Federation and Empire

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Federation and Empire
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Federated Identity is getting prevalent in corporate environments. True, solving cross domain access control to Web applications or services is a nagging issue. Today, unsatisfying traditional approaches based on duplicated user accounts or dangerous trust domain relationships are being replaced by neater solutions. One of them is getting more and more popular not only in academic but in corporate environments as well: Claims-based authorization relying on SAML tokens. This cross domain federated Web SSO solution allows applications or service providers to finely control their access while leaving the burden of users management to their authoritative domains. Authoritative domains also keep full control on what they disclose about their users: Very attractive. However most existing material explains developers how to leverage this technology while keeping them oblivious to the underlying protocols or (many) standards' complexity and intricacies. By taking a radically low level approach, API free, this talk is intended to security pen-testers or architects who have to cope with SAML based access control. The just necessary presentation of the standards involved will be given. Then the two main parts will focus on how to adapt existing tool set to be fully operational against SAML access control and to key aspects that need to be considered prior joining or creating such federation. Most of the points are implementation agnostic and can be applied to Shibboleth, SimpleSAMLPHP or Active Directory Federation Service for instance. As well, the presented tools are Burp Pro Extensions leveraging the Buby framework but can be easily be translated into everyone preferred toolset. Emmanuel Bouillon has been working in the Information Security field for more than a decade. Most of these years were spent as an InfoSec expert within the French Atomic Energy Commission where he was in charge of a technical team dedicated to information security. Among its missions were incident handling, vulnerability assessment and penetration testing. Since 2009, Emmanuel Bouillon lives in the Netherlands working for an international organization as a Senior Information Assurance Scientist. His work is mainly focused on Cyber Defense issues. Emmanuel Bouillon has been a speaker in international conferences like PacSec, BlackHat, Hack.lu, #days, has written several articles in IT/Security magazines and was a teacher on network and system security in various French postgraduate schools. He holds a renewed ISO/CEI 27001:2005 Auditor certification and is credited for several responsibly disclosed vulnerabilities (CVE-2010-, CVE-2011-)

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hello everyone strong text joining from istok specialists to early in the morning my name is mbouyom adam green to discuss with you to death is you home security if you That You might like with one dealing with federated identity and more precise i am going to risk of specific thai pro federated identity witches samuel benchetrit he is the anti thi sau first it is necessary that it is a false
left a man keyring everything reaches 27 or expressions all i may use view viewname flight and niort my previous quarantine future employer private thing is provided for education in
this presentation its madoff six parts first to the introduction what is it about and why should we care not to behave to die or disqus what is the problem Were try trying to soul and now-have-been doing a den of pna eynde sister shares and run to Introduce are not all of somoza standaard in specifications identical james blake 6 2 minimum materials unpublished any review stoffer of the rest of the presentation of rest of the presentation expect to be enough to party one is how can we adapt classical web applications scanner in order to to make them better even albert samain protected de web applications we leave win all illustrious is rare that they were too little taker at diskan of music and provide the lasportes 1.8 or presents a rate is causes is security consider the irish cat we need to man 3-have in your Considering Johan inger creating seven leaders and regions once a final conclusions about
docks started in this symbol stand for security assertion markup language Early clues about his token they wheel inkling byzantine access management sam greentech radically low level approach of this protocol any record of and worse we will tell any developer in order to implement is khan protocol them pouliot videophones family law or hard familiar with the day with windows entity foundation and pee wee tease dot net and pia dollars to developers this tome bravo transparent lee has integrated samuel open protocols apply at game to use this kind of level of attraction the theme justin all the case of lost level of heroes this protocol and also 10/10/10 presentation is not about was a formula study of every he steals standard's and the brink soreli introduced where she beat the sidattes datsun of two to get some interesting lizotte his country used ideals projecta vigneault diniz are quite standard of rivers engineering enough flour vulnerabilities and then 6 go back into of annecy wild thing specifications called for what are you going to be
away the presentation forced to adapt use in order to have classical web applied web applications scanner to better co then his trunk protected the application of a to demonstrate the nature she sanctions switches date they steal standaard kenb? rd asano theme everything circulates 22 its policing origins a green touch and demonstrations of Baghdad a woman pretty big sum security configuration nature you might have in one before johnny norkring seven heads of regions
so why should ukr the sign is two protocols in anxiety specification or Disqus a ten presentation is in more and more prevent actually but not a fugue in ground but johor industrial players are currently can show in the development of seven bells protocol to achieve federated identity management and also it supports offs effect of regional but that samuel particularity blossier tvo forclaz at deployment it's like it it comes in your way and hates the ace PTT DEPENDING on the context of of wilderness considers a cock business to business banking government for tax payman flour while at nine deploying the security company it morning shoes tel some very tour neither legal nor contractual they want to deprive so shimmering important everything and that relates his know where do we come from what is the same pros the problem whileanne of standards strive to solve exceed of single sign-on solutions it shoe you innocent that the field at smith falls soldiers at the forests while initial this one is a force single sign-on single problem a single domain where she check chain forum administrators can not have you been my beasts but bing date satisfactory from security for interview bissau move your style ravine mind the sun has missed solutions nice systems provider its very interesting canvas from alinghi stature post left but binoche catherine tracing from security for you know better to a 10 for the masses was buzz proto cause the tail kerberos princeton carbide too the protocol uses verico money to soul the single sign-on ychoux factory single public domain and this time on you think you are using active directory permanence of assinie that now we need to soul of the single that the solution can be a big twin organizations between different demand and that's typically watts to malta right to solve the goal is to have you there an administrator friendly cross organization bandar is single sign-on sofiane bezzou focus on the web applications that need to be secure this case bowls easy to manage radio lee taking care of privacy anonymity choose to this problem is not
new and of course scheduled solution has already been diploids july 10 solutions realizes aaron wheat keating 0 when they were 46 dead leaves a intelligence lee or by establishing trust relationships between security domain typically kerberos trust relationships between active directory domain lives unilateral bidirectional orbit trust and chips and of course 10 ty post solutions like up with some drogba qs and that this kind of drogba samuel trice all all alone any welcome to our backups in the problem of privacy letten anonymity are planned standaard harbin define the never really been diploma redore widely adopted so what do we
need to know about
federated standard identities are nice party and the going to be very high level view of Reviews some of the invaders view federate identity on av the dr g 7 things get complicated ecosystems with specifications entered rites he says he's adding six hours number 1 of most of them are supported by colo organization and this oasis consortium resistance strong organization for the advancement teacher training offer toulouse
m except earth its grinding wheel specifications a fact it is set to self specifications is when I read of belv?s federation specifications which physics the idisk wise as at all orchestrated of flows in order to achieve this multidomain single five years a solution on let's start with at wissam
al saman stand for security assertion markup language and pesic the heats he consists of off stoned buildings including switch want put together now given number of use this is to be supported 1 2 ten components of the primaries he has some transfers of identity in formation with authorization granted to the forces between autonomist organizations of aravane established restrictions are no premium joke of sam l one of the water networks something to know if you start rukinga 10 k 9 specifications of a document date the fact that very sisters which have specific definition says this context sourice better to know there definition falling bowling rattle it me the hot wax that wants the protocol bindings is too thin that leaves me seek to bring back a tube actors typically in the sound xxi documents me which contains statements about main ' a smell friendster date given to some parts cleanse to be true samuel arabic protocol and cyclists description nov request and response dated arni did in order to get to fortwo sudden it's been looking for a symbol bindings to of mapping between but samuel protocol and other players of transport protocol which stings the eyes to baning force to melesse hope you have the cheap read direct binding and the tipi post binding and finally-have you seen what i cold his wheel profile wizzit the iiss of combinations assert this protocol bindings in order to support given number of youth quessoy federated scenario within the standard is enough funny profile says fiennes define like the web browser here is looming horde single lock out profile huntington a duration christopher these web browser sso profile on free lice's side common husky i tell myself youyou this that assures guarding his grinder Specifications second class has a entity provider discovery and because actually and they advocate all home security cabbages are ouattara sought
noise an excellent document containing claymore attribute about and use his usual this set of clemens continues us are a serious the difference of identity a rigor to the world knitting would be there a part this music baptized continues turbine year disk drive sousa a manual other need to be distinctive strong broadcasters and other workshops login supplier stating the date he can just be this little world that room 6 user ten-sleeve appearance and free for public gold shelter yesterday 18 user is over you and me on fear is how it looked like so it's
it's in the sign xml documents which crazy to excesses but Lithuania nature standaard so you get training regarding the here says he players watch invest signature out has been computed accessories you get in information about the subject and more interesting little yoga youyous information about and attribute content and within this same hot wax 1 2 typically a husky enterprise and 6 attributes opted in from enterprise directory four can be membership group ya six you there has his role in my organization henri s10 use this e-mail address best idea and at 15.6 asus lso networks are specific attributes this can be of interest lake dow jones attributes audio jones attributive physically the statement that there for which he does have a part say that but there it's been made of so that's interesting and caused the 7th live all price 20 are samuel rioux attacks vote for this to be effective and nice to be taken into kaiser he has a part side of the imitation April 1 if the tories does not allow any on a permutation of our flagship series and date and that the obvious line security Chaouki his muse softens standaard bissau widely supported a supposed offense intero pebble beach an implementation 1 2 the underground world including cm the excess encryption but she also says nature x-files at a strong exit scientist is and degrade he rang at tipi forum account beijing de samuel susan on dog and were here i go through firewall d armor we can be local diplomas network last translated the inheritance of government he Supports taking on the son of victims the deployment of the remote users to access corporate network But also emorine keychains he support what supposes federation a parade punctuated the scenario a bit to discuss the mojito she says letter to more summer the Your 1 except ittihadia blessings they must nice nor cross domain if it looks like soa solutions too 12h to orrville of users are happy with her experience on the territory that
rowing drink to focus on the web browser and that's his profile the elites are struggling steps process
first serious users who or great west access to the clip the web applications anadys request from our account and nissan Glaciation of the web applications speech direct from web browser all users to the entv provider using from and chippis to record of this trio all an art this post 2 users identity provider is going to Authentic and user taiwan our flag float that changes all login password just using corporate single sign-on solution typically kerberos text says hadopi the providers authentic and in the user den from 10 to tilly provider in clem where they appropriate attribute inside and try it is not so bad back to the boat to the use of brothers with a hippie instit post form with a lot to submit request or transparent web applications the humble i10 of the public researcher transparent nor holy back to the web local applications in the big world access to this year to this user ropes into what is in st jacques the two weeks look for a quick fix at
and really interesting from administrators a developer developers pointeau you because in silent application de france application to know and to deal with what kind of to unions only mechanism has been you do not incorporate it is in cane game complete teaching play other united indicator of co2 double something innate style remain the mix it really interesting fromet developers pointelier tuna at
cost of 16 its what i caused and i'd hockey where there was a single salon a solution for web web applications pink ways to achieve date very typical line of can use respini go over gc it's pia louise writers carbide by lot and he my security and airlines party opposes baghdad in a week update but nadia strong attila title supports federate on a building of schering of identity showcase domains specific and multidomain thing sso fails it also support delegation of seven weeks he notes touba kane service is also provale provides access control which we call role d access control in the fine finder he is progressing with fine grain finder granularity regarding around you can provide access control to your web apply to us forcefully to hurt his accounts this gas time has increased every products or series doubletwist standard federation comes out of injury from regions they do not prove to eyzies Specifications your difference mechanism all elodie france or security reasons to federate what does it mean bgc access to resources management dry all m can be provided to their users pressing principle to cous identities a tribute to manage will be at yoyo guarantee facset users management system side of their own at the authoritative cerey area of ??the lohn raft at buzzer about you did not do but it will be business and really interesting under or sweeting every bike ism big fat than ring of identity tribute to our unions between realized a he says this document a specification of Septoria bahout security consider thing very small chatr it's one page 1 of the as dumpling of this chapter is about might be upstream at netgear because of you get back to that let us know this kind of conciliatory young males really be any cabbage the top of deployment on considers his
darling this kiss that there is works so it's very easy music is you you do it started lease to wingen your web browser times connects to the web applications azulones provide any claim to disk the direct speech obligation to its own and provider at that bind he says target dominates at the entv provider is being tour direct from brothers to users gentili haddad provider point-e user 0 and there is being just as much a ticket to a newer browser 2 the users and if one syndicated anosy Principal mining to retrieve sum tribute typically froman enterprises directory bill of clem sign says she syndic back to the browser or use in using direct mail to be holy back to be held providers abouem applications and Hate That Poynt so attentive of provider of the web applications it green touch of course signature and also possibly challenge adri move eni tribute within the claim signing bac 5 says hey sen it back to the web the web browser with the direct post the web applications haddad pivot point coach application is going to receive this side clim if what they like emi records signed by its own said provider be 28 rusted strings into attributes continuous 10 15 20 grand access to it resources wish hao cries of six multi domain sis to a solution two-state and suitcases the chief
manage this toubib conflict jowhar adr ok I'm introduced this very simplest Husky and 6 until this love battle complex architecture supported by the standard of our specifications your school's activity to provide model reactions witricity when you have center lines has you provider or 6 3 6 2 many others and You Were aussi used by users dates can we can in canada it's true the clausilie provider depending on contact me so that an abscess or anti- state hatred united thanks everything receives progress Monday of 60 sites baoding production off of
standaard just to be Afghan conflict list hadi offers wata coster chance important security study preview security study in a pile of domains social security choose the divine Discovered in her Regarding Sameul iver with standard samuel's and self or regarding some of sam implementation his arosa evening things are getting
interesting one you look at the complete with in complicate themselves documented chesnoff oasis look that made me rizwan document n cold samuel technical overview solid steel good music draft lisa this document or rdx full holder at shawn hall b?arn it's me in what is really interesting and the date for one hour aur?lie men driver how it is written in the document from minnie driver force to me is from Limiting o'brother cookies and french fries in like that bitly cookies are brothers never transmitted over dig s domain she visits the one you are that were the thing that they consider that is quite saad ben southall this problem of race
of multi domain if senate solutions is real event 1 2 legitimate and ychoux everything says except can we say hate if brothers cookies from our fly between days domain of arts good reasons for date a key country xporter of its origins policemen from offer so from vitamin reviews who laughs that we could read that has at the crates at bucks the city of hungerford so from the ground to view of the ten 10 k 9 Gold consideration in front of Shaun Hall at this grade gossip about for security things work is it doing their typical notes the low-end icann style cookies their minds - all proven response letter 'swing and bonds to
toukouzou not justified with regard to security term implementations do the
mutations looking like and dfs shibboleth antipersonnel bhp by the way its taste specs that queues with by default tokens en cryptides a dream by default swaps the attax art properly addressed either a view of the match against the myth alone problem regarding the compliance with the standard life fact that at a scene the case where you laugh ques targets accepted or this article 10 years of his tribe this is not verified a finally also there will be places also have seen application mutation switcher have some vulnerability is there - all monsters and where m an open reut direction of the referee m cookie lic cookies sect within the primacy of the founders of this green to
explain hao to date then classical web scanner applications in order to have they to b properly coop with samuel protection regarding our all is to tim Dadis ten regional councilors Friday been more than this morning by the presentation of related to soap to adapt web applications scanner all beast at the quiz trumps of the bts webservices biz stone soup sound badly web scanner apps all satis madoff sebral only to a combination of different 12 chosen by more or less the crack target thiriat are typical monday madoff professional hors comedy community community edition of commercial tuzla that nautical show it's the smell of can use free and open source software for web application scanning ski nitot cards a sum sumx firefox plugin plugin solso another sound very often when you 10 k swiss pis for windows for living daverio makes news Rhone promises scriabin costumes developing will be at the back watching methodology of little bit of the scene supposed offense it's for me more formulas trial on the procedure to suppose to be followed we are generated small access best practices and the wasp testing and gold at cesti same final web framework i always at villareal harrison rabbits and personal preference is also style but nor magnola haddock america a probable steps are needed on this practice will
still need to adapt hours alone even so if some you can be presentation all of the web application these weeks state that yes yes I'm note bio all lyonnais toulouse i needed aubry izard has thing that properly using right and everything to fun but it's different it's special and causes of g liter and in built exercise to no watch that his mother all walks of all suited to all is this fact that it allows a traditional enough this morning web applications scanner all that Ockrent powerfully as it protects me the application and also disc to nine Applications and Their security of refineries live and very complex configuration setting so we need and which quantum oasis reaction on the disk configuration that takes over everything error and we need tools you it's this taste of setting hot setting respective increase the thing is they
are already existing to that can not help the web questions scanner vocation testers a powerful one day and co invested 200 made me come to attend the Lausanne of so you got the nine is his tracer trunk uccelli this period plugins yes this you to see said coded his millstone token nature brothers it would be so viviane reding there will be two symbols burgers flaws from his note of burgers and activities and online application of Asia where all this myth Either token in coded computer and coded then you're here to dancer use the hours from the side to make side of the ace one is really interesting one ict own it is provided by years of rice and lentils partner federations initiative cold federate shon lab said lead the return online automatic chaix of service provider implementation here before his grinding the service implementation provider side you can 10 trusts from federated lab and stress and then online star as canes with fuel mutations urban to get a result of chaos Regarding the full implementations standaard that touches ryzolt eyes officescan offs cau gio slater and nine safe shots can always use manioc protche all cause the codes ok samate except hear you wanted
an example of the report from done awb service provider regions testers jump to justin stall an out of the box and lower of applications using siebel symbol pitch by which is one supplementation has fun its art of which good news he did you have many success this dark mine to his me compliance is with the protocol of the hall sockets men
mistake you look at exists compliance y succeeds conference is like the fact that ended single no doubt unsigned single logo quest accepted getty adapter Dean gives himself tease note Sheikh Baye service provider 5 used a security breach it should we still
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