Phishing and Online Scams in China

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Phishing and Online Scams in China
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Today, Ebay, Paypal and WOW are all popular targets of global phishing. However, phishing in China is different from that in other countries. The Chinese government has already placed a lot of focus on this issue, however, online scams have already gone beyond the traditional scope of phishing. For example, one of the top five phishing targets is CCTV, which is an official Chinese TV station that produces several of the most widely distributed Chinese TV channels. I will explain how hackers get money through CCTV phishing. In the first part of the presentation, I will introduce the event about massive online bank phishing attacks, which target customers of the "Bank of China" at Feb, 2011. Then, I will share information about popular scams, which try to trick people into believe they won the lottery or bought cheap tickets. Finally, I will show a case about Taobao phishing, analyze its framework and the source code behind it. Joey Zhu is a staff engineer at Trend Micro Inc. He joined Trend Micro's CoreTech team in 2005. He is highly experienced on threat knowledge and developed the sandbox for TrendLab when working as an expert at PH in 2007. Since 2008, he has been the leader of the ScriptAnalyzer project, which is analyzing HTML/Script to clean up web threats for browsers. Now he is also focusing on anti-phishing solutions.

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hello everybody I'm ago I'm enjoy a zoo and I come from China today my sharing topic is the fishing on the on ice cream oil in the China I have been working for
to the micro since 2005 at the company I focus on the webos reader and my Roy to the architecture of a scribbler NSS engine which protects brothers from the poet editor since nothing yeah I also became research fishing in China and try to figure out the difference between Chinese fishing and a global vision you for you are also interesting on fishing
so you must earn no fish tank so vigilant against the pathology our reporter showing three percent 15 site have been in China so easy to chew okay that's the hold on this question let's discuss another question I the first so what a lot 15 Saturn it'll be successful I think it is a user base or population five years ago we never heard about any fishing cited Haggadah to facebook but a today facebook is one of the most favorite brands or features at the china we have with the biggest population in
china we're almost 1.3 billion we have
half our opinion netizens with our
company and memorize QQ just in case you a lot of women are so it is a accompanying of why I'm wonder social networking which has 600 million users which almost similar sizes of facebook for the towel which is similar as the
ebay has four hundred users so so many noodles at the china so do I Oct of liaoning three percent
fishing say that happening in China so okay actually we have some of these are
from the china my collaborator protecting system we've found over 115 States target a cube per day at our system on the contrast ppl reporter owning less than 100 the fishings a fishing said target ppl so on the contrast we can conclude that the Chinese fishing is the more popular than or we can imaging so in this area I will answer what is the chickies of Chinese Ephesians I think okay next he will
introduce this order us d do anybody fear the day is massive Oh fishing arteaga which we target the bank of china in this laboratory some custom of bank of china those two are one hundred fifty thousand dollars of the day logging the this fishing site at is a februari 515 side fonda which target her back POC all these methods the criminal group we are senator have same message he at first tell the customer you are need to operate as a token and give some links you for the use of open the link we are lack of this snapshot this is natural totally copy from the bank of china accepted this so link behind this image here we all let the user go to the
login page I did the knocking pages they need to input a username and password and the key from the you talk what is it Hogan actually dito connect this this is a utopia it is a device Bank of China okay with this device at all his cast and this key this year token we are generated key by random sheet and use the RSA algorithm and Bank of China use this key to identify the user physically however the argument is ok but the word occasion procedure has some power on the queue at the e token we are you spare that after 30 seconds so once the hacker kit is the information from the web pages we are automatically posted as those information to real Bank of China and the chance for money immediately so this story also tell us to step of education never works even we use the mobile phone to replace the e token and receive some key from the banker because the bank 11 know behind the person behind the screen is feature or a real customer or dog ok yo uncle e so there is our also targeted attack that you went a tool which target of Rs the company some of hacker send us a spear phishing email to the RS company and atrocity of the desire of we talkin I think I usually read the news from the China so the ice Inc is just a hostage inside that because this make money the more easily okay after having given this
intro talking i woulda liked her you can spin and chinese efficient mostly system Oh system Oconee I place the Chinese efficient into three categories the first is the traditional 15 sites just
the leg of previous example Bank of China or more popular example towball I wilshire cowboy example to order to enough sorry and another category is a
fortune on the site most of the 40 of the night inside that don't have any in target the bronze they just usually have in the takeda fishing which is which in Rio's a user yin and by promising some djibouti keys and the National category is a scam sites there
are a lot of us to come for example notaries come was Stoker's time what is
the notary's come typical not a risk I'm of flow we are being added this you will receive one message you are so lucky you already want price if you follow the link and open the pages so the PDA we have pertains to be our official website and convince you kanika Nestor continue browsing you and Charlie added the Nazca pages they we are asking you pay the income tax or not a roofie before you receive all price I think you've used Peter but you never received the price ok most of notorious karma is never easy
some ephemeris bronze for example kick you or someone I am war war or six ET oui si si tu is the most watched the national TV station either China in the China this guy in the pic retreats are famous TV show host Chris kill history the quiz game and people in this show we are received the price by answer some constitute so the fish we are leveraging of his popularity and netted a user's believe and they can get at a price from this website so not a risk karma is quite simple but the ROI is quite high
most another is coming to the messages dealer 50 messages deliver prides Chinese iams service for example QQ only 11 the little one is the trouble MSO is we should also tell you a lot traditional fish inside which we targeted the bubble I'll cue and the top already to a lot of work to detect those phishing messages how Chinese Michael handle this problem I could hear the
Chinese Michael will compromise some websites at an injector I frame using this I've removal simulator a pop-up window Franz I am messages so this is quite a similar right so either the China the fishing is quite get at the mounting easy and so Chinese highbridge prefer to lure the phishing messages not until you are Manisha's PE now ok
another kind of us come with the border stalker and the Securities some crack you for your searches are more security
company inside the search engine you will found a lot of figure the securities the real problem is you can
get a one hundred percent perfectly in one month if you join their members but
it typically is a lie most of the also
scott movies are easy to identify if you are the person you don't you believe with there is no free sings as us as a free lunch ok but for the photo line inside which are harder to identify also some hike official we apply some keywords for example cheaper ticket from the shanghai to beijing you may get this fish inside Oh society are the same time later just the domain name with the difference and in the china for example during the chinese new year they are almost like a 250 million people need to go home the chickadee is quite hard to get so the chickadee fishing is a most popular at this time a lot all particular featuring the SATA we are up here ok so that's the second
thing i will share the top of fishing tower is similar as ebay the eye is 60 billion dollars cheetah happening in the 2010 the rdp accounted Ximena at the paper which is suppose suppose the most awful Chinese banks those who eat Chinese bankers flaggers logo okay how
all these fissures get the money from the wake Thomas less of you our video okay okay at is how about if you want to
buy something you may discuss with the winters window real give you some detail for example color price discounts or something and just the lack of dots so some figures are under we all send it those figure the message' to the web cameras this is our older pages if you click the order now okay we are go to the charger PG you need to put a you are paso username and a password okay this is a charger page you will go to the charger pitiful for the receipt for the mobile phone number okay go to the charger page this is a pastor water for the rdp symbolize with the ppl okay if we all click it now confirm your money out of the rdp we almost immediately but this is not a finished yet the high porosity I want to get more money so the we are shoes off we ought to pay message here so you may choose some panko at the editor below okay this we choose to the ICPC the biggest banker at the China they see the chart ability of Isis pc he actually this is a figure I icbc so he's totally copy from the ICBC okay necessary another bank china construction bank okay they see the china construction bank will continue a little solo ok this is charged pages or totally copied around china construction bank ok so this is a website that is the pilot professional right how do you think it is difficult to build of this of phishing sites may answer you to know so you can buy the source coder from the search results ok
if your search to the fishing source coder a typical Google you elf under the price is quite a low nest and the price that you paid for this you enter def con ok only one hundred fifty dollars most of the awful fishing said is a coveted by template actually a copy of about
fifteen side okay this fishing side this is the root folder and the different folder means a different bank for different charger page this is at random matrices bank okay some local for his critical card how can i get this false codes actually we successful compromise of this website
we get a the administrator of pasta
water for the manager system okay let's login okay different amino means to
differ in the bank ok this is our figured this is the official site okay this is a critical number username moon and the CC and we all see the CCB number and you can so the back peckham energy sorry so the management assistant my user also professional ok so that's it
so today about the sherry so let me give you a summary so most of the popular typo at the China uses coma comma and a foot for you Lana sighs and not a risk um we are targeted some nameless brand of websites and the fishing you are we r peed in your nabasa Chinese I I move like SEO and compromise the sower so that's all an inquest REE