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Classical Physics Lecture 13
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0 8 last time we're
talking about a rotation by having fun on quarterly Bader said man every week Ma and linear motion to rotational and things like we define a velocity every define the new accelerated Eurodollar kinematic equations which are very similar to defeat translational user way for America for now burial today were about for the rotational force official course
could you call for so while he can't the provisional pole why leader by now we
have a official acceleration and therefore or we observe that there is accelerating the worked wonder how describe another but the right rotational the world ever have to calculations like you buy the 4th of this object how quickly they are going to work related to the acceleration force is really the concept of their derivation of course is a little trickier there linear right in the same way that remember we also find this is our moment of inertia How was nurse different that was a critical difference it depends on where you have an objects and not for the other objects like a spear as 1 of the 1st round taxes they won't run will rotate differently push it around 1 axis or say will take you for imagine while some nut turned and you're range if you a certain force here it's not that much of it you might think at a different rates that's why we have the whole idea by force with longer level so the key if the distance between the point of rotation and where the forces of light lever the building or onset of rotational forced the fact that more than you have a lot of vessel thing about that blue more generally means they have some year objects and they a came over figure you're rotated around study of from CDA but he needed something that would have your 5 force like this from vigorously twice
row white force forces wider point different pretty far away from the station Farmer magazine rotation no
upon the forces along the direction for a while and find the right Nazism reports forces failed leader of thing over with Lieberman so if what we think about it 12 years the
liberal on like this a job from
point of revision to place would enforce that cost him lover or here the forces perpendicular close effective fighting on course like this I would be turning this case if the Mandela learned for arm of it another way think about it is to expand new line of action of the costs they will draw a daughter online through were the worst goods and they lever arm the distance from these writers were occasion to quiet his case would be 0 so just to differ with same not much I to concepts 1 month there To date back it actually lever arms from Joela form from the point of origin to the point where the forces applies and they nonzero wrong German Inc give no angle between these 2 here's what are mathematical formulation moment for it's been a lot of action as close as you can to appoint rotation look whoever and so that you apply of force here for example right you either a line natural forests and said I have a non hero level on on reports and Jewish suggests Europe Asia for some to 104 circuits appeared also you could extend the liner that the ejaculate level or no In this case lever arm if these 2 things are perpendicular to to extend the life of actions of the force dilemma perpendicular them right work as negative work the magnitude of the bourse times level it is a case where horse standard the or perpendicular to reach talk with a more
general mathematical form report the news in any Angel of armed forces for example you want a broader level like this and then I believe we are going to be needed just the thing for a moment about Cross products and I'm 95 years knows that too rough but if you do it briefly were all talking the same language you might know this but in
general the setting up of a mathematical universe but if you have a Becker a and 1 the across from the cross but perpendicular to both it is a Class B shares sometimes called Our by contrasted with after all it is is not the young cross is that you get a better read on me you know about direct this as magnitude and the direction direction perpendicular 18 at&t's enough the final plane and across product is perpendicular to that Wang it the magnitude of seeing if the man to meant to be times signed at the end of it many members of these the dark but we had a good year sigh with means EU only in other values but a figure to you only get non-zero values they are so these things are Carol showed New here so for example a day peril to each other they crossed a 0 saying we have 0 the maximum value from the nite agreeing to already were off question about cross product but only reliever so but
come back about and use cross product line a more general class and so can't be example we have
some lever literally a lever bank thank you apply force up like this so this single so when we do it said and this is a vector for leaving you say it will ever aren't here is all are signed 5 0 for the measures to force is meant to at a time of war but I think a lot of action but from the point here here get minimum level found that its part what are the charm the bank for this at our another thing I do is break up this Boston opponents ignore thought of but I I could break for a 2 component that it's a long letter perpendicular to the lever this wanted death on Sunday and I was on my way to these congratulations making Europe Poland lever this way or that way is not that this is the only if your site saying that for the nasty things are the bourse perpendicular to love so you used the complete it's a negative Torah is able to ever signed times serious but the universe works of war if they want under the hot money sector have Liberal Forum which is also an answer to that but it is better for us on the most there formulation of 4 Carlissa angle force level to see how easily
reduces for example if 1 were perfect get man this matter this and signed their angle perpendicular Sunday will want to see how I feel like thing
about referred to the situation either by breaking the force into the useful component and component that radio and then using let or on line actually forced down here news in this 90 degree Craig Burton the 1st half but they are white as but by that nite they must be the same because of the past each other right this is a across and this is be cross that with the
right across the board but this is progress in the interim signed so far
crossed it's not right Herman the direction of the results from our 8 cross from me and the result that
fears all death OK so let's
errors look good that's public so these
forces on the same magnitude work is the origin we forces his greatest or about so why today what work Alyson them 1 by 1 the region for on for the past 3 years Her edition the words like the 3 more that is why of work 1 2 3 4 1 one-half more for free because they dangle and along that but but for others want which is easy for forces produced for voters directly out plane were you at it the 2 them it what OK but right so on the screen it here Archie discuss
neighbor review I'm not sure my is that should not be
such a long time it's also comments from the origin of the all these are here but slums all Bulgaria vote again please before be persuaded all OK so consensus society from all
that saying moving more than 1 who knows separately so listing about who want a cigarette and at the same level on direction the party so the floor with a point on a 3 point margin at 2 0 for an ad for the appointee opposite direction from 1 year means that for all or the answer more than 1 athlete if you this is a question the direction so far goes from 0 to the point of action and then for them were I the right this do some
examples have calculations needs to get some practice below social problems and the talk
about the stuff but it's somebody gives it is problem and say no French fries
on something the Rangers 0 . 8 meters long this team loses 19 degrees a nuclear force down here about 2 years but I of 900 new fair the question is how much for farewell work is part of process so British interested a magnitude 4 say it is times so I know it 20 meters whether this was what state legendary is no way of knowing and angle clean aurochs this 1 In this guy here on this my between this won't this is 19 and this will mean 19 so this they will find what I want is a 109 so this 1 is on June 190 600 he knew use of pork are forced dish OK how also them what cared for more Red he composed this works to the disadvantage in order as and ended right that they are ready to a lot of but a lot would not accurate site it's the angle between was with and this Wednesday I'm a bit of classical on the twice crop to act a mail get us so this whims are French efforts like this before said like then this year 90 degrees this 1 is 19 I need this year which is 90 per cent just as a 109 degrees the angle between foreign and up what happens I 2 so to 71 degrees and I 71 points that I guess they met because means is the same reason is assigned a symmetric but that doesn't matter but also because this is where you do to get back on so that can for now that late for work at 2 2 most and 2 4 of salaries His allegorical beginning
next week regional celebration and that relationship would have some objects around that With Brohier through
Elvin sale in everything from time time with a breath of the Ramsey zebra Carrillo figures who say such a thing such amateurs up your medication Of get what about you go back home yeah and deny him so it is a zebra had a lot of the song of the county's George organs for a very long so have so the figure but point of point rotation at some point of view thievery or analysis so the are origin given Laura Dekker and namely have some force 78 was forced to this road races things revealing this around its axis and forced by the zebra cyclists this notice forces and components that are tangential occasions and forces there a radio that moved toward center present decomposing and judge of opponents and then this is eager to see components you have a real components and gentle reasons were interested in not emotions he wrote down bit relative the actors that best rotating the tangential force on we know something about the relationship between forests and acceleration so right now will we know and you know something about acceleration lyrics origin right the we're sellers those the rotational acceleration is regulated by the radius so now we have a relationship with the board by and these angular acceleration of did food combined him on look ls by molecular sides here but farm is an arse that what is that I'm all for a fee of force find gentle and therefore perpendicular to the radius and just talk right and what is and March the moment of inertia said so that will enable many of which translated to how out of a rotational back think on that boards acceleration so early last time we talked about identifying leadership on average as a because we identified indicate energy formula has come he rotation it warned half
time lawmakers where reminded us of 1 one-half and these were poverty was this is a very between one-half wearing call that rotational inertia moment and here's validation that this is a sensible thing to do all also of the that what work in terms of accelerator from the same path that that fact that Connecticut analogy transit which allows us to relate to force with a show of force celebration the exact same way and that there is a need more
tightly things angular acceleration of so filed for example always attached to a table and somebody says outlined force of 9 unions to this thing in this it is 0 . 0 6 New Year's Mass fully is 50 children says firefighters force and hinted the polling was lying acceleration but I out From the toward Al appears Ms. equation right we know I think you look at our book and are squared to do we don't know to so reading the offer we have worked out for well over given force in the radius of their fight this is force of 3 years of his file I found out later forced to anglers operation so offers FOR over but it is of Laura over an hour squared over to what these our cancels a win or exactly that start civil what's tangential acceleration right because remember the of
entered somewhat similar thing with this type of problem and we see a lot only a real man says Radius borrow less and less and less of end some above the Lawler a question is what is the acceleration of benefits would not at the stirring will be right now grab wife differently turnover force show was forced that the door or by bullet that also right the single set of broken next you're accelerator mass and also been the U.S. terms of turned their Maceo with potential right up energy into kinetic energy doesn't just anymore that can this guy also of kinetic energy Asia for quite a lot not as great as it would the other because some energy spent over Chrysalis track but acceleration but 1st such as thing about this 1 here is revised diagram elite as said for here like it also sailors gravity dam but and this is for years it unit your relative anyway to rotation some moving anywhere the man last my but there has been and G this 1 toward is the radius of times potential engine but provides rotation it gives me a tangential receiver was who but I offer mechanism look up 5 and are where over and hour squared off over to does are easy to and how to solve the attention is not to have a relationship and the In a new works of art and find out what of strength while the some of the forces here are changing he wanted the legal theory now the things in motion some forces people to the mass times acceleration not employed in this time of year right now I know what is most of which he was sent down to a single equation for use wanna know little animal they don't know where that figure out right after what I also don't know now but we know with a hot From 50 job divorce it conduct but this urged it's really give it of the border with Chad if relief in farmers you Arab popular out success highest merciful to corrects pregnant is where he was from the edges are Soviet are there she said sober wrapped up Athens said the role as a single largest acceleration stretches Poland which the gentle celebration here is people to acceleration that means we they ADT go too far out so here's connect the linear rotational motion enough or not to free parameters are connected to each other by the that are part of the but that in a year yet ng and over to amend all of that because they have a cannot equation g per 1 of us the over to but but so the thing about whether this has the right and what happens when a free most of the for all of us injuries stir 8 times and my and to try to cross limbs and plus the based on Friday Fraser does make sense of what will last like that not all of them on the line from 0 yes wanted it will be be possible in Europe but has no of Alaska you know that they have and the pot Lord Georgia most of the past a bomb that Joe what happens when fully get and it is now facing large acceleration of 0 that the only thing that that Oasis example of a class problem during offices turning each of the Mitchell and into Connecticut urging it to propose a let's thought experiments carried out
lighter and the virtues of track connected to this part and mess but over the end 1 of the writer of the article that works in the framework of was relationship between this and this thing and engine Jews into G which is the force these hanging object with with if it were that's what
I talking neighbor again size persuaded you know without a formal summit persuaded a neighbor as I see a bit of 1st rate is the 1st thing about 2 Eugene Brazil they argue relationship all such as you know that is accelerating at Iast greater that by on the under what circumstances with that and you that was because then the wars that easier and we know so he too asked these lessons in more than paranoid accelerating then somewhere in the of them so days only half after news of less than 2 G that leaves us where these were the days of the NBC here he added but not by much tell me about alleged between what is equal to of I they argue that people industry is I mean you think it's connected but this is not the spitting you're not ropes sliding over the holy but guide wrote imagine bomb slightly different of fully committed to 3 points that here wanted here where the change no time Julie Bishop but who different strengths based what you nothing down part of he's not force and if you think it is a fear that she reminded forward this what happens the limit when really I think it's near neutron stars when added was characterized changes in EU ports on the the only situation people this doesn't the road slips work understand
irritation let us solve problems by separating complicated Lewis in these remember the after problem that we and energy to Astra will be written as energy and emotion plus dinner to relatives of the
missing here you have for example a cheerleaders but on Friday he throws a spins and moves but right that trajectory if I can think of this as of moves or of is that this is the center of mass
merchandise doesn't matter 30 should not affect emotion the man 1 American is probably a lot in partnership the amount of Canada's Man spit right 5 for the center of mass determines the motion that is all we want Rabbi Moshe plus the rotation right petitioner this thing relatives and so is the man as this missing rotate melted this is complex emotions he wanted 1 part of the where is this guy go with check pretty complicated where is this 1 girl but I just more than once more so you writing kinetic energy fear this 1 has named Queiroz the last bullets when asked if I motion of the amassed motion relative to those in
line with think about what happens when something rules on but but they did so with a bicycle wheel bicycle wheel Adam Is this not
bicycle and moves some losses the and because I consider rotation your emotions and returns every point on the wheel here at the same velocity earned falters losses and yeah at least right now that motion linear motion of the center of mass and then hopefully devices will also rotating list slammed on the brakes down here we have some angular velocity right hand every point and we'll should have the same velocity and so we'll as a single EU velocity every point along the same tangential what's where is but at least now in order for the bicycle wheels roles which actually for this year the balance of the war Borland without the live From the box Lebanon surface to services are moving with respect each other they are not moving but rolling out leaflets and without the ghosts slightly all which made the point of contact as you know we have no role what and most of all of project a long service rather like that this fall and this philosophy at cancer you have no velocities here at the point of contact it out of that have happened piece to have equal time this autumn but it is choose a new law to be related to the sector Matt Matt what by the way it is guys know velocity here it has to be here and this 1 has velocity like this and this 1 velocity like this where this his works 2 components for him as well as to there burst of I thought I lower of order but bicycle always followed by sliding at all and that has fallen in that little bit of wheat or even think about a rotating around the point rotation moves we were without that you need that cannot happen don't you know friction met them bicycle on her perch on surface spin the wheels your note for will which slide over the house you can't have not frictionless but very little to maintain the fiction exactly right but serious had just right velocity the Pacers somebody's says you have problems rolling without slipping that means you often emotional their vastly objects tangential motion a new look a lot roller without so for example Yo Yo Yo a end their right here start here With 0 velocity Louisiana 0 will 0 in and down here after a moment Joffe I each unit has some velocity your mouse BC and then it has some rotational velocity America question is what is the speed of the center of mass yo-yo orders dropped a certain distance but for now this is just a problem of dropping out that in turn Angeline urging him to take the same approach here want to have an the introduce emotionalism romance plus the rotation of about right so if a G H is and no matter where 1 guys Omega square we only have this problem initially was proceeding this way and so refuted a Mass asked if I'd be good look at what is the meaning that is where knowing it doesn't slip on a roll when lets us will later be velocity center of mass Chu on there is no way does something like this for related tangential coloration to 2 the rotational right because we object on your relating the motion of the center of that 2 of the angular velocity this only happens when not ruling without so this is what happened these weird here put in what I do is to and chorus where virtue and replace this with velocity there has overall I removed from the equation because we connected velocity his name but no rules that slipping it and that is just Lulu algebra of the chorus canceled or Our speaker and a squared over yet right to but the reports and square feet through within 1 Appian where it will be at contribution from Asian which turned that down that Kennedy rotation in motion from this is half of yours so the emotions and unmasked twice energy that Premier even easily solved what squared but just to couple problems with their somewhat
following area lately training wrapped around a small group of freeing the stray held in place and who was released from Jim 1 has tension in the strained compared to the weight who is the weight of the just and he'd just force that would be the fight them they have a leg like
folk yes thank you really thought saw White the area no act they want all of us who but it's tough that was a center must do so with the network try just look at the Chu are there has to be guards as must so some forces them Leon what forces on and but when you think is alleged to have and at so fast that picture but it's a fascist 1 them they say is by the matter where if that's annual right at the center playing again different rotation right you get a promotion stuck different but he is wrong with this kind of thing that help net on the side rest in that after more than any other pockets that rotation of forces on that's where lot less the looks like there are these guys here you have fun playing a role of them something that race areas that the core different I can also the it is the cylinder all are follows years of work all year and so saying that the smaller the rate by finishes in what were they apply who wins the race you may have a case that yet show up to secure y it's using larger smaller lots so explicitly weather find a larger version smaller Canada later part of turn right matter and starters the judge moved into rotational and paying translation of oral bone of inertia the large fractured that goes from occasional smaller Leicester what you have here ownership right just like them all the unity would go to motion fast so would you want things with the Russia 1st policy in Europe last as long looking as it which will have a small saying that the question of distance of then asked from taxes for the smallest come from smallest so that it is 1 thing because it has most more the math ostrich awards will be after that he got a lot of here Of center after that the facts the sea and the Catholic compared to to the fact critical of what half after that the halls your all the massive review right now remove the worst part of all nasty ass free fall also some of the matter is Apodaca British some of touching the none of it is not so small that you want about that but kinetic energy contributions right moment of inertia the some Anwar square but that in the view of learning velocities shot 1 over this both parts of a larger means a larger entrepreneurship so a smaller than to look at these coefficients prudent that there's a lot of of us that's all we have today is your example problems


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