Making color management "just work" using colord

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Making color management "just work" using colord
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The colord project intends to make color management just work. In this presentation I will quickly introduce why color management is required, and also the problems introducing an integrated color management workflow. We will compare and contrast the frameworks commonly used in OSX and Windows 7. By discussing the integration points, we will be talking to application developers and platform maintainers in order to shape the future development of colord and the front-ends such as GNOME Color Manager. We will also spend some time exploring the intricacies of an open source color management framework best suitable for display, scanning and printing, and how we can start to provide this functionality. I’ll cover how key projects have already been modified to work with colord, and what application authors still have to do. There will be time left for questions and discussion. It is expected the audience will be moderately technically skilled, and possess a basic understanding of color management.
Keywords Libre Graphics Meeting (LGM) Libre and Open Source graphics software
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