How to make SVG speak spot color language

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How to make SVG speak spot color language
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but it's going to be a short very short 1 it's a dirty
trick actually you how to make is the G. speak guess but come language uh the context that
I know we had at the officers were making graphic design in digital printing and know we had a contract to publish it large book actually this book where to publish but this book the particularity of this because it said the content is on the Web and it's a it's updated like every day every month is updated and then at a certain point in the year to make a snapshot and they publish that so the whole site is made into and that the graphics are made into a the graphics are made into new
plan and so this is how the degree that they do graphic themselves are sent to us so I'm going to talk that just rapidly about this this trip from RGB gutters to SVG files to spot colors including Prince and that's suggest that would be my my short talk
so on the website and the graphic get the graph social like that with all the colors and we must consider that into a book that it will be the printed actually took so it's going to be in this case publishing black and blue and sold the color graphic that is there must then that In took
others so with bring the SVG employing state and this is what we get actually we get this to go graphs that's where the clients and so now we make we must make that the graph printed
gutters black and misfire for 1 so you see this is a blue and . and failed to end the black on so from the Web standpoint it's completely easy because so we don't care about the many cutters Oregon a show on the screen we this physical you know there is no constraint about that from the printed different if we transpose this documents that if you bring it into Stratus will end up with a variety of colors that because for each other showing here we will have that in fact 2 different blues and 1 black and we could end up with a lot more because I use this as an example that we get graphs with a lot more lines and so on the problem could arise could be much more complicated so but when we import and described as we
see all those gutters from boasted phyla farm as BG you from from the vector phi we brought and these are the countries that we want to transpose into as part you can tell me 0 that's well it's very easy on you have to click on it and the current and make it as part of yeah but we have to do here and that we we need actually goes to to be 1 because it's going to be 1 single plates with different shades of so this is the trick so actually
yeah like I told you you know and status what you can do is you just hit the ball the act which is spoken and this seemed like a uh cover mode and then you would you rather than you know it's very easy you just transpose the but the new name and that's it from that from the front but actually when you end
up looking at this to professional tools like Acrobat for instance you end up with 2 plates because you have like 1 5 4 1 that is not and the 1 that is you don't want that which you want is that you want 1 single covered there because you already have a plate of black and you have paper route so how do you do that well
you look at the code and describe its because their status file easily openable it's a text file that is readable by human beings and so you can look at those of colors that are there existed and you see we have treated that reference calls already depend on but if you look here you'll see 5 4 1 scene 5 on the payoff so it's a popular spot covered but this is not what we want so what do we do well we use a single search and replace and we're going to end up with the those gotta sexually which is
only 1 and don't 5 or 1 c and then you see shade 100 shade 100 shared wanted to and the other 1 that is shaped 50 50 per cent and shape to 50 % so this is but the district completely because you just open up the file text that it and you find and replace and that's it that's done when you open up your file again it's all OK
and it prints rights but this is the page of the book I showed you here and this is the big book the bigger the big
picture actually around this book so we have sum over and 75 graphics like that of the various forms here and so all that to say that we use the free software and production right now yes we do
FIL questions the I know it's in the living 1 especially for the world my question is so different about reports for adding this feature to replace students and instructors directly so you wouldn't have to their well actually had filed a bug report about that it's a it was at about report but arbitrariness you
haven't did but yeah exactly that would have solved the problem from within that the but at that time it was not possible so we found that problem when we found easy to just open up the file and make a change to thanks but yes that would have solved the issue I think solution so it's not that difficult in your case currently afterward if you can't you can delete a colorist cry was replaced by another that doesn't solve the problem so you just need to some advanced options if you when you replace you can define a shape that that 1 failed and it would be easy to do but must be done it's and the about practice emission spot colors the judge prefer screen to the spoken that lobbyists spot color which is kind of trust the publisher of apples spot color user we use a patent tone guides for that we don't you we don't we don't trust the stream especially for Pantalone covers for spot colors we need to communicate the exact and we haven't we even have shaders like it's a it's 2 books actually had having all the colors but then you have all the tenants as well so you can decide if you're happy with that the contrast between the 2 because obviously here and in this example uh where
we have only a couple of lines if we end up with more lines but this still constraint of adding to colors like black so we can use shades of black but can you say that you and I then if the color like and in this case like that blue was very dark it doesn't show too well on the stream but that there was that the difference between the print of the that the Buddha wasn't God so in the lines is not obvious in what direction to go begin and end up like looking at the graph and not only that it would mean so In this case where we have to change even the content the the code itself is it was much greater work well actually other comments introducing them to 1st