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The BOBs - The truth about the international blogosphere
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Discover global blogs and the winners of the Deutsche Welle Blog Awards
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half of the time and you can think of of the and a lot of the and you have to look at something and this and the thing that you have the and the talking thing and the people
the the truth is more than just the opposite of a lot of what is about the best of blogs awards are a joint L initiative about honor outstanding blogs and 17 categories from 11 languages mapping diversity promoting transcultural dialog going to those supports the right to information and freedom of expression ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the Friedrich dipole last in Berlin and the truth about the international blogosphere and of course welcome to the bottom intuitive is international weblog
award here's your host Stephanie azurin the good evening and welcome to the club 2010 that's of logs awards thank you for joining us do not have a few highlights to look forward to 1st we set a lofty goal you have that we want to try it together with bloggers from all around the world ends with some renowned experts for new media we want to try to get closer to the truth about the international blogosphere for that will try to get to the core of what lobbying really means for democracy will hear from the populate uranium blogger about her experience and about the latest tricks the ranking government is using to get to the bloggers in the room will find out what is so special about logging in Bangladesh and last but not least we want to give you our audience a chance to join into our discussion to ask some questions to discuss with some of our members of the international jury and on top of all that of course will announce this year's winners of the best of blogs awards for the 6th time now Germany's international broadcaster . stability is handing out the box the best of blogs was the awards for the world's best web blogs podcasts and video blogs books from all around the world
in 11 different languages were eligible to enter and we've had a really enormous amount of number of submissions this year 18 thousand and 16 blocks from all over the world were submitted to the bob spend on an international jury of bloggers has traveled here tho but they to Johnston to find out to discuss who should win the awards and I'm sure many bloggers out tonight watching this on the Lifestream waiting impatiently to find out what the jury has decided I can tell you there were some heated discussions going on there behind closed doors well for all you Bob so what's 1 of the winners we've visited that bloggers who won the bubble what's in the last year let's have a look at what they've got to say of the and all of that type of thing and but to better
good the but but but but all of a piece of paper and the back and the
sum of the forces of the other children all of the comparable to the user in the form the during this so in order to have a lot of research has left so what about OK this is the government through the generation of cancer cells some of you know what can but the the the best
that I was able to create the fact that that allowed in the creation of going to be greater than that of the Latin being and you had reached up to the from that the that water from what the user schools for generating midbrain wall but and this this is part of LOD binaries but at no not
really my name is that is that I'm also known as readily until last year I won the competition so this year I would like to congratulate all the winners and agreed all this different from Russia with love for Lady agree that in eyes and the the the and the direction of those the
above that love is not just the international prize perhaps the most important international granted blogs everywhere in the but it's also a mistake because it is a symbol of freedom and democracy in the equality here has been accomplished in basic mission which the dialog all over the world and they're proud to be part of
the new the following it this year's winner let's
have a look at that moment the concept the international blogosphere 1 thing that's consistent about it is that the blogosphere is ever growing to name just 1 source block calls lists of some 126 million blogs worldwide by the number and they've added 42 thousand new ones in the last 24 hours alone the other thing that's consistent about the blogosphere is that it's ever-changing just think about the effect that Twitter has had for example so what is that thing the international blogosphere to shed some light on that let me introduce my 1st guest to you he calls himself a harmful blogging signed this this affecting researching and studying blogs is his passion and his profession and he is a senior researcher for digital interactive media and political communication at the hands play to institute here in Germany and has published numerous scientific papers on blogs so please give a big round of applause for Dr. Yannis MIT but thank writing before you get started with his speech I just wanna ask you 1 thing I've had a look at your your website and you blog enough notice that you've published a paper on blogging practices so seeing we're talking about international blogosphere if you had a look at how someone in India for example might use a block and someone in Germany what would you say would be the difference all I have to admit that I haven't studied Indian blogosphere that much but some the ideal blogging practices choose my way to allow that the differences and boring boring is just a tool but people use the tool in many different ways and by taking the practices that what people actually do with the blogs that's my way still just to examine the what what people do and what the consequences of Morgan might look like well that sounds very scientific but have you have you noticed any real differences in the in how people in different countries use blocks what through them apart from the obvious differences in languages is of course the big inference of culture and some the topics that are prevalent in society might differ between it's a Germany in India for example and of course the public differences and in that respect that's a fashion bloggers from let's say of the United States but the pretty similar to fashion water from would say you by the the short arm of sports quarantine there might be some little support France and so it's about the topics and well let's see some more about that in your speech Thank you OK thank you very much and well as a like and here a witness that was I was told before they have to witness what to tell you some truths about international blogospheres so I want to make 3 arguments basically the 1st argument and it came up in the introductory remarks as that term the blogging blogs are um able to some will fulfill different different needs for the people who use blogs who use tool of books and I'd I'd like to distinguish 3 different functions of 3 different practices and you see them up there the the the 1st practice would be that blocks allow people to express themselves to express ideas of something that happens to them some things I want to talk about maybe even professional um expertise or something like that so the 1st some boring practice would be practices that allow people to express themselves they don't do it only to express themselves but to the 2nd thing to connect to other people to come and engage in conversations to discuss things to discuss things that a prisoner relevant to them and the 3rd practice books are able to to help us do is come to they help us to filter information to share knowledge with each other to gain new knowledge by filtering and distributing information for these 3 practices are some sort of at the at the heart of loading it is from my perspective but then as I said before there is no such thing as the block and and there's so many different practices topics cultures languages as the variables 70 said there are like them literally hundreds of millions of borders or their sold you could say that there are literally more than hundreds of millions of blogging practices so that I go to my 2nd argument and what is the what are the similarities what if you look at the way people use the tools to engage in discussions you might find that all of them all over the different blogs if I'm 1 similar some structure and that is blogs allow for distributed conversations that is what the colleague from the Netherlands the economical that the people who use blocks comment on each other's blogs they link to each others blogs they get to take arguments and refine them they share some knowledge and so they're this to was stations which connect different blocks so in this respect blocks are different space than for example chat rooms or and social network sites for discussion boards because blogs of the conversations between blocks are distributed over different places so this leads a 2nd part of the argument but if we have a look at the different distributed conversations this means that not all blogs are connected to all each other blocks in the in the international blogospheres but them they arts centers and distributions that might spend different cultures on different topics so in the end they let them reach what do other people have researched on national or language blogospheres there's a lot of amazing work out there where people visualize national blogospheres for example you see some work here by John Kelly and who some map networks of interconnected blocks for example the French policy to the left of the Iranian blogosphere to the right and you can see I won't go into detail with these visualisations but conceived from just from looking at them that they have in the whole network structure is different the different centers and if you want to do so a minimum of these some clusters you might see OK well this is a the class of people blog about it's a fashion or above about politics of put them but about religion so 2nd argument would be the single block fulfills different functions but the connections between the blogs through hyperlinks through comments to check breaks some help for so it distributed conversations and networks of connected blocks but the 3rd argument
then is some while the topic of what do we know
actually about the international was fear and from the research so perspective I'd say well unfortunately we don't know very much we we don't even know some things about some national blogospheres by by by John Kelly for example is work but and there's and there's been no really comparative studies comparing for example from the different practices of people flooding in the United States and in Bangladesh or in France and in India for example so that's something we as a researcher we as researchers have to work on what i'd argues that I want to often be focused on the dominant model of the US blogosphere as sort of the the role model of blogging and some but I'd say that but I'd argue that by looking only at the US model we probably and neglect sum of the parts to the particularities of national blogospheres because in the United States blogs dominance of the model of blocking them well this something special it's it's positions against them the journalism the practice of journalism some see it as a sort of substitute this for journalism some argue the blocks complement journalism but then I'd say that is only part of the story and we would you really should do is look at look deeper look and compare different cultures of logging compare different languages and with the most important thing to
compare different topics and I'm only by doing that we really get to to get an understanding of what the international the blogosphere's or about edge it to be honest that's why I'm so glad to be here because was that we as researchers failed and to really do and this still some diversity of what's really just as agreed that that that Botshabelo come as some form of them so the 1st sensor for many many years now has some sort of gave gave out the bobble wards to and to honor and to sort of bringing to light these differences and the the really the but the good examples what bargaining can do in different countries that's why I'm proud to be part of the part of the the bob Awards that's why I'm looking forward to the winners of this year's that this is a what's thank you and thank you very much things have been with us
today in the right to decide who deserves to win a Bob's was stability has brought together in
international jury some bloggers from all around the world some new media experts have traveled he had to build from a lot of different countries that come from China Orion Indonesia Iran and Brazil France Russia and the US and of course they here tonight as wouldn't and you get up so you sell so let's give a round of applause to outdo each other but what well and I hear it's been very very hard to decide who should win it took too strenuous days of discussing and voting and so on so forth and we actually standing with the camera and so let's have a look at what happens behind closed doors at but bad it be but at but you all work the other than that of the world we
behind this tool to these generated choosing the best that of when I was exactly is that there is a lack of knowledge in international jury members and most interesting so next significance that it has a lot of blood flow here is that the title of the 172 displacement you know it also it seems quite easy in him to debate about the best of knowledge is obviously consuming all the
mental resources but what makes it so difficult to choose the best of the Web Logs very difficult because they have different criteria materials to they want to use 1 of the
language of force some part you can't understand the content so you can't understand there the the beauty of the languages claimed that the tension in the morning it wasn't really difficult because we where the sort of consensus many of the knowledge that 1 1 with the overwhelming majority but I think the real computational started optimal session with the bigger prizes you even during the next jury
members need to drink and the constant totally engrossed in the discussion groups what means and what's interesting is that we can get the distance from other people of the other people in the jury that may bring things that he would never be able to to know by yourself like even in the beginning of the internet in the immediate the that you to understand the whole picture that county minute break is word and the jury's back work next see what has made so important in the last couple of years yeah I open platform to say what the people want to protect whatever the every year and you build new discussions and you win as we are now in the last hour of the session and the jury is only 1 step away from the final result about how to and the good at the time of it's been a long day and time of the injury has come to a decision and the results I have there are currently tests that well will
find out in a minute just what they've decided the BOP what's let me tell you they are the largest
international weblog along the was the largest as we had because blogs in 11 different languages are eligible for voting languages such as a rabbit Bengali Chinese Indonesian all urgent to name just a few no let's get started with the wars and for that I would like to introduce 1 member of our international jury to you he is an award-winning writer and journalist he is editor-in-chief of a blog called media shift of PBS PBS is the American non profit public broadcasting service he also writes regularly for the Online Publishers Association and in his Twitter account he introduces himself as editor-in-chief of PBS negation of the rights not a day and a thing at and a ridiculous makeup which I really like please welcome with me from the that's not later but at my ridiculous maker is
standing here that was terrible as possible my friend some of his staff and it seems to me that unlike many other journalists you quite excited about the new media and all the options that it can have all the opportunities that can can bring for traditional media tell us more well I think a lot of people talk about crisis in journalism and how journalism is going to hell in everyone's losing their jobs but I think there's also a flipside that there's a lot of digital jobs being created and there's a lot of opportunity for people who work in professional journalism bloggers and other people to have their voice heard on the Internet to be will start a blog started start a podcast started video channel and get the word out so it's the democratization of media that excites me because it's letting more voices in the conversation it's not about media telling us what's going on it's about us fact checking and doing the work of journalists well so the chance for jealous also not a threat so everyone get out the directly work together and create something even better in while let's see somewhat you keynote speech were waiting for a OK but so the 1st award goes you it's the best web log in Arabic and it goes to the 0 sum of log by the sum of Roman be will not use only and size is a Jordanian who writes about social issues he speaks to the entire Arab world covers politics social issues the economy and you and release the cell tear world of about important issues that matter to them next up is the best web in Bengali
and where it is all the monads block but the other and all is known as a pioneer in the young
Bengali blogosphere which you'll hear a little bit more about later but he writes in a very simple style here's a humorous take on politics and social issues in daily life but is the winner of the best single label next up is the best
weblog in Chinese and the winner is ck named by which is written by jeez in industry these young water writes about technology and free access to the internet he discusses read that he discusses on his blog the recent decision of Google to not stop censoring its website he represents the young generation in China it's wired smart and socially conscious and then the next best Bob's
best weblog winter is in English and the winner is talk Morocco this group weblog that is actually an open discussion and debate on social issues in Morocco and for people in the diaspora used to live in Morocco living elsewhere in the world is a forum for bloggers to discuss taboos in restricted topics that don't usually go into the mainstream media in Morocco recently they have a discussion about International Women's Day and about women's issues and Moroccan give it up for for the torque Morocco bald have the next fall to winter is the best weblog in
French and when there is a lot more elected by adding this they that it is she is known for her beautiful writing which goes back to the roots of blogging is a personal diary she's a woman mother and business owner and she writes about global events give up for the best level inference and finally the domestic award the bottom the
best level in Germany and it goes to dear 1st year by stuff on she from some of you may know this 1
they are beloved satirical paper but that that includes the story about joining the and the Catholic church was a new trend happening is modeled on the on a satirical American newspaper and it is written in the style of the newspaper that also influence the media developed for the best level or injure have thinking that thanks and congratulations to the winners are there we've got the Lifestream and life logging of cluster we should have some excited bloggers out there now well now once more will try to get closer to the core of what logging means in our society today for democracy especially and especially when it comes to the traditional media and politics I will speak about that with 2 members of our international jury please let's welcome states you seem only on and end of 5 things that during the thank you and so let me introduce Lucy it's quite an interesting job he fights for jails cyber dissidents and reporters she have politicians and the works tirelessly with the mainstream media to get the point across to the works for Reporters Without Borders in and then have but instead with me hands is a German blog 1 of the most well the well known German bloggers you love is 1 of the most red ones according to a bunch of blocked shots common well it says that and I think that is also very critical insightful analytical and they've got grateful to monetize I love them so that's the end thank you for joining us today both of you so he ends in an hour of Western democracy where we are quite lucky and we have the freedom of press more or less why do we need political bloggers at all if you see the public in and compare it to a bunch of flowers there are processes that the use and ontologies and you can do it all non-stochastic circles about the people the the media doesn't represent and the whole scalable and you only have to look at for example the quality of their original and to cover the whole of the whole bunch of on the 2 cost things that are a bit media and they don't really much complexity in the media and and public lands across different and so on that's all in my opinion a function of the blocks of the pictures we use can all take the flowers the like that's great but if it against what would you say honesty what would you say are examples where you feel that the traditional media has made the males in their reporting so this the biggest failure or most of the energy crisis and you don't have a true to kill our coverage of financial systems before the financial crisis appeared them and international markets you you have this critical of articles in for the 2 weeks ago I think that and study from what where much different has been published and on the restructuring of they can look at the coverage of the classic media but targets shoulder because Chairman of good news of format and the other big papers and they came to conclusion that a the media failed on full-scale and of you and you can also pretty well known example is that you know must American media didn't challenge enough the at Bush annotation claims regarding weapons of mass destruction in the run-up to the war in Iraq think that's 1 of the and well most well known examples are in another country like Malaysia as well as a traditional media are known for being the propaganda of the government and that is the country where the bloggers are actually is the 1 that I must be by the people when something is published online this is what people tend to believe in the small not so different from Germany Random look at some of the Afghanistan war for example so you don't fall into the front of the original crew were recently broke the 1 Afghanistan on what because media so it's different on the public opinion of structure since the model at the center of the public opinion they're against this war so about the source of public opinion and the press submit on our approach in well we we'll talk a bit more about the difficulties that bloggers face in Internet restricting countries later but with full knowledge examples in the ground in China we are very lucky in our western democracies so what would you to say what challenges do bloggers phase here as in Germany however you can't compare it to other countries like China or like that and so on but it certainly not want to want to be a part of the public opinion want to I want to go to the people that are the mistaken but most serious and people who don't have much experience with the internet albeit distrust of of distrust more process the trust the classic media and Of course this is the reason they are when you read about a coordinated approach of warping aggressive media always have is always in will be documented uh I the models on outside units or in some cases just drop rules it's not something not possible money talking about international and can but uh lot what can be viewed as form of 1 set of rules that make more you number of that you know about the fight you and then you will article room at the result of Florida but will went on them to so you see what you think you've worked in a
lot of countries and with bloggers in a lot of countries the Internet restricting countries what do you think output blogosphere learn from lovers around the world how could they all support each other better yeah well and Reporters
Without Borders it deals with a lot of countries that to restrict Internet of press freedom more generally speaking and it's true that when you look at those bloggers they can spend years in jail for a picture or a plus 2 main so we they have another perspective about writing and I I think it's something bloggers here and in our democratic countries can learn from and the fact that it's important to be covering stories of general interest for is a public it's important to continue to hold those in empowers a comfortable and something else it's important to show solidarity and with the people who do not experience the same sort of a freedom of expression we have it as something very simple would be that any of us here can actually take part in this fight against censorship at you just go online and you don't know what would you don't know the 1 of those as software that helps people get around censorship like toward for instance in the new computer can be part network of computers being used by an Iranian or Chinese bloggers and Internet users to help them get around the Great Firewall so that's a very easy thing to do and that it would help greatly forward as a defense of online free speech worldwide in right so I'm sure if anyone wants to offer the computer to bloggers and they don't know how they can ask Lucy after program chair and they can go online on a web site w w that are assembled already and she kept or as we we have a guided specifically for bloggers inside the distance so we have a lot of details on these techniques mine great well thank you too for joining me thank you very much for being with us today and you know moment now already it's time for me to call my place them back onto the stage to hand out some more Bob's the words since this some language wants to some so let's give them a round of applause theories I see that coming from my might be eigen and when you guys were voting and discussing I was very briefly allowed into the holy holds off the during reading the the whole thing could well tell me 1st of all and I you guys still speaking with each other for the most part I think people were still speaking to each other in a real reactor there's a lot of camaraderie among major jury members of I think you know we do get into some pretty heated debates and arguments we do still kind of kiss and make up afterward so tried and I wasn't there something things I think it not mean we had you know it's very hard to decide upon you had yet took a long time what made it hard for you personally to decide on well I think the difficulties of the just so many good blogs the nominated finalists and it's just very difficult to choose among them because 1 could be good for something in 1 can be good for something else and once humorous and ones but you know obscene ones and using incredible so they're just they're all over the map when you look at what's so sometimes it's difficult to make that decision and in the case of 1 very heated debate between myself and another jury member of the other jury members can talked himself out of and so that's our time I think there is much all of them right well let's not make economies and they all laughing about that's not make a number the words are consistent with the that's not not make nominees wait any longer please go ahead presents a wallets so next time it is In the box is the best web log in Indonesia and the winner is contents on Ringelmann 99 and you know I don't think so and this weblog looks at
social problems and history from Malay perspective and the motto of this water is used at my women with no deadlines so that given the Indonesian the next 1 is the best weblog version in the winter it is what kind of country do you live in a group blog which 27 men and women and this weblog is a minimalist sarcastic and critical view of society and politics neurons and the blog title is put at the end of each post what kind of country do you live with this kind of kind of an ironic comment on life in Iran that yeah that's what next up is the bob hope for the best weblog in Portuguese
and the winner is to seek out and out of the way to you Jr this 1 is about physics by
physics teacher who makes it very easy to understand it a fun way of learning about physics topic that a lot of people don't necessarily like but a lot of other people would like to have this blog translated in other languages so they can understand physics more but he also shows people of color 3 D movies were in 1 of his blog posts due the best level Portuguese had the next is the best weblog in Russia and
the winner is next on you'll just have and this is what about people and a rational
behavior should is a woman who can combined coverage of new gadgets and technology With all books and tradition you that's weblog in Russia and finally the last last but not least the ball the
best level in Spanish and the winner is love well done and we will do soon here Ricardo by Ricardo rebuild this is a lot that you have
to love it's about a couple of that on the 25th anniversary there there from Spain and decided to travel the world and write about it on the blog I mean it's a journal of their adventures and they also give out information for others who wanted to make a similar trip around the world to give up the best level or instead things not thinking the winners of course will have
some more awards to come so was seen in the back here again soon but now let's move on to something very different something that this set of events that we're gonna be talking about now gave a new dimension to the importance of the Internet and blogs in particular in June 2009 elections were being held in Iran and present of Medina . 1 again his main opponents mirrors and was somebody called the election results a dangerous straight and that was the beginning of 1 of the biggest protest movements in Iranian history the government as usual used violence to suppress the protests but people still took to the streets on June 20th 2009 riot police was disbursed was sent out to dispose of a group of demonstrators and a young woman was shot and died her death became known as a symbol of the green revolution through the internet on next report has more on that I with the path back I at to that good to if i room and onlooker was a mobile
phone captured made out solid tons just on video and broadcast around the world on the internet web users posted thousands of messages on Twitter and blogs as well as videos and photos World Wide Web sites carried green bananas and other DAs to show solidarity with the demonstrators at all so where is this became a powerful
symbol of the struggle for human rights in Iran as demonstrators disputed the presidential election results since 1979 voicing
dissent or produced in the Islamic Republic of Iran is considered blasphemy we're dissidents being brought to court with world of in the weeks following the disputed presidential elections in 2009 some 4 thousand protesters dissident journalists and politicians were injured and arrested many thrown into prison and protests however continue and uh uh uh I've got a situation and the situation of the freedom of the restaurant is getting worse all international journalists set free and then asked to leave the country and what we fear it will soon be no more International Journal is always going around the Sun Iranian journalists are also being arrested in large numbers at least 34 and present on hold the universal international broadcasters like the BBC and don't usually have been jammed here on has become 1 of the world's worst offenders against press freedom we don't want to over the international media were
barred around after the elections but decision still managed to post videos of protests and riots on social networking sites such as YouTube and Facebook period government is putting bloggers on trial and blocking the sites but they still managed to outward state censorship on the Internet remains the voices of free expression for the people while William more about the censorship of bloggers in Iran and the situation there anyway from our uranium to remember which I'd like to introduce to you know she is an Iranian journalists the woman's right activists and bloggers in around the world woman is being filtered in search engine supposedly because the authorities are scared of women's rights groups and lobbyists say that she is 1 of the women the government is end of my 1st impression when I met her was that she very strong and very determined she got arrested in Tehran in 2007 when she was on my way to the cyber journalism workshops they imprisoned they kept there for 2 days they searched her house they kept a passport for quite a while they're watching her every move after that's another example is security guards once told her that he knew the secret password to a private blog and I really loved her reaction she told him to use it and post something please welcome on stage promised safety what what would it be I think you very much
thanks for coming in light there's please tell me I would love to know that's experience you had with the security guard to new your password was that the most maybe blatant example of censorship experienced by but it's very hard to say if it was the worst 1 not because many of you know in censorship become part of your routine and daily life it's really hard to and to choose specific things but I can't say that I was very shocked and my 1st reaction set that I just hysterically started laughing and so then why are why aren't you come blogging mean means that if you have access to everything it maybe we can block together but after that I just came to that conclusion that that's that's the situation and I have to use myself to accept the fact that I am living in a house with glass walls and everything on doing the right thing is monitored by them if you could learn yourself to cope with that then artistic and continue what you doing I don't think any of us can imagine what that's like well in a few minutes you'll have the opportunity to ask Thomas a few questions about before we get started with that and I would like to love you would like to use a keynote speech this so that it can cause this table of k but but where getting defined journalists and bloggers in jails and 3rd of all those in all those journalist in jail all around the world and on site at least 51 was arrested after the presidential election in Iran and now just released unveiled and more than 20 media as which were banned during recent mounds Islamic Republic of Iran is again the biggest prison of journalists and 1 of the biggest enemies of freedom of expression in the work In most cases authorities have filed charges such as propagation against the regime insulting authorities and destructing public order but in many cases many cases of the journalists and bloggers are just kept in secrecy and without even formal charges ever being disclose Islamic of Republic of you want systematically and the got and was the media's just recently 36 parliamentarian who support Mahadevan engineers are presented at the yield on their which detain government opponents including the activities would be regarded as a more hardware which means enemies of God who should be executed within a maximum of 5 days of their arrest the authorities continuously shut down or reward the media's license and 1 side defining more and more red lines for the few referees media as which are still could work in Iran but we can't you can imagine such a kind of atmosphere blogging and internet from the very beginning has a functioning role as well as being used as an alternative media you among the 1st group of Iranian bloggers many of their direct families newspapers journalists who could not the right freely in their daily on their magazines so they started blogging and with what they cannot stay in office media in their blog do you suffer the use of the Internet and like as an alternative media is just the expanded more and more during the years because the censorship is just differently grew more and more much has written but must has returned and said about how uranium young people how uranium journalist of bloggers or you use intended to do express themselves or criticizing the government but you have said about how Iranian authorities use technology and intended to identify itself press and control us uranium cyber activist Internet in its 1st decade of presence in year 1 enjoyed and more or less free situation the government did not start restricting the access to Internet to 2002 initially they Iranian authorities use the filtering system to stop the Iranian people from having access to pornographic websites this land was done successfully after approximately 6 million 612 website where block and I should say from the Iranian people and that time there was not much of criticize them against what the government did but that their plans stopping anti-government web blogs and websites started 2 years later from 2004 it was almost the same time that the Romanian authorities start to control the speed of the internet to and don't let and didn't let any individual or companies to have access to the high-speed Internet and you know this republics filtering system and they started 1st filtering the weblog was not very developed initially but it was that at the 1st phase it was like the individual personal should see and search for those about blogs and websites that their contents model and might be a against the rules of Islamic Republic and the block the address passing this kind of filtering was also not it was also easy you just need a proxy addressed to pass this kind of filtering but although this old proxy technique were sufficient in blocking to many of their blogs it has not been success it has not been successfully performing all of the Iranian authorities gold was consequently there any and security officers have been thinking of adopting new system gradually they developed the system more and more about new technologies from China for more effective filtering very after installing the new systems and equipment even if your web page contains certain boards like like women's movement or sex it would be blocked regardless of the content of your that blood you all security agency don't come up with a new solution to this problem based on the the national filtering intelligence banks which we call it an affine then FIDE combines the current matter which is filtering the keywords and the and now it evaluates the content of the web sites and the new system also uses personnel in addition to robot software to search for all those weblog websites which contains the words order constant which according to them is against their their rule and values but this situation just got to a very dangerous point of and the Revolutionary Guard of the Islamic Republic started to involved in censoring the internet Revolutionary Guard you should know is not the oficial army of the country but it it is actually an army which was a started to work during the year on and walk walk and during the years they become like the most powerful institution in you want in many aspects politically economy 3 unknowns and storing the internet as well as the Revolutionary Guard had involved in Internet source you gradually became really demeaning Institute which we should be fear about which of them you know that had before the before they are starting to censor the Internet the authorities knowledge about the internet was really really limited they were not really well known about what is going on in there in in the cyber cyber um the cyber space I remember the 1st time I was asked to the Intelligence Ministry of you want for interrogations and that time I alongside some of my friends an online magazine and they were just asking lots of questions from me that's where I is the place that the staff of magazine meet each other and just try to describe them that each of us sitting in our house behind our laptop and do our job we don't need an actual place in to meet each other this is cyberspace it's different but it was very hard for them to understand and to get what I mean but when the Revolutionary Guards in turn that into into in this field in order knowledge was also expanded so much because they entered in a very organized way what they did they attracted young young Muslims with a very very good knowledge about technology and Internet for their agenda because they believe just sent soaring and controlling the Internet is not enough and 51 and if they want to reduce what what so-called bayes college battle they have to spread their own propaganda and mobilize their own supporters in the cyber space as well as from 2 user suddenly now blocks if you you're the number of really just blocks Norway altered Islamic Republic values and the supreme leader of the country increased so much and they establish their own their blood groups seminars with the government of widgets and help and the their Internet department also made a very famous dangerous a website which called give box they set the goal of this website is destroying all the anti-religion anti-regime websites so far the members of this website hiked several Uranian their blogs and news websites identifying some of the Internet Activities through the eyepiece arresting them force them to come to the national state TV conferencing that they are enemies of God spies of western countries and responsible for cyber
Warren propaganda against Islamic regime that person of the internet Department of revolutionary guards are also very active in Iranian for rules common section of U-tube regarding any video related to crisis in year 1 and famous political weblogs to push their own propyl gone down start fights with the the God also allow all officially announced what it what they called Iranian Cyber Army these mutual army now became the pioneer of what we call outside the territories and they attacked green movement news website critical that blogs and at some point they even had to reader for fuel outwards which if you start to each around that time this message conduct the site has been hacked by year-end inside the Army US 18 controlling and manager Internet wider access but they don't really control and manage Internet by our power so do not try to stimulate the Iranian people but in reality they also hold the 1st cyber was sending out recently in Tehran to discuss and find better solutions to win what they called this battle of right themselves again is wrong uranium compliments the Revolution got also pushes the ones judiciary to pass rep crime log just before the election so by the time of election day together in ways that they are going to monitor all the blocks and the social networking websites and news websites and other that and that's actually what they really do because that was not just a threat delta parties had also about current Internet control facility from Nokia and Siemens country and now they are able to control each individual e-mails chats and etc. we have lots of cases after the election that if a cyber activist or blogger a journalist arrested after he or she released at that they they said that the 1 of the 1st things they show them in their interrogation was the presence of the charts for their in or the e-mails as an actual and now now the authorities off you want 1 to in a in a straight national trying in order to avoid Internet users from receiving outside information with help of their Chinese brothers want all these years provide necessary since social equipments for them now by all these restrictions on the internet users way to pass through the sound or may actually not normally there are various means of passing through the filter but 2 of them are the most common you want the 1st met at he's using that pages that acts as an anti filter the user signs in types specific addressing the relevant part and enters the site but you know this method is not very usable anymore because the disadvantage of the method is that the web page itself could be filtered which already happened for many many of them and to filter websites but the section that that is there are now techniques which use and filter soft words rather than on the future pictures such as old trust their free date energy pass which are the most popular filtering software is in Iran and in in relation to all trust so the uranium from during system have haven't have unfortunately again being able to somehow acts as the port of the of the size of the of the software but it is still the most common way to pass through the censorship but it is not just something that since Internet field turning common stand so as to prevent the the public from having access to information and the free cyber space it it it is not that it is not only has the popularity of the blogs and publication on freedom of speech and democracy not being decreased at all but also because of the excitement of access to the true information and on some sort information at this website and that blogs has been dramatically more popular actually the post-election crisis in year 1 I guess shows all of us that how uranium bloggers and Web 2 users act as the main source of information to tell the world what's going on inside the wrong analysis of free media and defined media as in a way I agree with Iranian Revolutionary Guard that we are in the man in the middle of a cyber war sometimes they are the ones who achieve their goals sometimes we are the ones which he verticals but we should remember that the greatest mistake repeatedly made by the selfish government like Islamic Republic of Iran is the force the repression of freedom of speech thank you thank you have and instead of with me wow what a speech lot of information there that with me please thanks to the well I'm happy now to ask you guys to pose any questions that the microphone over there please raise your hand and can see very well but I'll try their anyone who's going to question the why people get organized fun as anything I a I read that you had to move to the Netherlands because being controlled so strictly by the Iranian government how is this change how we can work going to exactly mean how does the changes I have you've got a lot more options now obviously what he wants you know what can you do now to help of bloggers in Iran from the net line as I tried to find you know new proxies where website address for my friends wires stealing you wanna working so hard or introducing new software or because for buying some of the software is you need to buy them from the come from the online shops which are mostly in Europe and it's it's not possible for most of the Iranians to shop online from the European store so I tried to buy them and passed them with the necessary equipment to pass through the filters and so that's an option that's an option that maybe some other bloggers internationally could use as well to help you well yes that is that is really helpful if they could do if they could well is that someone who's going a question then of raise your hands the the weightings this is your chance William you yes figure out so I can see that happening because this is such that but I was wondering 0 my whether you have an opinion word some of your fellow activists in on the basis of attract you're going on about control and security on the internet so deep packet inspection and stuff like that and it's usually western companies that supplied the infrastructure and the technology to come be used for controlling information technology in countries like Iran in countries like China it's Siemens it's smoky Cisco Systems is that discussion about that in your country well yes there was like 3 months after the election there was huge talks about because Iranian public opinion is is is so upset
about when they find out that Siemens and note yada responsible countries who who sell their necessary equipments to the government and you want to control chats and e-mails as well and are actually a campaign was also initiated to byte code all this Siemens and Nokia products in countries which is still goes on still many of the activities decided that are not gonna buy anything from Nokia and Siemens anymore and although uh at 1 point no just said we didn't know that the government if you 1 once this equipment for controlling that people which is actually something I personally don't believe it but it is not it is not enough answer for anyone and guess people talks about it and that is 1 of the that is 1 of the main things many of the Uranian or opponents wondered if you want to help me to help us in our fight what we need is free access to information and what we need is that you are not helping the Iranian government for more controlling and soaring and suppression Watson the thank you another question M I now have the been but in in Germany and in other countries in the you was the rest of the world of it was and is a big discussion board in this Internet and this is but if you look at your own experiences and you and you think it is ridiculous what the mother knowing tenants censorship in all countries ridiculous for me as I told you at the 1st phase of censorship in Iran was also started by pornographic and sex trial website which as following about the european countries what goes on in the European Union again there are lots of discussions about restricting the access to pornographic websites for many of them from me it is a serious issue I don't think he and restricting access to to information in any countries is is a ridiculous thing I think that's good that many German bloggers are are very about paying attention to this and they are 1 of 2 something against this it is not funny at all another question someone testing you Figure 2 questions the 1st 1 is our you have any knowledge of about readers like it is it more like an intellectual people from Tehran or is it all over the country I mean probably it's not like the access to the Internet at this so over a wrong yes I have no actually it's much more than what you thought according to their latest offer some statistics of the Government 25 million of the Iranians using internet in a databases and that many many Iranians and small cities and villages also have access to internet there right plots the treats and they read blogs and things and in my my readers also it's a very as you like and say well most of them are like a young group of people leaving living in big cities are living in outside of you wrong but there are also lots of readers among small cities or even I know like sometimes receive receive e-mails from from all the people living in villages and things so I can't say it's a diverse community and the 2nd question is if you do you have any experience of like using new technologies to sensitive like darkness or and also like protecting moral system on numbers unfortunately because I'm not living anymore there I'm not personally need them to use them but because I following the news it is not still very common in because of you know a ball in in all the new technologies you are talking about you should consider the fact that the government of you want to to control the speed of the internet so we don't have a really high speed Internet like most other countries and for any any any new technology if it wants to the applicator all it should be you should consider that the that to introduce something the the limitations of the speed of Internet there is 1 workers to the last 1 I have for the standard possible ability of translation of of frozen continent into English or so now I don't get a question he then please it is is it is the antigens into translated the morals of our our our so I can read them was about using the mission I guess could has the Persian translation section and also version english so you can use it to translate some of this stuff but it to you knowledge of any bloggers in and that of logging in English but yes there are lots of uranium bloggers with I can give you after that the name of the website which contains most of the uranium will blow of Iranian bloggers with like in English to their links and you can access a right thinking I think have to leave it at that let's give a big round of applause for planners thank you very much the previous contribution thank you so much thank well and now it's time to me again to call mark up on states it's time to hand out the main awards of the box they unknown specific and they have the Reporters Without Borders of what's the best video block the best part
quantum and I was going to a topic awards the alignments that were not going to do you think OK became
before it's really serious awards research with the blog versus the words the weird strange and funny on blogs and in this category we actually couldn't decide 1 winners we picked 2 winners of the 1st Winter is blogs still allow all by Victor were teenagers and which have this 1 literally had rolling on the floor it so funny it's basically fictional blog posts written by famous dead people like Andy Warhol mounted on and Lady Di so we were we really enjoyed it it's pretty it's pretty good and the other 1 that 1 is called wake up Mr. Green a Russian blocked by Terry international it has and that 1 has a lot of drawings photos collages an eccentric ideas using creations give up the Russian what weight of considering a lot next up is the best podcasts
and the winner best podcast is cajun French tutorials by Jim later balance right watching doesn't give tutorials in the cage language which is a former colonial language in the US in Louisiana so that was used by the French in the 16th century he gives lessons on how to learn Cajun and reads the probable signing Cajun he keeps a language alive helps to nurture the roots of occasions developed for general idea that have and then we have the best video awards when you're in for a treat it and actually a piece
of the winner is Mr. Freeman who is an anonymous Russian man we think and those animated character makes misanthropic and wicked acts like he he directs of a lot of his invective against the Internet community and his messages wake up and start thinking for yourself check it out up the ceiling that you might we would need thinking and the of all of the line is happening but that has passed around the keys and you can have time needed and
that it would be much more preliminary analysis and what you and that the sum now I I but I look at in the
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I think this I something not think you know what you don't like the found will work and the main what's on formal will go in but the just 1 comment on that particular blog and there were 720 comments on the wall and videos of you knows about performance itself obviously but we also have the honor of a totally different know we have the Reporters Without Borders of war which goes out to a blogger who are you take seriously and advances of free speech in different parts of the world and the winner of that award is we are journalists version what was the 1 year old and she's a
hero of free expression in around and you she's written about interrogation techniques and people who have been jailed and in in prisons Iran after the 2000 after the last year's elections and she's been arrested 3 times and her husband is currently serving a seven-year sentence in jail in Iran and she takes the hero at us step of actually writing about what goes on in prisons neurons was here for we are journalists here that to have the head and at the last 2nd to last words is are a special topic this year the special topic is climate change and the winter is voluminous 0 by Bruno resented Portuguese what and this is a
actually a young group of Brazilian bloggers who write about ecotourism and environmental consciousness and they do the use creative videos to make people think about consumption and over-consumption give up for climate change winter test has about with the best overall well what would you don't go way too fast think well like the International blogosphere and barber the ever growing this year we've added and new language category which is then golly and I would not now like to to ask our jury member from Bangladesh to come up on stage with me she's a real pioneer outcome of the Dana thanks for joining us this this thing that travels down the content you started the 1st blog in Bengali in Bangladesh when he started he told me there were 30 bloggers bonding and now it's 45 thousand and you told me that there's something quite special and unique about logging in Bengali for you what is that they have now actually when we started in 2005 and there was only only blogging in English and there was certainly in the 240 bloggers from the blog meaning and Aristotle combine them and their now ladies and more than 6 46 thousand light years using yeah and at that there there very important for us to environment based on of a spatial find right now the bloodiest involvement based in band that is very much comedian the orientation and it is not a valid virtues of primer so when you say community are intended not but still you mean that people actually meet they need to have frequently yeah that sounds like fun here that's you some more about living in
Bangladesh yearly thank you the the of to this time at 14 we celebrated and the bond that means here in band level it is Saturday bringing out the based of unleaded it is very important for us as an EU nations to preside our own cultural traditions and languages in the word of strong media Influence I would like to use our own sort of forced predicting the bloodiest Germany's she had any separated harassment alter the local name we use in on the bottom there are large which means the sound of their endowments perhaps it is the sound of the medium on body British then the United Nations declared 21st February as International Mother Tongue data in respect of my countrymen they sacrificed their lives for the year 1 languages in 1950 to it is therefore an honor for me to be applied are actually the team and and and the company that many blogging among the possible in mind and that in 2005 a at bit of we are very social and very community oriented people environment there's only good I do it to say that domination is possible the country in the world we them also Liberia's belonging in blog communities become belongs to the leaves us to our collective strange actively and presenting preserving free speech and open criticism the 2 years in 2007 and 2008 our country was under emergency military who would lead straight to monitoring of the media the steel we Romagna break and had no at each of interfaces have from the government at by that to on on me I have various chance bloggers who would there's more themselves that her all to data larger their organizations have made as so lead and improve PAC of an impact what are the main and powerful blog we come to our leader and we we got fantastic you need the kind of of community involvement that this these are matching and resourceful people did the largest age group these treaties 5 to 55 years they are now more and more becoming that would be me and make it we often see the bloggers are the main source of information and and this situation when CD is issues of pairs the other bloggers obviously right about quality released in the and social issues at the same time there strong campaigns for bringing this important issues I'm needed success achieved at national agenda I'm very proud of our strong ideas and there was that the the impact they have on our country to gather we how big is that our culture's tried online media moving fast to words of blinding makes waves in a country like Bangladesh and bloggers become generally and writers what comes next is to bring down the blogging to their 15 million mobile users of bond lending me we sky the PC all in Bangladesh has only 1 . 5 million active internet users under the publications of 100 and 50 t the median people steal in just more than 40 years we have created a blog community in law know that 40 6 thousand blood there's in Bonn we host APCoP approximately 75 per cent of the bond of bloggers in the Lord our sex they start there is a high and the good of more than a do same and they're not communities the this is the seat of our blood supply down he did he did he . 7 or 8 lines that thank you the and thank you very much of the length of say and we stand down now that was and now finally it's time to hand out the last call of all our awards tonight not where you please come up here again and I have to know how much to now let us know 1 Tom but I would say that this happens
again it's fine unlike the oscars you don't have to so the midnight find out 1 the best weblog the best weblog overall before say wanna just give a special mention to the runner-up which was the on blog out of China was given the current the this user excellent blogger about social issues and about and he is also a race car driver and just excellent writer but the winner of best weblog overall goes to the issue here blog founded by of and characters the case in Africa it's an English-language
blogs and gives insight into the she projects happening around the world who she he needs testimony in Swahili and is an open-source non-profit mapping platform that helps people around the world not crises and disasters it began during the post-election violence in Kenya in 2008 was used to track people in trouble after the Haiti earthquake people use the service but they basically if they were in a in a spot violence there's trouble in Haiti they would send through an SMS message or on the web they were make a report to what was going on there and and other relief agencies actually use the map to find people who are in trouble and when save them from the rubble so what would be around laws of the water no as you probably know most most the winners were actually not here because we just made the decision on the the actually coming to the storage of of global media Foreman born in June but by just by happenstance coincidence from 1 of the issue he team is actually here in Berlin for the Republic a conference and his name is Victor McCulloch and I hope this year come up and just say a word about as long like in the intermediate make the connection latency what or combinations of metals and then please for
you well we have quite a bit too much heating but enough time and most of our friends or traveling the world so I think we are currently having small meeting tree to a string of letters treatise but in the states I know that it's going to receive such an life but I of don't crowdsourced we get information from various people including little 3 personalities such as the occurrence of 1 that my and other folks from of the things thank you from the last thing that we live in their trial and then they're we've come to the end of this year's Bob so what I would now like to to ask all of our jury members at 1 stage to my promise them kissing money-making up so let's see what happens there if you want more more truth about the blogosphere what what's more of it all as marks that you can visit the doctor valid global New Media Forum which will take place at the beginning June 24 In bonds in Germany hopefully all of the award-winning bloggers from around the world will be there and that like to me that video but only that has interesting opinions you can find more information on the bobsled site which is Bob start and now it's time for all of to say goodbye to you thank you very much for coming have the good nite and have people blogging thank you How to interfere with at time of the the the the the and was 2nd half of the 2 nodes if things that I'm going to expect you to think about it again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and
again and again and again and again and again and again according
to the extent to which we can expect that the expansion of the universe again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again