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Classical Physics Lecture 10
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OK today were agog over the news he right you do not ever thought about woman gave it there 2 years so we're not ready for the rigors of doctor ordered the mass media colophony visible visible big measure after we talk about right now other quantities that we could rise from these quantities that wasn't the vector we could arrive all momentum ace fast and question is why we do housing useful with me further remember the moment the drive comedy hit you think will be about how think about finding know that exhilaration use a derivative of a lasting but it so that is velocity then the rarity of momentum time mass on the derivative of velocity it also we this easy for various so what that wherever we find boards and earlier they associated with accelerated the bosses are things which can do it's a very precise wasn't you say enough force to objects don't get celebration because will a mask for just how likely monitor sample the monitor whether they want to each other very acceleration so if a force providing celebration really changing the phase something changes the comment the most direct connection if of both forests and momentum has laid out celebration and mass velocity and it is very early on and then another classic riches take a word of English amid new meaning decide that work None of them letter was also I should not involved with the X With 2 of forget symbols there's a lot of people's on is among the voters change in momentum change of dualism for read from the book so you have the momentum the practically give us a call by sample your clothing a World Series baseball as part of an aid Road is while a man on baseball travels a certain distance of the P and over time they'll have to work on which is forced by 9 cents to also applies also this thing Jim balls but the boards on the Cheney and change momentum is always while over time so you can change the momentum with 5 buying a 4th work we have seen a momentum of course over long certainly stand there moreover the quickly Rick Ron always center field is slowly being given the same amount change my course for or 1 of the work force
definition on the that believe to answer
bank and there are that but we're getting better easing using the results of those but a simple example of the period of all mess 0 . 4 kilograms initially left the news that the a lot of negative seconds after the wall the ball moving to right wing also coming this new unless the 20
years respect with the 1st is what is also on the ball we never peoples for the In the 2nd old ways the motor you want that right close its 20 year and communities of car kilograms 4 meters 1st momentum osha loss you to be with silence productivity let respect them right when you victims Dumire head of course attack but you but
here's a new car considered 2 ways to slow the car down from on our our thought 1 the slain all that which giant so I'm right in which he worried balls of the net worth but not trigger but was rejected that Singer saying that go and replace it with 41 Shry price so all political change when Mr. momentum is what fundamental 0 matter how quickly lose their effect usual on no cables only depends on the initial phase of right but now that then saying quite often asking in which he you're career worst In a moment for some the prayers Oh that of has about also on our savior achievement and I had a lot of of time now there is no there
is system a system but something bigger example is 2 Beatles cheating on and remit head he was the part of it so there is gaining now there is no external force on the way gravity ground nor is it known that boss it's unusable it is known that force right then there's no acceleration which means is no change in moment me woman if that's that means that the Internet and what is that the price around all the time away and that there is little change in on the so this is call like an external something acting on his part it's just a question of definition of the threshold resist right now it if they can be a force for 1 the only other rider of course candidate for Islamic world fees he's the a voice which order of use some reasonable there can be force on her right which is not which means that she can change Ramos from their team which her but he was aware and 1 of but also doesn't no matter what you are it's only a matter of more than draw the line an enormous porcelain not as Charlie raised up we have resisted changes sir 1 of the originals and the vector of Polish thing about firms what example of you have 4 days and has momentum a part of B. S. momentum more thought that part of the whole of the whole momentum of the that some of not only yourself a the man you go back to the was if is not on that might want it with momentum of they will be followed him right the reports that catalog either opponents for the rest of it
Soto thing about more rivers a
case where they go what happens you have rifle double and before you shoot this system has no known devices that rests the initial stage of these bullet between rival legal 0 value there explosion happened here bullets no matter the rightful leader 3 In the you find rail lines of the final were told that the velocity of Bolivia's 3 managers 2nd there will be no less velocity but Ctr well that's system of
political life have no net on that there there and that's what the political bruxism the 3rd initial equals final with the initial 0 Ariz but he filed for artists and their heroes and leave alone In our 0 0 losses rival is and he sees over an hour so what is it sells well 1st of all they have not the nor holding net 0 momentum going 1 Lafferty part that's whether of last the rightful lost all of his rich master bullet Major this is well designed the ball is very likely that many Poles right was 1 but with half China is going like that images fat we are in all face however even if it might also explosives that needed not for a from but and this but noted the recourse so he get out of the bullet virtue of liberty for men got going off direction duty the bold does think about it madam we have to have blinders on a bridge in the service and initially this guy coming needed for a 2nd and this 1 is native to her 2nd vault on his back no In a Nikolai will Springs here named after the collision bingo their separate ways and then were asked what is the velocity of this died after the Taylor told masses amazes 0 . 5 kilogram saying he is 0 . 3 kilograms the nite before and told that the fire last year it is To be precise will follow foreign forces are now so you can't really say the momentum filed a 10 days he gave initial and be initial is equal to an aviator and all of us In these we'd be fired would we noticed when that the initial state has lot both we know the rest of us and this 1 he said by the way single and so is our coverage of the salt contributed for what if this what new morass don't want regime the 2 out virtually someone in the Desert Springs so we can use these guys really erupted at the Russian Russian things all the kinetic energy turned his potential energy spread back into their energy so further use momentum and there will also be used so that use energy wealth some of its Connecticut duties in initial states me is the sum other kinetic energy of the files but I am busy TVs by his visit to Beijing to wait until now pretty these where but is the growth in these cases when the conservation of energy Republican 1 minute newscast momentum and energy that is 1 of the largest island chain to what they call for government policy to one-dimensional problems were not uses a lot of things but the wrong all wants the day you have this yeah each other targets and bargains on we initial losses today here afterward used as a model of mingled with the initial days like this the there if so whether it is I always velocity well momentum is that quantity and things are separately in every direction madam in terms of what separately momentum 1 per cent in the event of a photo
share that equals 10 is really worried next peoples MAX wine and wine he's separate similarly he initially that their peoples he final Becker are 3 acquitted initial exit tools he initial while he's very over he finally Unitel want to finalize these are separate coverage for that meeting In terms of his client men said the X Prize this just think about the next but that has initial and remaining BAI status in Milledgeville and may be a S & P they both this moment as if this summer regardless of what's happening what has now complies with the initial woman what right now also true in the and a a former but and be while the masses have offered me these guys want to cut off your but about which used say says that goes back 1st creating a way by conservation of energy rumor energies doesn't have direct 1 minute per Prairie commensurate means get was momentum playing real
life to a collision or pledge allegiance so the initial please of their they
had initial state engine financing is 2 objects this is what we think of that on elastic was let Everett In the spring so that when we touched all the energy goes into its turned back then again was stopped from classical scholar and plastic order and not warm knows they figure chemical reaction incurred torture appears to claim their views the 1st phase then again urging outgoing products saying it means that on follows another case he could have the same initial condition but instead adding prison and is like a little of Waterloo where you're so that when they left they former 1 combined budget direction going depends on the new momentum in the initial stage of the column in elastic definition of inelastic the initials of the final status or not equal to the kinetic energy the initial present this case the 32 parliament says an elastic
collision the can the you last week and the he the collision that they need to provide confirmation of Nantou
elastically violated that is not true that a special subset of Connecticut with having what is the use of force found full or compression plot so let's
summarizes the important is different here who's been momentum the kinetic
energy of but but but for elastic collisions and intellect but so up last it is tho the whole is kind of a hill at the moment yes absolutely the price is 1 of his prison this is different can apply property incarceration the whole kit always assumed that many energy 1st that thing that the thing and of it what
happened in fighting terror weather therefore in the book they would be cut topic they enjoy know exactly what are find firms and believe that they are you have to choose a workable for example in the book and we were at the United Center possibility that articles I agree that we know is aware of things that turned so in the book all this anybody who said depends collision and regret seeing the point is that Connecticut is here carries in energy sound method is seen as requested by this us to lodge a different has alive and but compared to before the collision of 2 objects would have more of its 1st home to Charleswood would last what so how retreat widened while it about but that that year who this but wife is yes no matter what the privileges of last year and a came through led to a dead end in India and was America for a source it is that's what we that a much smaller area saying that comes on of refused but get are for the moment we to do their part based matters is a huge change breaking with the whole town was far off course fire again please look at it and it is further proof that you can't do that if both of you can a in the fireplace still Connecticut back it means that there's a lot of our OK so now the West we know that because the together so where the movie was saying the same momentum but less your Tech but look the current what to us part of the last place in the vast Energy
know of it so it was a problem she had
declined this stuff homework properly if they very simple case inelastic colored and relief and them they may remain here community let me say that there 5 kilograms abstraction said in a report and then but this is a together the question is what is found conservation momentum said initially the violence initial eventually finished on the 2 of
them he would have been lost in the final days of a single man has made us and me a single lot that they brought the gains however you have 1 of Europe's don't need it was not a serious velocity 2 of them with a single object of a single single billion 1 with a very strong 4 yet and all for it but but you don't sign a new level of suicide a more complicated example as they were when the guys India's commercial and shooting at and in doing so beautiful it will the initial velocity forgiven massive bullet and news of losses of the masses would with very itself and then the question is how high
command Bullock was a long way to go the the
thing is that there are no longer brings will occur is lost and In his final on gets the question is what is this change in still last year George so have fatah
phantoms taught up 10 good so
greatly to drop by 1st findings velocity of the bullet would earn that using exactly the sort of problems for an article traveling with velocity combined please possibly momentum in the 2nd set once you have lost their clothes Her potential really don't use of the name itself they were playing you get the war it's a long but we don't have I need to know that that civilians figure out how to turned so complex of problems relating to around here the user areas may have slowed block it was the most will in time for the final velocity but Fuller Matt Bullard velocity would ask a little off the village I get a lot of the region the men was the bullet I was in New York but than that the court is much lower Eriksson as a matter of unity velocity as a matter of fierce public area said last year also it's because of the Reagan is check the limit the expression makes sense and also now and again because he knows a lot right now commuters heading in here that is not easy and energy Journal was not changed history resembled a lot over the full embedded in its amino it's kinetic energy we don't hear must more we did use conservation of energy Connecticut before the collision after reducing foundation for kinetic energies missile plus potential and still is the final day of a worried about his energy loss and like changing the structure of we're considering affable embedded with the woods things are not going to change energy for the collision after just you get a collision and reports that in so doing no angel kinetic energy 1 0 and would plus and lot of these where this is the same result was file an energy 0 call this this potential in his
final year arbitrarily right and there it
is to and with plus a lot he age and leading believes that our targets narrative carpeted sound crazy or not that's the said are there but he lives and what happens if instead of getting in there we're here clearance tyrant who won't a notice truck coming as it was coming in 2nd you're here now being at the wheel today the shopping center last year the numbers so the truck car which together horrible for truck resumes even if they have momentum In the case of the questions and there was no velocity at that time there was a lot of the truck but part some of there the problem breaking down into UXO White who is due to there and know which means always seem to think about how we don't know much lost version of the car back that the Jewish people don't get me on it was fun 1 U.S. oil within momentous just to try are for so it's no the truck times velocity of the truck initial then in the final days of the truck was system times by velocity we noticed notice you know this all of last year what is really the components has only the master horror times the initial velocity far In is the a matter of such a man part of a lot of what to have a lot of but it still plans to resent what was but but also get home state you should see
the Weekly World War wrapped foreign the EU letter the world's work at Enron full legal world over I've got to pull the rug out of it list of problem problems there is a serious matter and we are quite with cars ruling left on a horizontal had flown damaged lands in a package the 7 degree angle do you know less can planes in the car which quantities has that war after the package I was pleased the for work on it so was just think about so in this case here which wastewater weather which quite as saying that 4 after package the back of the car now observed gave me a horizontal momentum the thing yes but is but quantities worse after our lives or what but most system the heart of 1 of the old woman the about it Art it so with In addition under
which they were very borders next urging all of that but I don't lie less as the New England region it on the shot chart look at our borders that all over talking that this system here excluding that is why policy in what was the 1 the jobs in the car 0 9 0 alleged nothing else also is many so while the conservation movement excluding the earth from the right that's the earth this is the same as the last political what they are boxes Cartwright reality in this year's 1st but only this part the car off that anyone with a vision what that normal Moss pushing back work with Of these car but he the package the Nano last word you won't see that the way the
question careful how you define system when your life on the run knows there are forces have used
by the book you were standing on a large version as old as you get there here are some of your little Laurent rocker arms in order get on the rule of law has laughter above the horizontal a world News presiding over the course of your masses kilograms and rocks mass is a rare the question is what is your velocity but pattern well off for fell out with knowledge of the refreshing at which they would have the ability unleashed still have a solid rock shares resulted in a while you can't solve there's not while you're going down less Sosa commercial problem because I have that the usual people is to initial is 0 4 you a rock in a final is you're meant as your life the times the last time was lost in the rock solid gold the use of will be research and will research findings cosigner 35 degrees and if I'm honest villagers said show outsiders with philosophy that your ears Nemo pointed to think one-dimensional brought in severe losses in afternoon native better than those in the assault
a reversed unless we have our
lives and again shot for that was his on what was your breakfast of use these things turn entities must that the the you your not neurotic if you
hadn't thought you write in free part of it next
Western all by horizontally went to the walk on some this she was dead bulletin block out television a friction between the bloc and the service is 0 . 2 4 the bullet remained in bed with slide . 3 meters along with surface bearing a message let him know that block question is what with the initials Beedle bullets initial but so great Gaza both of we can assume that my assistant that do you were giving gesture I'm what some stuff they work purchase people's initial both what that
what you are we going to use candidate little what right and this is a problem for the use of friction and worked with perseverance knowledge of the Persian energy will what the losses will if you have a lot to do with what's is president an inelastic which the thing is there in here resting on on so much of it from the strategy in the none of the bronze Jared please all this summer then this sometimes you don't back restoring from your best and friend brightest happen today the worked under Virginia new and indeed Close a combined system we votes gene this time it is if all these numbers Gina we know how much energy for the direction we just said that will to these kinetic energy these premises losses on Wall by handing over everything in this equation except on 1 of her philosophy so age check that what cancel all right so what corrects since I money those that can get velocity polls dead with 7 unless it was problem that initial in momentum is equal to the arm of the king's energy more the momentum is now poet and the loss initial is which I figure at easy and no image lamented
loss final momentum combined
objects that less man times last just as now we are equation know everything except for 1 thing we want but but it 200 returned amazed him over the skies you accepts velocity bowlers the losses combined saying the bullets the long because it is 0 man has ended last year the command systems as saying that his last for the initial bullet larger the blot Internet we had essentially doing that lot that the Bluewater barrels
a team and kilogram what the cats are of them we know the force constant rumors of a fortune as horizontal table suddenly struck by read kilogram Charles horizontally at that had been Little Rock 2nd try or that any 2nd and after the ball rebounds no 1 law has indicated to me but so the says there are only 2 ways were among the only to whom you find the maximum distance model press dozens of foreign visitors stone bounces off the glass was acquitted quarters what is that for the 1st set but also what Bass Alaska collusion so we can solve for velocity of the block which you In the same again it is blocked goes into potential it's a good idea pocket so that's exactly right then you just like that so say the initial state is the masses them between him and the initial velocity is able to move in the final state for us please don't want to go lost commercial loan losses you you know there this and this is what I want those losses the last year the mass of stone columns on there's lot and if this saying that to spread but only alone by by the best of luck unless I get to get velocity of In a letter energy now we're considering another while revenue initial stage initial state at the war and just by the start final status is 1 the English of Connecticut plus the spring and is final energy last spring by so file settled by Connecticut 0 because we're in a time box stops Madame Archer initial impression spring 0 so Taunggyi 0 that means pretty simple where you want here it is man in those bounced off its combined asked them what we know the we don't have a case of us so we the you could use energy even in cases that elastic or inelastic collisions is the question of the day a suicide vest


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