Print: The Final Frontier

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Print: The Final Frontier
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what is the torque to the so wondering is
presentation that probably should take about an hour and going through probably at least half that time so if there any Bob things coming on questions follow-ups which I hope there will be go ahead and up in the hall on an identical and e-mail I've mentioned the other area of contacting service but I mean Evans hometown sigh better be
careful but here we go the the question is what during and here we have friends the final frontier what
I'm trying to say is that I really believe this is the year of life it's the wrong here this is the year of Linux in the print shop when I gave this talk it back in January and on the other side of the world I had explain a lot with that meant given all the presentations without including the 1 that just came out I mean it's you at least or where what printing isn't that printing has different issues and special needs so the main point here for me to convey is that this is where Linux and open-source just falls down flat everywhere else were doing pretty good for the most part because you don't want to the land areas which I don't so this is the 1 especially in that the very graphics context this is what matters is what counts if you go in Hollywood going to go work in effect studio of Ireland any place like that you'll use Linux if you're going to have serious data center so maybe 1 of the larger database searching data centers in the world you're gonna see let's you go into print shop using Windows and Mac and all things you don't see people using linux there like they do everywhere else so what are the goals here trying
1st of all error printing when has more together we've seen in a few things including color but that's as separate issue slightly a bunch of the other problems and that put potential that we have here then we want to see what some of those issues that are blocking acceptance are all what the objective and subjective problems are because this the perception of the subject of things are going to be probably be more challenging then the real hardcore concrete problems because you guys are great at solving problems with current it's solving problems with people who don't understand that's a little more difficult and we also want to be inclusive and consider areas were different contributions can be made this the crowd here this meeting this group of really has been pushing that envelope to begin with so I don't really have a hammer that point with you guys so this is what I have no idea when
politician who opened professionals we have a few around here then different types some of those in professional means the problem areas the standard I think you might run into when you run out the door as I need seem like a you'll be told and then about Linux taking care of the people so in this context I was gonna say who might be considered print professionals well you have photographers arguing Prince song Prince doing fine work that way graphic designers they're not artists per say they not creating Arctic reading they're doing craft and work and 20 gets a job done they have different means and some others publishers people on books so like described as we've seen use all up and down the stack in different ways here and then again as I mentioned those artists who just too weird things and we have something here that just abuse the machines to push the envelope and see what they can pull off is within the question is on print professionals on not all accepting many of those that in this room around here today would us to the used by far and away the used Macintosh if you go anywhere in seriously are professional if he doesn't use a mac there's no opportunity walking was something else you can look at it but to team for example that's what they all use even then may still use Windows especially when you get 2 of the little more the were cost printing printshop environment still holding on a pretty strong there and some areas you have people still using the index of 1 4 which it's not that they still using Unix haven't switched to Linux because the problems and so what are their names are we have to understand that there is no 1 single set the talk to 1 person they want something you talk to somebody else they need something completely different so the 1st dimension like photographers fine art reproduction things like that when you're in that realm there's certain things you have to do certain things you want to do this all really matter there different than others then general photography studio portraits also to things like that that those have a slightly different things I think the fine art reproduction has some really interesting aspects they have to capture or especially when you go into a the museum and look at some of the masterpieces in some of the people who understood the medium and use the textures of the patients that they use and everything so far but general photography is different doesn't usually highlight that sort of thing I mean you have a large offset precedents we you know I might walk into my mailbox half a dozen fliers have been printed up some of them including my name to but they've been run off in very high speed high quality not as critical quality somewhat more critical to but different types of our subprocess color offset print and I think the most important thing to remember when you're looking at there is the solutions from 1 domain don't always transferred to another and on the open ICC list we've had this come up and in with Inkscape work and others causing it comes up people working in Hollywood doing film and television the they print felt they have FilmPrinter some of them or that user column that last summer you have to talk to some but what they're doing is not really present per say lot not the full set of what could be done it's a very small subset of millions of television viewers television is so constrained people don't understand that the the color management the think they don't when they don't realize that they have such restricted color management they can't do anything but they 1 workflow so they think none of these factors are important but unfortunately a lot of the graphic development and progression has been coming from Hollywood so the print needs have specific needs have not been addressed no unfortunately I like
flight was coming in a bit later and I missed the 1st couple talks today but colour manage printing handled by the always elsewhere that we need to deal with that was touch on in talks here already this week we have a specifications so postscript and PDF have very clearly defined technically if you understand those you know what the problem are and how to to solve it getting the data to that point there was a church scribers does that I think really well but some others still just don't have things ready then the tricky to to this point is when we go to print not all your home
printer inkjet printers or what you have common now even large format Digital it maybe in general type of printers where you actually are running posters or billboards of RGB
image kind of print but more that the 4 color or 6 color or more the process colors with the colors are separated and simulated and in the seem like a Texaco pretty common no and when you bring in solid colors spotting sigh pentode and other standards then the trickiest part is we get nontrivial part for because you can work in RGB was the photograph and bring up beta process printing and have great results but if you doing something complex you get tripped up by by issues with trapping true black knock out a bunch of these things it onshore this describes people in here are aware of a lot of the artists are aware of but some of the other projects don't don't hit buying their heads on this as much for water in some of the individuals driving certainly in development and some of these projects really need all him and the clarification on these and that the the part that
I usually run into and talking to people this is the mean seem like a layer for the majority of people you don't they don't need it there used to it because that's how you've done it for decades if you want control printing quality printing it would seem like it but the workflow they're using doesn't actually given quality and control that they think they're getting is purely of an illusion so if you're working in photography images things like that stay in RGB y given RGB or something you get the best results go to print you get the best quality out that matches what you have said if you're probably coder managed and even until we know what really pushes late conversion in the workflow submitting don't work and seem like a in Photoshop were illustrator in your images work in RGB then at the very end as you go to prep you jobs descended up then converted them that gets the best results according to Adobe even so run home but a sudden we can't assume that will work for everyone and I think some of the people here in this room really show that the real professionals and artists were really pushing the envelope really do need to get here he did the provision graphic designers doing standard high-quality work cranking out of work and publications the all or some of the artists doing innovative our what just standards and out of the box thinking about non-standard thinking anything out of the box start to hit the needs were at the given limited by not having access to those features so you have the majority of people don't need many of them thinking it so you just have to convince them they don't and why they give better results without it but a few people still needed so you have to include access to them if you're a developer working on the software from and I'll try to give a little more and then in the questions and follow-up will give it to be a little more specific but look at maybe some of the people in this room need direct access to work in same I can get some of the stuff but wrong most the time most people don't so where does Linux work was
here the masses and that's it works for the average guy pretty well now does a decent job does RGB printing pretty darn well you some of the stuff that's been going in there has been a lot of work color manage RGB proposed which did you really good work especially got a home inkjet printer that's going to collapse that to the drivers to RGB anyway so even if you separated out and tweet you channels they're going to subvert what you did their and we so you can just go straight to it you might just be having people just prince of their politics a screen looks get close enough that but in a very high and has been left to the expensive then there's like movie studios that have in-house or very expensive tools that they're using for their graphics on there some open-source tools to use more now certain issues I think so image may be behind open-source along their in-house tools so this a normal going on but still the higher in the OSA Linux OS hasn't had had to do that because the act heightened expensive applications to it in the application so that's good for them they're covered they're working there making it happen but independent artists small businesses freedom advocates we have a lot of people in here who refused to use commercial solutions in it not expensive but on principle so the can't get the final professional print quality work done maybe they don't need it but when they do when you go to print out for color stickers for your out of reach if they don't look at you know they have a good impression on people and if the independent artists to create what they want with our tools and thereafter our tools are because they're not tools they're just impediments at that point so resisted pouch where is
the pain so in our open source stack and world applications most don't completely support print libraries gtk Judy Cairo especially Cairo Cairo I really care about Cairo needs fixing the Cairo guys want it fixed we need to get together and tell them how to change it and they will help make it happen so that's what I want UK drivers I didn't didn't think post script few others all those have been improving significantly but that's still the bottom line of the drivers don't pass through the required information and drivers are available to get at the printers in the hardware directly you get no blocks and then just the print subsystems I think like the new printer and other things that have progressed those are applications I think here in this room most applications that really care you do have a pretty good job status from history 1 credit for what they're doing they're getting in the in state are you can work in a good color mode but you can't export a PDF from Inkscape and use that idea yeah particularly Stuyvesant that will do the good job you didn't wanna changes in that there's some really innovative work but aside from apps like them that doesn't do anything good it shouldn't develop another spreadsheet a bar chart presentation to show at work you may not mean that all the office suite we made only that they occasionally need a little more care but if some libraries a lotta familiar here no the presentations on at least some of them and by some of the people involved so I don't have to educate everyone and you can follow miller asking other people in the room or afterwards print subsystems and cuts compared Google Cloud print came out at the beginning of the year that's a very interesting thing so you just throw your jobs up at the cloud and then it the cloud and gets it to a physical thing in you your paperback somehow which I don't know that I fear that some people in the room had not heard of that but it is the intent I believe is to help facilitate printing out of the Chrome OS and based systems like that even if the cloud to the back to the printer singing right next you get so goes off until Neverland and does magic and then comes back what what does it do I don't know you'll be interested in the past Google has about several interesting technologies some of them click some of them don't worry and fear people know of at the 1 study dimension but now training it to the state of the field where where we are what's going on we have several experts at many levels of participating their presentations by some of the low level guys here the 1st stage great stuff application guys I know a lot of what they're doing artists know what they use it for all of and so we have a lot of people and this conference here is 1 of the great resources to bring them all together to get the conversation is going to get a roadblocks identified and not down and the field is very dynamic were really pulling it together this year especially the I think it was Richard Hughes own coding I presume that this year just a couple weeks before I had to go and give the original version of this talk so I had my side all set also then by and he throws up something completely new completely different upsets the whole field hundreds of messages in my inbox just that runs through the week before I left and the right before I give the topic 2 weeks was just crazy trying to keep up with the Hornets as he kicked around but that's good that's exactly what we needed to have some the following for the little quickly begin jumping into the painful cases that's think removed the pain people will use your tools have something people people will stay away from I learned that when I put this frequent I got that so many things I did all hopping out of bed you know I would go and do something different same things off work if it gets in the way it it causes someone to stumble in their workflow they're not so where we have the the high print things if you're familiar with these terms I'm not doing them just as if you don't know these understand it it is out there so you become aware was attracting masking knockout overprint which black attributes seem like a user's black but that it is not black and independent paper you have to do as a weird mix things to make it seem like a Jamaican or your as an artist you might not not not real black you might want to warm up a little cool down is very subjective and occasionally these artists need that control and then having true black text which is meeting process color what it does it takes a few innings Paris them up to make it looks like you have different color 1 of the problems on small text so battering of a whole bunch of dots near each other really makes that blurry and hard to read so we really have text sometimes you have to control that is a no-no don't don't mix different exterior use 1 ink solid I want these edges and then but possibly they might need to get to it weird things like eat limits . shape and size for they have actually angles also obscure things that 1 may assume by needed but in my blog wanted to critical uses
not only use when they would have to you're a quarter they're not not bad so I grabbed this image of Wikimedia and that really illustrates what it's here you have the color size in different combinations and sizes and positions magenta yellow key which is black so seem like a goes together to make these weird poke adopt things but that's too small this is what your eye sees so instead of saying we're combinations about I see those colors but you can have all the different things use the same positions otherwise the docs will play nice in blind visually into each other so you have to use different screen different details like that that's also where the problems like if you can imagine you're looking at a small printed 6 point and has been created by being scattered around like you can't read it so you have to be able to sometimes control when you're getting there what's evil what's not this this text is actually part of the image so so process color but this text even though it looks like it's the images actually texts and don't do that to you know it gets a little weird time and then so that's what I was saying is the
this tiny little things need to be Chris black using the black ink only in solid color something you have options for pre-med that at home so you don't waste your expensive colorings printing black text when you just want pretty cheap simple cost a lot less than 80 dollars every felt kind of ink and
in this illustration for for trapping you know what you get is a problem was it in this 1st spot you design something let's get right you got to print 0 no it's ugly where that might will come from well when they went to sometimes that run the 1 piece of paper through several times of 5 you don't get it exactly right the less you pay the more chance you're going to have registration problems which is what that happens when you shift your positions or where the paper twist slightly so half of it is good and the other half starts wander off sometimes you might get text that morning covers better than the other in so you follow you were printing to the edges with the yellowing but in this case the ink dried little too quick on this type of papers certain spread out and or spread you wanted that white halo and it spreads too much it's it's tricky so to avoid a bad halo which could be from the problems on the registration problems combinations very common instead of drawing you're 1 color up to the edge and switching to the other color you make you lighter color both I knew how much overlap you need depends on which in which paper which printer how lazy the company you're working with this as if really good no problem if you don't care enough to take 2 hours is you print he might have more problems so that's 1 of the issues at 1st issues that bites people and then there's a lot of others as
you working at the from together the the main point what can you do give feedback if you use what happens you're working on your contributed went up but use a different 1 and you have a problem like that the project now if you're an artist or designer in you hit a problem let people know give simple OK cases the a here I tried to do this I want this this is what I got instead if you can get simple test cases it's amazing how quickly developers can get them fixed if you just say all the work good go go patch adults sacrifice and then discuss so talk to others find out what's going on you want to support more than just the 80 % averages you wanna include the cutting edge the bleeding edge the artist the power users the amazing people because the average among other things average users are the ones who will get you noticed it's the amazing artists who happens to use your tool who create something that gets in the press it brings you to also make some exposure that's what you want to cover their if nothing else and the this and this the Pentagon talk to the developers of actually used even if your developer under different at all especially Arctic because you can you can fix explain something to them that they didn't experience themselves because they the developers of an had a problem the
these you don't think it's important for they don't they don't see it so they don't know it needs fixing otherwise normally when you hit a problem effects so they don't know until you tell
them the and for the developers in the room code history the intermediate but there's enough so that you know
maybe there's only a tiny that you need to do maybe you don't actually go to print all I have to do is make sure that your app is color management it's post up on the screen say all and it might be the way you column and you see all these random 8 bit RGB numbers I've been using R S RGB there I declare my opposites RGB that's no color managing the minimal way I did change 1 letter code but suddenly I defined this is the course was amusing is done for and promote majority of apps that's enough
and then the other thing is assessing and but official Sharon from status and I have been can work around gotten the time this year to come back to this special because as I say I think really think this is the year were print and all this is starting to come together the wizard for a project called viaduct that we're trying to get going we've been collecting all the base simple I've been doing some back in data working as a researcher about reports of basically to glued together all the different APs in a workflow so an artist can do something creative bring it over into the blender post often described as in print that out and and you just make it all seamless in between the most the stuff is pretty good but until you try to work together with all of so we have this this is what do quickly little plug for that if it doesn't
crash cancel the proprietary . info there it
was just little only simple thing it's about the back in Data Library started with the some contributors by the way I people did not recognize that it is intentional
that is not going to state I wanted to be clear
so and that is we have assets sugar and we have to show what assets I don't know you have to finish telling me images pallets gradients brushes patterns clip art anybody care about what how's that going to work and we just have a little bit of quick and it occasion and so in this case it is found they just wanted over my computer and found all these wonderful little assets from different applications so sociologists discovered campaigns few versions of Inkscape some my XT G shared things including given this following the standards begin so if we and part of it is just clarifying how to use different standards together so we just do this little bit of extra work all our actual play nice so well and this is trying to do that and in all the 1st little steps inside product gradients and Inkscape green editor really sucks and use replacement I got this code about ready possible being editor with the the standard color stop stuff you know the given the rough numbers this is not that this would you is when I was working on 1 of the rest of the UI counts as just during the structures of but then and then the other thing was found him he was as you going stop of and then you get transparency you trying the stop itself left and right you move its position so you don't have to go to these artificial control some people like to just grab the code on and play with so they you don't understand the iris center but the other thing about this is that In this way if
you look besides the game format and others it's fair all these photoshop gradient around so this what if we play nice and interoperate with those if the artist who has photoshop might play with our software a little more because it's easy to get stuff in and out and things like that and then so part of the project a viaduct is to define the centers we've got some new this swatch books and decoded not just colored but these gradients and this will also create and edit CSS 3 gradients which are now settling very important and cool and if you use your work better than say locally then added them and they disappear all your applications simultaneously your set but then the other workflow
what do you do well we don't know and this is the place where we're
trying to get all the feedback we need to make that happen and then
very quick to trade around the out is you may not believe me in this of actually done some research so I have research just 1 day before it about the recycling I went to the boxes and from the 1 in days when load was going up cannot all but little samples a different colors here so you can see these so you have you can look at them and figure out exactly what's going on you that doesn't really help you don't have the so 1st of all I got this
1 here looks kind in here but when I was outside taking all these photos at the same time under the same lighting conditions in the same position With this incorrect FIL is simple seem like cyan-magenta-yellow-black in black looks OK maybe a little washed out to but not too bad now here I like this and this seemed like
a the colors look a little better they're brighter maybe they paid a little more for the packaging and Scott this nice little gray bar here but the 1 thing I noticed in real life and appear the blacks not black is only great that starts to become important you you can assume how it works this package heads little spots and
all its tabs has some nice registration marks so you can line up everything in check how finely you printing but it has seemed like a plus spot color plus a metallic spot color so you can't fake metallic using process colors you have to use special to pull it off and they started together here so here you have seemed like a plus 2 custom additional spot colors this package I found out
was but it would just 3 spot colors not CMY or anything like that this is 328 185 at that there's a pattern numbers probably but the name Pantone Inc and full color and 75 % and if you look at the registration of ultraliberal because each of columns is way off from each other but this is such an expensive product with such an inexpensive packaging it doesn't matter it does the job so here it is being printed with 3 spot colors nothing else here's Texaco believe warriors was 6 color
printing it's cyan-magenta-yellow-black green has an interesting registration problems so some of the college on in a couple wander off but I'm not sure if you can see clearly find seems that is green and the green is an ogre the G so so whoever like this out was smart but then somewhere along the way colors got elected somebody didn't bother clean that up probably doesn't matter so that work in the packaging by the same company registrations a little on better but still has some issues at notice they don't have those letters on here anymore so that it just just get rid of we don't then what's research without
analysis so I just want to those seen my case to get the values the seem like a for each of those color scientists just close your eyes now I'm sorry I apologize for this is not right but this will give you an idea for the practical matters is if you look at those numbers Hughes are varying and that especially in the black from such a and well when and leaving graphics conference OK with those in charge of the
make it a little more clear what's going on in this case so you can see all sirens pretty close except that the first one is off the person like a that I told you that I said look too little washout yeah and same thing here the magenta way off the start to very little the brightness of good that so the shape she was going sorry that she was rural consistent between these saturation value bounce around the more figure bonds here believers again the 1st sample I showed to offer more than all the others this track encloses the black ink FIL every so that just go exists in the 1 hand was samples I got when with the packages sitting from the stored in the go out that the data are collected so you can see for sure that you do have seem like a you do have similar k + spotted you have 6 color printing you do have 3 spot color printing of all these odd things so it doesn't need to be handled if you're going to try to help people use your products for actual work in the real world questions considering
and control about this is an easy 1 1st full the Hornets
best it started by 2nd goal I disagree with the the same some application should become a manager something like OpenOffice producing but business graphs so something you probably want to control the rendering intent of such being mechanist off the wall actually I would agree that some as many business apps applications like business user applications yeah many business do mean that can should they want money consistent it needs some management whether it's the always doing it or not we don't know the at maybe they don't need to pick the color profiles maybe they just have it always as RGB send it off to the print shop but they haven't done not if you have a corporate logo it has to be in the corporate color retired right yes and I gave a presentation of few years back where I've highlighted those cases so yeah you're right on the and he can last year I mean knew PPA fairly so again and it was quite a feat 1 minus the square dance and the color is blue great for me because colors and show on on the screen in my computer and printed 1 quite good underpinned quality was also moved from I just wanted to mention it so writing this management so if you can think you've told me about this finding development so that I don't know and going to go on the development and I just want to mention is that their effects and a lot of times things work out well but sometimes the problems pop up and then if you don't have the letters of Paul and this which is to push to correct things you get into trouble yeah so here even for simple full diffuse lexical and few accidentally to be of that aware of co-management because even if they define I only work and to be and I will assume the screens has actually this only to be so conversion before display loading say the annuity from my account from a camera to stick my profile so he's and they need to be aware and about great support for CYK that we added that into thousand for the use of advised mostly to make sure the stressed out of crowds stop whining because already done and
we were quite sure that our users wouldn't produce CYK which they were produced there 16 bit this images so that they would then be important ascribe to get printed correctly no thanks and that's that's it was actually all inversion problem to cover that that's what I was saying that the aspect of it suitors those users well it's it's sufficient to get that job done it is good also viaducts I noticed that in in Inkscape and I'm thinking here and there is the ability to import from of different to provide what library and probably some of the things that it is vital to an adequate place to pulled out from functionality instead we in general I think it a good place to power that functionally I don't know about instead because application sometimes can integrate stuff that but I think when working with source control with eclipse when some versions I use the actual quiet if I'm using per course I'll use the perforce quiet not the integrated source control because I have means that the little stand-alone dedicated they can do well some people just like the convenience of being integrated in that the using and not having to jump around and the what we wanted to do with right is standards procedures what then libraries and software to facilitate it of the software being last and least critical so everything else is coming together you can use it when you want to but if you don't want to it's not in the way in this doesn't take your functionality away from somewhere else on i have that when I was looking for plotters and printers to use it in my home for some pattern design I needed role beyond wide format and I noticed that many of the high-end printers don't have Linux drivers there's nothing mean that do you find that as the manufacturers simply aren't providing information to developers to develop these drivers or to use or or you know about that and you think they're holding information what is what is the situation with Linux and drivers for high in front of it so they were drivers was 1 a point on the slide and part of that is used use be everything was open so the proprietary software was not how software and computers blossom that came about afterwards so there was a shift in mentality and the race to keep all I must keep everything secret so I can I do my business partners all some hardware got to be all mind we can never let the world see how bad this code is otherwise of never buy our product and that sometimes 6 0 while the cleanup and a lot of times it's not the business case as and there's not enough Linux users what you get each project product now is to be and what have partners who could afford 1 when the prices are coming down some margins of flattened out all we need come changed and you can't sell as many also like a big wide forever fathers on very low volume so you have a product here that's the company has its own many of anyway and selling them to Linux users who are very budget-minded often it doesn't have the same return on investment sometimes is left over from Faraday's must be secret sometimes as we don't have time to do that and sometimes it's 0 you wanna do that OK here and people just haven't often but if the developer doesn't have the hardware in his hands he can't fix the driver for solar open-source developers can do that I've had delivered laptops to people in the past to here this has an integrated webcam please make it work and couples later did my hardware back and the webcam work we also need it's kind of both so you can look at it with those of the general problems you have a driver's other comments questions thank you again the