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Network Security Podcast
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Extra A special meeting of network security podcasters, lead by Rich Mogull.
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hello and welcome to the network security podcast episode 254 august six 2011 we are coming to you sort of live from Def Con on Saturday night and this is the culmination of a long time of podcasting we have a number of podcasters who are in the audience and we want to thank them for coming for showing their support we have a lot of people who are out there who have been listening to podcast for as long as we've been stupid enough to record them who've been stupid enough to listen to them for a quite a long time and this has been a very long road and very interesting about five years ago we sounds very depressed this has been a very long road no that's drunk not depressed okay I would like to start off today as always by introducing my co-host first of all rich mogul thanks Marnie you're just saying that because I took my pants off in my last panel I
wasn't going to mention you're just roaming at all not all of my pants just that the outer layer and I really really
don't want to talk about other people who took their clothes off and what your last panel either no no yeah Yahoo the dollar yeah there's a reason why when the the donations for the eff were handed off they were handed off with a case of hand sanitizer now that rich is said hello I'd like to introduce my other co-host Zack lannier how are you doing today Zak in today's city in his city and it should be fatigue well that was that was quite quite the applause and rich they just they don't really like you evidently I'm okay I'm uh I have a cool new haircut courtesy of my co-workers who roofied me first and then I just
woke up I woke up with his hair I promise so does your girlfriend like it she she proves as long as she approves I don't care what the rest of these people say well you know we started i started this podcast about five years ago as I saying and it started one day because I'd listen to a bunch of other people talk about about what interested them I'd heard people talk about the things that we're going on in their lives and has nothing to do with security and then I heard this thing called security now and I realized you know I could probably talk more directly the people who were interested in security than they could and even if they didn't if I couldn't i mean i would get some feedback on on how I could improve my own security career now that went on for a couple years and then one day I went you know I'm really getting burnt out on this and at that point I turned to a friend of mine who had just left Gartner and said you know rich you really can't talk you talk a lot in fact sometimes we have a hard time stopping you from talking and would you come on the show with me and talk for a little while each week we do this half-hour I do this half-hour thing I think it would be a lot better to have you talked to me and us bounce ideas off of each other rather than just me talking and rich said something what were you a favorite no no we were we were just trying to figure out why the hell we agree to do this you know I've been trying to figure in years ago in my case I was going to say I'm trying to figure out that that out for four years and then a couple years ago we had a ticket to give away to Def Con and two black hat and we said hey would one of our listeners like to come in and do this and do some podcast do some interviews from Def Con a black hat and this guy named Zack lannier just kind of said I'll do it and ever since then Zack you've been a valuable member of the podcast i don't know if i would say valuable but no I was I was I was about to not be employed so I figured hey what what better time than now to join join network security vodcast just in time to be a professional podcaster move back in with your parents after losing your job yeah well I mean I figured a you know this failed like I'm just going to like be a social media strategist or something and you know five four and five years ago there weren't a lot of podcasts out there there weren't a lot of people who were willing to put their voice out there but over the time it has changed considerably it's not it's no longer
just a few people there are a ton of podcast out there are some very good security podcast in fact there are some that i will unashamedly say are much better than anything we do and hopefully tonight will take a couple minutes to get some of those people up on stage and talk to you who should we start with who's here well only one of them seems to be here right now so and he's sitting in the front row and I know I know you want to play with your phone more and it was important so come on up we would like to invite up to the table Chris John Riley so Chris which podcast do you do again I'm already sure to be honest I think it's called your trash so where can people find euro trash on the interwebs this is known as a hostile witness just such a bad European security podcasts will be the first one on the list you know what chris is a great example of one of the best things about being a security podcaster is that over the last five years I've made some great friends and chris is one of them and you know there's not a lot of people who you can you can turn to and know you're going to get support chris is one of them really so Chris being from the eurotrash podcast we're finding that it seems that a lot of the you know well second anonymous being arrested is happening over here do you have any personal opinions on those particular douche bags I mean people why are you calling Chris a douche bag hmm I didn't do it it wasn't Mein Kampf prove anything um yeah I guess we just have the angriest hackers I don't know it's just the way things are I mean it's always been a European thing political activism and the hacktivism we've always been a big thing in Europe and we just look at ccc for example it's just seems to be the way things are in Europe right now so i mean i use i made a disparaging statement there and it was on purposely because i'm actually a firm believer in activism activism as well and other kinds of social action 11 called for but I'm getting the impression these are people that are just kind of messing around and breaking into things to break into things and using potential causes as excuses for activities they were probably engage in any way what do you think or am I just the douchebag no I mean people just do it for fun I mean you get bored late one night you've been drinking too much you had a website why not say you're anonymous and put the information out there I mean well I mean that my name is sort of telling rich lolz bowl sec I thought it was Louise boat yeah actually Chris you bring up a good point I don't know if anybody's seen one of these when I'm holding up is this kind of pinkish orange card and you know somebody stop me last night and out of the blue when I was having dinner with my family and said are you on the Internet okay this is def con I avoid the internet at all costs on our else would i get my porn well that's other places and my wife and kids are in the in their audience don't so they handed us the enemy this little thing after saying are you on the Internet well no not here but I work for akamai and we pretty much are the internet so yes I guess you could say I am and you know it says Def Con 19 it has a picture of the lolz suck I or the anonymous guy and it says call this number at 2300 of hours now what would you guys think if you receive something like this this is the word trap does the word oh this is going to be weird come to mind at all let's call it right now actually why case wait the number is and you might want to write this down because I wait let me get my phone app up you guys can call it at 2300 too because quite frankly I think it's a trap but if we can do s them or DDoS them I think it would be kind of funny so the number is 140 2672 someone's already nailing it 8571 oh my god that's my mobile number I was going to say I heard please record your message when you were finished recording should we tell them they're live on the network's gritty podcast okay all right well that was pathetic I heard for pissing off lowell SEC network security podcast got owned tomorrow so now they have my cell phone number so I just been pwned was it going in the
front row with his laptop out already where we're going with that you were the one talking man no we weren't going anywhere we were following okay I just wanted to get the number out there so somebody can figure out what that's supposed to be in what party it's supposed to the or if it is it really is a trap so one of the other interesting things so i got a call i ended up doing a press interview thing the other day about the NSA and other government agencies recruiting at Def Con and you know is it kind of seemed strange to me that all of a sudden this would be in the news how many people here have been to DEFCON before how many people here have seen feds recruiting at DEFCON before yeah I mean it's been going on for quite a long time I mean obviously oh I see a smile Zack swiping on that just you got this the zacks Merc I there saw the killing you we record over skype and not on video how would you know what the smirk look because we go tree just hear it don't hear it you hear it over the Internet well yeah you know we actually the green light by your camera it means we're watching that's because I let you watch we like to watch out not usually cost yeah so I thought I'd get the opinions here you know it's kind of interesting because there's these websites now so this has happened within the last week or so so we did a big blog post on you well is it don't sell out to the NSA or does anybody remember that one I don't read okay well great it's gonna be a really short show and yeah so a bunch there was apparently some big thing in the news about the anti NSA versus the NSA thing going here on DEFCON I thought I kick it over to these guys any opinions on that are us sell out if you actually go try and get employed to do security and you just happen also enjoyed going to defcon you know if they want to recruit my kids I don't care oh come on please say something go put on a hammock I don't know an answer yes that fans at all I mean it's not like this shit hasn't been going on for years anyway I mean it's and since when is the news being important I mean face it I've seen american news trust me oh yeah so it's it's no problem Murdock here's of the world yeah so Chris actually gets back to get you to oh okay to get you talking Chris why did you start the Euro trash trash podcast what what was the impetus for that I listened to the first episode of the net sec podcast and thought wow I'm sure we could do this too I don't know it seemed like a good thing to be doing everyone was podcasting and I just thought I could be internet famous if I do this oh so yeah I'm internet famous those who are listening to this after the fact poem Larry just walked in the room and are launching hundreds of being well not shmoo balls but course security polishing poly ball all throughout their people who want to play with balls balls yeah original Ospital a boss who hasn't wanted to take one of Paul's balls to the face so now we will have a moment of chaos while Paul throws his balls all around the world is this like a competitive things like you just come in and ruin our podcast cuz like yeah you can't make it suck more can't music I mean and now for a commercial break by the way spawn do not throw ball those balls up here you I see Bonnie means his children who are they audience you were the only 2i have control over a real life of this all right Paul Larry stop at the balls get out get up come get up here ball Larry just protect just protect the alcohol so just get up here just so everybody knows in the last two years we've done a podcasters meetup and for whatever reason that just didn't get organized this year but we kind of wanted to commemorate the episode 250 of the podcast and and invited me the podcasters that we know up as possible I just have one question you a bottle no but my uncle I know somebody who does all right I'm better now so back to you Chris before somebody throws a ball at you why did you get involved in podcasting I don't know do you see mother good thing of a time there wasn't a whole lot coverage in Europe well what I was concerned got her people so what has been the single biggest event in your podcasting career so far while that would be joining you on the net sake podcast episode 2 50 do it do I get paid now no five five dollar five dollars ten dollar here a beer people what about not the beer do you not understand if they can get it they can get it I don't okay so Paul and Lori now that you've joined us okay for those they don't know this is Paul and Larry from the pole com security podcast Oh Larry that's nice place taking balls to the face all got a face shot you agus and oh sorry you should brought your family here for those that don't know I think Paul air get started yes before Marty did they were the first one they were they were they were the first real security podcast as opposed to security now which is not really a security podcast they started about three or four days before I did I think well actually you guys recorded several weeks before I did but didn't publish two weeks later yeah we're still working on that actually we had to figure out how to do a podcast like how to publish it you're still figuring it out i've heard the editing quality that you guys have that's how lame we are took us five weeks to learn how to use audacity so what got you what made you guys decide to start podcasting ah well for me I gave a regular presentation to university I work for I like the latest computer security news and stuff so for whatever reason that ended and my coworker who was referenced on the show is duck stuff said you should do a podcast and then we did heads that's how we got started yeah so so when it what it was in the beginning was just a bunch of security guys getting together to a conference or you know on a Friday night and having beers and talking about hey dude you hear about XYZ and well maybe we should record this maybe someone else would want to listen to this and sure enough 250 something episodes later people are soliciting what would know where are you guys on 250 well I don't know 50-54 is coming up maybe so what's the biggest event that's happened to you because of podcasting uh I don't know that's I mean other than your your job you got that job that's the rule on Paul com you either have to you know work for a sponsor and then they become a sponsor if you're on the show go work for someone who is a sponsor so we're pretty the pauses you Jericho's got some great accuracy over there would even practicing at home if you throw it squirrels in your backyard or something yeah but he hasn't managed to hit me yet oh he's not throwing these kinds of balls at them though yeah but the faces are all cut out with a whole writer on the mouth what that's Jericho from attrition org and you can tell he loves us so I it's tough to say like one particular instance but you know certainly I think the marathon we did for hackers for charity like that was really cool like to use our listeners and our podcast is a vehicle for a good cause that probably sticks out in my mind it's gotten you a lot of attention it's gotten you to places you couldn't go otherwise i mean it's it's been a good thing as oh and that was another dog if people actually wanted my autograph with why that's the weirdest thing about being a podcaster you go you guys actually listen week after week right it's amazing I actually uh exactly
I should assign it an autograph for a 16 year old and a 13 year old that both listen and then I felt really bad for corrupting the youth of America as you should that's actually realized it was the DEFCON social engineering contest yes um fucking where was I going with that I don't know as you can tell by the way that we do a lot of editing after the fact normally some of these things that we're going humm what should we say next is actually something happens quite a bit number life podcast alright Oh her listeners somebody just just took the entire box of about 700 balls I love football thanks for finding them thanks it is putting your hands all over them so this is yeah antagonizing them that's gonna help us all right so one of the things we do on the podcast is always picking new stories and those sorts of things so instead we've got you guys here in the audience's to get a little bit participatory somebody throw out a topic you'd like us to talk about and for you yourself to talk about goes down don't say balls go to the goat porn whoa wait don't leave that up that was close all right who's got a topic other than balls or cope someone someone in the audience said apt to try and beat to try and be funny to fail oh how about what good my coworkers are hitting me defcon balls anyway you know what yeah so that's good one so we're on the lake into the basically the third day or the second full day of DEFCON what have you guys seen so far that you liked failed familes fail panel anybody have to fail panel that was a nice read on the Helen that come from behind my head yeah we made eight hundred dollars for the eff by you guys buying waffles so beer waffles let's be clear and if you want to put more money up here light blue waffles yeah okay I I lost that one sliema so I'm gonna cut it over to these guys Paul Larry the go-go dancers at the ibar yeah nothing reminds me more about the importance of my job as a parent of two daughters then come to Vegas what do I use that what's good out for you so far at epcot this no no seriously seriously this is the only thing I've really gone too oh no that's I like the venue we've are somebody said um you know kind of is weird that they would pick a hotel they've already outgrown so um I really know where to go where they could go from here but you know it's a good good venue um I watched a couple talks on television that's that's really the extent of my DEFCON experience so far so this is becoming informative Chris oh this is gonna be really informative I didn't even know there were talks at DEFCON I thought it was just like a big drink up thing where everyone gets together oh you guys are really good shots good this is turning into the shmoocon podcasters meetup all over again I like watching a tennis match oh this is getting out all right so I took I took a soccer ball to the pace yesterday I would like to not have that happen again so you know know know what yeah well that is ready save them for the rot
what is the end yeah let's we have a really important thing to play toward the end and if we don't get to that yeah well it will let the balls go you can throw you all I'm sorry core in poorer and poorer impact balls you know when that happens so what was that pull yes poor impact balls that is what I said okay so we got one more podcaster to bring up mr. joseph c kohli now one of the season one of the sincerest form of flattery is imitation and nobody imitates the network security podcast more than Southern Fried podcast he didn't tell you he's on Paul calm now didn't you see Twitter yeah there's an i know that i was on my lunch all calm now like I've been hanging out with them all weekend well you were out of applause yeah you were also the network's kriti podcast for a little while as we traded you for for exact mar neza there's an audience member question party we have a question from the audience question from the audience that's not going to go oh not Jericho nobody wants to hear from Jericho and Jericho says if every a podcast he got the throw stuff at us he'd listen more I thought exotic liability was all about people getting hit in the face of balls so want ball being drunk who else is here where's jaded is jaded security you're jaded security oh you're the co-host where is he is your other is your other half come on here come up here and take some balls in the face I thought he was thrown out of the club here and we train we brought in some but I think Ryan's Craig Lee who's gotta get you have a bottle come on up for a second guys right now yeah just tell us it just kills this quick second and tell us why you got and secured into podcasting it's closer just security but why did you start contest I'm not we listen the ball wait you listen to Paul and you still got in this topography did we didn't want to be Paul on the mic recording so what you listening that didn't want to be us yeah we listen to lie two episodes you know this man I told so we wanted to be worried so we're a daily podcast so we do it monday through friday we've managed to piss off Jericho and just about everybody else by having like at on Oh where's Chris well speaking of mr. Chris Evans will have have some words from him later mean Greg Evans Gregory oven sorry Chris Evans is that actor that really dream the one world to number one hacker Greg of them did you hear did you miss operated right nobody's won an award today what for he won charlatan of the year well it's just too bad we didn't know that in time to include that the questions for the interview we're going to be playing in a few moments here mom are not supposed to say man it was what is is that mr. Evans award okay so they were the award for charlatan of the year is in Jericho's hands which is really really disturbing but it will be going on ebay and the proceeds will be going to a charity of his choice so keep an eye out on that from an attrition org and i'm on ebay it's OS f or eff so and by the way if you guys want to leave any money up here for eff we will make sure it gets to us gets to them I mean Freudian slip we will not use it to buy beer I promise so you guys were saying about why you gotten security because you thought you could do it better than Paula calm no and that's a joke dude so it was just a bunch of guys that were on calls driving in atlanta and the commute is like two fucking hours so that's two go three blocks yeah so we had yeah and literally so essentially what we were doing was just kind of talking back and forth and saying hey did you read this story did you see that what did you think about that and we made the mistake of recording it and it made the mistake of saying that it's a daily podcast all lost his balls balls balls have been scattered all over the place this there's a reason why do I get to a large a over this episode starts kept to shmoocon you don't using Rick protect your laptop or protect his face one of the two stand in front of me I don't need his ass in my face so rich yeah we have some recording we would like you to hear of an interview this is similar to an interview you guys have done we only have a few minutes for it but we would like to to hear your guys is how to put it a reaction to some of the things that that mr. Gregory Evans has to say now you know we we had literally we had a half an hour to talk to mr. Evans a couple weeks ago and in that half an hour we got to ask three questions three three questions because we found out that when you ask him a question unless you are willing to interrupt him in the middle of a tirade you're going to keep hearing his answers again and again and by the way the ole is required hello mr. Evans this is Martin McKay from the network screen podcast hey how are you I'm doing fine I want to let you know I've got my co-host rich mogul and Zach lannier on the phone with me okay hello everyone um we're playing out in entirety one hour if I'd have known as well this is usually a half hour podcast and we're probably only going to do about a 15 to 20-minute interview okay okay all right and what are we going over again basically we wanted to talk
about you and your company because you're you're obviously listed as the world's number one hacker world's number one hacker one reporter turns around we had this conversation took it and ran even with the book well I tell that everybody before I do now remember this is an individual who wrote a book how to become the world's number one hacker that is so fault I have an acting years ok I'll start of a non-controlled network so I got people who work for me full-time they do all of that but no I am so far free world number one half so but with that being said we can go ahead and start this if you like yeah if it's ok we might just ask you about that anyway I'm going to pass forward a little bit yeah the same anyway so that some of you out some of you guys have also interviewed mr. this is part of ins and reg and Zach and we're here you guys have also interviewed mr. Evans and Andy a chance to hear that what's up did you get a chance to hear I watched a listen to part of it especially the end where everybody started laughing in the moment he disconnected after today talking to nigger e evans who is the CEO of legaia security international how are you doing today mr. Evans I'm doing great thanks for having so mr. Evans let's let's start with a little bit of your background I mean you were convicted of hacking in the 90s and and how is that blood you to a security career and how has that shaped your views of security well it's back up some the first time I got in trouble was in the tenth grade and my parents had to pay back thirty thousand dollars to AT&T then in order to keep me out of jail we used two schools computers and we were doing different schools computers to make three phone calls and having it built to a third party no and a friend of mine who was a programmer and we were only we were working on Kobol at the time so that tells you how long ago this was in the eighth he was a software writer and he wrote it so it would randomly you know build to a third party company so didn't hear he's rebelling against imagine that same company having done over and over which was the Taco Bell corporation so at the end of the month break you receive I cannot talk about the Taco Bell corporation went two thousand dollar Hogan oh and they trace it back to myself and my pumpkins barrier it's a um and this was in the tenth grade and that's when I got in trouble and I had a new school when I ended up going to my parents were separated and I last Maryland's and went to German and I lived in German and that's where I learned to hack some more when I got hooked up with the guys at the chaos well I don't know if you're familiar with the chaos club by the way they're not not to be confused with chaos computer club but the chaos was there there's lesser-known got a Belgium no way yeah we've heard of them and then even don't want a few those people before okay well it was their first original packing group see that's funny because most of the people when I was throwing catches i was told years ago is that one thing you don't do is go around bragging about your hats because what you're doing is against the law see that's the difference between a lot of hackers to this day there were a lot of hackers out there that can out actually all day long because I don't even actually normal business man so but when he ends up happening is that they'll go up and communicate at and then they would go out on Twitter Facebook or one of the chat rooms IRC and then we'll bragged about hate I have why do that why bring attention to yourself it's just like a person goes on commits a crime cool lots of things and then goes out Rex all these friends I just robbed the bank for thinking that nobody is going to know that it was you the only way two people can keep the secret Benjamin Franklin said this is one of those jet so in this particular case for years I was always told never go out and brag about are you into the money or doing it for the fame and all the way up to the time I was hacked and when I was happy there was different ways of going export I mean one you can do social engineering one with my very first half we were using war Tyler's and we were calling every number in the company to get access to the modem to when we had access to AT&T mci worldcom and we were setting up toll-free numbers for third-party telephone donkey we just had most of the people inside the company on payroll now we started hacking most people say oh he's not acting is not doing miss me from level one hours or inventing in here I mean there's the nineteen video setup 19 years I've been in business for 20 barely hear us small amis so I mean you weren't even around to even say that he did it fit so most people didn't even know my name because I didn't hear if I made a game as a hacker or not are you guys want me to come on this or fast go to that really good spun hold this wasn't your save time alright so this is going to be the last just three minutes of the interview it's awesome so the other parts were what I can't delay this offer I've got it running it right now so is there a biz max sucks all right yeah I just one day 21 a in a rough first second because you know import so the question I'm asking right now is what's your website but you brought a bunch of interesting shooting and what is it can't help but we're very interested what you're getting here makes what do you talk about ought to be educated do the tea industry people I've industry as well at how security has received I know just that average folks oh it's over part barnes & noble right now Housefull rings through that makes my brain is perceived by you know just average folks over at barnes & noble you know what's the end of goal here is it you know what do you personally hope to do with your office of the industry is it just to bill discuss what business is it to go out there and actually help people become more secure you know for you what would be the end game actually it's a couple things one I want to change the game because right now everybody out there has isness this I fear in their head and how he would have put out there that all computer nerds all computer hackers are so just in case you missed that while balls are being thrown at us Gregory Evans wants to change the game so are those computer nerds he wants to
change the game he wants not not mixing things more scared just change the game so whatever the game means some little kid with coke bottle glasses with the taste in the middle who's in his mom's face they're playing on the computer never got the girl never got pics to the basketball team and that's not true computer had miscarried just as much power as anybody else in the world and can be just as dangerous as anybody else in the world I pursuing that bodyguard done where I was I'm speaking of someone about how dangerous hackers are compared to L tight quick where you're going to miss the al Qaeda reference al Qaeda you know who your enemy is you got people in the field you can see them they can see you you just shoot us they'll make you shoot back when it comes to computer hacking there's no face it's like the boogeyman there's like there's nothing and you have to find out you know the crimes they committed but are you judging so my whole in game is is to bring more light to light look computer hatching is here is here to stay and you guys all you guys went around and picked on those computer nerds in high school now these guys have power so now not Jeff hammers but just computer people period so I want to turn around and change the whole game and record to everything that's happening out there in addition to that make it more of almost like a life stop when some of my friends were entertainers such as from Russell Simmons so just in case you missed that what he's referring to is he has a store where he sells swag effectively schwag that till you can wear to talk about how awesome of a hacker you are including uh you know the some of them feature the faces of some of the people in the audience but but but wait Zack Zack didn't he say that there were plenty of people who could out hack him well no the thing is it's wrong to go and talk about how awesome of a hacker you are unless you're buying a shirt from him that talks about how awesome of a hacker you are oh that makes that makes perfect sense well never been Def Con has ep.8 a wimp I think we've given this asshat too much floor space already but don't you want to hear the part where he's hanging with Russell Simmons and puffy it comes up and just like within the next 30 seconds if you want to call enough days when I'm seeing sitting back and I'll talk as limb years ago and they're coming out with the clothesline and then was just back telling me what time here at a club and what we're at dinner before words the clever she said and we're sitting back talking at the table and he was saying how he makes how hip hop has become more of a lifestyle the way piece of rare but ladies dog is more than people picking up a microphone and just wrap you don't have to be a rapid be part of hip hop and where is insecurity when it comes to computer acting and as the top and white sauce purpose oh so in the hacker community so this is from a person who has been tweeting that he's going to be here that is not here he owes me dinner by the way wouldn t hope in it just upside oh no right they were running short on time so spoiled spoiler alert he wants to be more more or less more or less like the voice of the hacker community backer yeah you guys do absolutely so he wants to help change the game so that people recognize how powerful hackers are and he's going to be the one to do it so you know whatever that means while wearing super cool swag yeah well I I mean his parents had to repay already you know how much what whatever he said thirty thousand dollars or anything else where you go what's up that well we've got more but I think people are tired of the interview already so we can move on by the way this is a record people can't even tolerate five minutes of this guy pre-recorded so yeah the ask dollar we lost the asshole or someone in the eff has the ass dollar one of the fs bankers will have the ass dollar we could make a new asshole who wants to help make an ass dollar I have two nice of an ass to make the ask dollar Liana's the Sun does yeah Jericho get up here Joe we need an ass dollar he will give it to us from a distant give it to our summer distance it's your ass whoa oh PS balls no I mean like literally balls I'm now is it anywhere yeah which you had it it's not even hurting yeah come on about it it was in my pocket exactly wiscombe alright enough of this we're going down the wrong road so okay let's greet all if you want no over here like if you want the most amusing part of Evans since you said changing the game search for his rant called changing the game it's on like either Gregory D Evans Hakam orlag at you read that and it will really explain who he is and this all this podcast just fits right into it so it's worth it for that one rant and that really comes down to the difference between somebody like Rick Evans and like n us as we are part of the community we are here for you guys to talk to us and to give back and throw balls at us and we really are all of us were part of the community and I don't think there's anybody up here who would disagree with that so I think that's why we are different i hope well we don't own any stock companies we don't swindle people so that would make us different as well and we don't get our mail spools dropped seven point five gigs of them is that a challenge no Joseph because it's just not going to happen but I did hear I got owned tomorrow so it's okay oh alright so we've been all over the place right now with this this is a definitely even less structured than a you know an actual podcast it is it's more alcohol involved in a normal podcast this is this is a normal podcast for jaded exposure only less alcohol so i have a question there's no sex yeah there's no ducks either there's tons of ducks with jaded exposure yeah i was gonna ask the question why do you guys listen and i don't want to know you like say that louder hey haha we're in Vegas what eternal optimism in other words you think we might get better someday yeah
not good at up here was your thinking rich Zach and I after 250 episodes no yeah well this before we browned this thing up I couldn't let 250 episodes go without buying you a present and I saw this and I just couldn't not buy it so it is signed but I couldn't find I couldn't find Rick Astley so I got Rick Hayes to sign it instead so never gonna give you up never gonna let you down I've never seen one of these what is it it's it's broken already don't worry it will never be played kind of like we're breaking up I'm sorry but we've already given it to Malta and and one way if it's already agreed okay so like many of our shows this is a time where we've gone well past when we should have ended and we finally realize it so we're gonna thank you guys for showing up for this I want to thank you guys for supporting all of the shows for all the different podcasters up here oh my ball it's kind of cool you know when we write when we record these things we put them out there yeah we get random you know tracking stats numbers but know that real people i was totally listen to this stuff but it's kind of cool so so it's a way for we go what are all the podcasts we have have here we have josh john joseph joe from the Southern Fried security podcast we have bones from jaded exposure we have info SEC daily you were trash security podcast Paul from Paul calm just want to say congrats on 250 guys it's awesome yeah Larry from Paula I'm security weekly sorry that was love it why do I always want to spell at WEA que el wire Jared Jericho I've listened to less than five podcast in my life but you've given us plenty to talk about drink jordy rostad no one no one who wants Jericho to listen to their podcast cuz then he just send us hate mail afterwards we're Lessing he doesn't already send you hate mail is it just me alright alright Marty why don't you close this out like every week well this has been another episode of the network security podcast think