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Tau Meta Tau Physica - Open Source Digital Pattern Making software
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* I. Presentation of project development during the previous 12 months. o I1. Description of software development from manual technique to procedural code to object oriented code. o I2. Discussion of how the pattern was separated out, leaving a generic engine. This coding approach allows the designer to retain pattern rights while the engine is open source software. * II. Illustration of how a beginner can develop an idea and take it forward. * III. Presentation of current product.
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and I mean that it last year about 9 Jefferson softly that that I felt had been recently this I wanted sneaks and creative and clothing and sculpture but with the fact that I didn't want to have to buy expensive patterning and software developers and land because I can't see how they what they were doing how they're doing that I didn't want spend thousands of dollars so on the this is now a year and that 1st 1st proposal and death no my background is in computer networking and I can do that stuff from last nite and politicians kitchen because I can Cisco and found you out for 2 decades on and cable with that but I also learned himself finally grammar and so so this idea and so I would talk to my husband about it and talk talked to John and they had on so here it says so it can be so I think you something and that 1 is an open and I want to be part of the open source world since I don't like the pricing of the software was looking at about World War I have a low prices just making consumers don't worry and death scene so DB scope open file formats as well and that's that's important that's equally important as the software itself so we're also we are interested in the part of Europe not just a cleric told but weakening our or proclaiming our identities and that kind of self-sufficiency I also want leave there are I I came here asking you for people who would like to help develop of lack of course everyone has their job and they have the sort project so I realize that this was going to get done because have so a friend a lot of people got a lot of people really understand what it was that I was asking for our so after my presentation have a lot of people come up and just various ways in which we could accomplish this goal and 1 of them and they're separated John you said you have to do this and that's the gene is really I think is the way to express and and then its shape these patterns and make them In the response to a customer's measurements on there and I'm been a lot of the which will keep the going to are so generic tolerance of pipeline I learned something scale idea talk to a lot of people that I never met before about them with e-mail please tell me and I realize that I really have to get so deep into this stuff because as you said is there's not enough developers to go around for our projects so on after a long way as I was learning how to do this and what I can to each other you will have to I so we want to have our open source projects maintenance you create our own programs get this given high school get an application of real world applications to work on that and some of them so we have a source operating system so was programming tools in and out of the real world problems to solve and has esthetics to something for something they can relate to so on side and in the middle of the linked together by what 1 sees the program to teach Python through kinds of so I I have this background you know learning to program a punch card such unsure of interval 1 you that on Sunday procedural no and I got it working that it was really great that that that the curve massive so I handed up deceiving in November and he converted into object-oriented functions and separated out the tangent to the front the design which is what we wanted in the 1st place so that I as a designer can can make a set a file is a formula of my that and then generated open-source engine and can out with the design of belongs to me but there was a source of gender itself call citing scale and you make your design that's worth Celtic that's what are you going to talk about the issue on the on so we have we were able to
abstract the end and the data the will try can avoid that licensing mode so that everyone understands that person's file formula yeah is their property you know the would it can signed over that you create common certainly if they want to buy if they wish to make of that as the so so everything revenge written in Python my husband as high as the G 8 and that's a project that kind of laying dormant for a while and that sustained talking to the guy that this is the gene that sort of getting a little more polished to moment I'm not sure how much changes happening right there's symbolic here so that might be a is it's it's it's it's really a and it's basically definitions really good packages national on restoring the data at the moment and just a flat Jason file and that that should be converted into a full-blown database and on we have converted so that the the data and how much lecture are a hierarchical items in your client and you have all the measurements and the decline in the end of the track and you can have all you the jackets and Jack French back sleeves and then seems in concerts all it and when you look at the code if you look at the XML in the act of estrogen that everything is given and the idea as well so that you can go and find a certain spot may change it's not that we don't get it when we don't allow them to random I believe that general I'm going to give the pipeline that is beginning on bank and it's really just so you know we're not there yet still kind of a 2nd stage prototype but it doesn't like it's gonna work happy about that are we like to find 2 part-time developers who was a guy out through open hatch who if you volunteered out of there and I think the Netherlands somewhere in there in blender fashion and some art school and they're very excited young and Michael whatever this person to be that when she did develop little use the things that that yet but they seemed very in the year after year hearing his arm so i'm gonna do some sort of engineering now and actually the semantic the at and the Workshop on for a long of time I can have on the learning and I submitted the wrong pattern might simply libraries so when I could not read about you know the updated my get locally my repository locally I will the wrong have anyway I'm I'm learning get the point early so next year words were going to really push hard on the nonprofit efforts to get this program in the schools I've been talking to people at Alabama at the University of Alabama Tuscaloosa with is simple to natives recently so I I think maybe they're not interested so much talking about right now I have to think about something talking to college in Tennessee averages for a and and C University they were they had a girls and standard program on their very excited about this place that I have I wasn't meant to words Image middle shops really really interested in getting this going and you go quickly found in addition to that our we want to develop stand-alone application for the album John for this temporal and we want to be going to make it more and more useful to the to the industry on an idea I think if I can find some early adopters designers that maybe some of them have very attractive several other than that supplied this about earlier that makes in a sense a pattern that some people on their in Oregon so I I think there are people who are interested in and course of many of you want to volunteer your you by measurements in the main I will I will use them and that is so far I had 1 dataset is mine so when we change datasets on that it was that problem as well so that need to expand that have a little more this is coming into some some revelations on how bad the idea of the uniqueness which think about it in and then the I this
dish pattern making I could walk on at the moment most people create their own parents by creating a boxing block basic pieces and then name this the problem that end of the range it into different shapes on or they copy an original and slash and spreads and their measurements were very using the formula which is like a traditional Taylor approach to you train when you 7 years old and learn all these different formulas for the Jackets different types of consonants and lifetime of the of the of the of the great difficulty giving him in the first one to do that and what I'm really getting at is preserving the tailoring information but it's something that's going on and I think that it we can discuss these formulas into these programs they wanted and there's a lot of so so time editor of this is that it tends to allowed to give you the tools to call you know what's in your head through a growing has yet to exist and use these the methodologies that 1 has not been trying to produce pattern so he can create a 3 D shapes with that's garments or sculpture or whatever else that you have in mind so that sort of thing that's that's what we're in
the right now our using skate 4 7 4 8 5 is well Adams and aircraft which I love and gets which I'm warning made mistakes that it's very odd now I'm sure you know that when making skate extensions the person entities right I next file which is just a hypertext while and at any rate you tell which type 1 file call and in you can say parameters of 1 the input information that's where put it in next file you are also state which means you you wish your extension to Europe so you know I'm not sure if you will all that but I just wanted to tell you that so the mind of the In the part of the the I also makes things extensions to the effects of filters and of filter that actually change the following looking of the fact that some of that seem to indicate which is considered an extension should show up in your extensions the on and as the documents also text files and so on and when you create an instance about it automatically honestly interior is contained in the unit analysis that you don't have it is very very picky got precisely the standard or it can be that violence the injured answers not have right handed in you have to to have direct relevance adapted to correct all pointers to the data now the dictionary so all of this is that explains the gaze of so parishioners they escape is sort of way to get around file you have say say pipe fathers and how to write all of that itself so and then there's no tutorials on so course obviously on the inescapable with the and also the SPG commands at that the 3 that were that a great places to mention on that I didn't I I
know nothing about so I understand that the variables are really is on the is right variable name imputed value and variable exists and it has they can't say ages 12 and then ages is a character 12 at agency of well you you can wander once you we define a variable 1 so it can be you know if any 1 of these things that you can once once give value that has a type in you can't give it a different types of that's important objects impact on are complex signal the symbol variables but they can hold other place objects of now this is what I call the magic in it that when you create an object we call you define beginning make the call for this magic in it in Python and it creates the object on and it also involves some defaults functions to out 1 of which is the fact that function which causes the program to execute to act I knew nothing of this and this buried documentation on part of the it's magic in so because part the object examples out this is my favorite generic and you know once you have to to create an object that I have a function definition there in it's self so it can afford to itself is solved within that class of and in return he has no default values no default there was nothing it's just a variable that can hold anything out of it here sort of that example and again I'm trying to make it at a level maybe 7 critical could relate to so what makes you know what I wish that class creates Snow White Face of parameters passed and nothing new things we find function call the magic in it with self why we don't know what it is and then so that here Snow no ideas like here 1st there is yellow and she is about 15 and a half FIL that and here so this is all it takes to create snow white moment so in our program we have snow 1 likely it's no 1 so we call this life to the reality of the screen at once and call it light that to summarize in no way we can just add variables of what we tackle 1 in this not knowing that she has a sport which like and ADSL across that's not here there's like sports sites begin to favor 1 is note here also it has been user will not get up so and it's maybe voice created reward this class create were child it if
have the function of definitions of minutes to create classes that object and gender is a male voice to stability and 1 we don't know his name nothing so OK the baby's within attacked just just a plain variable and it's a is the voice and so in my program this is what I do I use the generic a lot so but have a starting point 8 and a pattern like this say a equals to and there have been much you uh visualized on X y grids to start the video game thanks be to the right why being down on saying that x is 15 8 outliers 100 and idea of a is all so when you get into the SPG you cannot format you're speaking commands with those values found so they're going to create a rectangle impact on it you define something called rectangle and is itself OK because you would then you wouldn't ripening offered to sell it to act on but within your global can't within the context the during the month of and my layer Inkscape you're always and only certain can have different different ways to write to him and x a y and name aligned color aligned with and then how why wide and how high so you define these dictionaries so my style laughter write this would to to make it on that was a variable not name a lot of resources that but style equal although an at attributes world if you can't variable the same name as what is supposed to be able to use that 1 make sure that you know that monster models of variable names I could call but myself it up and I define within brackets the stroke value stroke and the 1st to the parameter of the stroke width and refers to the 1 way and obviously line where it's going to be a number is that the convergence during as gene is all text is 100 per cent text all variables all parameters you have to have people that seeking barometer strings on and this bill and fill color now there's an app tributes aspect of to create and as you can and then actually in the style of more CSS styles right sort of look and feel esthetics the actually these are the values that actually create the shape of the center of the object and going start how life in the with the radius will be on things like that so and also the idea and this is I think a lot of attention to the remaining in my program so that you can look at it you know where you are if you have a problem because of that it's easily so that name and then on get acts will be a string and why even the parameters during our thing but the y-values this rectangle where is the strength of the longest path in the woods a string of and the and the heights high and there's this style about grammar energy users the is the library of simple style to now what with its format style on myself a little confusing but it takes this dictionary that you define my style with all CSS values in rats that inside and actually and you I utilizes this big with each engines to create elements so in gets in trees sub-element and intelligent layer from your parameters and the index again with its document and a new set elements and it has rectangle have served as a program that has the units of the rectangle at the G 8 and and then my interest is this dictionary here that has ruled up in another format style so everything here is role that to create a new sub-elements for a rectangle so in our program it's a x and y are 100 200 and I'll use that in itself draw a rectangle will add and rectangle too much too much going on in my base layers where I'm going because I don't have a especially at the moment of just basic and dynamics life and as you see those numbers to convert a string with a maniac Avon ID which is strength of the the converter and then green will be the 1 color stroke orange will be filled 7 is in line with 75 pixels if you don't specify anything else pixels by default 75 right into the heart so that's what chapter gives you go through the pipeline to generate a an object on and within the SVG file that looks like this this type of this type of transport wrecked ID say X is 101 soon with 75 Bill stroke non-strict with like that's kind of Green have to go to get here but has really worth it because you get so much the total control of creating pattern so that it can be manipulated the user parameters is is really cool and it's been working along with this as a again as I said in this case extension
browser dynamics and these tags are meaningful to Inkscape yeah infer inferences declares parameters of you state in there's but now I'm going example to
show you that we have time I probably know that if you wanna see my god I can't show it to you know where I can sit down and talk about sorry it's OK and I really like there'd kind
to from and the erring on local prior to explore
the and and then there's the knowledge as you say OK this is an
extreme extension is prescribed and then you given name in part in the new ones but that's the name that shows up in the from that and you know the idea doubt about this ID can show up in in a listing of extensions for gave rise accurate quality and he got Susan you know test that provides that whatever that have that's purely steps you it's not meaningful right if you if you once you things listed in the extensions in a proper way on organized way you will have some organizations have years and years and I on so this is a an executable but we want this to be located in the extensions directories like Linux it's in your best option home folder it's slash dot being slashed In skates slash extensions and on Windows I I'm not sure that all so we're dependent on index and simple transforms so we need them so that those are fortunately installed Python and here the parameters that define that that we need for this for this program and finally the not using but still find at all and the next circumferential away from armpit distance on back on distance Buster conference last point distance that's going from 1 that waist circumference the alternative of below the mean is 1 . 0 max is a thousand now this did not believe anybody the upper hip circumference lower circumference and sightseeing length which is just from the on to you it out and then there's people within the whole of the field actually known and and what units so using metric ball at the moment I think I'm using this thing and using inches of idea how our binding have I played a lot so I have a lot of these different things going on I have 1 where the parameters where have that option parameter option to select that CM ranges all that this is not 1 that this is just a really simple new examples of American so we finished with declare of dependencies to declare the parameters you what the user to put it out and so now we start saying this is in fact this is not a filter it's an effect on top of it all and I don't know what that is but should we should find out but no has to be there are going to go into effect and suddenly name so when you click on it facts and go down here the list of options that can to be a 7 name called and then flashed back that that total which means going going out there and that the that that might not scrapped Chris where something it's called a command the relative directory is extensions the settled that's like your home directory that thing Inkscape extension so that that's what that means and interpreted in the pipeline we could have a perl or some other program that is inspired by and this is the final call for a lot stuff you are and then that's all incorrect by next follow this I'm not going to apply the you know you can 1 segmented when and why and where the fault from of I'm pretty basic stuff that I an evil a a little more cattle on this I have I want as much information out there is possible in case I lose it somewhat sponsorship which you turn I've right it right of because it is my indicating STD John in the extension using by the time I make the public because it's a good example of the beginning level Python programming because reasoning state where have to fold line no input output is a real need thing for beginning programmers and get immediate response cause I think it was from process and that's the same that this idea but this is something John Deere 1 make sure that the that year instead Extension rear major work here in state program is stored in the extensions that come with Inkscape you want specified that director you also want specified directory where your personal extension for so the eldest item in the top of your kind of hopefully and here are 2 dependencies by index and simple style and here's my class the value of the effect of that and now starting with class should provide on both In the end of the year and then it was England gets to the school of art this is fine and what is the self consistent this get to that in the areas of someone the questionnaire and now little funding riots the 1st thing you know I have defined my class drop provided and I wanna make the index effect and to work with this but I have to refer to it all the time I and just referred to the functions that are available and on there's are magic in in gets the fact what we have at our function in it and then we using index effect and to create ending Inkscape object which is your can on and I'm assuming that it was your fault template to the this year of what the k and I don't see any way to create a new Inkscape documents using anything other than the default template if any of you know how do not I would like to know how 1 of the things that's available the index is this option in which you created document you know that there's some default things that added to this object option parts here is part of that document of the cell this document period has this OptionParser automatically added to it and it has a function and to called an option so we always line-by-line adding the parameters that we have specified in my next life right on next comfort shoulder with from distance all that stuff on and so you have 2 parts this is an important step you can skip that up to pull your parameters in the murine expired into your Python environment OK that being done I have another function that put to Stephen so if it if any point in my program is not really working I can show the bag state there and say OK show me point a forgive me then add even with less than I can even look at our values in the the you got and not level this is novel which is and it's very very useful but it is commoner a statement Mrs. that standard error not right in the stream of messages and character so but that is than essential for me because I think a lot of mistakes that have to do a lot of the but in our so here's
the 1st St. John and again on common function very simple silly names to to let people know like in something grade girls know but this is this the problem with the program I made this that John my life and here my parameters very similar to the ones in our previous slide that it's referring to that this can be applied to ourselves that our current context of my earlier in whatever way you like unintelligible to to and complexity No . 1 x 1 y 1 . 2 units you the color my my with my label so here's my style dictionary here's my attributes of this dictionary that idea we're going to add a new here were adding and another in scale variable called labels that uses of synonymous the other SPG underneath you get any state labels that can show up in your X knowledge that you're looking into XML editor in states that scape label will make it over into your asking the document because it's as media doesn't care about the gate yeah Armed but then again continue on with the with the actual values required to draw on the 1st point X 1 Y 1 is a a point x y 2 and the style is several of formatting at that my style dictionary of his command gets intrusive element mother and this so that news of elements that line it's the gene 5 and the use of these parameters so presented on my daughter's somewhere in it's circle and I use starts to to more points like all serve my you know peer and also I doubts to mark the control points for those of you who like so all in this ongoing reconciliation they don't become part of the a pattern on so the reference layer and lot of this years 1st is a simple 1 drawn like you quadratic curve and I'll SPG areas that takes 1 control point so I decided to draw a separate functions for quadratic which only has at the note that the House the path definition to it and its personnel and pixels and the is not the mission of I think I called it a drum I concur OK and there's a little different and specifying the 1st point the last point and the control point and then I and creating the chart within the function we mean parameter reading it in plus string of X 1 plus common space let's the string wanted but the space and then you for quadratic space and the string of C 1 common space string the control to and then the final point 1 1 so that's I think I left the sensing state that know of how information is how how SBG command strings of very simple but you've got a rap about this right so on so you create through my with sub-elements command my later in with but it's now perhaps have not a circle or rectangle over the past years my packages and the path itself is 1 of actually that it here in drama curve on I'm saying my layer might have definitions already structured part of the program and passing that passed as a parameter to this particular functions and so here know that the D parameter is just like whatever anything I passed it's going turn out to be a path that can be moved to the point and then lying to your point and then submitted to some other point in the current view that through the control points and ending at this point the very complex path so this strong do in 1 any needing to be a lot but as long as I structure might have the proper way before I pass it to In a work the on image guideline line I did this this this specific with a particular stroke no fill so good pride and give reliable and here in my Inkscape labels on my SPG labels are different I figured this out earlier I had added a new of element in my actually it's what you're out later that you the label here and actually it's not really a level so i'm just gonna showing this way and using this as an example because it has a lot of money states and I would like to know you gotta figure these things out of the new during the 1 adopted line and the dotted line on a pattern is seen 1 as so you go from 1 point 6 1 1 1 6 2 IT and style well that you know that all these things that that specified on and then call that With this adding of element its aligned that on so it can this roles like that for so long time yeah I think that I had to do you have any from my writing about the beginning on and pattern of the solid line that's thicker than everything else so i've defined it sphere now 1 of the rows so that means that did was refresh my Middle School Math so hope and I want a lot of comments in which I should probably together with the correct but to get coordinates from point give it back to the point of a line give it another point on this line and then if I want to the 1st line that's the 1st point 2nd point of 1st point 2nd point very why extends line out from the 1st point so 1st once yet segments here and then go and instruction the 1st point here 2nd what's there the volume that matches so have 2 points defined benefits doubt that and I think this is an kind of showing you where it started from of and they had 1 slope and empowering circle operates 1 of you know it's there it's previous forces were so that you so m is get my slope obviously I gotta get my slope function defined in here and I'm sitting at the 2 points and normal because I mean I know it's always that normal means don't put an angle just continue this slow look of the but perhaps a question she can't IS a mind that yet is so I just want to make a quick comment want to seem to be doing recording the actual practices so that the expert close makers and translating it into colder formulants is extremely similar to what Donald Knuth I'm sorry if I mispronounce his name I just read that Don due to the maker of the banks just TX that you yeah your where are set up there so this is the this process seems to be the same or very similar yes you now I can only point on the value 0 halloween spike at all easy so also the inventor of the of the measurement system so that you can be forgiven for a great many Sims thank you that is that in order the aim of the game plan you just have a predicate acts just a request rather than a question we still occurred and but I want to know if we can see a demo of a working yes he's doing there OK but I I want to know at what level will work here that tighten up with Princeton out in at middle school test and this is what I was able to move recall she between poems were or what I did 1 example and began and it says you wish I find that interesting but here we present you never know I think there's there's mind does
mine and here's on that it doesn't include the entire string have the same version of the stuff got here but but the model works well actually is this and those are the Netherlands FIL again so I can here we go ahead and just do an outside here I think choose a path and it out that because I have to draw on 1 1 on top of the other In both lines here the dotted line and the need a solid line so I went and selected the line and degrade the control right to create not set some out that is we previously defined to be the with of the signal so that have private events all around cylinder-shaped linear resized document to
it the now it's it that since OK so that's that's a fact modest modest block is very very simple and all those functions are showing that weekly knows that for the not create their own libraries maybe so each pattern you have to go through that it is right to 1 and is when I want to print this discover layers my reference layer
kind and if I have a problem on the head so that it can have a problem I can go into the
axonal editor and say are a the something's having scalable some don't like that have in that city at the 1 and kind of look at that have and end it needs use the getting information out so if you wait until is like pick up points that defines the think there's a problem with that that's the control points for the neckline predict quadratic curve that forms the front I want to be at in different place and then I can go and say or users with point that
it's like and select the point with maximal additives
already highlighted and they'll tell me combining ideas on that we work with Boston her do you own a printer which you'll systems and I have big a water I will want edit technology recycling center that's and the fact that that name the 755 CNN because ah I would even be remembered would be buried interest to the moon so untrue trying we talked sensing and have to just make it a lot in like this a that 1 the things life all that colonies like many of you imagine even get to right larger spoke to broker markets Cheney woman supernatural pop on text on sound that the average that part of the program to be do that here is that you can spend 250 thousand dollars to for the let's market Gerber fashion design staff and the knew that gets sent over to that you have 2 million dollar ad layouts and program to show you how it's supposed to be laid out class and so over that that if you know a few million dollars carrying machine now the grateful can have all of this the if not everybody wants to make so many close that against a and see you in obvious defract department stores or maybe they just wanna make enough closed for their neighborhood or for the city or for you to think that I just want to see 1 0 0 the functional models for this too is is like the old clip art and imagine a situation where you create a pattern you uploaded someone downloads it wherever they are printed out and then just stitches right up I mean that's that's sort of the vision that I saw in this particular case what that Caesar was a starting out like why you don't need a Paultre nobody can use use calibrate this you can do that but by I bit practice user projector and then just traces straight the textile black people think back with these all comments made the projector they on a lot and dried out and then they pull it into instead straight at the line and that you have to have a ruler as we saw in yeah is now for for the other 2 with explicit Tom comes other layout bringing have the rules markets know what your references are but you know there's a lot of this what I want is a site for people with but the patterns of their and clanking in the database in the measurements and then out from this database that they can pick and choose what parents they want they can download that like than they can on could over to whatever fabric no vendor of that that we like say that they are like we have some links and they can pick out there the can or the amount of fabric that's needed to make that pattern of organizations and stuff and have all that said to them or they take the pattern the interior without a set that take aim at seems start to sell it and had accepted in many many other things in if school musical forms and jurists like it seems like there's a lot of stuff happening some curious how words directed by where people could get involved you know like of the linear cities things happening but user place from where the code added I thank you I some directed at for knowledge we pretty much came up with our final sort of files that version at about 3 weeks ago and then we get here with 28 is so we didn't get a chance to have that but I will put that information on creators and make it knows where to download forget all you have is a stone-throwing and not word sites so brilliant that was the name of my stitch lounge that I hadn't school for a couple years shut it down and started doing this so it back have about 12 really all that great sentence if you want to but know hoping that have had 12 you with anything else the still true talks before lunchtime it's forest old would do we do it's it's actually quite interesting obviously everyone is into it sure
all we use to to other talks also we you and so the time and the