Plain Text: Graphic Design and Programming Culture

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Plain Text: Graphic Design and Programming Culture
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As Douglas Rushkoff explains in Program or be Programmed, programming is a new literacy that ought to be mastered if you care about taking a part in directing our culture. To those who already program, it can sometimes seem odd that the number of people learning this vital skill is so small: after all, basic programming is not very hard. The catch is, programming as a skill is deeply embedded in a larger ecosystem, referred to as programming culture. To learn how to program is not just to learn how loops and variables work, but also how to navigate this culture. Like any culture there are biases in programming culture, and these can make learning how to program more difficult than strictly necessary. As a designer, there are certain biases that are especially remarkable. One of them is the way how text-based interfaces are in favour: Whereas everyone else is traipsing around picking dazzling fonts to describe their world, your nerd has carefully selected a monospace typeface, which he avidly uses to manipulate the world deftly via a command line interface while the rest fumble around with a mouse. This talk will highlight a number of ways in which the text-oriented view of traditional programming clashes with the visually oriented way of thinking of designers. It shows how text based thinking can enhance a design process, but also goes into how a bias towards text-based approaches can stifle the development process of software, and make programming less accesible to new audiences. It shares lessons learned from the process of learning to code as a designer, and subsequently teaching code to design students. It concludes with how developments in Libre Graphics software can mitigate between these two paradigms.”
Keywords Libre Graphics Meeting (LGM) Libre and Open Source graphics software

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the prominent and and that can make but thank you article that editable being in big amount by making the the rest and the edges of the whether they worked and they just go back get into the into in Article 2 of them but with the state of the art but to make this thing that that actually the but the thing is that we begin with a little bit of the quality of the more that is like living on the quality of little maybe like used both the 2nd and the what so that new idea of the rules that the product of latent up who of a computer because we all know who you are valuable yeah you have a great yeah and there a graphical programming language called that would become the popular used in the late for the children political the idea is that important have that but it actually used by wanted you to but the curricula to keep halving the step 3 of 4 point 2 and then you look at it them like the content of that you can find out whether that but like you know you might not be that might been people and here I thought it was available political and yet we you would be at the time that it would the use of the veil of what was that up with the importance and the 1 thing in my life that I didn't like that knowledge and by the way I can find that it gets a lot life the talking about about in the article on the matter directly for ITU-T work the and what the real very much like I would like to in a way you multiply the document and the changes that we got being like you this is the quality life while of the elderly people that are not really appropriate might not billion and and I would like acknowledge the playing like the people who were you know this like clean you know what probability that that like the same principle and you might think that you know exactly play and people are still unintelligible work perfectly good work on that at the lake when it goes away all we don't you and like you when and to go to the work I have to go there and and I think you know people that work in an office and they were going to like what would you like to go in and out of the the the thing that was body the good interoperability below that you you know that you got into the act like what appeared fulfill whatever
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