IP4 TRUTH: The IPocalypse is a LIE

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IP4 TRUTH: The IPocalypse is a LIE
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There is a long tradition of researchers presenting at security conferences on topics that are embarrassing to a large company or government agency: ATM hacking, router vulnerabilities, Massachusetts toll road RFIDs, etc. Many of these brave researchers risk lawsuits or career ruin to reveal the truth. THIS is the first talk that puts the presenters' very lives in peril. Much has been made of the so-called "IPv4 address exhaustion" problem, also known as the IPocalypse. Industry analysts, networking vendors, regulatory groups, think-tanks, and so on have insisted that migration to IPv6 is the only solution. However, a small group of dissenters insist that threat is exaggerated and, more importantly, that the "migration plan" is merely a scheme to increase revenue for the network equipment manufactures and overpriced consultants. The full truth is that IPv6 is the result of an international cabal on the verge of controlling the world. For centuries, mystics have prophesied that this "migration" would be the cabal's turning point. Incontrovertible evidence will be presented to convince all in attendance. Numerological analysis, ancient texts, and intercepted communiqués are just a few examples. Due to threats against their families, the presenters have been forced to take on assumed identities and appear only in disguise. Sterling Archer , codename "Duchess", is the world's most deadly secret agent, master of the honeypot operation, and inventor of the tactical turtleneck. He has been an ISIS field agent for 14 years and is in the DANGER ZONE. Twitter: @s archer Prof. Hubert Freaksworth's bio is somewhere. Everything's like somewhere. Currently this bio is free form. All of this fitting in this machine is seriously freaked up.
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so I did a sensitive nature of this content we've had to present in disguise or some vendetta tease I'm sterling Archer i am professor freak earth or at
least that's the identity will be
assuming we don't actually believe we are these people all right can we go over the agenda professor yeah so the
agenda is well go over ipv6 is awesome makes is not again all right it keeps
okay all right fix alright first we're going to go over what makes this theory possible well you know we have to have a good foundation of you know this conspiracy we're going to go over the lies the technical truth we had a part but somebody in our organization sold us out so we had to redact part of it it was kind of shocking anyway we'll go over some of our research results we can cover the full truth behind ipv6 the resistance and how you can help and then we'll do questions and probably more likely flee so what makes this theory
plausible the need for ipv6 is agreed on by way too many people even Congress agrees on the need for ipv6 which makes it completely suspicious in our mind people in power generally are out to get you and we have a shadowy enemy with a hard to prove existence which is key for any conspiracy theory we've also
conducted extensive international research you all put in long long hours traveling around so another thing that
we've done this research to to provide some evidence that is personally what I've been working on collects a lot of data belts in thermal messages and wait wait wait wait you mean subliminal messaging well other business the same thing yeah no they're not so dermo means below the skin okay well maybe I know we should vary in about synthetic sensor semantics semantics they're completely different come damn it you're a literary as crude as again uh maybe we should
just skip the next few slides all right
whoa movie on we've got something else that's key for any good conspiracy theory blurry pictures of people in this case the
Queen of England for the record I don't think this is going to be moon diamond I assure you he's a little crazy all right
the lies there are a lot of lies I can see horrid addresses oxygen is ridiculous we're from that's completely false the idea that you at will not work is a solution has been proposed by missed again a lie a lot of people think that could be five ever existed we're going to reveal the truth about that probably the biggest lie that ipv6 is here to help us so the myth of ipv4
address exhaustion there's only 4.3 billion addresses you know some forms are buying up these address spaces to hoard them we'll discuss that in great detail as well as the artificial scarcity they're creating and I made a little pie chart here of our estimated ipv4 usage what's actually in use of what we suspect of being hoarded most of it we've also run into the argument that
now won't work that NAT isn't good enough but you know it wasn't designed for production systems and the oh the internet and how much traffic there is well you know it wasn't for designed you know post pictures of your cat either but you're still going to do that there's no home yeah play there's no true peer-to-peer communication there's no dynamic configuration so what the real reasons NAT is private keeps people you know keeps activities private you know they're less able to track you across different networks you all I tv5 never existed you know these claims were completely false it provided a secure private anonymous communication system you know it was awesome of course all the known developed designers are missing and researchers we had looking into the producing this protocol up and injured severely tragically and we also have the ipv6 is here to help with privacy you know privacy addresses that i can record devices reduce dhcp you from moving from network to network that keeps you get a new address every time you know that seems ideal why wouldn't you want that ipv6 device heaven interface identifier you know based on the mac address of your device you know the alleged solution is the privacy extensions that are in for stateless addresses in automatic configuration ipv6 of course you know
this is only if a bunch of other devices have ipv6 on that network if you have very small networks they're going to track you across them and that's exactly what they want the real concerns you know these small networks allow that administrators want to track you in case you do something bad like give a talk on how they're trying to take over the
world and now we're going to vaunt I the technical truth so yo ipv4 has four plus billion addresses that should be plenty you know the address blocks are handed out and efficiently you know we should let the free markets decide hoarder should be punished you know and we have a sliding scale for this you know and not every punishment is appropriate so
there are 4 4 billion 294 million nine hundred sixty seven thousand two hundred ninety six addresses out there efficient distribution would result in plenty of space billions and millions of addresses could be freed up that are technically exhausted and we're going to go over how that is their address you know they're giving out and efficiently so there's taught a class being classy you know three options without market efficient what's even more ridiculous as that there were 23 letter or 26 letters in the alphabet riot the ietf could not use all 26 is ridiculous which is when you put that in there no it's your nickel third 20 sure all right all right all right so I made up this nice bar
graph in our line chart which is you'll help to add legitimacy to our clients here of what we believe the hoarding scale looks like and at this rate even if we added ipv6 companies with continue to hoard until it plateaued again and then we'd be stuck in the same boat yeah the idea of peak ideas ridiculous is peak oil is just a big scam Microsoft
spent 5 7.5 million on ipv4 addresses you know and it's been all over the press IP of your dresses will be hoarded for a black market so one of these we
promise is that orders would be named today and we will one of the biggest that really makes us angry is Canada there over 80 million IP addresses to Canada there's only 35 minute less than 35 million people in the whole country and you know to be honest most of them don't even have running water let alone a computer
here's another list now at the very top see the US Department than fists with over two hundred eighty million IP addresses now that's just the ones we know about this is from public records from the regional registrar's AT&T has 102 million not granted they're a big ISP at everything but still 100 million IP addresses others hewlett-packard has 38 million the Bluth company has 28 million for motor has 26 million is ridiculous General Electric is a vision of the sheinhardt wig company they have 17 million now one of the things that we
found very suspicious in our research was the DoD has 280 million IP addresses it's very close to number people in the United States these are all true facts so we started wondering why and the most logical conclusion we could come to is they're being used to track people that each person in the US release most people have an implant with a guy you p address and as the population grows the Department of Defense's would you need more IP addresses so we enlist is one of the professor's graduate students and
took some imaging of their nurse goals and our first does look pretty normal but if you notice the lower right
quadrant there's a bit of a shadow and we inspected it we managed to extract a device from the patient that was a small little chip that had been embedded into their head now unfortunately the person's ID we weren't able to figure out what exactly it was for we think that probably released some poison or something and that's why the person diet we're pretty positive we figured it out
and remove it safely so if you'd like to be checked I had a van out in the parking lot any other medical computer I suddenly recommend do not go out there he has no qualifications at all to do this that van is basically rolling probable cause I would not get even without hundred yards of that so we also did my kid
dress on it we were to see you know where things were distributed in addition the horrors we wanted to see where everything was allocated if you add up all of the IP addresses from the register ozair and ripe et cetera you come up with about three and a half million are to be three to have billion IP addresses now almost 600 million or for various reserve networks defined in RFC 4735 no private address space sleep local law so on but if you have these up you're missing over 200 million IP addresses where are they now some people in the IP for truth community think that that's part of the conspiracy they're being ordered not to be honest I have to play this one right because I've seen a lot of network penetration test reports from ripe for IP address space that's clearly in Europe but they don't know nothing about so I think that if the Europeans got their act together and started recording IP addresses correctly
you wouldn't have that problem so how are we going to stop people from hoarding publishing isn't enough some people think you know you just go somebody up in stocks they're going to be embarrassed in a stop doing it being pelted with tomatoes was not going to stop this problem we need to do
something more severe now depending on how many IP addresses your boarding if it's a class c I say doused them and honey and feathers it's embarrassing but it washes off easily as much like problem Class B you're talking about
65,000 IP addresses their got to go with pitch or with the super glue or some food is guaranteed to scrub really hard to get it all but for the class a's so
we're 16 million IP addresses got to do boiling tar and feathers drive the message home however another option is
torching bitch fucking bitch birth mods we were talking to the other day about how they're very unfairly portrayed in movies as being irrational and no news but really they serve a very useful purpose and preventing unethical behavior and research a very rich historical tradition that we should not be abandoning if people with torches and pitchforks showed up in front of feel of hacker you better believe they're going to relinquish this 30 address I think
it's worth a shot all right well they're here we have part 4 which has been redacted so I just replaced a slide with a nice picture everyone can enjoy moving
on the full truth who is not to blame highlighted ancient texts will go over neurological analysis what discuss the secret meetings where they've been meeting what they've been talking about interceptive communicates the actors and of course the nefarious cabal so the
first thing that we want to make clear is the iris are not to blame for this conspiracy there's a fringe element of the IP for truth movement that blames the Irish and that's not fair to be blunt those people are racist we're not right they think that if some sort of scheme to get revenge for the potato famines it's not the truth the caricatures is a special simian iris that were popular in the 19th century became very inappropriate long ago this is shame that some people on the IP for truth movement of trying to resurrect them and really we shouldn't be judged on the fringe every movement every rule of truth has some sort of fringe element that is crazy we're not crazy please don't judge us by the races so there's a
lot of a number of prophecies throughout history that have foretold the damage that ipv6 would do to our world and how ipv4 is really good we're going to talk about the Tatar tablets which is some of the earliest forms of human writing from 5300 bc we're going to go over ma?am text from 250 80 which is the very end of their civilization probably not a coincidence there's a mongolian prophecy from the 12th century AD and then finally we're going to talk about a portuguese prophecy that's a little complicated you'll see in a little bit
so this is a chart our tablet I can go look it up on the Internet some of the earliest form of human writing that's known has been analyzed by archaeologists for a long time it's a little hard to see in this I 7,000 years old so this is a black and white version
that's a little easier to read now archaeologists have been able to analyze this compared to other you know cultures and in the same area and whatnot it's from what is now Turkey and the lower left-hand quadrant they've identified these symbols as pictographs as corresponding to a time of Plenty where the crops were were good and the hunting was good and what not the lower right hand corner is a time of death where the respire xand starvation and I don't be honest I don't understand how that works but I'll trust the archaeologists one thing they've always been puzzled about those is the top on the left associated with the good times was four hash marks and on the right this is rock I'll be the first to admit that it could mean a lot of things but it kind of makes you stop and wonder you know it was this our doom for toll 7,000 years ago something that's a little bit more
obvious comes from from the Mayans much more recently a little over 2,000 years ago like I said at the ER to be almost 2,000 years ago at the end of their their civilization as a photograph of it that the translation is and the time
when great talking spreads across the land the false prophets of six will try to lead the people astray they will make great promises to Zeus the followers of the for but beware the six is a demon that will bring only great darkness when it arises the demon will desolate the land and only the false prophets will prosper I I think it's pretty obvious that that's not sound promising no not in the least bit so there's also a
Mongolian prophecy this is from 1130 480 now there's a lot of this is fragmented as you can see there's a photograph of one of the the I think it's parchment or something along those lines that it's damaged so there's pieces missing but you can still get a pretty good picture of it some of the highlights are it
correctly identifies the invention of the internet and the world wide web now the market olean 17 year calendar has animals associated with it and they correctly line up with the actual dates when the internet was invented and whatnot it refers to the fourth and the six languages and I mean obviously 800 years ago there wasn't or 900 years ago they didn't have a word protocol so you have to realize is they're struggling these years we're struggling they're limited language to describe modern technology so it's a little long
i'm not going people to go over all of it but for example the beginning of it is in the year of the fox which matches up to the year that the year the internet was emitted was the year of the fox the army DARPA presumably of the great nation of the West I usually out something maybe builds don't know relays across the world and the great nation would come creator and the merchants of the world we see the relays and something profits so the great nation will share the release with all the merchants now obviously the DARPA eventually shared started sharing the internet with merchants it goes on to talk about how corrupted men of the world we want to destroy the signals on that they realized they have to that the evil men invent a sixth language for the signal relays but they were ignored because the the army and the the merchants realized that these the language was good let's see goes on so
this is the last site with that and with great fear that evil men will see that the people are getting wisdoms they will redouble their efforts to destroy like the evil men will spread a great lie across something web something fourth language is simple and only for the stupid and the army of the merchants will be fooled by the evil men and will begin to speak the sixth language the evil men will rejoice for their domination of the world and the destruction of something is nigh and we don't know what that something is I could be the Internet it could be the world I think we can agree that something we shouldn't find out so we
have the Portuguese prophecy this is a little complicated because we can't actually show it to you now we're risking our lives to bring this to you I mean obviously we're in disguise but there's still a lot of risk associated with it but there's some things that are worse than death the Portuguese property that prophecy the text is it is the possession of the shoots of practical ology which is that cult it was started by Stanley whoa I don't want you don't want to offend them it the Damien King that lives inside Stanley's head uh whatever but anyway we can't do it they have a copyright on it we can't show it it's very unfortunate but we have seen it and we've been able to perform a lot of analysis of it provide some clues about decoding the rfcs of ipv6 and most importantly it reveals how bald members that are controlling ipv6 can be identified so we also we're
talking about time too because time cube well it's not directly related to ipv6 there is a lot of truth that Jean Ray has put on his website so for example if
you're not familiar to heavy losses from their website this morning type cube math is absolute proof you're retarded you can't comprehend fact that cube for simultaneous 24-hour did say it goes on I time keep calm so also some more
excerpts pole rotated scler create 16 corners 96 hours of course simultaneous 24 hour day circles within the single imaginary Kira flirtatious this is the important part for rotations and a 24 hour day are good obviously ipv4 six rotations is educated stupid evil ipv6 one corner date was evil four corners equals four hundred days evil one day God claims krups all academia 96-hour cubic day debunks one day as witchcraft clearly Gina is modern-day seer I mean that is does not lie no yeah exactly math
not lie so we did analysis of sex as well Francis was a Nazi official in charge of directing for his operations in german it's exciting it's successfully invaded United Kingdom coffins are buried six feet under underground coincidence maybe mi sex also referred to by the nickname six the secret intelligence gathering organization six and Roman numerals is VI so we think there may be connection
we also did some further studies area 51 5 plus 24 6 the Mayan prophecies prophecies again supposed to divorce what's in on 12 21 1 plus 2 plus 2 plus 1 66 66 beasley 360 again and then there's a number in nature / 6 equals 60 / 6 equals 10 / 2 equals 5 10 Bigfoot 0 6 plus Samantha it's both sides the Satanic zodiac the prisoner was number six yo are you ready to pick up again I
think that ok ok I saw as a perfect number six is related to the messaging prime 3 since 2 times 2 to 2 squared minus 1 equals 6 the next perfect number is 28 it speaks for itself this is you again okay why are all public versions of IP composite numbers obviously not a hatred of even numbers since there wasn't yo are too was it used either but we have ipv4 to ipv6 you know what what what's wrong with prime numbers I have a theory that because Prime members were used for encryption they think that it's secure something I don't know that's just a theory makes me
think so we mentioned RFC numerological analysis now there's five primary RFC is associated with IP version 6 there's a lot of peripheral ones but these are the core 5 so if you take the numbers of
those rfcs and then look at the differences between the numbers while they're incremented I come up with for now clearly 2635 is a little bit of an anomaly and we have to think about this one for a long time but if you drop the two off and reorder them makes a lot more sense so we're able to extrapolate this house into an equation is a little complicated and for that equation we were able to obtain the whole sequence now this is just the route we can put on the screen there's obviously it'll go on the you know ad infinitum once you take these numbers
and put them into or extract the characters from RC 1883 the original ipv6 to specification you come up with the text when you parse it out a bit and some plans become theory we will control all and then a series of what our court obviously longitude latitude coordinates and a year we map these out several number of studies now the weird one is that is the fourth one because the 2002 there's just six numbers are 77 numbers and we're not exactly sure why there's seven numbers instead of longitude latitude coordinates there's some fringe people well it's your idea professor of you I'm afraid parsing yeah yeah he thinks that its target coordinates I think that's crazy but we do have some evidence in a minute here so what are
these meetings we gathered information from using mostly disposable teaching assistants fron 1991 initial meeting to push out to be six then ten years old determined fear must be used what better place than prod I believe there you can reopen the torture of castles in fact we may still have some students there we should go check London 1996 second
meeting push ipv6 than 15 years old capitals need to acquire resources and create artificial scarcity misinformation campaign begins the Queen joins the Cabal Boston 1999 discussion
on learning from the millennium bug propaganda just lies nothing but lies what happened nothing fear tactics of people of the losing access to pets.com or shortly
secret meetings unknown location 2002 key players of the Cabal meet picture smug and application of great costs communications with grad student loss before location disclosed possible they just got drunk with friendly locals who are also great honest if anyone knows this location please contact us it's critical outside Vienna 2004 emergency
meeting research services and unknown government agencies suspect foul play evidence of a resistance is discussed our lives are put in danger for the first time live blogging of subjects like friends bowel movement I started I'm sorry who are you moving on Miami
we'll talk about Miami okay think I can progress meeting in Miami 2010 police actively providing security for the Cabal our last gullible ta is discovered and we really have no idea why the
average for is behind this you know we discussed the Cabal but it may be young the nanobots xk CT tried to warn us devices need to address and communicate with a nanobot cloud consisting of more than 4 billion baht consumption of alma mater earth matter is now imminent if ipv6 goes ahead they may be controlling the minds of the other players including the Cabal if you go to the xkcd website
look at the cartoon but for up there so large so disgusted by this house and I not make people where are you to the IP for truth community believe this is the professor's very impressionable every time he goes to execution he just seems to the truth this is really just garbage
so what do we know about the Cabal we've been able to gather a fair amount of intelligence from analyzing the prophecies from the agents that we've snuck into their secret meetings we know they wear funny hats they're evil they were originally composed of the pen ta'veren the vatican the Queen the Gettys the Rothschilds and Colonel Sanders yeah before he went tits up so
who's in the Cabal we know that vent surface is a very sweaty company's wearing here in particular he invented most of the internet it sounds like a made-up name it's yeah bet sir I mean you might as well go buy something like Ulysses q Albuquerque I mean it makes no sense where was he really born though we have tried to find his birth certificate he will not tell us he won't give it to it makes us very suspicious supposedly he was born in the United States but with a name like that I don't know yeah it's it's a mystery Tim berners-lee also
wearing a funny hat and a weird world he invented the world wide web he was in beta knight commander of the British Empire there's a lot of suspicion at the time of the IP for truth community that this was done to buy a silence to make him happy perhaps he was just growing old with the Cabal since then he's fled from England he now lives in cambridge massachusetts we have some evidence of the theory that we're going to be revealing it a little bit subcommander
marcos also noticed Mark Muller he was adopted in Brazil his biological parents are unknown we knows his German ancestry and there's some evidence that he may be a clone and finally the
supreme commander of the Cabal we don't know his name he wears no hat but he has larger lace cuffs which presumably a significant of his reign he's probably a vampire based on how he looks and also we think he might be Strom Thurmond secret twin brother so we've intercepted
some human a case as I said this is from something I gathered from a honeypot operation down in Miami this is originally an email from subcommander Marcos to clean Elizabeth says Elizabeth berners-lee is getting restless this was in 2001 and unhappy with our strategy he hasn't written to lead yet but I'm afraid that he will that will be next he can be a valuable asset so I'd rather not kill him perhaps if you give him some kind of some kind of honor at least keep his mouth shut and then she replies done I'll make him a KDE love calling people people calling him Sir Tim Elizabeth Regina yeah they have a confidentiality note on tues weird so also there's a lot of ties between the Cabal and the information security industry because you know basically they're afraid that we're going to find out the truth like the professor and I did so they they keep trying to keep people in line this is a email that was discovered for one of many emails discovered from the Cabal to the head of a research for large research organization information security industry from Supreme Commander says Nick you've been doing a great job in suppressing ipv6 research you'll be richly rewarded i'll be sending it was a more agents soon anything I replies thank you sir there are some troublemakers that may need to be addressed well disposed of the bodies is normal we're hoping this isn't us but one of the many reasons why we're protecting our identities today so what
else is at the ball back one thing that we know for sure because of interrogations of a captured the agent that killed Paul McCartney this was leaked out by the Beatles were you know covered Abbey Road oh hey everyone knows that ball Paul's not wearing shoes their shoes killed but we're not really we know they had killed him but we're not sure why one thing that's been tossed around that hasn't had a lot of evidence is that because there are four Beatles they felt somehow that was a support of ipv4 they're kind of crazy we don't really know why what what other
nefarious actions have they done they rewarded Al Gore with inventing the internet then they punish outdoor for not supporting ipv6 once he joined the resistance and now just do the rest of his days in the capillaries jar either
prior other action way Twitter lenarcik that was told to you in confidence we have to get the truth out they also kill those cats running up I'm also gathering a lot of evidence the TSA I think we know who controls the TSA stole one of my socks on the way here so what other
initiatives just a football undertaking well this is something that has Cabal fingerprints all over it this is an article from The Telegraph in 2007 scientists developed remote-controlled pigeon why would they want to do this well that's what the professor and I were wondering when we first saw this and basically what we've decided is that
the experiments on the birds are multi-purpose one this is tied to some brain monitoring and controlling efforts that will be discussed in more detail later it's also advanta to advanced implementation of RC 1149 Dhabi's physicians serious ethical considerations is experimenting on animals ignoring the serious ethical considerations we have the obvious violation of international four-goal they're using a land-based bird which yo is illegal which we then decided to use a see part which is totally issues are legal under in many countries so
the professor and I pondered what to do about this and we came up with a solution head to intermarry psychic at this is some documentation from one of our early experiments it was very promising we trained a pelican to deal with the pigeon trap hey Kris crying in turn around to the resistance thank you for looking good we were very optimistic that we're this is going to be an end of the cabal's pigeon research unfortunately one of our agents was involved and took a video at a cabal
training facility and smuggled this out to us this was just heartbreaking this is one of the Falcon's Craig was trained by the professor so you can see sad Orca killer whale eating it and they just
ripped it to pieces Angelica is a good friend hey um who is left which is fucking it's a jump on them they are done and we don't know what to do i mean we're every time we seem to make an advance they give come up with something to stop us other kamal initiative
they're tied to my Spanx bow but they can't all be your winners that's good news because it shows they can be defeated they funded research of the brain monitoring technology implanted electrodes fMRI cetera so what's in the future for the Cabal well monitoring all community 6 communications is pretty clear I mean if they control the protocol they can monitor whatever they want they can also play at monitoring chips into every human that was one of the main purposes of the the pigeon experiment we have strong evidence that unfortunately we can't we're not ready to reveal yet that IP version 7 or version 8 depending on what they go with it's not really clear your prime number conspiracy right exactly prime composite yeah that is going to support thought control tips which is just horrifying so thanks the questions that we have next is this is just the tip the iceberg what
else you going to be doing it's terrible
we have CIA NSA round up the need for anonymity avoiding social networks sorry face plus distributed cell structures first is TI a NSA roundups you know
since if there's a suspicious absence of anti ipv6 groups of all the protest groups out there why not any anti ipv6 one why is it just us doesn't make any sense they have not yet tonight you know internment camps for ipv6 resistance we haven't really asked them just feel the safe side yeah we don't work all day or so needless okay we're young wouldn't you dress like this if it wasn't required yeah our country overlords not for the bill we had to buy these disguises ourselves because they're probably part of the conspiracy also that justice
hotel it from my hotel room they're black helicopters flying around Las Vegas and I called down to the front desk and they insisted that it was just tourists but I think that's it looks baloney I mean clearly they're monitoring me they need for a minute
we're working to use a guy Fawkes mask here but that's what I've been ruined oh you know ipv6 forces implementing this
technology in no smart and no small part to track you we've covered the privacy concerns but additional steps need to be taken you know tour may be comprised of a powerful NSA networks it will be yeah avoiding social networking voluntary tracking of social identity activity seems harmless enough but you know tying social network profiles on ipv6 addresses which are tracked from network to network eventually no enmity doesn't matter which base plus service you use so avoid social networking most of the
groups and clubs you see on facebook about hosing ipv6 are just traps I mean be honest only a moron would join something publicly we may not start that no this is probably run by the Cabal or some agency they control anyone that joins it's going to be monitored and eventually rounded up for an internment camp the most damning evidence base Plus
didn't invite us to their speaker party clearly they're afraid of the truth you can't explain that go ahead so and one of the things that we suggest for you know keeping the resistance strong is to use a distributed cell structure really gets a bad rap because of its use by other less honorable organizations make sure that cell members aren't federal agents that's really important work of all agencies are more important don't trust anyone probably the safest cell structure that it's just a cell of one now I did some research on distributed
cell structures and its really kind of confusing I know I really understand what these these are supposed to be that make any sense at all well I know I agree so like you're pulling off
Wikipedia and I don't understand how it works but probably being in a distributed cell is the best way to avoid being killed so what you know why
didn't we do this the truth must be told you know the Cabal must be stopped they're evil also only animals wait in
line for two hours to the precious
alright any questions all right we're leaving it oh yeah question yes uh yeah I open the box hi Jedi destroyed the state the way of state anyone else yeah you never tried to call me you must be with the Cabal that sounds suspicious where they are not fake oh this is the truth you're just writing to cast down seizes the better pay the math for you ah the the numerological analysis I movie still a lot of time for this you can't make that up yes well the professor did that at three that sounds like a cabal live yeah i agree i have to say that that's very unlikely to me anyone else yes that is also a violation of protocol yeah yes it clearly it is evil too yes oh damn I didn't do that thank you you want to be a drag king he's speaking the truth that is obviously the coincidence yes so what's that ah not from us but you'll be doing a good deed the question is if you get a t-shirt for spotting the Cabal just take him back in the alley and beat them yes they should but I it's pretty clear that the ball is completely if it's rated Congress I mean they act like a bunch of morons I that's the only explanation yes sorry say that again what gibberish probably brain-controlled malfunction yes sorry what's that you'd be four problem that's the professor's man I don't drive a panel van because I don't need to do things in that yes sorry what no there's enough of us here with their strength in numbers they cannot kill us all but I think cut nothing just we have to take the ring is worth it we have to take the risk yes you the ugly one in the front yeah get this gibberish good more brain plays malfunctions are you leave there for paperwork and fake lies a lot of lies yes god damn we should have had some better security here anyone else anyone oh yeah you can get them at any hardware store pitchforks torches are harder to find than pitchforks but you look up on the internet I'm sure there's websites that'll show you how to make torches anything else no that's just proof they're after us yeah I have a good friend that's like leaving a dead horse in somebody's bad aura panic attack yeah that is true there are some three poems which sports too but yeah the fourth ones are clearly what we need for torch in fitchburg 12 sounds like a crazy questions may i well your nobody can ask for you yes well this was a okay it's hard to say this is a tactical black short length is one of the extra dark ones it was seven hundred dollars and well worth it I I mean I'm not I didn't admit the trail back and I don't claim that but I was the first recognizes fast potential no no he's just a tool yes thank alcohol has a class a bit odd network segment they really do it's not my choice okay anyone else all right thank you very much be careful