Know-How to Share: Beyond Software and Arts

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Know-How to Share: Beyond Software and Arts
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Modern societies are based on technology. But this technology isn’t free: it’s protected by trade secrets and patents. It’s also mainly used for generating profits and not for helping people. FLOSS is nice, but it only covers software. Wikipedia is nice, but information is not enough to use a technology. CC-licensed art is nice, but it won’t fill your belly. Today, despite all our technology, a large part of mankind does not have sufficient access to clean water, food, energy or shelter. This talk sketches the idea of a public database for sustainable technological processes and sufficient information on how to implement them. The database would be accompanied by a web application that allows discussing, evaluating, documenting and staging of process descriptions. The discussion will cover the vision, feasibility and promotion of this idea.”,”Andreas Vox is one of the core team Scribus developer. He’s the text engine expert among other things.
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