In situ animation with Toonloop

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In situ animation with Toonloop
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In this presentation, Alexandre Quessy will present and demonstrate Toonloop, the live animation software. Participants will be able to try it with a camera and some lighting. He will explain why he created Toonloop, and how many people experimented with it for making movies, performances, installations as well as for teaching frame by frame animation. Stop motion can also be used for creating quick mockups of user interfaces. Toonloop is a free software frame by frame animation application. Creating an animation with Toonloop is very easy, since the current clip is constantly played back while being edited. This constant playback catches the attention of anyone looking at the computer display. Its user interface is quite streamlined, since most of the controls are currently keyboard-based.
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OK so I'm still remain the Alexander Casey and I'm going to give you the 2nd part of my talk which is more artistic uses of 2 2 to 4 in-situ animation um well taken over stop-motion animation that can be done to Mubarak frame-by-frame uh well that's stop-motion generally pixelation is not stop motion with human characters factors paper got is like paper and and meeting we'll figures like that shadow theater of well you know what it is and you can also record continuous video with to do
so it's a tool for performances and provides a effects slide over rendering and stuff and its control of course by an and operator and I well this this is also well I just get
for the life off most things have it can be nice if vj carrier proteins the clip the other network and what's nice with black performance is well the performer is embodied is really present with the attendance so there a dialog there's a dialog that can take place like people in in the room can say 0 you should do that and then and then you can even film people in the room and stuff so it can be fun and the artist can do some improv in create stuff that wasn't expected by the audience and there's a few of authenticity because of that because everything is done life so that's the idea is also a great tool for
teaching actually I should say give you just a little
demo of tuna because otherwise maybe some of
you weren't there this morning I'm just going denoised quickly so here I have my webcam and
taking a few pictures of random stuff and enumerate them just going press Space Bar a couple times click click click include concludes that the
gold so this is a simple animation and I can make many emission line that that's great but
that's pixelation and you you you guys are actors image speed of the make its full
screen for like yeah that's actually that's a lot of fun
so you can switch from 1 place to another it's iterative graph so going back to my presentation will well you can
download universe now and again and should word on most of the members of the distribution though the some right on mentally RPM well you can make it it's very easy to bike is inspected and the other tools it's Free GPL software so that the well you can ask questions by the microphone with a microphone if you want to ask questions and just keep going as I have 6 minutes um producing clicks clips can be quite that easy and fun because you have a quick feedback you see instantly the results um so it's kind of agile making and well you have their own an onion skin so you can make you can make the the motion quite fluent and well you can make a funny animations easily from for teaching is great because it is the key to the attention of the kids and the world it's really it pictures well how animations are done isn't it like you well this is an
animation because added at 1st you have only a single
frame then we have 2 and 3 and stuff and and and that's it so so it really describes well the
process of making animation became a participatory kiosks so that's that's when
you know you asked you offer people that visit someplace to make their own kids and they can make exquisite cadavers and that's social some but and also well it could be useful art therapy though I haven't tried it yet but I will and eclipse can evolve over several days because it provides state saving and 1 of the best use of tumor by experiment and so far is making mock ups for graphical user interfaces for software because I'm a software developer and some of you guys are and I can tell you into how was it made the 12 clips in which 6 have been except that accepted by the clients and and that can be of really well so can you and yet a free
software it's a tool to make parts and issues some examples of pick solutions with dancers
quickly so well this is some extracts from work done recently
it's call in me and in and you can see some dancers days pixelation so the sub motions with dancers and well I was filming them on in the front of the of the where it's projected so that was totally fun and had a great time making ah I still have a minute or 2 30
seconds OK well I have a whole bunch of clips
like these are from have made them in by 1 was
in 1 last spring solar funny you when they were backlit the animations and fun to make
crafts and link them move around and play
and this is these are eclipse I mean that in this role
in our physical umontreal known that was in Norway epochs of the cell and the skull distal phoneme
work done with the system might use a friend of mine was done
great music and looping music using using
a supernova suffered emulates looping by you fiddle
and that sort of on any questions