Welcome & Making of the badge

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Welcome & Making of the badge
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The Dark Tangent introduces DEF CON 19, Welcomes the crowd. LosTboY hints, teases, and explains the badge and the contest to the crowd
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this is to kick it off we put together this little video we hope you like it
you yeah very cool so we wanted to hold out
until the very beginning to show that off now we're going to put it on the
network we're going to put it on the big screen and we're putting together a
couple of AV stuff packages so everybody
can see it so hey welcome to the new hotel what do you guys think an improvement you think I think this room is pretty pimp tacular this is I don't know what to make of this so we got a new hotel we got a new network with honored megabits we got some new badge new badge contests we went away from electronic this year to the titanium and you'll notice it turns out that this is basically a key to a whole bunch of contests that are running right now that's tied into posters and the program and art and shirts and things on the network and we even have secret agents mixed in among you that have clues that you might have to end up interacting with we've got all kinds of cool shit going on and the theme of spy versus spy is what it's all about so you might actually have to observe sort of a dead drop you might have to observe people interacting might have to sneak up to somebody and pass him a note and they'll get some information back to so it's a pretty cool but I'm going to let lost sprinkle some more clues in during his talk I'm there's over 50 mini games and contests going on right now we've got the most contest ever also for the first time I've always wanted to bring a server and plug it into the network and just give away all the media stuff that we've done over the years all the past talks and presentations are online now so I know you guys are going to Dawson it's going to get horribly wrecked and polluted but and I did something foolish I accidentally left the upload feature turned on you so if you guys want to upload anything I you know I don't know what happened and that's it the address 1000 32 port 7000 and just you know have fun with that and then I just got noticed that a dead addict happened to put up a server at where's Def Con org spelled with a Z WA are easy gorg he's got one point five terabytes of stuff and so it's pretty cool we're making the most out of our new network here so what's really going on here is this is all a giant build-up for Def Con 20 the 20th anniversary of Def Con next year so we're trying out a lot of stuff this year to beta test it and if it breaks we wanted to break this year so we can fix it for next year because next year we're going to go just completely off the hook what do you think we could do with the stage like this yeah oh you're you realize jeff just asked you to break things yeah so we're all and build up for Def Con 20 and we've got a lot of really cool stuff we're going to do so don't be surprised if some of the stuff you come across this year is really going to be tied into next year maybe some of the clues you find this year are on a build up to help solve problems for next year so we're really tying it into a whole lot of things and making it very integrated okay so i'm not going to keep talking i want to pass off the lost he had a great time designing the badge this year to take a break hahaha from doing the mystery challenge which he announced yesterday is coming back for the 20th anniversary for 20 teams next year yeah this year I have I have 10 spots from my tamper-evident context and next year the third year we're doing it so next year we'll get to the maximum hardness level we started easy medium next year will be hard and we'll have 20 teams next year so you can see this reoccurring theme so be plenty of ways for you guys to get involved next year okay I want to pass it off to man the legend the man that needs no introduction mr. lost yeah you guys are like way too quiet come on make make a little more noise so I hope everyone's been having fun thus far wow that spot is really bright I can't like see anything it's like when Billy Joel was yelling it don't light the audience anyway so hi I'm Ryan I'm lost I was very flattered when Jeff asked me to go
ahead and do the badges this year Joe grand is a good friend of mine and we've had many professional interactions as well as interactions through Def Con and things like that but I have a little bit of a paradox is that we have this welcome to DEFCON intro talk where I'm supposed to talk about the badges that are concurrently running in a contest so I've got clues and information that i really want to tell you but i can't be blatant about it and since we are doing the spy vs spy theme i figured why not we do this like a professional briefing and i'll just read act stuff so i consider all of you to have exercise your rights and doing Freedom of Information Act and requesting information from me and I have taken the liberty of redacting certain things throughout this talk so you may or may not be able to glean more information and hints as we go through information and please don't be stoned quiet make make a little noise for real come on today because because this is def con and you guys like even at DEFCON 1 0 1 the noobs were like
alright so DC set the stage for me this year saying let's do something different let's evolve let's progress when we started doing the electronic badges they weren't anywhere now they're everywhere you go to a security conference you go to other conferences everybody's got electronic badges now the hack the badge contest last year had approximately 30 official in trees or so how many people have you guys seen in the hallways working on the crypto thus far this year a lot right how many of you personally have done at least something involving the badges make some noise yeah so that right there I consider it a success how many of you had fun doing that thus far and how many of you want my head on a stick so we decided to go with some exotic material and I said you know Jeff what about wood what about titanium at one point I was like if we can get our hands on aerogel what could we do with it so my metal supply we've actually are on our second production group our first group actually gave us a quote and during the time between he gave us a quote / badge production costs and the time we actually went and had a contract with them the price of titanium had gone up in the country and the amount of titanium in the whole country went down yeah and so and so the guy actually backed out of the contract said I just can't do it I can't do it though so I had to go and hunt and find a new guy and the new guy called around and we actually for defcon have purchased pretty much with give or take a little bit all of the existing stock titanium that's in big flat sheets in the entire country and not that I'm telling you all to invest but I think we may ABS defcon have affected the stock the market price of titanium in the United States we actually wanted to make more badges than we had this year because I've heard we've sold out already is that true that we're already out we actually wanted to make more we couldn't get any more raw material to make more we literally and we made thousands more badges this year than last year and we couldn't get any more stock so we did the best we could for you guys are we releasing that number total quantities over tent that over 9000 so now over it is over 10,000 badges this year so a non electronics
badge equals a metagame that anyone can play for those of you who haven't been paying attention or have been like in a hole or something there are stages to this contest and each stage has multiple varying degrees of difficulty everything goes from easy to medium to oh my god how did they solve that because I never would have gotten that and I have seen people out there who have already picked up on some things that I never in a million years would have thought anybody would have gotten just in a conference like over a space of a couple days you guys impress me every year give yourselves a hand because you guys are awesome so i thought i would share with you some of the process I went through and developing just the badges themselves which may glean some information for you guys be kind of fun so I decided to give you guys my design sketches so this was
one of the original design sketches which was going to do a number and a cutout and you see was going to be a three inch circle and we have the little nub at the top consequently the the prototype badge that sold last night at the summit sold for 450 dollars I think is the person who bought it in here actually so anyway so a big a big hand to for the summit and raising money for eff guys seriously so so there's only two of those in dt will have the other ones so so you guys have bought that you know you have like the secret pass so
this is an evolution of the design drawing this was a wit to version 1.0 and 2.0 I actually decided to remove the little nub at the top because I thought it was more aesthetically pleasing to go to the circle and I removed the Deaf context because it just seemed the whole elegant simple is better I'm an engineer and a mathematician I'm not an artist but I wanted like a clean pure look to it and it's supposed to to give the feeling of an old artifact or relic that's been passed through time hence the artificial antiquing that we did to the titanium which was not easy so
here's here's another design sketch I don't know if you can read that the text at the bottom there it says hippie crap it's that that's a little bit of a redaction there so the contest badge I
had to give props to my people so my Def Con roots really come from the contest area my ferret yay the contest area my very first Def Con I actually competed in a contest in from that point forward I've either run or been in a contest every single year so you'll notice the giant pyramid logo on the floor when you walk into the conference the contest badges are the only ones that are the same shape as that is kind of an homage to my people so the press the speaker in
the vendor badges were given a deliberate shape so that the goons could easily identify humans from other types of badges from a distance that's why those are the same shape or one of the reasons anyway the goon badging you can
see my wonderful artistic skills up there that amorphous blob so these are some of my design notes for the goon badge I really wanted two guns to feel you know walker texas ranger ii because they're going to be like in and amongst like there's always this big thing about federal law enforcement versus like the local guys and the local Cowboys and stuff like that so we wanted to kind of get that feeling in there for the game so these are the concept sketches for
the uber badge now this is what they actually look like and I've got a picture that I'll put up in a minute so these are just me like farting around going you know what are we what are we going to make these look like and I have
an interesting anecdote from Jeff so this is the original cad drawings i did as a just a preliminary sketch just to see if they'd work and the design at the very top is what the prototype badge looked like with the nub and the key and the wrench but i thought it was too reminiscent of the stuff that i did from history challenge and i really didn't want this to be mystery challenge i wanted to be a new completely separate thing so there you can see some of those
prototypes laying on a book with maybe a little bit of a hint there behind it ooh so we're just going to go by that one
really fast no that was on purpose so that's that's what the the prototype badge look like when we first this pre antiquing where I was trying to score it you can see on the right side the scratch marks that's me sitting there with I've got a pen that's got a steel tip and I'm sitting there scratching is like this is titanium and I'm scratching it with steel this is not working too haha this is a fun story so
I called up Jeff and we had this because we had moved to our second manufacturer and they're a smaller shop which is probably why they took on the job and I don't think they'd ever done a job of this magnitude we can't do this magnitude sorry so I called up Jeff and I was like Jeff they say they're saying that we can't pay them via particular means they want a wire transfer which is unusual for what Jeff is used to dealing with and I said can we do that he's like sure you just got to get me the information so I call up the guy and he sends me all of their bank information and how to do the wire transfer and I and I got it in an email so I called Jeff and I hadn't really read through it and I'm on the phone with Jeff and is like okay I'm going to give you the information of their accounts and I'm sitting there and I start reading the account number in the middle of the account number is a 1057 in a minute I said so Jeff the count is blah blah blah 10 570 goes way wait a second wait a second is this going into one of your covert accounts or something and I hadn't even noticed that 1057 was in there for those of you not know 1057 hacker handle the other day so anyway that was that was a really funny moment for me I that I was like man Jessica I think I'm trying to scam him or something so for the fabrication process
we did a number of things to try and do this antique look on the titanium and the first thing we did was we tried to oxidize him we put him in a kiln and when the first time we did about 900 degrees Fahrenheit and they came out these really interesting colors we didn't do any gases or anything just put a straight material in and they oxidize and got some really this is pre-cut some really interesting colors to him but the titanium so damn hard that the oxidation actually wiped off of them so we built these we built these little rigs here to hang them on so in between every badge is a little washer as a spacer and we put them on these rods and then he's whole this whole thing got shoved inside inside like the
oven and you can see them hanging there we couldn't figure out how to get that oxidation to take and I started doing more research on it and I'm not a metal fabrication person but apparently if you flood different gases into the kiln when you're firing these things they'll take on different colors and things like that but we found if we scored the badges by putting them in a tumbler with really coarse material that would scratch the hell out of the front of the badge it not only antiqued for us d bird better but it also took took the color better
so there's some like mid baked we open the oven to you can see they're kind of changing color a little bit so there's
some of the contest badges hanging there
so when you can see on the top to those are haven't been run through the one in the middle is been through for about five minutes and then the color on the bottom one is a deeper purple that I kind of liked that's almost an hour in a thousand degrees Fahrenheit so there's a
shot of the goon badges as we're doing production we just we kept them in stacks some of you may actually have artifacting on your badge from where those little washers were in between the matches I thought it looked kind of cool so we left it I was really going for this antique look again some humans some
of you may or may not have all of the numbers yet hint hint oh is that I couldn't hear you heavy-handed right there may or may not be posted there with some numbers on them okay we'll go to the next slide so in the middle of
production is also when I started doing the blue hair thing and this is like in the middle of dying my hair this is like after the peroxide so you're trying to match your hair to the bag somebody asked me that actually it was like I was intending to go blue and wanted to match the 1057 bags that you see here on the left and it didn't get dark enough too bad for that so I hear cameras snapping that's why I'm pausing for a minute there so the real rub the math and the
crypto so I'm going to go through some of these a little faster and some a little slower because some of them are blatant hints and I don't want to dwell on them so if you want to get out your camera's right now is the time to do it okay human one so this is a spreadsheet of
some of my preliminary research that I've done when I started trying to figure out what I was going to do with the math and the crypto this is just this is how I sketch and doodle in my head this is what I do this kind of thing I sit down with an Excel spreadsheet and like let's do this let's
do this here's another one I did leave the note at the bottom that said note this assumes and then you can see redacted i think i left the name of the file at the top though oh wait hint again another redaction I left of this
because you know I thought that would be fun to to let you see that any math people in the audience yeah yeah so you get used to me about the whole n and in a of n so anybody recognize these
numbers yeah this is the original spreadsheet i did of the ring it is that is the the code wheel out in the middle of the floor yeah the crypto wheel yeah yeah so Sony 0 plus lost plus late night
video skype equals the awesome we love def con so I don't know those of you who know Neil Neil actually works for Def Con and does amazing art and has helped me immensely and I can't give him props more he spent many many nights late till three four in the morning on video skype with me in fact Nikita his wife he's now accused us of having a bromance because of this so okay I can't miss and I
redacted some of these well just can't even remember what I put on there so the blank with numbers for blah blah blah there are only la numbers never I just hear all the cameras having so I get
this panicked call from Jeff for night and apparently someone had leaked a picture of one of the goon badges which was this device it turns out that the guy was a friend of Joe's that they were just trying to Punk me a little bit but nobody none of the rest of the the staff or anybody knew that at the time so Jeff's like did something liek did you give out pictures that I didn't know about in and I said no Jeff I swear it you pictures out to anybody so go online i look at this i was like its total bullshit and then being the very kind next thing we're like well then what the fuck is it yeah so yeah i judged like do you know what it is and i was like it looks like some type of optic thing with like we go alignment yeah like maybe a surveyor tool or something but the best part because jeff is such a kind what is it because the contest is so easy right so just being the kind and generous loving person that he is I said Jeff do you want me to like go online and like smack this down he's like no let's let him think it's real I was like okay so
we've actually hired our own personal DEFCON spy so I want to give him a professional credit this is Johnny Mack he actually has an IMDB entry under John mcfillin he is a professional actor as well as an engineer and a good friend of mine he was also an applications engineer formerly for parallax and now for a company called EFX tech and he also works professionally in Hollywood doing special effects stuff for all kinds of people like Steve Wang who did the original predator and stuff like that so not only does he have awesome cred as an engineer and an actor but now he has awesome credit being a hired Def Con spy and some of you may have seen him in and throughout the conference he I'm greatly appreciative that I could get him to come he actually came for no money and is donating his time to to help make the conference good for us so consequently he also writes a column for nuts and bolts magazine every month and we'll be teaching a class in the hardware hacking village so it's a good opportunity if you want to come in there and learn some stuff so I will give a
one design hint or fun thing that we tried to do you will notice on your lanyards if you stare down at your own lanyard that the binary is written in such a way that it is just out of view of yourself so if you look down at your own lanyard you almost forget that there's any binary or crypto on there because everything in the contests this year is designed to make you interact with other people and talk to other people and meet other people make new friends make new connections so that was a very deliberate design choice to have you go hey I have this cool bench and I see Neil's awesome silhouette drawings but you don't notice and I know a number of people have been working on other parts of the contest but haven't even realized oh wait a minute there's actually binary on there and so it this is going to sound weird but what I'm about to say is a hint you'll notice there is a seven in there which is the first thing major malfunction said to me when he saw my energy goes he comes up to me and I don't know how many of you know major he has the Great British accent and he comes up he goes fucking lost he goes there's a seven on there and I said yes that's because I'm narcissistic so you may have noticed in
your program there's a few odds and ends and things that may look out of place and things that may look interesting any Chinese speakers out in the audience yeah yeah that one yet how many of you are learning Chinese characters now so my question is oh here's a better question how many of you this conference have learned at least one thing you didn't know in the process of studying for this badge contest so again my job here is done you may have noticed some other interesting tidbits that right there is the very first concept sketch i did on graph paper you can kind of see the blue lines on there of the eye that is on the badge and i scanned it and put it on and nice little quote there at the bottom please above all have fun when I ran mystery challenge it was designed by design to have a 50-percent failure rate I wanted fifty percent of my teams that were in mystery challenge every year to pass if it would be hard enough the fifty percent never made it through the badge contest is not designed for failure it's designed for fun and interaction how many of you are familiar with the concept of Occam's razor make yeah okay some of you didn't shave very closely this morning with Occam's razor this is not the mystery challenge okay it's designed to be fun there will be hints that will start today today is the official kickoff of Def Con that's why not really a whole lot was given out yesterday we have a twitter feed which is the 1057 twitter feed that i will probably every two hours throw something out there i've been walking the floor trying to gauge where everybody's at and will act accordingly that's one of the benefits also i have of having a live actor here that can make the game fun but also gives me a human whiteboard if you will to help pass hints to you guys in a manner that's enjoyable so if you find yourself getting to the point where you're getting pissed off or angry because you are frustrated because dammit I can't figure out what the hell this means talked to some other people talk to me it's not designed to frustrate this year mr. challenges occasionally designed to frustrate this is not I will tell you that I am giving style points this year to people who find any of my various Easter eggs and Jeff is aware of several of them some of them I told Jeff if anyone gets to this particular egg we should freaking give them either free DEFCON next year or something because it would be just amazing speaking of amazing is the guy that got his badge tattooed on him here are you here I can't see because of the lights it is easy here so last night at the summit this guy comes up to me and he goes dude I got my badge tattooed on my arm and I was like no he didn't he pulls up his sleeve and it's like right here he takes his badge and lays it and it is an exact match of his badge on his arm and I was like holy shit dude it's like you did not do that yeah he's like yes I did I was like wow somebody has that forever it's like get a picture yes and we do have a picture of it but I didn't have my camera and I will get it online so you may have noticed in the on the DVD there's a link to some places to download some of my content that we didn't get onto the DB union in time because I'm a jerk and didn't get it to Nealon time I will get that picture and throw it up there so if anybody wants to see the guy that got the badge in consequently and I didn't know this until we were walking with Neil this morning the same guy got a defcon art tattooed on him last year higher up on his arm the art of Eddie mais those of you know who Eddie and so apparently and what I'm surmising is that the dudes getting like a DEFCON tattoo once once every year to like commemorate and so it's kind of a flattering thing for Jack you have to come up with either a really cool or a really crappy badge for next year for him so yeah I was I was just I was Florida the fact that the this guy had tattooed the badge on him I'm not quite sure what I think about that I'm flattered but please meet some new friends you may have noticed i believe for the first time Jeff the human matches are not all the same that was done deliberately to make you go out seek other people talk to other people have fun and now you're not quite sure how many total badges there are so what are you doing instead of doing this when you walk down the hallways you're looking at each other's badges and I know the guys are staring at the girl's chest to it's kind of an excuse but but no it was designed to have you looking at other peoples badges so that you're at least presenting your itself isn't it like in a nice social way to get to know some other people so you all inspire me the stuff that I do I don't know why everyone enjoys i really don't i'm not being humble or modest doing things that i really like wow they really like this stuff and apparently they do because they kept coming back from mystery challenge jeff has graciously agreed and we're going to bring my mystery challenge one last time I swear it will be the last time for Def Con 20 do you think do you think lost is like an addict he's like a puzzle addict yeah yeah do I have in how many mystery challenge veterans are in the audience right now how many how many are repeat offenders how many of you guys after doing the the badge contest this you are going to try and take up one of my mystery challenge slots next year yeah all right there you go so I'm officially announcing as Jeff said there will be Tony 20-team slots available we're going to start the pre-qual round which is going to be multiple stage almost six months prior to DEFCON so it's going to be I have to turn away so many teams every year that it's going to be a little more fierce in terms of the competition for getting in for next year I will extend a golden ticket freebie pass to whoever the the first group or persons
who solves the badge this year will have the choice of having that entrance into mystery challenge or next year so that's all I have for you guys so we have some free QA ya see we have time yeah yeah we go so I left I left some time for some QA can you take the house lights down a little bit because I really can't see any of them and I would like to see the people like can we take the house lights down or are the spots can you can there that's better so let's just do a little Q a like do you guys have any questions about the badge oh by the way I do believe this is the first year that the badge itself weighs less than the lanyard yeah it did is this presentation posted anywhere no but I can put it up on that same DEFCON that same location we can put it on a meat on the DEF CON file server I'll put it on the DEF CON file server as well Jeff said week let that one I mentioned earlier the 1000 dot 32 will put you guys want the you guys want the redacted version right ya know they want to run the anti redaction to Lydia let's see what you guys can get you know see you with Photoshop yeah put it no you have multi-level PDF please I this image was altered using the GIMP questions no serious you guys have to have some questions yeah squirt why why def con on the goon badges are not anywhere else I did that because how do I answer that what giving out information without the human badges are designed to be something that was that are a relic of the past that were passed forward as a means of covert communication the goon badges are supposed to be like a law enforcement symbol and honestly it was kind of props also to the goons for the hard work that they do and i liked the aesthetics and i had defcon on the the other badges you saw those in my in my prototypes I just liked the clean nice look I mean I study Asian languages and when you when you learn Chinese calligraphy you learn about you treat the character like a fish in a fishbowl it's got to have enough water to breathe so to speak in terms of the spacing to make it aesthetically pleasing so it's kind of going for that clean simple not only that but in terms of the puzzle I wanted the batch to look as simple as possible so that you will dismiss other things just out of hand because it's so clean and simple these other things can't possibly be complicated or used for anything so it was also it means a deception to be blunt anyone else yeah you are great at social engineering sir he said is go he said that his badge has a defect a little notch on the side yeah it's you you must have a broken one I don't know either yeah your your badge doesn't have a notch so here's a question you would have to find that guy and see if your numbers match right oh yes in the very back at gencon her how many more how many hours of sleep do I get on average this is not a joke my average amount of sleep is about four hours a night and for about two months up to defcon every year mr. challenge badge everything it goes down to about three hours a night not a joke he's a robot yeah I'm porn Neil is like dude I'm going to bed and when we're on skype like no we got to get this done we got to do this we gotta do this and the poor guy has all the he has to do all the stuff for Jeff and I'm sitting there injecting into his work flow and all the stuff I do is like like quadruples his work because you know he did the program layout I was like I got stuff for you and he's like oh crap like what and I was like okay so I've got these little graphics can we just throw them on pages and and he's like yeah how many and I was like oh it's you know it's quite a few and it's not all of them so you so he has been just amazing at putting up with the strange request oftentimes not even knowing why I'm asking things and he'll it he occasionally would inadvertently break something in terms of what I was trying to do with being like stealthy but other times he actually would come up with some stuff that would help fix and make things better so questions anymore a couple more yes let's ask the crowd does the position of the defect have any significance really are you sure I still don't know what these defects you guys are talking about i think the badges are perfect a couple more couple more quick like it okay go for it me myself or participants the question the question is is did I set up the contest so that I myself did not have to do anything actively at the con that's a good question for those of you who don't know every time you do something this complicated something inevitably will be broken misaligned moved you have hotel staff involved other people who don't know what's in what things are set up for a particular reason alignments angles whatever I am constantly having to run around and check things just to make sure everything is running smoothly not only that you throw on top of that that you got all you guys out there running around screwing with stuff and and stuff gets moved and altered in honestly this is a hacker con oh I've seen people home about the signage I've seen people do denial a service stuff to other people in contests before and I fully expect to see that kind of thing happen as well so tell about the signage on cutting off oh so by this point you most of you if not all of you have noticed on the leaderboards there's some numbers at the bottom so when I first got here those were shoved down in those metal clip things and they were shoved down so far that those numbers were all hidden and I went to Neil and I was like at first I said I just thought they weren't there's a dude you promised me that's numbers were going to be on those signs they have to be on those signs and he is there there and there's like no they're not so we went over to the sign we lifted it out and sure enough they were there and no one had told us that those holders actually covered part of the numbers so we walked down the hall and the one that's about midway down the main hallway only half of the numbers were cut off so you know it's two lines and eyes like dude leave it I was like there will be a single line they'll get through half of it and be like what the hell you know and I say so it'll force him to screw with the signs and that's when all the rest of the good like no we don't want him screwing with the signs so they actually I think they put little wedges underneath lift those up and on some of them I think you still can't see the numbers is that correct at the last last I checked yeah also I've had the security good and safe please do not sit in the hallway while you're dying he's like I don't mind you sitting there copying the numbers down but please don't sit in the hallway to actually try and work on the crib now so I guess we had people blocking the other interesting thing is when we first came to the hotel and we saw that huge rotunda right at the very entrance and I saw the big circle in the dome it's like something is going here we don't know what's going here but something is going here and so it's interesting to watch people people don't really step on the artwork yeah it's like kind of reverent like ooh I don't know it how many of you have stood in the middle the very center and like done the whole echo effect like that yeah if you haven't done that yet do it at least once before you go go stand in the very very center up and down the hallway yeah anywhere there's those domes and like and some of them are like whisper dumbs where you can whisper to somebody who's really far because it will actually project the sound the kind of nice so if you're near one of those domes thinking you're having a secret conversation like maybe two more questions anything like super awesome I'm sorry did did I break the keno board um i would like to tell the staff of the rio that i have not affected the conference hall in any way whatsoever can I can I can I admit to having a desire to hack the keynote board of course anyone else oh the 101 though the DEF CON 101 signs I will release publicly there was nothing on the DEF CON 101 signs that you would need okay last question and then we're out of here guys okay later I've got a couple of announcements let's think you should never believe anything I say yeah okay i have to con related announcements one is for some reason I think maybe your fault hacker jeopardy didn't get mentioned in the program because Neal was busy so yes hacker jeopardy is happening this year as usual and same bat time same bat place sort of as last year and it'll be on all the DEFCON updates and it's happening before half after the 10,000 sent pyramid so so if you find your way into the 10,000 sent pyramid room after that it becomes hacker jeopardy and it's the same thing it's on a build up for Def Con 20 so they're trying out some stuff this year next year it's going to be extra double plus plus crazy and the other thing there's due to logistical issues the QA rooms each one of these sessions has a corresponding QA room so a lot of times the speakers if they have a lot of questions will go to these QA rooms and then you can spend an extra 50 minutes hanging out more of one on one with the speakers those Q&A rooms are on your program but they've had to change so they still exist they're not exactly in the same order they were so we'll be updating the signage in the hallways and everything just so you know they've changed and it's it's not a misprint it's just that they had to change today for technical reasons so that's it we're gonna wander around try to misdirect you and have a really rockin time so you guys like the badges really ya head on do you want to drop any hints about what to expect for next year um so Jeff keeps eluding to this big build-up for Def Con 20 I will tell you there's our night Pete there there are pieces of this contest that will carry through until next year and you might have to do stuff in the time in between your mitten Lee so we're trying to work it may fail miserably the whole I'm going to show up on reddit with you're doing it wrong printed across my face or something how many read it folks out there yeah so um have fun please don't get to the point where you hate me enough to actually do with me physical harm come talk come talk to me it's meant to be fun it's not meant to be so like painful that you're like fuck I don't know what to do next okay thanks a lot everyone