Pinpoint - A tool for making hackers do excellent presentations

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Pinpoint - A tool for making hackers do excellent presentations
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hello after all the work in going and normally I write custom presentations of the to do presentations of undirected phase this time was 1st problem of presentation software is constrained pinpoint lost some custom presentations of the for a conference and a lot of and this is not my statement with is a statement of and interaction designer and collaborating with 2 also has contributed to pinpoint and this metafile format and so 1 the quarters things about the point is that it is actually just very simple text files source so the presentation of Don this is actually the source code for presentation as evidence for it would actually 1st pinpoint of all wrote the 1st people presentation before pinpoint those go their presentations I felt I was like enamel just separate all the slides lines of hyphens passes along the line of hyphens and then the text of each slide I just want to have like a very short words and Cox or concepts that I want to have like elicited photos on each slide so this some toolkit is just like about how you should not do presentations by that body bullets support on such things so for someone more like specialised features of pinpoint to specialize more than just having a little piece of text that is shown on each slide and units online a height and you put the findings in brackets that's the background so this overhauling the regular 1 but I have decided that this random kind of abstract strange is covered illustration of what has some background and began to put anything in the background to the video file there it will play which can be useful at times and you don't you have people controls this is actually a robot is quite amazing this but let's continue it you yeah it's the 2nd augmentation of pinpointed got very mad died that things involves a text files with a presentation that so some of the things they do in the hyphen line at the left top right In that change the text is actually position so like this quite a place there but the facts and I could also the middle you can also add like order things this or properties as also mentioned that on the 1st slide down the side showed the structure of this presentation thus far before the 1st life and you can add a defaults for the presentation so there can put like an image that is going to be used for all the background so we don't specifically overriding for his life a new candidate strange things like this and that source code of the previous 1 but that added this additional little thing here this is as I want exactly the text as it appears in this slide and I am not really formal it's is a very simple text file format thing but you Nicholas good so if you want have snowman you can have them and and they can be bullet points and pinpoint supports exported pedia so what the conference is expected to give them the PDF of representation and if you run pinpoint with effects follow that so some things that so does is to make any difference in no it often an hour so it makes a difference so if
pretending that actually wasn't running unfortunate we call beautiful is very socio images like this experts within quite often you have photographs that just like in the city of and it's not that important of all the models present and then basically in they're making it feel completed the borders is nicer so default pinpoint by just putting get field in that preamble like section and then edited up there so the key bodies and I'm going to talk about them because this makes sense and so low dose and they're well and all of that that and so this is a requirement in the future quite don't the presentations and talking about software and I had to run commands so can embed commands in the slots so it has that's the misadjustment equals semantic model and that to run predator it again actually killed the priest person had given press can ended is command line and to do while in in cases like I was so something that depend on various input etc. and that all up instead it into this and
will have remote well passenger critters what's best feature of applied and very I would like to now what should replace that but the feature that annoyed me but that's kind of all the core features of pinpoint so they can find its it's hosted posterior called point on the number words and it needs to to be made
release off that hasn't been done quite yet I'm not the only person responsible for this thing and
primarily some colleagues of mine who also them presentations so it's been considered to have sufficient features on here's some small act so they have right added that students and make Richards has contributed opinions on both the file formats it looked like and adequate service tackling this and their andenergy Siegel has this young person on this this is not a colleague of mine but probably has also uses was on somewhere and so things to do everything
then it supports comments and but isn't soda and right now is the same thing as the there is a good if the starting house marked within each slides axis of up on my screen and not that screens that's collected this that Paul report because most people in presentations they're reading this slides going to remedy was as yeah yeah the of red that blue point Begelman it is like the basis for like 3 minutes ago but and that very nice to have and so common that exposed a slide thinker because he was a locally go back to that slide OK the size of that the velocity the diagrams and those things well we should probably just with an image and used as background so for all of those complex things somebody go back to them than having a keyboard shortcut or something so you get a grade of all the slides and can just click 1 that the kind nice and needing no editor I'm not quite sure and and that's the end of presentation and call every time that have to be very small demo and good as they
have prepared a little directory and which contains some and the only images so I'm going to do I want to get a quite special constraints and go low local the Wikipedia diff file the reason for that is that and I'm starting with hyphens in a diff file especially highlighted it seems like decided so that is a sort of presentation and and EventBrite pinpoints test out there we have started
composing the presentation that's just so they have known about only and then we going to have another slide later various a blah and this that inverted 1 of the 4 things I like about the point is that quite often I would just be the structure of a concept from going to talk about all the details so is like a put them down and just of pure text file as student progress they look at actually presentation about doing so and and then later I can go on to like figure are comp fights . com which is that of at a certain into those with of a creative commons and find images of musical concepts so I'm going to say that among that have this image you a background and there and I won't the text to
be along the top by default and then but that's
what had just here I want a different background that's actually as well this is not a
fungus is isn't traditional Norwegian address from reason looks like and 16 hundreds but this this series is a bad thing that I might resemble him and that picture but no it's not and you so no income to features gotten how I use so I'll cheap and look at the annotation of pinpoint and in transition transitions
calls slide up I think is 1 of the so I can do
some of those things and it could be used for for the just say transition equals what's a cricket bat and some people the preferred at fading to be a default position but that basically sells it and then I can just to the final thing go off to India and pinpoint that's what they told textbook PDF Elyn's tests the PDF and here we have representation so that's the
point that would be true which so company cases of beer would it take you to implement the presented notes feature coming years should I having you this in and I'm the highest about all the details about how to deal with 2 different windows and the text in that actually had its own display etc. but there in the needed science need for having the inline comments turning out to be presentation out say is high and a list of site features boats that people have already been involved cells so can you familiar with the shared data so we can modify your talk on the fly while it put people whose former previous presentation also about SPARQL share you know put this thing in a spot as a repository as on houses using spotless here since pinpoint is detecting changes to the file and then use g also detects changes to the file well then you actually have or you can you stop but instead but that boring you the whole thing was like that these problems like more integration and the conventional legalism and Fedora into here uh been commonly see so all the all my colleagues from Intel open-source technologies presented 1 at last year use this 2 % and then and kind of dormant and but it should be package because it is probably a quite useful tool and and uh we it can actually end up costing more people to make presentations that are like more engaging like random kept pictures and babies and properties and such things then the mission would probably be achieved this project how many for packaging so someone with someone to packages feel free so dealing with these horrible we're going to do a horrible debt and if they didn't