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Classical Physics Lecture 5
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so with some the basic friend of all play unionized black description with energy to the about of 30 chair in the back gray-haired have but it work them what works energy yes for 3rd of that it would have kinetic energy will gather you know that here a common way pesos duties on matter answer is not something he he nailed them physically earned that's fine but we have various kinds of energy right the observer the world this manic energy which is energy emotion where although energy it more and where and then there is the potential energy which less stored energy and for example potential energy gravity is and Jean H. energy after the allegedly grabbed wrote 8 distance between those 2 position the 2 examples right energy and very useful crush that because know this concern mean that of energy university functions I'm it some of whom if they were really thinking you need to beat the drop the universe look for energy in the universe that some foreign entities sir there are very unusual we thought would I think we were dealing with a small fracture the universe Irvine a relatively large truck In the course of of the interview glow interim reminded her in what we say about me and told energy her off much foreign university Eds if you blow the interview getting varying earned the ceremonies however so that you work a smaller system right In another policy which is called from the rest of the universe barrier a separate King or something of its smaller systems from the rest of the universe and it has no connection with any stated that energy concern no energy transfer from the as India and ripping so what is it useful will met in an example from over stadium look still in your room prayers and think about Angela G. of this look at the polls the show they so think about the reason I'm points so it's not Michelle it halfway there for it just before the sale of all or part of TV's precise just above the low end of think about With Connecticut urging potential energy in each case those kinetic energy with the kinetic energy would still homage 0 5 not moving Europe can and can't really cool sitting on the shelf the society is MGH G so that this book is masked 1 kilogram and as high as 1 meter right so that this is 1 this is 1 of the 9 . 8 per unit of energy Jules renowned with half right now this is very me I'm very easy to calculate have changed Jules here words the right just above the capsule that energy happily General Motors will that the potential energy is what we call the budget you saw but knowing that global energy right Michelin 0 . 8 and how it is now being used by the potential of those immediately but this is not going to or not right the rest us this year although he potential achievement the donor that in order to the indignity energy this is very convenient because we can't entirely the velocity we of full chaotic interview subjects with mass while fleeing for all the world and that means that there are a lot of it that's still another 1 in the form of imagined he had an elevator Antonino engine the elevator that is that very that both old Arafat audiences no I want US you are a very value is steps in the elevators have been elevated starts out 0 life but there is a potential energy storage system terms fuel environment the potential energy stored here the songs from right now is my struggle engine push Christopher a certain amount of distance of sites and he's gained Angela where that don't come government fuel
storage and transfer the pendulum 13 180 interest petulantly into form how much energy is
transferred from year to year was called for this is very confusing what is the break the work is also a formal review nowhere which means have a job with a lot of work for me not forget that means for a new definition a were the visible on of a device like technical that not the colloquial English the baby which is based on the BR off the German German where is the kind as I'm AU over distance don't work it also the amount of energy would this so cases elevator over there is a key part of the masses that G from me along with now that Our every this the work that is
also the amount of energy analyst Elizabeth Angela energies are after well the energies Ng a from the
exactly how work take foot the list somebody else you put potential energy into this person does that amount of work you're you're so workers so here's in 1 often deal with amendments top of those work with
dimensional system that that that
we're on May ending up mixture overall where it was thought by themselves call and inert osha for years that me paper example and might issued bikers tell you how much 1 better lies along the direction of the company to have refused to take projection now he is free Arab In his if you choose along and perpendicular today pair of Beazer some of these records this point near the length of this is is the guy there it's Islamic soon paid like this His was a fraction of which 1 later and we calculate mean you just think about the length of his that because this is designed so that visitors may be but so this is evidence that also doing components Wright said please not being paid you the airline like me while I was easy easy a tow daughter but the river barges to her became too weak but not by the leaders with itself but he sorry unit after in all of the other unit after that negative and the dog Roddick said itself is the 1 you have i and j the following but a victory while hopping perpendicular directions at 0 . 0 but they need Of all the media direction they would the only have when that they direction the part of the book won the top prize before we got
the death are higher than those questions which can be gained more energy will on Friday was it's a share data on Aug . 1 half of the Ivory Coast Guard the Riverside Dance the but seems to be the same we find so
it's not there is related to have somebody Europe we are not with us at the hearing but left a note there is much yes achieve shit
the hope is that there is but the imminent but Our short 2 along show feared turning and the worst thing you buy sugar and fat whatever into place so they wish to see both that looks give up so while how much energy created if we had enormous vast natural resources of Namibia's an underground it so as to another
1 I want all of it so there is a very very serious expressed in terms of the components by the fire with 2 at 1 point I decided that we would buy soap What is it a the result it's not he was a remote not so refrigerate so they 1st ask you questions like adopt policies you may have heard sector it look like to chase a number write letters number not not only if they I didn't even have to your off the survey so that again for Over tyranny In pocket somebody system of its services straight over into moles those 18 times a plus he turned me for the next employment by others what's the plight it's bad but but that
those paying the work we'll have to got brought down combined talk about working to limit their road somewhere work force is that what happened the before when the we are not the same direct Sabre exam have lost there is a new poll it a lot the lightly and last led the distance along the service without leaving the service sector are never got that could happen to you pull on block period X that's the exports and wife force about is what is he while the using what's worse for wear the problem not the discussed but thank you for the your table the forces around all it that it added the 4th of any kind where's the cheers but on the normal forces reacted right normal course bounces all courses on the circuit I'm not pulling out all the forces by 3rd allotted but some component here while Texas please What is the result of Guinea he impact of gravity of the normal course of it of course is more than the normal force would be over short cleaner giver you step on the part of each here with sand Islam models usually leads in the normal course of service but any amount of force for that In reality of course normal a lot of offers English I found in this
case that it is the task of request to understand physically that they work on the side rack Chechen forces in this direction I on won't the work
generalizes ending engines its died please better but for better thoroughly 1 of the lake also their urine start of the year when this case around the forces is that at 1 . with Delta orally to are 0 man please the old America's because only the authority of the abuses Mary Lou Rath don't part of it which we were forced to the world for borrowers are generals they describing vision being conducted for the stove or change them for the 1st time we have lured doesn't like the world actual use that fears a whole lot of charities it's just where will love you having to apply awards feels like work or it would not be the object of course what is it that it is been 1 of those and the owners Vatican and that have in that year with what home for the scalar quantity right now as contributions from the wire which were developed article WORK the this is no motion so what this 1 he use a force on Wall but where those set down yeah I we think it was case of members have the right yeah in Italy and all that there was no work he came right figure will about their work will not receive a run at the end of backing away with you worsening energy I want to on your engineers and fled the United Church transferring energy from system lot of law wall on its way out I'm not all what was that he it's a I to buy but it was not using energy it's got bot act as if we could replace it with a spring left you're vision said that the picture is situated in the front of a solicitor example problem book Day that sent from 1 says masses huge . 5 kilograms pushed he viewpoint 550 words seemed directed by degrees below on I need to service not it number service over the line course on Bush this 25 we will have its surface not pushing its also like pushing the figures of 4 8 says find work done a lot of 585 but so that's do diarrhea in for them in this force but with pushing which has we can't use the text that was signed we want that is a reviews will be more of a lot of broke down to 4 was the boomers area that day now that he working on How about the immediate Dewittville older and where they will get out and this is who signed a letter signed 1 2 years the euro dealt a surprise surprise for you if it will end with only 1 direction that use to devalue or do they one-dimensional rejection of course forces in that at what are you use all the
little recognizes 1 of this way were useful for me included are involved all day part of this is the work
done by the normal works From the table very old for lenders to air on blocks from an awful 2 0 loss at all costs only points in Wise was the only time we write the the normal the rules not With but also works is 0 and in gene but have signed no plus plus this is in line with are 0 0 that knows what it calls for the work you imagine school and I will do no work that move in the Senate Roddick said there are no From colonies that part of the world the find work what rather than work by same day here the where is indeed the Delta alarm but she only has a white woman doesn't work with pushing case In the last 4 years but Dean find the net work for them China network union that all our friends cable with network is over rebel forces pushing less than normal force was rapidly right fielder is nonzero but it is another 1 is
usually is that the concept of appreciable beloved wrinkles pummeling struggled by the end of the day's low
problems Irene dropped mess 3 or 4 3 times and the native file and overtly last but for funny gravity and theaters and meters what the work done on range of gravity and vise chair of the Fatah leader diagram bosses on drop are evident here and there would be no areas my view that federer will rival last year came from our that we have seen a change of a lot of things change acceleration maybe more for me the thing equilibrium price which means energy they say that what worked on a range job work diagram what we need to know people or that forthright so it the 4th time this by the end the visit is of age and you don't think we can we not needed saying Where is worth or if they change and that it would be better if we can't have a change of pace the fall in 3 Boeing agreed that the 2 men from the work done by of what sort of layers of any but it is also 1 of problems the network wash their heirs I don't think that strong alleged it's a line of work but so far pointers on direction and there is this pushing up while got moving that is given name was forced to lie below the but there are defined gravity a of I think this is plus or minus 4 . 8 and he's part so forced to their existence that you name it the GAO relieved to hear and read age of the work done by Bradley were off why wars they have offered direction equals Of course the motion is the only thing he that a sense in gravity will off the for our job is just form those were not hurt by me means the board found the job 1st by accelerated toward the grab of work is done on progress the trees throw off but off the track Carol Larson the forces of the three-member for only considers concept but sometimes you have forced implies there no safer sample you putting something you've been living a new hires a writer and which has had a bad for here for over a period of living with prompts the tiny sliver of space now a 4th very very much In missiles liver like nightly work and Delta next and then the whole work world it was overall guesses only that it's that's where his at all rules would know sometimes I was very quickly to very small slivers makers valid and so course in the limit the next 0 becomes inoperable at all Sony case of
constant for his work on the 4th on the part of
the force is buried in a state of 40 degrees from initial position file the forces constantly we also region has work on the whole it the India yet the reverse those that endanger a lot worse situation I the most the British were 0 but on most general case agent this is a more general usually working for back the the board which is also read on more regional and replace them with Asian subsumed visit with firms in bad breath
we too With so soon example here so the was book that there would be no
force of dues for me I agree line in favor of the new the that the end of his wife and 1 so the larger while for that the taxes are honored moves in the exploration 0 the initial position in Europe 0 final position in the next elections but very fine worked out and so does little more
concept not only our unity of will very poor and this is what limit on
probation but this is the mall that forced on the intervals when has wanted to have a look he's worked with me or were then this is just a short it's just a way of writing several things in a rule the reflects the rule people I want because it that voted dance people are here just vector of interest but short tour with writing woods user were did that so we for next we you the if you want to in for next TX a look the 3 the revolver that got yes need to write in vector 2 more all repeats was right Williams here say said their heroes from veteran as official just a short anyway but they would have to write a text on also at the low where that farm that figure out way to right only matter vision and a lack of minimizing may also reflect schumer so that we could use it sometimes you have to do with any of your relatives and Hackett and 1 of the few have lost but also to good with check right so now for yet 3 3 1 for work force and the violators From 0 0 2 5 0 they have 50 jewels Is that a lot of
very forces on hand for the life of an address change aware that this type could know that beginning new the most buyers also also me exterior and exports while 1 whose jobs while there forced to
wife with me there also were if you a wife act without questions but no end so take on that energy you were worth Federer and very useful visible system so as trading bloc here brings all from his brain like the rest of us think of a thing of the past is added resists motion from Mexico 0 but resist but from mean that In part Hall the spring of what is here then in the spring applied for this direction they was lottery here then bring forth this way push what back there our model for the board arrange but with that equals negative Texas for that he was their final resting on break but interiors 0 case the number of bread Strong lodged a week but small know why the thing about this force looks like next so positive next it's negative negative test positive for they are back in the region near plus you weren't part that 1 horses were negative region force that way Richard was this motion away from Mexico and gave new measure will bring made a quote a lot of that House Springs work they might help if I go out and real like that some of the measures would How will only work by has marked his last words in where will the universe work they have remember that this is a thing the we both of almost all crossed the very best ball with most of our and brings the action remarkably well the of this which Mark now your they were the last spring losing them by Grant work it's integral of course we are figure London and death row next year right Grant we think it is a a case can be expressed equated and we know the force I'm all the losers 1 has case where the guy from the final so this is the work done workers Ex where wear that he pushed further and further away from serious would bring on those letters and phone book reveals says Archer holes for both doing back 4 centimeters by users of forest trees all right on 13 larger will both during both users fearing arrest polls both in that some position here chances meters then and this will bring force Greece the former euros was that right force as a function of it means that forced a 0 0 4 x 4 walls we're going for meters through June 30 think sign of find positively but reason but that's my best and Mississippi native force for ruler those weapons said what what is this spring constant came but
treated both spraying them and whether they had to get out well poorest
people say AS prime real course through June 30 unions his negative famous know sense the mayor . 4 meters all of will involve you
like what they usually that not much simpler usually in it of an equation is that it is the 1st authorities because the problems with the buying power arterial educate and misses some of that great but the but less than a of it How much work a lot of work to axis playing on the drawing board for the 3rd of the 1 now a cell where it
Varese figure out by force new text read a lot about but we really haven't heard for what didn't want has a note is X is my only 6
faces and see how soleus problem requires climbed is on the line and the then bring Molly while blows everyone leaders vision have called on what is falling the
rest of the year and 1st of all have more rise and that is at fault for long where are end war about what it is to open more but at because chapter that the budget so the treaty problem the problem that kilogram bomb being horizontal plane work for the whole year is all the mall is stray a second-string is moving on so Whirlpool the last year's were kilograms vision New Year's of this site these announced the bill for you but that island and that's fine by editions 1st you the revised and your picture problem which have been going motion but those were the odds of a gravity and G Europe to Taichung burned but he appeared scholars they now he's done but ain't no what that angle is that we could bring on new of what we have here at home both his 2 years went by meters so you have signed the theater is 1 . 5 0 over to you think it is 4 . 6 per cent means a radius of 2 because it is so close to me but this is what we are here because things right OK so what do you figure out what he ain't so we do if we like some were you realize some forces Russian this year the fastest fly negative 1 the next the reason why I really gravity right down negative energy and Indiana he why he is a foreign bidder minus he is a friend what is this whole thing 0 William long the move the equilibrium in 1 day figure equation G 1 way to know for sure those next appointment of this case the only we work force for all the reasons to tensions right the warnings in action so To don't you think he gave both Sunday but I will these whose name is defined left and what is is equal to 0 and these where are full of end of the year receding velocity he said now revisions mass of lost the previous we don't know which the 1 problem right now so we solve this 1 right so it took we so I don't do it well this will run the he is a science is easy science at equals energy radical changes there might be you will see their energies over unpaid a hours this won't reorganized said 2 days but is being pools and where they are all but gave us had together to get him to be leave and eastward arch foes data of minus injuries Sunday and so it is which is a key EU plug in the numbers we now and they've solved 38 many of these guys so I he these he is 1
of them is that while still the he 18 found rational it is about progress in the past for in more than a year that be grabbing and the party which is a graph but progress
for do you know what you're so close in the middle of it but the that the judges will be off


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