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Key Impressioning
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We've all seen lockpicking explained on several security venues. You might even have tried it yourself. But what if you need to open a lock a number of times? Wouldn't it be great to have an opening technique that would supply you with a working key in the process? A method to do this has existed for quite some time, but until recently it has remained quite unknown. Some time ago impressioning locks got "re-invented" by the lockpick community and the skill evolved to the level now shown at several international championships. What is it? How does it work? What skill is involved? Why is it the most interesting way to open a lock? These questions, and more will be answered in this talk. Jos Weyers After ending second in the ongoing competition four times in a row, he decided to do some training. 300-400 blanks later he slashed the then world record time of 4 minutes and 23 seconds to impression an ABUS C83 - he did it in 87 seconds! He's the current Dutch champion (second time in a row), the current German Meister (that's champion :-)) and current world record holder in this particular lock opening technique. Most people know him as the Dutch Kilt guy.
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good day everybody I hope I'm well you can hear me and if I start mumbling a bit more please remind me of it and I'm yours liars i'm a member of two does
that work that works i'm a member of tool amsterdam i'm the current to time over impressionen champion of the netherlands I'm the german meister current and that's actually a big big deal because I'm the second num German I'm the second non-german whoever won that and well that's a big deal and I'm the current world record holder all right current world record holder on impressionen thank you impressionen
that's what it's all about we're going to impression keys what what is that actually impressionen key impressionen
is filing blank uncut key to a working key without any prior knowledge of the biting of the of the lock that's basically it that's what we're going to try that's why I have this this this setup and I will it will include the demo and I try stuff with the microscope I hope that works so you can actually see what I should be seeing ok that's
wrong ok is this a new thing well
actually it's not because this guy at would tickle use this technique in the N 70s for FBI black ops well for black ops one of the stories is that they had to go into a building but they obviously did not have a key for otherwise he would be done and what the feds did they put a big cardboard next to the door with a hole in it and add in the cardboard so he start impressionen through the hole and he end up with a working key the fun part of well that the need for impressionen opposed to lock picking is that when you're done you don't only have a open lock but you have a key which you can give to another operator who is probably not that efficient in lock picking or impressionen but that doesn't matter because he knows how to operate a key that was spread be junk if anybody knows this guy I'd like to hook up with it because I'd really like to pick his brain but well up till now we didn't find anything about it besides the documentary and that I really didn't want to show you guys because it's it is in English but it's dubbed over in German so if I redub that to English that's going to be crap ok so in the end
seventies it was used in the field and the lockpick community did really well I didn't even know if there was a active community at that time but a couple of years ago a member of SS death which is tool in German basically he spent quite a number of months investigating this technique and he wrote a book on it so he literally wrote the book on it this is the German covered there is an English version and that was Oliver direction and he won the championships a couple of times so yeah he yeah he knows what he's talking about and that's the URL where you can order this book he printed it it's a print on the mom thing so I don't think it can be ordered anywhere else than there it has very
very explain a very clear pictures of it and if you go through that then you'll you'll know what what actually impression is because initially when I I've seen people do it and I was like you know what they're doing but well in the end they have a working key just after but after I read this book and but mainly looked at the pictures because that's that's where the most info is then then you do know 40 that's what I'm looking for and I hope to good to get a tiny bit of this this body of knowledge over to you guys today and the book has even pictures
from the key mean i'll technically a poof LeBeau that's german for CSI so that they actually gave pictures up for and you probably now haven't got a clue with what you're looking at but maybe afterwards that that's going to be more explained ok the question is how long
can I stand in front of your soul room of or the server room from your company or whatever without being questioned stops or arrested or whatever that probably will not happen within two seconds will that happen within one minute depends where you work about ten minutes I think if I can spend 10 minutes at your server room door then you have other problems but the neat thing about by depression is that if the answer to this question is either A or B you're because I get well I'm not saying that i can press on any key in a minute i mean i've done it before but that does not mean i can do it on a head on a on a drop of the head but if I but two seconds is enough for one little step in impressionen and in contrary to the lock-picking where you can open your luck and be done with it if you you can't half open a lock but you can half impression a lot you can stop and return later I'm sorry and he did the friend of mine is a pen tester and he works at a at a building with several levels and he worked at five so he was allowed in five it was not allowed in six and if you wanted to go to six you needed a key to override the elevator so he took a blankie into his office and every time he wrote he happened to be alone in the elevator so that's in the morning or not he he did his tiny little impression thing and worked on that key and in less than two weeks time we had a working key you could go to six level it's got a need so how does that actually happen well first if you want
to know how to oppression you have to know how a lot works well there have been a number of security conferences and hacker conference where lock-picking is explained and probably a lot of you even tried it so I'm going to go over it very quick because we need that basic info in order to understand depression well this is a gyro cylinder luck and me being from Europe and this being a European lockets configured the European Way for bulk of this graph that would be upside down whoa that's correct we're all the way of that fact Thanks right you're late he's actually the first guy the first non-german who actually well he's the first non-german whoever won that the German master chef so he still is the first thing everyone and the lights go out so back again euro conf a euro profile so all these initial pictures are for the most of the of this craft upside down but same blob it's the same lost for words here sorry and if we take come
on if we look at the schematic view of a lock you see a big round yellow thing that actually needs to turn and if it turns we call it open but for some reason it doesn't and you see a other metal bit which is colored red in this picture that's probably has something to do with it but we can't really tell that much now so we go one layer deeper these schematics are actually done by deviant and well I with permission nicktim and i like to use them cuz they're they're very clear they're very informative and i can't draw for so this picture you see a bit more material in the red and there is a blue piece of metal in play all of a sudden and there's a spring underneath it and we can now see why the yellow bit concerned because there's blue stuff in the way if you go wrong way there you go so it's in the way so if we have a means of getting that out of the way and i wouldn't mind that have it now then you can actually open the lock no rocket science at this point but normally a lock is has more
than one pinch deck 5 is a very used number 6 7 15 everything is possible depends what you're willing to pay and well basically that and to open this in a way that all five pin stacks are at the correct height you need a special customers tool that we call a key and then return costs all the blue where the blue stops at the red begins that's exactly on the shear line so the big yellow can turn if you put the wrong key in there wrong you see that the fifth is now too deep and now it's too high and it won't turn in the perfect world if
you put nothing in there and try to turn your cylinder then it won't open like we all know and that won't open because there's several black blue bits of pieces preventing it arm but we're not in the perfect world we use stuff like
this I mean senator gets drilled in the machine that's mass-produced drills they have wear and tear they're not aligned correctly pins of all these are actually from Korea and they're really crap but I mean just just to get the idea i mean is there's tolerances and they're they're never the same so why is that useful because you can't really make a perfect
lock and even if you could it would it be way too expensive and not that useful I mean for a normal luck to operate that's that's enough for promote for most people so what we try to a vision is you see that the five dots on the left side that's actually up for you so that that that if you turn it that actually not five of these blue bits are preventing it from turning but one of the blue bits is the first to prevent it from turning so if I would be able to to take the second pinched egg and put it down to the correct level then another bloob it would be preventing it so basically we try to look at a five pin lock at as 5 lakhs concerning just containing one green stack that's
basically because if because it's not turn it because the blue bits is no way and if we do yes sorry yeah because if we do put that pin stack down then the cylinder will turn just a very slight angle and until the next bloob it starts preventing it from turning but the neat part is that now this blue bit won't be when we push back by the spring because there's bits of yellow in the way so that's cool so what we can do
with that is picking a lock after this is done with lock pick an emigrant impression so you going to feel a wiggle and to see which bits are half more give less of a Sorry Sorry have a different gift than the other ones so you can feel which is stuck on which it isn't and that's lock picking you can use basic
tools for that you can get to be the lockpick village and oh cool stuff so this is lock picking and it also works
on different keys because this is still pin stacks it's the same just just they're arranged in a different way now
yeah let's skip that doesn't want to skip that that's not me yeah impressionen come on
there you go impressionen well now you see that's in a non-european config all of a sudden cuz that's the way I'd like to impression it's not that I was too lazy to flip the picture no no well I am that lazy but in this case this is the way I'd like to impression and because this if i mounted the the Eli the lock like that that takes about four seconds off of my opening time and during some competitions for seconds is a lot and yes because what you do with impressionen is you start off with a non cut blank so the same blank that would be hey that would hang at the locksmith that you need several of but one thing is the key has to fit into the lock not turn it because that would be a key but you yeah then you're done that used to yelling so what you do now is if you apply the same that we learned during the lock-picking bit if you turn this lock it won't open because there's a bit of the way because we now have filled up the whole space where the key belongs is no longer the blue parts but the red parts but the idea is the same but now because there's a big chunk of metal where your key is supposed to be you can turn it left and right so now it's one bit in a way but if you turn the other way hopefully it's another so we have two places where a pinch are preventing the lock from turning and that's good yep because if we turn it ever so slightly and try to wiggle the key up or down and you don't have that much give but I mean you can move it a bit because if it would fit perfectly there's no way you can get your key and I mean especially not after few drinks so there is there is a give and so if you look at this picture and once in a while it moves then you see that the pins that are not stuck they just get moved up and done because the only thing that's holding them down is the springs and gravity and the other two so now it's the pin 2 and now is the pin for they get stuck so if you put a key under it and apply some force you're pushing at a point now if you afterwards if you take it out and
examine it very closely i mean with microscope or magnifier special lights or normalized then you might if you're lucky see little scratches dents impressionen marks on that blank I don't know if not sure if you can all see it but you see there that day it's two bits have been drawn at and is this any it is
viewable for anyone okay cool so you're looking for very tiny marks and the first time you see them does make sense but you eventually to get used to well to recognize them so what we do then at
that spot where we see marks we take away a bit of material the key is a bit and key was not pun intended it wasn't and because if you know your brand of luck then you know what the normal key depths what the possible key devs are and you can start off with the the highest in this context the highs the highest possible biting if you file your key off to that biting then you know you have to go one step down and that speeds up the process considerably in Europe all the impression in games currently done on a particular abbess cylinder so we know that lock we know what steps are and we develop muscle memory for just that luck so if I have to impression an American lock that I haven't tried yet and I probably won't be that fast but well I know the technique so we'll see what happens so that's not a working key at all so it's rinse and repeat so we do
that again so go left go right and there's a mark
at the valleys we just created so we're
going to take even more off yes it's probably something to wait or because it's silly yes so we make it even deeper
well you guess what what's what's going to happen now we're going to do it again but if you look at the fourth pin and we start normally counting from the shoulder to do the nose that pin is on the correct height which means that if we turn this lock and consider the lock as not one luck with five pins with five locks with one pin then lock number four is open already that would turn so you probably can't feel it when you turn it but it does turn a bit further because that one was preventing it for locking and now it's another one that'll stay in place so if you start wiggling now well I'm pin number two there's still be Mark because that was the first one preventing it from turning but at number four is now out of play so another position will start giving dense yes that's the one that's correct yep so
other places there we dance and in the
end you will come up with a awful looking thing like this but that's working here if you look at this one the
the lower one is impression well don't it looks like a shark bites but if you look at the actual heights between the the top key and the bottom one that one works it might feel a bit funny but it turns so that's it and if you're if you're good at it you win prices and now
it's time to go demo so I can shut up hey throat is killing me okay I actually going to do two demos I hope well you guys going to see my vector most of the time sorry about that because I'm going to sit down for this and that I'm going to do the same demo again but step by step and explain what I'm doing so this one is just both all speed out it's good to not talk for a second Oh different lights what that's correct it's me demoing here so that's why I'm going to do it again well whoa steady that you could air open work again that's our now I'm going to do the same lock again and at every step I'm going to tell what I'm doing I'm going to try to show what I'm looking at and well if I hope that's clear then so first I need to put in a new blank I'm going to switch this that looks way it
now but it'll be better once I put a key on it that's a no booze normally if you
see me impressionen heads and elbows okay I put a cheapo cheapo handle on your all your key so I can turn it a bit then i'm going to use this special tool that that will be later in the slides also that just makes tiny scratches on it so i know where i start file where i need to start firing well a blankie
looks like this so it's not completely
is it anything yep ok so that's without the tool and after I Yenta tool over it
you look look like this you see a dot as
one over there and if you go a bit further there's one this next allows
even word even better see so at that
point I haven't touched luck yet at that point I know where to start filing because i know this brand of lock so I know what the highest possible cut is well if I'm done with it yes if they're out of the box they're not there bit higher ok so now it looks like this you
see that where are filed it's less rough its way finer which is actually good because it's easier to see marks on that
smooth area let's see let's try to make a good one I'm a bit off but that's okay i see on whoops where are we there is a
spot there I'll try to get it to focus but it's where my cursor is now now you
see it you see okay so at that point I take off one depth and I know how to take up what depth normally you can use calipers to actually check how deep you are so now with the repeat do it again again on number two ok ok will do you
see there's a spot there there now you see it yep it's clear
so breathe in turn it left up down up down hub done turn it right I've done I'll help that I've done that's it I mean it'sit's training no rocket sighs
that's your position number one that's
position number two where again we see a
dot that is and I saw on the last
position I still saw one that's not that clear well actually more clear here than
there so I'm going to take off one step
at the end of five and one step that number two and we have an overlock
well you this doesn't get amplified but it doesn't want to and if you look at it closely you'll see that the pins are
actually jammed so that one that's a we
call that the crater mark for obvious reasons so if i clean that up to take
your chest t energy bids off company well better working key so now if this would have been a black op i just give a
blowhard okay and when i submitted this
slide deck to DEFCON 4 well to put on
the CD i didn't have the more i can low
sorry yeah fairly and lost that that reg
you go I didn't have this slide deck ready but there is a slight egg on there that's that's quite it looks like this but it's not complete because last night in motel room I added quite a lot of slides I yeah you get stupid sometimes and what I did is to do the depression and to get some footage that you just saw but took stills of it and there at the back of my presentation so if you download it afterwards then that should be viewable okay over the years because there has been 12 there there has been competitions longer than well there have been a couple of years competitions in Germany and in the distance working yeah that's the reason that there have a competition in Germany and in Holland and if you look at the opening times the best opening times during those competitions you see a drop so how is that possible and that's not just because I started competing we have
better gear and we learned and train more and what is the gear that you need actually it's it's not that fancy what
you need is as a training edit caliper but for that to be useful you need to know your possible levels can be found online all this book as a whole chart of it and well mostly club they should be like that so it can be found online I like the copeland on the right cuz you can do it quite fast and you can put marks on it that are not as useful on a normal caliper but you can go with a normal one I mean to to keep the budget low because that coupling is quite
expensive oops they need file we used several files for this and it's a it I'm going to I think this is less feedback let's go z we use both the guys that I know that that normally use it is a coupling gut number for Swiss file and you can have several sizes of it cuz size does matter yes it does it also is useful I mean to training cert training is key but such size also so when what would we use this but I use this I use a red tail which means that it's shaped like that you have also peppered files and if the day they are more drop shape I personally don't like them but I know a lot of luck Smith who who swear by them I mean the day they really want that one it's it's perfect personal preferences I mean I go with mine and a good file is not cheap but if you treat it well that'll get you well the years and years of fun um yeah I had once that a key broke off during a game and that's weird do you don't want to have that that booth nope still are
like you need advice to hold your luck probably a door will do also but that's what it's there for it didn't do nothing oh my god you can use any other files that you like as long as it doesn't delay and well any fights will do but I use my photo super clamps that that's the one on the right and well they work for me perfect they can swivel the way I want it and well basically they look the part so that's why I have a delight so if you want to take the left one to a conference you can't have any other luggage but yeah I need a shitload of blanks
because the first time you're going to try this you will break blanks if you're not you're not doing it correctly because training will cost you blanks a ton of them so get them somewhere cheap I mean your local locksmith will have this way your local locksmith will have will have blanks but they're probably going to sell it to you for the normal rate that he sells complex so if you need 200 of them it's going to be expensive so make sure to get from somewhere else or at least in bulk brass keys are seem to be the best because they make nice markings on the steel keys of some some are made of steel you don't get markings and if you switch to aluminum or any other lighter materials they tend to break so the the middle of the road type being grass seems to work out the best you need some form of
magnification the one I had here is a cheap of cheapo nothing fancy normal light you can have the one on the left is quite fun for field work and it's a add on to a Maglite that's normally initially that was used for geologists and look at tiny rocks but it works with impressionen also and there is a lightbox available on the bottom right that one is actually crap but I like the idea it has a magnifier on top of it and you can there are several switches where you can alter the light so it has UV normal light leds whatever so it's neat but but this one is and there's well just yesterday I got pictures of the tool kit the kit from two and that has even another light that i never seen before and this morning I had the first opportunity to play for it I like it I'm probably not going to use it in competitions because this is fast but in for field work yeah i think it's it's maybe even better than the one with the meklord attached to it you need some
form of gripping device because the forces you gonna put on your key you don't want to do that by hand you can't and there are several commercial products to actually do that the one on the left is quite popular I know a couple of guys who also use that I like it also its lights and I line light you can use a normal grip and I had just had a hunk of metal with a couple of holes drilled in it there was a lot of snake all sailed for impressionen handles because once i got a handle that was I don't know Eddie quit something like that it failed the first time I used it I mean there is some stuff if it's over-engineered at this point you don't need it I have a
other tool that i didn't use now because it's it's a visual aid that I especially when I start a training I used a lot i used a internal core a cylinder and i fouled it off the fun part is if you
sticky in there you can see where your where the marks shoot the beer because that day would be in the middle of my father's so because normally if you foul and you see a mark unit is that a real mark did I do that is that such is that a filing mistake but if it's dead smack in the middle of where it's supposed to be and this visual aid helps you bite it to determine if that's the right spot then it's probably your mark you can file so that's also cheaper cheaper
solution hey this is a tool that was custom-made by your dad that's the tool I i initially used to get the d markings on the key so i know where it can start filing ok now if you try this when you
look at at the file key that looked like if a if a shark took a bite of it those edges are actually quite sharp you will cut yourself I mean that's got to happen especially if you're in a competition and it has to open now that stuff goes wrong I mean one of the first competitions are entered in Germany the first lock that I had to give back to the judges that was red and it was not read when I when I got it it wasn't and the files are also quite pointy so sometimes the stuff will go wrong and on the longer term because you are making quite a weird movements so competent is definitely on the horizon that that's that's going to happen and you guys all be an arty and me also and you don't really want that doing it off doing this after a game of golf is also not funny because you need to turn wiggle and and grid that gives a lot of stress in your muscles so I spoke with a professional
therapist who happens to be my girlfriend and speak to acquire definitely and we figured out that if I take longer screws in my grip because these were initially but I got this it was nice and smooth because yes it's hand made another mean I took the original screws out and put these long ones in so now i can use them as a lever so i take one hands for the turning action and the other hand for the up-and-down motion and that's way easier and you don't and in that way you don't grip it also which releases a lot of stress that so i think that's the best way well like I told you there is a tool
set on the market that's available at the vendor area and in the lockpick village this consists 70 of the this primarily focused on the American public so this was consists of 70 blanks that are the most common America and the funny part is that in America we you don't guys have that many keywords in Europe there's a bigger diversity when keeps waste goes like that and in America it tends to be straight down so these property will not fit will not only fit the seven most popular brands that are used but it probably will fit way more there's a little light in there the top one it's a
very tiny little light source with the magnifier in it and well I love but I never used it in the competition's unless and it has a go bad foul which is the brand I prefer so I'm stoked about that one and that's basically it for
more info there's a well you can read that online also the other guy said that
really helped me and well any questions thank you