exciting research projects you ranging In Soviet and
American missions reflectors
on us large were placed on them a pulse 2 them from when the laser beam
returns to the measuring station on the researchers calculated very precisely from the time that has elapsed how far the distance
it is between the Earth and the moon
these data is essential for further problems or what we've
been making observations for 40 years now we've determined the distance between the Earth and the moon to the last centimeter and what we can teach any number of parameters described he insisted all alone in effect is that the the moon is moving away
from the speed of feed . meters per year 1 . 6 meters further away the last 40 years think what's what we're
continuing to do what's especially
interesting in quest of course test of relativity theory and I'm predicts of course that the gravitational constant must be constantly tho if it wasn't constant the would continue to move away from the elephant we can determine this precisely from long period and confirm unleashed hearing with a new accuracy I found theory of
relativity is based on a fundamental concept equivalents principle is that different objects for different objects at the scene do you this demonstrated very nicely 19 1 by Apollo stock Q. not offense to the surface at the same speed Valley Ill but the last
Galileo will rating dropped objects of different answers from the Leaning Tower of Pisa true the equivalence principle of then available degree of accuracy and we're doing something similar with the moon and we're dropping both of them into
the sun's gravitational field if the equipments principle
would damage the part of the move would be shifted told The Sun and we can make measure this the last centimeter by laser ranging and these measurements confirm my stance principal extremely hot but acts the
center of a joint space technology and microgravity in enduring varies from experiments are conducted the so-called Group for example with optical systems the so-called is enshrined common is an extremely cold rubidium guests can chose properties but a
single giant some request researchers could prove this be of using special packaging is also checking the equivalence principle known as a chorus of if they cut is is the equivalence principle of God is enough gravity is universal everywhere and the central actors but some perhaps more equal than others and it depends on the quantum properties than it should be tested extreme quantum objects such as wars shine common the he processes that produce gravitational waves sufficiently even more extreme and the symphony of gravitational waves that rather high notes that we're trying to bury fine on the deacon also are the ones that are important for the structure of space time and the efforts to restless to show them that we have to to go into space about experiment Lisa please I the laser
interferometry space on 10 hour or short consists of 3
and will Wilson 1 single John measuring instrument for gravitational gravitational waves of especially during powerful constitute vents having messages through space about the birth of black holes and the interior the stars and the beginning of the week and it
will make it completely talk of a commonly possible gravitational
astronomy and the quest on pumps