Data Viz: Open Source and Sources

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Data Viz: Open Source and Sources
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The main question with data today, is not so much their existence but what is processed, their continuous use and applications,”” said Jérémie Zimmerman from La Quadrature du Net, a French organisation that aims to defend the rights and liberty of Internet users. Today, data is everywhere around us. They were around yesterday but we did not have the means to work with and visualize them on massive scale before. Thanks to the Internet and the value of sharing and transparency engendered by its long-time users, we can nowadays access and find tools to process massive amounts of data and reveal information that used to stay hidden in lists of numbers. On one side, companies, governments and media put more and more datasets at our disposal. On the other hand there is more and more specialized and specified softwares that are provided to treat and visualize this profusion of information, and many of these tools are indeed, open source. To play on words, information sources could be considered as “”open sources””. Like never before, anyone may gain access to a significant amount of raw information via an Internet connection. Of course, not all of the datasets are available and sometimes we would prefer this raw information to be delivered at in better formats, but so much is ready to be cooked. In terms of expertise, datasets and softwares are no longer just the turf of scientists and journalists, artists and amateurs are exploring them. The increasing number of data-visualizations produced by people or making platforms that help people to create their own visualizations is an emerging tred. This presentation, focuses on data visualization. It puts in perspective the notion of information and its possible changes in this “”open sources”” world. The presentation of several examples taken in from media and some artists portfolio is shown, as well as paths for audience to get involved. Etymologically, information is what is put into form. Does the fact that we can all potentially process databases, extract meanings out of the information and visually represent data thanks to open source tools, modify the shape that information used to have and the how we used to interact with it?
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Computer animation
making the thing that I PhD students
hops located now no it's working so I'm I'm PhD students in a to combine take which is the engineering school in Paris and I'm studying I'm not there even come out up all the ones that in control the visual culture and digital humanities and I focus on that observations by that of is because it's much much longer and with the help of the different things and so and I'm also a freelance journalist and I am here today to talk about open source and open source the possible interactions between open source and open that and that is innovation so let's start with the context today there's more and more on that side of our available on government companies cities institutions NGO on agreeable datasets more and more data for example in in in France we just outstanding terrorists opened that town so
was older unknowns and what's not working with the computer but so there's more and more open that I aware and we're waiting for them that's that good that after for the end of the of the year and so it's kind of review questions for us to have all the that is that there are no available that used to be the shadows and the other ways there are more and more tools that are accessible to treat that would 0 there's more software is some of them are actually an open source ones like the processing in such an and as for example I like to show you that and mapping
controversy it's a platform that is the firefight school but I don't know why it's looking at an image on the computer so there's my school that Institute of Science book political science in Paris that Manchester University Polytechnic knows and that's contributes to that platform so what you can see
there's a student project and the aim is to map some controversy so who is making the speech on the Internet on a particular topic was talking what this vector of features will lead to be based on get involved with and that and so that's possible and compare it with plain open source and open that fact that well like
to say that open source and open that are not all the time working together and this interaction is possible that in for example when you look at all that
graphic that are available from the project that
elevated students you can see is that and to show
you like this and that you can move between software that can generate the thing kind of visual on the part of you information that's the 1st of the interactions between what we think we can and alan relations you want to special you wanted to do you have attracted redirect the this and the 1st one I would say that it can be treated that information at In the 1st and making long form representation that I think is good and right that that have no meaning because that's so many information and there are no everything just as a reminder of the month during which features that on relations the last we define it like this that and the relation to the proof that the a process that to treat that had to make them so patterns would be considered their visible and all of that and so so
I'm thinking of all the things you have and so when he is like all that software you could use all the time generates kind of similar representation which is not really interesting for the reader at the end and where you can also get list your own tools like being overwhelmed by the representation so you need any this need theory I think is more important also in journalism that works with that so I don't know if you already use or an always seen different visualization made by that during so the idea is to begin that to be able to create article and the interview but subject for a lot of and make them accessible to people by the end of of the word representation of so that's why they need to be reading the attractive and
high-dimensional on on the website of information is beautiful but also what's going on in my computer community so in this guy called and that it might can listen during that crazy infographics so the ID but a working at
all no what's working with the format but that was not working yes I can so that their and their 1st is really weird and well that's a severe case and so when when that others are made for people to be really they need another treatment that the first one that is processed by the software found in these I this is a guy called mike categories that that is used to be a specific field made by setting aside analysis was that this was racialized people to people so that's why they always needs to be treated in another way of today is that actually
is and is taking more and more and more important and relevant to media so I would like to tell you about examples of taking from us online magazine called of the extent to to which we work a lot of that I think of the ways that material so I mean 1st of all I would like I tell you that the other countries between open source and open that that is not so much possible went an as and from Wikileaks and came to
you ask them to create a platform for the like lot cold so 1 waterlogged platform analysis you want to be open source because it's still use all the time that they want they haven't been able to build the local source for several reasons 1st of the late of time there was nobody really that is put in and then there was security trouble I mean the website was and the fact that all the time so they didn't want them to the context but that's there's also a lot of I talk about the limits of his encounter but there's also a lot of and opportunities that are created by by all sources of where and hope that that will nation's 1st of all it can create new communities going beyond the performances of 1 and for example when you're working
that marginally isn't there something really important is the
new interaction between was the people working with so into it in a magazine that journalists and work was that and the graph to make beautiful platform for infographics so everybody asks you to be aware of the the author and of the other competences and may be discovered as skills and improve their own so there's a journalist wants to make and then graphical that this because of the quality of the reasons since 2001 I reckon so it's called and that and so we 1st
realized that and then many code to use
these graph is that understand what I wanted to say and be able to create their own is only
infographic of news for the so the open that that and open software can be pretty good efficiency that you know from 1st creates more interaction between the people work together in project but it also can involve all the people that I don't know anything about our of their and I like to show you another presentation
with and so inference actually there are more
and more and succeeding but we're not really
used to that but it's kind of the trend in the OK so there's a French magazine called the costs and the
article like 2 years ago that found their seats and that's the so when the perspective that police
reports and me create the Google maps of page that different cameras and they also creates a Google but of people to be able to if there are own information about that and the locations so that's the 1st approach it and 1 nite think I
with the a guy from 1 of the cited color traits and his wife not working at all and so it decided to
call this platform where you can see your city bonds and still at the beginning was the ability that encodes the problems because not and then at the end it went to more and more open source with
the not not in the way of and of the last in good yeah and
then there's another guy decided to gather all those that have been created and OpenStreetMap so it was a project that wasn't focused words and thinking that then was the people say that features going through all of the words and so on and I would like to say that I'm not there then I don't know what cut of computers that comes with some kind of platform and project you can go beyond competences and create communities that are also involved in the villages in the what it meant that they would like to show you the last project I think you half of which is a platform called the influence networks created that all of computers and and and so with this platform according to its network people can work on it was called fails get involved journalists and people like you and me all the more likely you care that none of this is that I will have a good list could be enough for object so I will show you that the video wage and then what this not what the hell is going on
and on and on and have this kind of more distribution of the it's clear that they need to will you know and use of all of of business and use it as a little more training but but but but what influence networks is an actual that allows you to map and visualize networks of influence between people and organizations to use it you 1st have to look in the and you see here that you are given a trust friend because influence networks is all about being able to trust the relationships that are in database people that have TrustRank that will go up and as long as they continue contributing in that their contributions are considered pooch based the community so to contribute you can at the relationship and database that say it and to have the relation between the and took good and the relation types used a commercial started in 2010 answer appear in here let's say unintelligible the and this was felt that is but the so I'll just copy and paste the
URL queue consider now I can visualize the network of relations surrounds so so here I only see 1 because the trust level of the relationships here is set of 3 a scale from 1 to 5 1 being the rumor and by picked indeed established facts so by good down here all the way to the room status I see all relations that cerebellum at between the donor a ends up in the but so at the 1 being a so uh relations to increase their and their status to increase it can really relations here ended up and assess their trustworthiness so here relation between 2 French politicians I can go and read source
of the it seems that the revision stress from at the
but since then only know true or the article and the delegates by so this year the relation between the local and and the Council bird relations the source being p yeah manner that gets so just later than the rest state so 2nd go arguing relations keep visualizing relations so when you have interesting relations in the base you can start seeing the more complex networks for instance if they want to look at the relation between former German Chancellor give much further
and that's saying that the Russian you to achieve the best she use it and the relations are in a complicated since scattered and his prone about Lin's by a friendship uh it's better approach and then search for those seats in the announced him at and his vision so it's so and its input there which makes it easy to see that the relationships between between people and the more will contribute the more beneficial but with that base will be which analysts and citizens alike
and of so the working class and so I really like this project because it can involve a large community I think it's not only for the there's until Francis Bacon make people like I don't have the skills that have good willingness to contribute to the not to the card to the information so I think maybe open source is not only for a small community of people whether the competences to to current thinking also involved in involve people that what are the skills and competences and poorer than to create new and print information you can create new interaction but also a new way to get involved to approach the I saying you have questions no yeah his there contribute coming so when you sign OK start this costly we need coffee what they call the them up so you're doing a a like a PhD in data visualization that but the right area and and know from talking to you like it still kind of an early stage where what would what's the type of result you hope to seek OK and that black I can she what's the kind of analysis well I can show you what I worry about actually um the that this means that there is should
resolution trouble with is like so our when I when I say that I use a work and
digitization I mean I'm I'm not treating them on working on them like counterpart traits trying to see what the pattern can tell us about our society means that others realization are an infographic input this are quite everywhere and have a lot of our teaching to tell on us and a we are you know so know what I did in my 1st and In my enemy considers was OK on 1st trying to understand OA information become a kind of materials that have been used by artists people tend to talk about their weight change the way we used to talk like the code that were found in locals like provide hands and then a week now cheeping new to access knowledge and also 0 that he gets closer and he actually in the artist in the lab with some artists like every problem that wire boats artists and also working for google or the company and also then another point wise that if that account acculturation to this kind of diagram inverse of representation that you can see more and more everywhere not only in the news but also when you go to the supermarket and you can see what's in each box period with the beautiful diagram and then just to finish and I also work on the way to represent of to represent now inhibitor the there's more and more of possible waste you see here old or you linked with people and just cheap to finish our chances the answer to show creation and I would like to show you like really priestly army and visualization
of the inmates uh about open source
projects like 0 different dance work on the same answering projects and it's not like and informative but it's getting
through to be able to deal with this and imperceptibility anyway there's thousands of people that work in the same project you can really realize or words and sorry for the music and really to the into but the and in the in the and the rule and the the do you know who the government and all you the end of the day of the new the you do I have the the and the
analysis of that and and a and a the right answer questions just
just have a quick comment about the order familiar with Edward Tufte but what did he you know he has a series beginning with his visual display of quantitative information he really pushes the idea that you have to be very careful as you make graphics and things to try to display qualitative aspects that that you're very careful to make sure that you're not hiding the information that you really see the data some of these ways of showing information are 1st of all hard to absorb in terms of what it is that they're showing down and secondly we address into having something that's more of a point of view or entertainment than it is really something understandable so for example that networking thing well depending on your point of view you could run this wider and have something that shows the Conservatives point of view or maybe a levels 1 is of the same information which 1 is correct you know you get to the point where you're not really sure which 1 for the ad that's all the part about also talking was number visually I mean you can various studies that show that you can say everything was number was the same number you can have 2 different and speeches so and it depending also that is all the time a subjective process when you're treating that's not because you could choose the dataset you can choose the parameter you wanna say you going to choose the weight you going to put it on on form and the pattern that the best for people to to understand them so yeah that's that's the peak I complexity had been the simplicity of picture is an O 2 is the point of view when you have to an old not to choose life here to state moral and objective possible in the subjectivity of the treatment of the answer correct your question somebody and member moment yeah convicts In this is a very OK that much
of what a good and the