Halloween Makers Or How a Haunter: Voids Warranties, Social Engineers and Finds the Joy of Curiosity

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Halloween Makers Or How a Haunter: Voids Warranties, Social Engineers and Finds the Joy of Curiosity

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Halloween Makers Or How a Haunter: Voids Warranties, Social Engineers and Finds the Joy of Curiosity
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Halloween makers or how haunters void warranties, social engineer and find the joy of creativity. A short path down to what a community of makers that mod hardware, special effect and mood you in order to scare the shit out of you just one night a year. These people comprise electrical engineers to housewives and personally I've learned to solder better, faster because of it. Reeves Smith has been working with hardware for security's sake for 12 years, making open source WIDS and the like. He found a community of makers that live for nothing but Halloween and thought their spirit of creativity was a lot like the creativity seen in parts of the security community. He currently works for Tenacity Solutions Inc. as a SNSE and is a Mac Fan Boy.
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okay the anthropologist Gabriella Coleman put out several writings last year on hacker culture and what that is she defined hacker as a technologist with a love for computing and a hack is a clever solution arrived through non-obvious means I think she's right but also believed that the definition of hacker should be expanded including not only clever computer users but anyone that finds a non-obvious means to creative end segue into hhonors which is a group of technology users that have their own cons make and takes technical competition weird names bad puns commonalities now you may think of Halloween only on the thirty-first of October maybe a few days before it many people may not think about security until someone here shows you a particularly juicy or scary exploit others of us think about security all year long I think about Halloween and security just about every day some might think honors are kind of on the fringe but I like to think of them as creative manipulation as in anything that created people find passion for Honor's come with varied backgrounds expertise ability in areas of haunting interest they also have similar problems haunts have been shut down for being too scary honors have ensued or lost property insurance HOAs bitch Adam a lot trick-or-treaters or Tatars are considered in juicers that need to be manipulated into one direction or emotional state hhonors aliases are like pond aholic bobzilla Dark Lord evil queen spooky one the bloodshed brothers zombie f firms that I have lurked and joined have helpful hunters that love to show off what they've created and how they do it to my personal favorite is haunt forum com from that side I've learned how to solder better rewire power strips and creative use for shiatsu massagers I have a list of old hardware that will look for it yard sales and second-hand shops hoping I can recreate some of the outstanding homemade props I've seen online in these examples I see people that are curious about the world around them but have a lens focused on Halloween instead of a lens focused on security how hard we're geeks who have different specialties like electrical and mechanical atmosphere geeks they do fog light and sound and graphic design geeks like Hello windows that I played just before we started here that's a from a guy named Mark Gervais okay things you may be familiar with you can find hhonors the day before trash pickup going through neighborhood trash construction sites business dumpsters they like zombies most projects show that are shown on the internet are step by steps that anyone can follow them and they like to save money by making hardware do what it wasn't intended this
chart off the spectrum i triple e website sums up the way different hacks meshed together if hunters are on here they'd probably be in the lower right quadrant obviously the authors of this chart have an expanded view of what hacking is as you might expect there's a
lot of specialized terms jack-o'-lantern monster in a box a Bucky which is a fourth quality medical grade skeleton monster mud which is drywall and latex paint mixed together to used on a paper mache fabric FC GS and FCS is our flying crank ghosts and spiders which are basically marionette devices and tatars trick-or-treaters
hardware hacking and enhancements camaraderie and research are things that attracted me to the Haunted groups the following our projects I've done in the last year from ideas and previous work done by the hunter community there's power strip packs for timing of effects and lighting effects fog coolers shot so animated ghoul and tottered control my second my search for secondhand shots and massages reminds me of when I've when I used to look for sale I can orinoco gold pcmcia card with an external antenna connector or the right chipset for a wrt54g now every one of the hacks that I'm going to show you how very good how to's on many to honor websites to power strip tak that I brought with me to show these allow for a look of bad power source or a motion detector initiation of the power source they come in various configs and parts are usually easily obtainable
this hack allows lower wattage lower the better incandescent bulbs to flicker randomly like their spotty power this is done by mounting fluorescent tube starters in line with the electrical current between plug outlet sets each floral starter has a unique flicker this only works with incandescent bulbs and the best effects happen if they are low wattage I've used them to light lamps in front of windows throughout my house during Halloween to like the candle that Scarah the little doll there on the end there she has a floral starter in line on her candle there's units that can do similar but they can cost quite a bit the floral starters and the base that you hook them with or maybe a buck a set
motion detector controls all the plugs on the power strip turning them on for say 15 seconds so with this you can light up a scene or an animated prop for several seconds you can pick up two of the motion detectors at like home depot for twenty bucks fob cooler default
colors are made to keep fog machine smoke cold and therefore rolling along the ground over your tombstones generally you find an ice-filled handmade or store-bought cooler rigged for fog flow through PVC unless a dumpster dive lets you come up with something better like this so we have to
vacuum cleaner hoses two holes drilled in the front door of a dorm room fridge someone threw away and some duct tape strategically placed the fog machines on top pushes the fog into an empty fridge and then out the bottom but with either
design you get the desired result
shots and walkers this is my favorite right here the zombie on a walker basically she has a side-to-side movement like this shiatsu props are animated with the help of a shout sore neck massager and a PVC pipe body basically search on youtube for shiatsu animated props will get you an amazing amount of hits now here's another great
same engine shuts her massager
so this is the goal that I set up in the hardware hacking village if any you went in there and saw it so take the basic PVC body and tie down the movement of the shiatsu so it doesn't move too much yet I had in a robe but again who would have thought of using a saw shots a massager for the movement and this is
the movement now I'd like to show you a
close-up of how the movement actually looks from the massager oops knows that
a claimer about hardware hacking so I saw this note I found on the motion detector of the the ghoul shiatsu in hacking hardware village you got to remember to be careful out there check your displays after they get shipped because apparently a wire got loose and this is not a clue to any contests that Johnny Mack may or may not be in right now
now it was part of a group by for about twelve hundred units of electronic firecrackers this year I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to do with mine but a lot of hunters out there think they're pretty cool and are going to break him
into something
atmosphere lighting a guy named Robert deep brown has a really nice PDF out there showing how to use lighting to circumvent streetlights messing with your haunt so he's basically showing you how to use more light to fix bad lighting for sound there's a guy out there his nicknames control geek this guy ran a single blind experiment it was hard to see how subsonic sound frequencies affected people in a Han environment like if it made them feel uneasy or uncomfortable it didn't really have in effect but the scientific observation was there to find out herding cats there's a lot in the prop placement having a not so scary path for younger tots bait and switch make tots look in one direction and scare them from another I really look at this as participation theatre and i also have people to help me God people into the right position this if you see the three
ghosts in the air this a turnstile go suspended upside down from a ceiling fan atop a basketball hoop pole so talks are meant to follow the directions of the ghosts as they float in a circle and here are lanes made with bamboo and
spiderwebs to force the tots into the direction you want them to go
gateway props the tail tots which way to go they can go the scary direction or not so and actually I just picked this gargoyle up from Marshalls and there's a fog fridges under its to plan the fog
not so good some hunters have been sued because their Halloween decorations have been shut down or at the fire department called for because they've created too much fog honors have lost their homeowners insurance because their home haunts needed additional special insurance their demands from the gawkers which are the parents normally to stop all the scary stuff so that their kid can go through or they'll call the cops or the fire marshal or someone and again you can only imagine what someone would say if if you if they saw you this stuff in your yard or your HOA would say so
whether it's a love of zombies or just a good scare connors think about the big h all year round this is a wonderful open source community and everybody is happy to share their tekken problems and solutions lastly there's a certain pride and I'll do it yourselfers not only in saving money but in making something better that can be bought at a store and for less money also you find a lot of hunters would rather tell someone to go to hell instead of changing what they've put all year into making thank you