Generative typesetting with Context

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Generative typesetting with Context
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the topic is generic types of the object
typesetting is the name for the uh a relatively old-fashioned process release incorporating old-fashioned processes there's been randomly using modern tools so utilizes visually semantic markup is an recognize the this website and marked down for italics because back
to times of of dedicated word processing machines is In the hardware itself was the first one I could do Japanese typesetting so at that point we required like many computer and was a single person's job like maybe in an academic department to typeset all the documents for the department don't the the year in
1978 there was a 2nd edition and everybody knows this history anyway but in 1978 the will of the typesetting industry was really shifting
from markers like the laid out was largely gone but the electronic systems have really caught
up and he wasn't happy with the way that his the art of computers programming was going to look at the 2nd
edition 2nd edition of the 2nd volume but 1 thing take didn't have was really like a semantic understanding of the documents typesetting so Brian reader developed a system called scribe which that was sort of a a watershed moment for typesetting at least in the sense that it was concerned with letting the computer now exactly when or exactly what the semantic structure of the document was so here you have heading and then a quotation and in this kind of water last out in later that so so very short amount time before
someone decided viable 11 important to somebody had decided to incorporate this sort of idea into attack by by developing macros and you can see it looks almost exactly the same picture this some sometimes like a presence and not take it's very common to use the uh backticks to record that represents left quotes and so it doesn't do well it's not concretely semantic but it's who was a lot better than the original text the idea was that you could restyled however you wanted as with the separation of style and content Commission
is not always the case of the fact that later on when semantic markup kind of goes through some some evolution and there's a really great series called Crockford on Java script that the really spends a lot of time actually talking about the evolution of semantic markup to really series it goes back to the beginning of his history the history of computing the was worth more just JavaScript anyway so goes this general tuition well and finally XML and as the system the more general and computable they the traction at our minds lose traction on on them as well that means yes you can see structure but there it's it's not that so immediately apparent exactly you have to look at was between these angle brackets and order to in order to understand what suppose to document so
that's where are marked down comes in part does the 1st 3 formats and develop by John Gribbin Aaron Schwartz in the early 2 thousands and that was completely it was enabled by pro regular expressions which were sort of also of watershed and text processing and which allows basically that visually semantic mark up there with the has sort of evolved over decades of e-mails and so it's so yeah so space around you look at it and they're in OK this is the talents of I wanted to bold I would you like to asses services on as of hashtags they a lot more people must come out reStructuredText textiles but the Wikimedia MediaWiki but in my opinion new
approach is necessary and this is because of my experience with with that with dealing with multiple output formats and usually I like Markdown was meant to just simply translate into HTML there's been some nice developments a tool called an optimal as he will prepare not yet as beautiful and it's just I don't wanna learn Haskell and I'm sorry so to script it it comes back and you have to do a lot of glucose which I'll show later the and let's a not selected where way because caveat the the typographic workflows are so variable yeah but when it's not some kind of standardized style already said I can be really difficult to sort imagine was supposed to be or take 1 set of content and ship so even when there's a supposedly a separation it's not always that easy in practice and so my proposal is subtext constant so a programming language called subtext but I mean on that because it seems to be dead and then it is immutable translation layer so what I'm doing is I'm separating the front and the back and so you have style and have effects and you can swap you 1 and I'll show you how that works in the 2nd half the input files gain access to multiple output formats whatever you want to build the fact powerful where you can output into but now the agency also includes the so you can have HTML but you could have you can set up where that content is the main article or it could turn into a sidebar or it could turn into the any number of things just based on swapping out the effect without having to change the style of and part of the reason why
standards to be reconfigurable is because you want to have that flexibility in in the in the in the way model it yourself and so you can yeah subtext has ability to hold markdown rat researcher tests all of them together so the architecture is that were running in lower this is because the table system there is really super flexible for this we can also eventually abstract away from writing that the tables directly to something like CSS I'm not a big fan of context I use it on number of the new board that we're starting from users in can in of and is a primary PDF back and because it's a lot more configurable than the latter in terms of style and but there's nothing stopping lotic from being part of the part of the new equation and so here's a
preliminary syntax and these are good tables so in style you it had starts with when they hash mark it starts the hash marks and I have in mind no means insists on a single line and this is about and still working out the actual words so the effect you can write you know you you take whatever is matched as header that you follow the format but this can be outside of the table just recognized as a OK this is the context so the 1st file so this could be left out eventually this is the set this and then you have to tell at some point in the file with the set of stuff goes and final start is subject to stop it bracket so it between here goes between here same with HTML and this means 16 . no small caps just sort of weird but anyway text using modern to change the of this size and you get the the H 1 class of small caps no you can do is if you wanted to justify a new type of headers you could have % lots you could have 1 starts with a hash mark in the % more stuff like this that I'm for individual document workflows you can you can customize it to your heart's content as part of what Avengers future-proofing
on yeah and they're not like if the language changes underneath your feet like the output formats change underneath your feet to swap effects file on you can you can reset like likely again that use reset whatever you want but I was talking about the weighted you have an article format terms or 0 this is a good 1 might screen PDF forces print pdf so you have since it's in a different and you know you have to to have a the 19 20 attenuating monitors as page the a the books all that stuff again no change to the content so here's
contact information I have I haven't really gotten In this started has led to actually implement a web in developing the architecture in terms of planning and engineering for about for about 16 months so is 1 shown like white right now what a generative
typesetting workflow requires so side
I remind users on this 1 but this the so I think this this this isn't so important this is just a zoom in 1 command so I write about the thesis in
something like this I like the idea of being able to just completely didn't like be surrounded by the text and here is you know you can see the mark down in the can make the spirit it just requires extra configured have time for but you like you that you eventually when you do with pay and this is another very often this describes and you can see this sort of does syntax highlighting for and for section headers and then also you you have it yeah italicizes was in between so this is nice I want something like this for the eventual interface as of
subtext of yes this is a this is what you have is you have this template files that sort of you you are he said you your setups have to put my hands not really syntax highlighted the also is that editors really confuse current policy so these are just the normal context set ups and the super flexible but it would be nice if you really don't have to
worry about if you don't want to and also I don't really like dealing with things that makes mixed logics like that like I'd rather just have other rather the defining my setups within the configuration of then um in some sort of template and so I wrote this script called this is grammar because you have you know In order for a further abstracted attack types typesetting context and is sort of a have a have an abstract environment but in order for that to to make any sense to the HTML version I had to yeah I basically had to like turn into a command-line variable those passed and so this entire so attacks was is passed every time I run the program and any in the in the different template posits a range in specific locations and so obviously that's like you know the nice packages like this symbol means begin abstract symbol means an abstract and there could be several zucchini phrases and symbols whatever so it's clearly not the best the best but it's a mean it works at the same time will will have will have in in this a few seconds of we already have
we already have HTML version so
here's a variational version which had unfortunately didn't get give as much tender loving care as the attack version shows the PDF 1 really embedded then but they so I as you can see and
there's a lot of nice we also also this home some friends of lost the that is special you know massaging and so be really nice if you don't have to write is like scripts and passing a law how many characters assumes on the command line whom it's the constant soon whatever anyway so that this is this is the basic idea of context makes beautiful PDFs and there is 1 of the reasons why is better than not taking my opinion is that it's a small core that has a lot more fat flexibility so it's not about like logic as a lot of problems with multiple with module bashing and all that kind of stuff but so just so put my info back up and
when know if there is John participate or
anything like that it's kind gone but whatever the so will move on
the questions questions comments if the I
add that the collection system might have a question about the syntax that looks like of the if you pass in a subgraph which has a curly brace landed
generating text with invalid syntax is that correct on the at this point I yeah lexicons important consideration like acid is sort of a preprocessing like basically just setting up and help the system in lower there's a little less than that really as parsing engine and you can basically before anything happens you can you can you know turn into a additional specific character or minor something that's safe for a context so I have a very simple question which is is that the people for context like in both each development yeah were like those like special someplace you at the end of the day yeah special templates that uh to you make out have you made those available because they look really slick half days and it's actually and sort of just implementing Robert Bringhurst while 1 stage at a time and that's actually a plan in mind is to make that available as a context model so you can just to say use model Bringhurst and they're all so yeah hello keep you posted and know another questions here my question was also basically related to the fair off their escaping characters of but also the degree of like hold the year olds like described and if you need select olmesartan example off all the users contexts in context right and it's it's a moment after having more quote examples or multi HTML but have a slight free from taxes like monospaced example corrupt given gap aspect consideration yeah I mean I would be and I can show you really quickly what that would look like if is just a little phrases and mark down from the pair not remarked on its percentage signs all across for like go it or something and then another person assigns so in context you just you start typing and that puts you into a non-past environment and they cut that attack and ignores all the this the stop that's in and also breaks into the monospaced fonts so you can also do set ups for like with the size of what appears and start typing is and should have nice line breaking in it as well but that's sometimes sometimes it doesn't because context is a moving target is actually beta right now it was stable and the rewriting the whole thing and will attack but will attack is a new engine that's based on language support was basically a whole rewrite of the of the TEC engine so basically embedded little and the sort of like cannibalizing it from the inside
writing everything but is the question so you could just have like a pre a pre tagger code tagged as 0 start stop for HTML and start typing stop typing but if you want to use for instance a pretty pretty pretty printer right you could implement something they have there's a model for that context as well so that but again that's that's more flexible than something like for me because I don't know 8 out the hospital I'm it's easier to sort of just say OK start typing 1 the and that's like a new environment you set up and in the end it has users very syntax highlighting rules and and then you have from Prince because other questions what must be Adventist for me for producing lactic at the time when using was using it was the killings graphics with text which was 5 in lactic former the sound there's something yeah doing this with these k so example now been I'm actually yeah that's interesting would that we use in context we use Inkscape to convert arrested to PDF from we invent them for instance they consisted users that so if you have installed it's square problematic but I it you I mean it's like it's like if you had been if you use if you include a figure that's in SVG format we just using scape and put it back just mention that because you will be you type and a text needs skate you see that this a g and you can type formats rules which would be a red line context not only maybe the called put formats and there which would be ready by uh let that which accuse the graphics were doing this makes that your graphics looked like the text you're typing where you get the and I'm a little confused as to what like what system using my what signal said OK we use like met post and uh which is turned into a library at all OK again there is unsure this way even as possible and not is possible in context the more so you this 1 after the other anything else are there questions or comments projections thank you and you