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Classical Physics Lecture 9
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OK so little topic of around a bit at energy conservation and they got on the energy
In its vigilante diagram we are like allusions among because of
our remote midrange dealing with single objects they bringing get some ideas 31 years do examples and that 1 of its if they check out right Over there but projectile I'm not here came through the area back down starts here with a lot of kinetic in the latter energy no potential energy here here all that they energy it turned into potential emerging bed that is end of home of the Tri-City initiatives yes From this essential and that is why it is that you have to the the same amount of kinetic energy here start Brown sincerity all all that great back also in Istanbul while we're no Paris friction this is an an isolated from other universe and so that why the contribution of energy if we a research then lose some and you lose some Lugo has 5 hours away down some of the potential energy differently in year around or more he we would get because the conservation measures have all here also boxes and consider the ball on the conservation of energy and then ages including is reached hear Medical Center he depends only on he doesn't have far more than a year to reach see others of the things that only if you want to to talk about it you have blocked and it's only my some force to some of litigation In you have on what you have some force gravity of gravity only Sacagawea work done by gravity only in the work of a gravity only elected while we might because that force you might think about the most in the dotted with direct grabbed gravity points down the work home down about mortar you the
widow of the big order of track if a
met for the summer of stars here and in the year of those starts here pot gravity pulling them it is fact Foley what is the normal course on a quarter or 0 run that exerting any force on he a fall on this foreign firms in the last year that we're parting gradually course William down In all sorts of pushing out where no not grab hearing here there's a daily life forces at work way but in all forces in all or where no 1 had a normal voice is always perpendicular to the surface moving along little or no work so here with is no friction again frictions conservation these potential energy turned doesn't matter that he took so much so that there will be no more perpendicular to the surface on that he's on the loans is small enough observers no now is that the net another case more realistic when there is a direct would direction for half the right so long as there is a lot of personal forged native were always wanted to talk directly with the jails of his potential energy rather than the work urgent here there's kind of similarly if you have the example is about Iraq did you ever saw here are 1st year In a sense it's a frictionless bowl of chili if you're forced to go down with 4 exactly the same time the average bettor regretted jails Connecticut turned back purchase here also can be used the kinetic energy back it is this restriction like them or not some loss and then back slowly ghastly beer possibly know they wait in the region from the rest of the Middle With all the petulantly but the recent so this case we have forces are rapidly rising energy in 2 years and not conservative forces search took so sure but among conservatives what we took a different the spraying what is the force from a spring conservative
said that in the service but each what they want him back but 1 Russia the report reverse you get back energy firm that caters mainly Kennedy would have a potential energy in their tracks that he's a purchase can't unless you have some captured by the case spraying few stretch the war
their here they have potential he venture is to remember comedic energy but that is turned back the report also but did you have a system justice for energy bill last spring forest similarly depends on only vision the a useful think section between forces withdraw function of forces would grow so much the virtues of gravity at it ship this is us and this is the base of his gravity y but Ford With what forces that function of wine nearly constant this year close to the surface of the Earth fear it would let potential energy OK the arts soon and you wonder if that was not his Maryland 0 Jewish fears about lies the course of the change at about EUR also rests on this and was it now the a physical the mathematical models have medical consequences visible from but negatives solutions we gotta quit physicals mathematical so this case potential is not physically measurable what measures however measure for 4th man relationship before got or is the native to rid of that and his explicitly mathematical theory why that forces the physical quantities at constant you changed because of the constant and derivative His there the potential when your wife they derivative on his back and forth so many potential sent letters of a generally possible that that he's going to think about this using your toes if I met his financial shape because she had an abandonment of punctured the physical object in your article on which we would is ruled out by the forces of negative 1 for year but 0 the force for our forces also has a new museum journey regions they will always have football on his potential warned mathematical by sensual with his wife and his wife bought from object there more complicated the spraying of using exercises to get rid the American you know of their parents and U.S. forces of Gillette's potential function event the was a forceful life the negative KX spread a 0 the force itself was for that anybody Don their you know this relationship Of course you get but we already know that on June Springs one-half square just by doing interval this is the potential for a really think about it earlier would have to put up with although the middle of speed and come back with a place that is that what happens if right to hold spring back the possibly on the positive sorry Mr. jobless alone 3 seasons Edwards which you but it just like all the others still and a part with which is the only 1 I wanna make relationship between ports and potential energy for conservative the L his ideas because of good but I
think but this figure gives could provide boards for the the so that they thought would be some the hat
and intentional but you just as far this was essential for the 4th while in the 4th leg to a while others of 280 What is that well I used only the derivative suspect at of said also period X while other well I'm not sure is met in the hills but and all year will have on that you know what's worse than it was era as soon as moved along please those years the rolls off the other positive or negative for the game figures from different physical system using different so the potential is making an offer that was used to get around much easier to work the rest of the world you could have potential he bears Adams is used in From on the run Boss there were several examples I wish for but you know I said that
with the press sure but this is true regardless of your definition of a of the graphic of all over the place there's Arab should another weird thing about
potential look for attracted more Bhutto so you have your Springs
vote displays a little bit and draw the potential of this for now displays and all it means over years millions of potential energy right essentially you give this much of what was what potential give it was but absolutely huge music and never again mourners no matter what happened to him never energy source trapped trapped here and that determines how fast I'm just saying that you put back initially using a certain amount of energy the up How far you go also by looking at and understanding his goal and you never go up and so terrible say you have a complicated financial support that productivity by then the thing is that he's then 18 part all started here Oracle would never be able to escape while wise and world uses physical model all football here there was no truth for you visit is itself to be on top of this Hill example he would require more vigilant the have she trapped in his work where is oracle started here is but it would be constrained as part of its capable of existing he because he here does this but so there's still room for him as you know if you imagine what would have been very the ball down we that here but would still have enough energy for the film would not be really gets here will appear but it can't go where is the article here then rolled over all these bills I see growth figure the like energy level then due process thing about the direction of the forced of mirror that the here need to this guy's Nick so force but race here these derivatives will force is the negative reviews of the hard which makes sense because some of which his direction voices positive always here the but 0 here for positive in this region and here the rating is positive and negative through the use of force negative until here and for 0 2 can't hear forces Euro here is 0 5 0 . now hear hear these derivatives of Angela negative force positive and from year to year really positive neck what it on quickly to to the you there is here are the largest part of life and will decrease that year but the there's
2nd major right that Over the course have flickered relationships so it is practice problems they nearly have ground and the but see and urging quarrels the hinterland Herakles initially he then moving in a negative direct question is which he labels for easy the coral categories giving use potential energy functions for which I want you to think about kinetic energy health on array of I need a lot more to do address so he started me so it must have at least this much potential energy right and because energy if it ever has left tensions that was turned into an art form but it was well potential kinetic energy which is owned by largest difference the thing about it it starts here it was is moving in this direction became down this hill and called for slaughter all our force that will handle salaries salaried until it came here so yes what about that which is coordinating the parcels mowing down by which I mean it's true magnitude of velocities where some of the injuries he should 1 for thing with certainty members that any suspect some about things they said Gold back from or is he thinking Jesus graduated from around the world with the terms of the new oil start at your house particles is at the moment I see your point but it's possible that sales will of complement the change direction following but what about toward is the 4th called part was a cell some legally please removing of what this June discuss with name argue got so some convergence seles somebody who didn't know have waited each yet so the voices low as 0 Sevilla images we don't know that you have it's a but don't know where they could pretty be supernatural forces so over here is this of era here is Mr. 1 now forced to not vigilant forced crashes of service boards on the as graph shows that the seizure of statement petulantly erect 0 say that only 4 he may so
sees his willingness so I think he's things you that essential energy and he will it voted twice but nobody 1 of the biggest much of it so bad and the force just like more potential energy it was a 1 way do think the worst thing about the equation it was moments later it in agreeing with the Sunnyvale hbox Connecticut the major energy Indian masses of what the maximum but weather the thing that is forces with fuel pushing the article she got away from point so it's a Wednesday with that a years from which he at the edge energies for shape workers on this point here is the forget all right so it's a minimum near exactly same arguments in this case for some reason name KS so if you it's a bit great to integrate better get the potential looks just like a negative 1 here here Of course the name me we assume wiser my son so it be wise MIS town with or 2 is it not to be missed if this spring forces pulling for its your plant right but that it was straight but for the unit the chief judge whose eschewed the come 1 but what why was 1 port while reversible boards to determine his related a some of the things they worked on that doesn't do that work on and that is to use that prevails posing as what is potential potential and quantities have enough the finance he said there was more than I'd while he veered out of dark matter downside threat is essential if you really want it's after the EU is convenient that receives late on part of the but having mostly not physical for measure its way square the properties so that every quantities activists fear of his the thing about more it than that but the real problem of it so let's do some example problem they've done
looks nasty it said retailer and blood is connected to lose it have a boss 1 in a case knew where they wanted 25 of its new is the system is initially equilibrium on a hot shot the service right is displays is the Royal Air from from right What is the maximum speed of but but 1st thing about what is the most of rings acting together the visit by man was directed from from the point of fact and from came to meet pushing back the acting together I are together negative here near here it's a mess but it is very right here is relative equilibrium position 1 of the next start from here until the next day and the thing about potential job with the potential energy what is it that judges once bring brought France had another spring another problem like events slow because the or if get that potential energy users have yet to gravel some of them so already more potential and understand what motion it is the reason we're grieving like pendulum and it is permissible to look like ones break back probably on the way to combine at a personal loss potential already warned none of them that the great that your boss that thing about buying back again it essential drugs and getting a sense for what emotional so backed but has had for has it's but no because the theory that judging by now are asking Where's that speed means the maximum kinetic energy madam maximum together she has potential and the occupation of at equally just like in a single spring begins spraying blew apart worries that have backed velocity back maximum velocity at point of minimal effect for most of turned just like that but all the Centers for this year the place of minimum job is coming down hill little back years old so let's energy conservation initially of all the potential energies right I the don't near the the no that's me is you only have a minimum potential source said that 0 now I know that Mexico's so what is a potential energy 1 have a but next 1 initial wary 1 that through the initial squared people's need Connecticut 1 further where have that this is what we want is no part of the was that through that one-dimensional problem right and single lock in a letter to write off delivery connection between exploited to write positive that morning and this is confident In what do what course are resistant to the signs where where if can what Letters Jim was 1 does
displacement of 1 of their own both break them up so if the that can
treated as a single spraying and effective constant as the sum of the 2 it was from these Lewis 1st visit that to this spring on that but if I said he's ratings like brought exactly but it's true here look straight years and that all imagining we're pretty easy because we know how much it displays all the 15th 10 years no 1 knows it to resolve the she it's but in an earlier in the 2nd part the problem says What is the maximum compression they want to start a compressing no gate Connecticut of equilibrium point pressed for a what Western How horrors in the which burned 1 of but if the 15 Dimitri ballot things the only starter he completed so what we know point when it would needed for weary 0 kinetic energy so 0 initial 0 final energy so waited energy motivation for example there were 1 England where they can do this
remember initial configuration and stirring friends are both there are also the violent originally from which are both free and and both our fight for us so we had to have both in both
cases made his initial 1st both give potential In both cases so weightiness Bush asking the battery unless its 15 members here thinking that because both interact both acid from 1 the fact is that you the little people you we knew you have hinted that the malaise said star on the matter reheel what Premier League members from strong the people yes if you care about is the quality of such a yes there is no but that was led the writer a combined 25 kilograms 125 the firms that a lot let child moving here how the little aid and brother of the president is with those in his initial velocity 20 to combat the lack a running back about that these baseball around over runs like in the years there is always bath the some is whether slingshot so this is a problem that is all that brought thing Larry In Richard energy saying How much we have met top regional policy here is horizontal in there figure of for trouble you know how long all 1 is on the 2 months on 1 s there 3 distance for use Larson's owns the rights of religious refined velocity yes which is tho and so on and added is this Cirillo half there's no rush using fire potential energy when a mouse and he is looking Restrepo price of only everything in this equation is that they would file a funny here top he wearing the masses canceled bring to we're very rules be as to each nearly 17 . 1 you as well now it is important that we know machine at for what it is that cited the magnitude the loss no horizontal involved direct example of this you have to victory over there so it is faced with top flat which means we assume that he is 0 1 when his all of this goes into his soviet wiped off the find the time flight time all 11 not are as 1 happy he squared with new let me is no G sold but they it will 45 seconds so there would have to amend the 3rd forest just as he travels here is easy because once he leaves can't until we know what we're losing loss velocities services . 5 seconds times thank you for 1 2nd 25 so
what why doesn't is velocity here the last visit but from year to year gain while
Watson 9 that is why I lost it your see and want him out OK I was told last His X lasted just before its that's what the please let with his wife velocities increased potential he turning


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