Smile for the Grenade! "Camera Go Bang!"

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Smile for the Grenade! "Camera Go Bang!"
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Cameras are hugely important to urban and suburban battlefields. Reconnaissance is a must-have for commanders, and a force multiplier for actual combat units. A combat-deployable camera system is being developed or used by nearly every military-industrial manufacturer and government agency, ranging from Throwable Camera Balls to Grenade-style launched cameras. But they're expensive and inaccessible to civilians. Would it be possible to build a combat-deployable camera system that would fulfill the mandates of a tactical combat team, feed information to a strategic command center, and force-multiply "on the cheap"? Vlad Gostom has over 7 years of experience conducting security consulting and penetration testing in the corporate world. He has worked on such diverse projects as the future warrior combat system, wireless triangulation systems, adaptive IDS/IPS systems, network security/penetration testing for Fortune 50 companies, and physical security assessments for banks. Twitter: @Recompiler Joshua Marpet: Security is a complex system, with many disciplines and specialized knowledge. Luckily, there's Josh, who's done everything. Ex-cop, blacksmith, pen testing, video surveillance, sales engineering, and well, everything. And now, technological ordnance developer! Twitter: @Quadling
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so welcome smile for the grenade camera go bang I'm Josh more pet otherwise
known as Quadling this is vlad gasps time otherwise known as recompile er we're wack job security guys we do everything you can imagine and then some we are literally the people that do everything Vlad is held every pentesting job in the business and created some of the been testing jobs in the business I've done everything in physical security you can imagine and some of you probably can't I'm an ex-cop and you know X everything is the way it goes we both work in physical and information security and we have a good time doing it and we love doing things that cross that over this is our stuff not our employers not our friends and our families don't blame them please God don't call our employers and go ahead I saw that cool grenade presentation won't go over very well at all this is our stuff lawyer time over okay let's talk about cameras there have been wireless cameras for decades some of them wireless and only a very metaphorical sense okay it is Wireless the camera
that caught the Kennedy assassination notice it's getting smaller smaller yet
not exactly tiny but it's getting smaller okay this is a camera that fits in a briefcase now that's not bad we're getting there hey it's still a wireless
camera it actually still records onto physical media anybody half am advocate here well not now I mean did you have one at any time in the past few of you did okay nowadays it's scary for seventy bucks from what site you can get a Wi-Fi or wireless network surveillance pan-tilt-zoom camera with 10 LED I our night vision and a microphone so not only can you spy on your neighbors you can hear them hmm anyway so these things
they started militarizing surveillance cameras a while ago this thing makes me sound like I'm missing like crazy they started militarizing surveillance cameras a while back this is one that's currently being used in the sandbox or the litter box depending on what you call it it's in mine clearing mode right now that's literally ambam er sorry a mine clearing line of explosives they have this which is a million round'em in 40-millimeter grenade launcher no we didn't bring one God you guys are sick they also make unmanned flying vehicles
which are of course wireless as well it's kind of tough to have a three-mile wire okay and there's all these different kind some of these are arms some of these are unarmed these are all different kinds and this is a great website if you're interested in how they're looking and watching down on you and your nude sunbathing in the backyard now not that anybody would want to watch most of you sunbathing nude just saying and I'm including myself in that by the way so they even have cool things let's see if this rubs nope didn't run but
that's a video of a RC helicopter outfitted with a 1911 with a Glock 19 with a Glock 19 which fires on command from the the the I think it's an Xbox controller yeah yeah yeah that's not a good idea ok just FYI they even have
unmanned marine vehicles some of which by the way are armed so this idea of wireless cameras going in different places is starting to percolate through a lot of different battlefields if that makes sense and that's why we did this because we decided to see yeah by the way that that's why they're armed I mean because we all know about this right and like that ugly that's a bet and I'm I take pets don't do that ok inspection
cameras they have cameras that will just two feet for an inspection camera they've been doing this 20 years fiber-optic cameras this is interesting
this will go a thousand feet down the pipe and you can see on the other end of the pipe that's what they use it for could they put it through an air duct in your wall and see at the other end of your air duct mmm they could not that I mean to make you paranoid here already paranoid but it happens ok so they even
have throwable ones that once about the size of a you know like like little mini pizza boxes you get when you have two slices because we all know how pizza comes and the I robots which we were
just showing you the throwable ones are
very hackable Vlad we'll tell you about that yeah so people actually play frogger with these on highways they program the rover to try and avoid cars and cross route 80 in Pennsylvania tons of fun to watch don't run mine over so I would actually like
the command I robot they're very hackable and they release all sorts of information for them for developers to mess with them there's also throwable cameras for use by SWAT teams for throwing into buildings for a hostage rescue situations and of course to get
into the really fun stuff which is pertinent to our talk the ballista cameras all right ballistic cameras are from Israeli company named Raphael and systems it's called the Firefly camera system there's a couple of articles on it basically it's a camera that comes out of a 40-millimeter grenade launcher it goes 600 meters that way or you know pick a direction and it has fins is it the next slide yep it has fins that come out that stabilize it so the camera is always watching down and it shows the Marines or the army or whatever what's going there in the next in this next 600 meters of their walking or whatever is there an IED is there a sniper is there or whatever that's a great idea except at the end of it it hits the ground that goes boom ballistic decommissioning it doesn't explode but you hit you hit a you know a nice computer from you know 600 meters up and drop it to the ground is it going to work afterwards normally and by the way it ain't cheap we'll talk about that in a bit but you can't have
the Firefly system that's what the man says why 40-millimeter grenade launcher destructive device very expensive very very very very very restricted okay so
we decided to do it ourselves we wanted to make it something that civilians could have that was cheaper make it in the do-it-yourself make spirit okay and all kudos to make for search and rescue airsoft SWAT teams just because we wanted to try what the heck right you never get anywhere unless you try so we tried so before we get
burned to the system you want to cover safety I'm sure all of you have heard somebody say or know somebody who said hey all watch this if you're like if your puke response is low close your eyes now that's actually a 37 millimeter launch gone wrong for somebody so safety
you can buy commercial 37 millimeter and 40 millimeter rounds you should never ever disassemble them it is very dangerous primers have been known to cook off don't attempt to build a system yourself and those unless you know exactly what you're doing email us you'll be happy to share information with you very encouraging people to make their own stuff and to build their own stuff we have literally years of experience with firearms reloading launchers we just don't do this call us email us smoke signal something don't do this I can't say that enough times okay
this is what happens this is what happened to the guy whose hand you saw a minute ago all right talk about this so somebody was actually building fireworks for fourth of July and shamed him often from their family that launcher in the picture is actually a similar launches of one bc on the table after an explosion the guy lost most of his hand three and a half fingers he believed that he double charged it if you double charge it which means you use too much propellant you actually burnley create a destructive device unregistered destructive device which is highly legal as in jail time and huge fines
safety and you tell me fire the launcher even though flares you never ever want to have your hand in front of the firing pin or around the actual flare that tube right there is actually what contains the round you saw the hand you don't want to have your hand their proper safety equipment fire retardant clothing pioneer protection it does get very loud even the flare can created by the 120 decibels which is enough to damage your hearing that's the right way so yes even when she players I knew I may look retarded or paranoid that's what you want to be doing another Bryden morong slide that's actually the same launcher now than I are 15 okay let me do this so
you gotta guys stacked up waiting to go in a house right SWAT team hey what's that are on the side what's going on I can't see because we're all stacked up and we look like sardines and fish in a barrel and you know what happens to fish in a barrel right okay cool well what are you gonna do you're going to have
this guy shoot one of those shooting this to put a camera up above everybody to find this one but dangerous kitten sniper well you probably wouldn't what you might find is one of these and if you find one of these your sister your guys are in trouble right okay what do you do well you look at the guy in front of you the guy in front of you has a receiver which of course I neglected to actually pull out put the receiver is this big this is a DVR it records it shows battery powered is it great velcro it to the back of the guy in front of you on the stack and so the camera are green flare
logo is sending information to the guys in the stack and it's also sending information back to the long-range receiver on the short runs receiver and it's also sending information on the long range receiver back to the mobile command center hook that up to an 80 inch plasma you can get some detail out of it you can find your kitten sniper so it works really well and we said wow this is actually a good idea so what do
we want this is what we want we want what features do we want we won it in 37 millimeters so civilians can own it easily that's not even a firearm that's not even a title one firearm it is a flare launcher 5.8 gigahertz cameras pretty good range not a very cluttered spectrum not hugely cluttered the shells are hand loaded at the moment we wanted a parachute so we go hang remember the Firefly system 600 meter Arkwright we wanted to see over one house so we want to go up and hang all right about 400 meter range urban search-and-rescue disaster SWAT teams airsoft he's done ground search and rescue there's places you can't reach now I can that's pretty cool okay you get the idea we've seen this
so some capabilities based on modeling it in matlab you're projecting you should be able to hit 400 to 600 meters vertically and about 400 meters horizontally with the system keep in mind this is a very low pressure system only 25 thousand psi meaning it's low pressures compared to let's say a howitzer this is just a graphic of the shell so why is our system now
destructive device one of the very important things that makes our system not destructive device is the fact it's a light safety device it's not meant to be anti-personnel you're not seeing this of people Renacci in buildings you're shooting it straight up to try and find people and try to help people also our system has signally capabilities you're working and I our beacon another very important factor is the amount of charge we're using you're using less than six grains of powder which is more than twenty percent below what would make it a destructive device here if you variant
of the launchers going back to World War two we have the 26 and a half millimeter variance and the 40 millimeter variants as well as the 12-gauge variants recently there's been a lot more they've been developed thanks to the future warrior combat system as well as the six in eight shot variants and of course the lovely corner shot system you see okay
so now we're in the design phase we know what we wanted to do we know what we want to mimic what do we how do we build a fucking thing okay well with a lot of trial and error we're still in the trial and error phase I just want to warn you we've got to find cameras we've got to find recorders we got to find field recorder command center a recorder power source payload recovery system launcher shell holy crap we got a lot of stuff to do which right at all we're still in the process of trying at all there might be better things out there ok this is the
capabilities we wanted for it we wanted a six undred meter vertical shot will aim for 600 if we get 300 okay we want to fire over a five-story building for urban search and rescue 400 meter horizontal range these are pretty cool things this is pretty ambitious right is what we wanted we might not get it probably won't some of it but we're gonna try this is the killer take a look
the Firefly system i told you about two thousand dollars a shot plus a destructive device launcher two hundred bucks for the launcher two hundred bucks for each shell non-military sale yeah that's nice our stuff 200 hours per shell full cost non destructive device non-destructive launcher there's a huge DIY community launches left four hundred seven hundred bucks okay so now our challenges so I'm sure you all saw the hand first consideration is always safety and follow it very very closely behind the being of legality not almost want to go to federal prison NEX camera army once you stick the battery pack in there the camera goes live if you wanted to have a decent amount of actual shelter shelf life on the camera six months eight months however long it takes temperature when the round was actually fired out of the launcher the low-pressure chamber gets between 900 and 1100 degrees centigrade things tend to melt crack g-forces if you're hitting anywhere between 3 and 9 g when the system is fired things tend to disintegrate including many are doing the controller's space this is the amount of space if you have to work with including the lift charge parachute safety whining camera battery pack and of course camera orientation so it's not fun basically try to take everything you want and then squash it down it ain't easy so irrespective of the arming which Vlad talked about a minute ago there's all sorts of ways to do it there's all sorts of challenges for this but talk about this for just a second so if you looked at the Firefly system and it seems like fins are definitely the great way to go trying to get Vince to Papa reliably out of theta something ellimere launches the challenge we're still working on we've bent a lot of sheet metal helicopter recovery very unconditional for stable video basically helicopter recovery is one of the thing you get a parachutes QE and it starts going like this which makes it really really tough to get usable video and of course you aren't even going to mess with a spin stabilization basically we're trying to stabilize either something size of this film canister or this baby soda bottle long enough to capture 480 by 680 video okay this is another challenge you get
cheap cameras where you going to get them were you gonna get them really cheap cameras where is that China okay called China that's fun that's so much fun I spent a lot of sleepless nights calling China because of the time difference and the language difference I had a mandarin to english dictionary and google translate and i still couldn't get past hello it was a bitch but we managed we got cameras i have cameras right here this is a full camera system with a 5.8 gigahertz analog wireless system in the camera that's it that's pretty cool in it okay
then wire it because see this connector the connector for getting the battery or the wall wart hooked up to it took up too much space so I cut the cord because you know it's DC two wires right no for by the way if you polarize them wrong get the wrong polarity you blow the camera that's an expensive trial and error so we had some problems so okay so we get through this piece by piece by piece I've actually got emails into the factory for the next round of problems
testing issues safety talk to the hand by the way where do you test grenade launchers does anybody here have a grenade launcher testing range I actually saw him go up Jesus ok I did not expect that I swear to God I really didn't I'm impressed alright so then
there's the shell loading so this is actually constructing the whole system ok Vlad is going to talk about the shell loading you might have noticed I've been handling electronics lads been handling the things that go bang so they're waving load this is actually very simple and very innovative we got somebody who does custom cnc machining and does allow for 37 and 40-millimeter loading you sell out with the base of the shell the Philebus assembles and mean certain a small pistol primer and if you fill this little area with the actual propellant in this case about six grains of unique if you then we then install a burst disc right up there and what that verse this does is it actually lets the high pressure chamber build up 25 thousand psi during ignition what's a burst disc beta ten use it that is actually a penny squished by 20 ton press I just find that amusing I don't know why once the burst discs pops it will add the gases will actually expel through these holes and drop the pressure down from 25,000 psi to nine hundred psi which is what's actually going to push the dividing out through the shell prevent everything from catching fire iron cracking and post boost the parachute and the payload out through the rest of the show okay so it worked
no uh-huh that picture on the lower left is me and Vlad decked and proper protective gear firing our test shell you notice the camera is actually sticking out the end of the launcher that's the problem with space you see the camera the picture on the lower right that's one of the camera systems in a baby soda bottle now this is a baby soda bottle for those who don't know that is a two-liter soda bottle before they blow it out in the mold with hot air okay they're great they cost like fifty cents to a dollar depending on how many you get and where you get them they are temp they glue tamper-evident dear god I'm not going to say tamper evident here somebody will laugh at me because you can put the cap on and has the ring that separates and they're really really waterproof and good so we cut holes in them and put the cameras in there used tin foil to wat it and then since I had the problems with the connectors my cr123 battery packs we're basically fitting in there but not fitting really well so they were longer than we expected we dealt with it we managed but
failure is always an option okay you can always have problems you can always have issues you can always have you know details trees and building jump in the way I love that okay I'm not going to
bother showing this video we actually did get about a hundred and fifty meter range out of these little tiny cameras with an antenna about an eighth of an inch long it's pretty amazing okay but
here's what I am going to show you it's
about 20 seconds this is us on a farm in an unnamed location which shall not be named basically going crap why is it not working we actually had some issues with primers notice the incredibly safe distance I'm standing yeah aren't you glad he was wearing his helmet we actually got about 30 feet not one of our problems was literally not us the sealed powder that we used to hand load the shell with we're like why is there powder spilling out of the shell afterwards it literally didn't burn so we took a lump of it and put it on the ground on a rock and lit a match to it and then it's like poke it with a stick come on didn't work powder was bad and so the faith he begot is just the primer alone a small pistol primer pushing the charge out which for a tiny little literally smaller than the tip of a you know small and a pencil eraser isn't bad okay when we get the powder to work right we literally did this by the way the saturday before DEFCON we started this whole project three months ago just so you know this is version 0.01 you can see it on the right we do expect to honestly get that far about 400 meters up considering a pistol primer got 30 feet it's not bad now the only other
problem is that by the way this is from
the camera
and that's about the best video you get oh no I'm being loaded okay the video feed from the the small flight didn't work we found that these cameras are susceptible to motion they're designed for surveillance where they're going to be standing you know like like mounted or on somebody's person so they're designed to be moved at human speed not banging speed minor issue but what we figure is when they actually get up in the year so we're figuring on deployment they're not going to get any video but once they hang from the parachute they're going to be descending in a much slower rate we should be getting usable video from them so we're not actually worried about that okay so yeah we
failed we blew up battery packs we had primers actually drop out of the shells and like get caught in the damn launcher that was not fun no worky what do we do really oh crap that's a extra part not supposed to be there I know that happens during most of your assembly required projects but it wasn't something we were happy about we burned the fireproof parachute a fire resistant parachute yeah that wasn't fun we're like oh let's just try it again we look at the parachute were like crinkle crinkle crinkle never mind so basically we
failed we failed our first prototype but we got a lot of information a lot of experience a lot of knowledge we're gonna do better with our next one so if
you want to keep all your fingers ask some questions
good question SWAT teams and airsoft teams carry 37-millimeter launches now we wanted a system that they already owned for cost so they didn't have to buy a new launcher system as they did have to retrain on a new system it was like basically modding what you already own is a lot easier than buying new crap because you know is your significant other going to let you buy new stuff we already know you're on a budget did no we actually ran with it which made us look like total idiots and at any human speed you're good okay except when you whip around with arm outstretched because that actually increases the velocity rapidly but would you say well sir so yeah when the system actually fires during the boost phase you're not going to be getting good video during the descent phase you're only coming down at about 25 feet per second which is more than usable and since the receiver module records everything to SD card you can review it and play it back as slow as you want two more questions yes yes he actually got a note from that from the building manager something of something about something crawling from the 14th floor yeah we got in trouble yeah okay respect but remember that we're talking about systems that they already own we don't want to make them buy any launcher now with one question we did get by the way was that we go talk to three or four SWAT teams they asked us can you duck take the camera module without a shell to a rope yeah of course why because when they do a high angle rescue they want to drop it down with the rope in a waterproof airtight package and see where the rope is going so we actually have interest in the camera module alone without the shell because kind of interesting yes dude we're talking about a camera that's so tiny you know you could put it up your nose I mean okay that's gonna be a version five can I work on version one so yes I actually started out in a high-power model rocketry years and years ago the problem is most watching guys don't do a high-power model rocketry they don't have the equipment there's also failure to ignite and all sorts of engine issues also with higher model rockets you need to call them launches to the FAA you need to actually have valid permits for high-power model rocketry versus they're really only 37 millimeter or 40 millimeter launcher to pop the shell in there good to go absolutely no problem we intend on open sourcing the design in the again in the spirit of the MIT community we intend on open sourcing the design with the picture of the hand on the front cover those are I believe solid copper pennies but again just under 20 ton press any any copper it's just there nicely neatly provided in a little disk because it's great are you a Treasury agent fed yes sir I don't have two thousand dollars to spend on one of their projectiles so now one other issue is their system is actually 40 million your launcher so they're not constrained by not being a destructive device they're using significantly more than six grains of powder and if there's incidentally ignition I can show you the slide with the hand again weird actually we haven't had any problems with the camera that we shot still worked afterwards no mind you is it a much lower velocity and flight that we wanted but it still work afterwards just fine whether you're actually thinking about is filling it with epoxy one thing be played with is actually using the glue sticks for the hot glue gun and using a hot air gun to melt it in there once all the package by the way if you want to see this stuff come on up or come to Q&A room please come on take a look what's that your wine while Richard theme is in the Q&A room will probably stick here is something tells me he'll people will still be in there do not touch the launcher is the only restriction this stuff feel free to touch some of the other