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Classical Physics Lecture 2
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today starting material this quarter remember for better or worse by you they recovered to should already know fully its are actually remember that homework and 1 of the
honor of 1 of my father 40 years but start you still must have had not started please get trouble what have the next Thursday somebody about travel so it started from remember 1 also has a great on the book by on of it what website From the look need to try trial before the special session Wednesday want to look at the problem on my warned show request try it this way but at the of Mr. not that I want all what get plenty of that year they really want around you've tried events that he is helping you get over here is solving problems on their own Best will mark problem it is best With answers are fired problem by that when you really he knows that or done remember In his usual discretion that some fraction of time it will be equipped with just 300 100 top 40 tried to get him out there you go on with the added sitting there with figures really tried resume work force by about half an hour so anonymous calls what he done so far when your said it earned River With 35 years here last Thursday recession that Italy 38 less chance so some of you started so you're going off some of you look as if the move it and if you go on Master if you look at their homework rating policy all these details region because is not clear point of order plaintively about details on the point list said remember the days president but correctly you lose ready to exhaust all your hands the questions or over the past 3 point late get no credit for it Ted there Of all the repulsed look so last soundly Wenger area sectors one-dimensional Malaysian original budget today were thought about circular motion rub lotion on both the moves on but last nite at the
root of all evil of talked was circular motion that the circular Malaysian means I call on them to the border
have evolved most are the revisions of the conditions circular
motion are constant radius and his the radius as a function of time because some of which were both but is that really is part of a head constant meant student of the velocity of Of the velocity as some of them here the velocity vector I was meant to the velocity is a square root and lots busses were like what find that it is 1 is that what is it true that next week on a lot achieved here there were wide enough but the magnitude of it its illustrates the motion here really woke up this thing but firms the components is an example of two-dimensional motion broken down too one-dimensional parts and other stories of his time at the time right the border around the offer show some appropriate of being it we have but but start here Mr. what is that 0 0 for
the arrival of the euro values of that starts here at the time was along that's only increases start here I never again will larger X decreases until 0 a boost drew 0 did make cement in the back we will appoint a new spirit lives as negative Bozena negative time and you could write analytically the
act prices of 18 and the raises answered yes the projection along that large 0 2 0 the news by the failures thing about velocity needed it is clear what is he gets
velocity rhetoric 0 twice that all Caruaru without the loss fervently the 1 that was me over the years have work in this moment at last I got and then there's time how weapons there a certain Giraj fathers negative growth what's going to
work so X plus Anderson where is the minimum most native X lost here all of its motion is in negative growth this constant velocity the glasses when negative wine now what they so when X X has no value velocities mostly so I knew draw the accurately each year and then come back up 0 velocity again durable I gave and that's here and we know that the velocity as a function of heat is just the derivative that is a that gotta sponsored by dueling an error from our knowledge of motion also just a line mathematical have opposition function encoded position is pilot of it means they thought it included position is all information about the time the of opposition get the analytic function for the velocity that's good then think about these things physically they should make sense you make some mistakes but the other day but so let's do what was wise you look since the early days of of the initial position with what the Red . 0 and this illegal Alberta and so it looks but 1 of the youths such we could not velocity wine millions of
velocity and wife starts off negative also Maryland can't get morning is so good 0 I'm also Lazio mostly should not just with the dog and leader 1 back at 0 the loss was no matter Italy of larceny have lot to me that I would if I want to draw on the
nite of the loss for that trailer right
conditions burst on the last losses which is between next in line but in a sign of work of course I what needed to yet life same
maximum value the codes and Square in 1 of the signs were talking a lot if you don't mind I think is that that they the mathematical as a fraction expression and 4 times that of geometric makes it said to that circles treating exposition while others have lost a lot of what 1 you do work that look but I think we
really Old Trafford lot of those of there is constant if it is on but is over and
the that's that he translate our knowledge into other variables what if we want does I whether they if
find it to be saying near the figure 0 here they have Angel over 2
jobs backwards 1 them those figures to the 1st thing answered radio what was Ramos changes movie right there and then was saying what happened there the visit discontinuities here it is suddenly onto here along with their mother they notified about the amount of yes on what is on it can but this is a circular but that but only 3 5 2 edge the dimension close up on those 2 years so if you're going have to find him but imposes on the that so we got started that lying the of our
life life that yes we are here this how long it takes and velocity of a soap another thing about these as they
us said the ball is motion have object here and this is our religion a circle of but this is 0 0 so are part position vector discussion origin were all members are not being his ex Carmel wife was 0 wary that position velocity vector is these next were at where Milosevic 30 injured muscle he injured motion velocity looks like this kind of attitude about being here of a lotta only negative while you're at home next year old y years old the extreme or what see that that it's always the circle in perpendicular To his position and how do draw another position earlier times the draw was last year cars finds this position on top of it as a loss leader has always circle and currently the end I told you that Finland perpendicular to that make sense well over velocity what is lost this case velocity and on but he turned so we change in position are average losses between these 2 the position of the 1 here hears they came up with the Arab velocity from our point of of view point here is that is a line connects the Estonia and is built on the end of his when it is injured to circle circle and perpendicular to the position what
about the acceleration this figure out what's going on with the acceleration celebration
filtration and figure out which is don't we don't change a lot of time and so we draw the velocity vectors on the loss that year another velocity vector there is beauty of this some of us would be conditional Delta
beat this change in the the
velocity so the acceleration is going in the direction of the change the television the rate position points
from the center to the point of
velocity is changing changing along the exoneration went back in words because the acceleration is in the same direction see you we have a better the divided by around a lot of change direction changes so amazed that don't a lead of happening parents don't different losses records of acceleration of point here's a lot 51 . in Oregon bosses from here to here he he's acceleration chains of what you're here it was the sorry shown perpendicular velocity and points the words of the center of the circle pockets period but there is a
question is circular motion
that class demand velocity but none acceleration because wine I told you to conditions circular motion is constant and however Carlton Myers who velocity but still have some exhilaration elevation changes Co 40 minute opener 40 it we have crime so it well last week does 1 1 of our games Drexel velocity does off that directions were circle velocity point is your motion change so losses that angle changes which this they may be using X and Y performance change in attitude half hour to go doesn't have constant while losses when he the direction there are acts of a saying Let's see Bacharach allocation for no acceleration then usually would change velocity the possible loss at any given moment last engine of circle Major like for what happened moved earth tell while the direction the so we have to do deal have but that infusions cemented their permission this so 1st
why is the growth for this year is if right we were 2nd in what so start but we saw that while the memory of that so we a says the reason celebration of the sector centrifugal force pushing them those who argue shit down a lot of lawyers argued against loss for the same is not much will originally Bush got lot well there share sellers with not she while still would that was the issue is not 1 of hopes that she is missing acceleration that don't you he is fair which you don't 1 but she flew off alarming that stretches back better so long for them to the last year where it's hearing from both of us she said 1 for what she was pulling yourself 1st for holding on all those he yearned for 3rd year From under and if we look at she has acceleration forces Saturday for the because she changed her a lot more music what they moving circle Her velocity waft GATT acceleration sewage athlete points in her case she was revised to of the voters said they were fast in those the eventually she will pave the she could no longer West Weber but the sorry have at the another way to provide acceleration words centers of broke through the looking at center and I wrote could provide arm but that's a lot for later on survival and accelerate formulas that exhilaration Yi please later we are in a period of time it takes to go around the circle is the distance you go to my horror over your will French forces it removing really is gone off this month at a lot of the acceleration of the so you go came only per 2nd requires work on what toleration blow by blow announced about purse strings she went to but it
so that's circular motion unless plant about the relative velocity relative positions revival role what he was the 1st the sorrows something similar to growth division on
when a new topic lecture ground something trivial fully expects work out hopefully was a hassle objects EU observer may observe as a measuring stick that starts here years observers as I think black dot positions near the of beat is different by his measuring stick by former aware did so that that they will fight measure position I was going to there 3 8 0 up because the yardstick for shifted relative to each other as no surprise that a beer different right back even the rot universal translation a repeat well but new position from being assumed the position from a plus difference In their ability and that shifted by 3 different origins and give us a shift of so if 0 song here as the car at key by this is that change the difference in their positions difference in positions for the year transform our friend here repertory trivial no given a lot of friends just different position is like saying the move the axis the unit price said that he wanted instead of that measuring position will measure last Friday example crooks removing what others as held at the airport such along a whale guys stand in the way and he was being watched by 2 competing for use movement tractors right 1 of them is and get on with what I CIA agent all of that and setting a fire both of them if they called back Larson the subject is velocity his is your right because of along what a measure so that is the 1st velocity of course CIA as long as you have a loss as to what same-store different parts year the only
difference was your 1st here's 1 yardstick is moving relative to the other but the measure we really were to From what you do do have to walk
with 2 miles per hour measures in the euro the moving 2 miles around the do that really is you're used to describe what they saw as a transform so if you wanna know
positions you so we have our objective angry recalled he let's the registered but about I skied a moving all a 5th errors in the center of the position he or she a position you are being writers all To be fair they were measured are there they they were virtually now B is also moving With respect so velocity being respect just like a station and armor and moving someone over his vision to a military position forgery we just say position of object been reference frame there is position in Israeli B plus the roles of velocity times the time period that the thing about
a quarter of a loss in Europe and the velocities 0 term jobs away and said that their position this is
true that started but I was there In senior part member will this suggests that the position that Israel we be used further and further apart the measure may a be measure B plus a constant was a value which is growing with less because these moving away from Over years apart their position measurements are wrote what about velocity suddenly transformed the velocity of object he's written reference frame a it is the velocity measured by repeat plus the relative velocity services velocity of our American Trim today is the velocity of B plus the report will also be relevant so this is the man I would describe it but think about it is pleased to report that the velocity of velocity of the Leslie and his lost relative but never it's too that brought
they fear example he had hired a drop the of the pirated on news that what is a relic of the velocity relative to the ship and so there's somebody on the ship holding portion used higher them and let him all the time was losses about the ship and melted a it where that argument for why pictures but Quebec privileges but I share a view of the committee does not receive or so what if love burst out of all of them were born solid on them but also but Major it is part of it before the we have to start with laughter 0 after John With the what no salvation of the tropical wife nowhere so X right and only 1 Mexico 0 shit now the the stock just moving piano also with after again no acceleration of last year the chain was moving at 5 . 4 still question could have been also life from illegal in together has changed the last known area lost a lot of it has to another 1 a mail NYSE easily soccer ball he the throws of the volunteers just have the sun rose now the Her Oregon delaying his hand freelance portfolio but right he goes reckons that knowing violence military he has a knack precision follows masses shut down right Red along there was mail most are I would see my people think it's choice but somebody saw team really here but 1st but quite so the wants some wine for the after the war optional what is can get that With the ball but their memories Roosevelt had change of the euro and the use of velocity with all respect for their when were of also if you think about what you of call that a review of all had a laugh at the root of all the land somewhere else you like I want you to store the more of your estranged from 22 the girl the boss on the last of the right to go up and move along with very few lyrics falls request last throws a policy part of but not a bad it is no longer a friend was easy nesting sites in terms of what appeared to be a users may be buried in addition to those let be measures position during and the difference between a but that origin be measures a spot on the than what is the position in any form they did Laura read the question and I agree a query grip summary hooker the position just shouldn't be plus 2 different positions prepares to another 1 the movie 25 Brown he was a ball full final let them you ball 3 time so was a steel ball will there 42 to change number still some rest reflecting what he was doing but job so we have lost a big blue well that call the ball 25 1st he used equation Ravindra Jewish blasted a loss but the last drill the car is the ground velocity rose 825 workers 1 more here is a pirate ship going north performing relatives of water and enlarges piano him in the reading is for 2nd the West relative to the ship can give the velocity relative the ship Donald the water so those movie for Of course want West of the man he has lost in the war the velocity is the North direction for wrote the because what foreign Nova velocity West is now being near road but jitters 0 philosophy wrote the water the Wasatch piano well water East-West for to talk about
laws of respect the laws of
motion a really agrees with large rests on a repetition of a couple of days ago viewers peninsula definition
baby it the the Joe itself river we noticed in the world is sometimes things change velocity his call acceleration is the name it right description of what is the cause of its origin what things itself that's what with that was that they were summoned his value U.S. forces that punters acceleration work pusher pull his name Of course not a new concept for accelerated just definition we defined borders to beat the source of acceleration but that thing is the thing that force it's just that nation's forests is under saying well there is acceleration world redefined or the acceleration war similarly it's a fun acceleration be but how I notice that his course forces have that those who want the to pass that really the same celebration a change in velocity worth something which cost changed a lot which causes that that they had out here we would of course 5 for we said that according the cars are aware that part he will not hurt gravity is a voice started on that of course the magnetism what else can I was you cannot strong strongly judge nuclear force is strong in Perry of electricity the the forces and others of others suggested may purchase purchase 84th described the friction is not different source are Virginia think microscopic scale granting really think that but you can't what comes with contact but forces while but was on the wall with preventing me from attending this 1 at that time body or held support the 3rd question so it turns out that the electricity and magnetism virtues on for the and 17th discovered the please but we are actually connect callers a letter I'm mad as much as force for all part the same fundamental so this will 3 fundamental forces rapidly to read because that is about what we need is a With the dominant force In 1st salute terms of the number of routers seated on the ground was like dominates the structure the world back through now the man they had enormous summer from all of which were and in the long that great growth moderated by that the letter on my fingers field we don't want our somebody delete darling we all feel list of right that there are good money new movie with a lot of work sir does passes were a little your spread others rather and the state our line dropped so that's question why don't they for example son on electric charge and part of the change our rules but that is 1 a careful thought give off these forces are so strong that it will automatically become legally if you had he gave Jupiter math and they charge and sigh math positive charge that his leopard which we get there there's no way bounce gravity native man know will also grabbed only that are so strong that the reason we're in was wasn't very quickly by do you by that but it was dark energy that eventually collapse of a Jazz at a reception accelerating expansion because method of force causing of but the Taylor was that there was
eventually the venture fully 30
33 theories about the universe 1 is universe will expand forever no 1 was universe book collapse Anita thought they can the term but if there's enough amassed universe to slow down and the initial Bush bank In alive and milled around right With University please Delaware that measured and they've discovered that there were no no no has new reception exhilarating upwards to freeze the expansion is increasing the server a supernova you go still raising money the plane the shortest start at the top 4 of them well that nobody knows what caused the big will happen before the end of any and you want to expand on here because we don't think this is the only I we seniors accelerating don't why following the passions additional costs that we have accounted for the car's engine this what energy required universe is not the whole energy energy but the universe selected by personal unity stored in your mouth for burial John Mount stores against the the June June 20 issue of sent dark matter which means that some of that matters out there can be no as noted that his electricity strong force has that we don't have to be something that is more dark matter that long sons there 4 times as much while the rest of the stuff 7 per cent is energy housing unit whatever it is very hot this is my researchers vessels have the base of week from more so we the force forces something positive and the forces that acceleration the forces in the direction of base of available if you have a call by ball gave it there's a minute velocity but the nest force on the wall is 0 what happened if legislature stopped receiving 1 well it'll be the force boss is just another way of saying math no force means no already so no acceleration shooting off me kicking your but another task What is this last song inherent property of an object of its independence with butter location is independent of the device to measure some what of is right In the masses for example the masses things that make up the massive also wanted me to really on articles like must have met the carrier property of objects in this game has linking masses revenue with size must also sign that China's as the Eurobond support from those that and all that which is what matters among them messages there is 1 like electric shock Tang aroused cost is different from weights and clarify weight is the due to grab which that stating the acceleration What is the 4th gravity well it's just a matter times the acceleration Of course and undergo enough the 2nd law of motion of this is a restatement like a model which is the sum of all forces on an object is proportional to the sellers is really no it's saying for math and some people want memory loss Ursula all of them that them later the art force the members of this is but then I'm not individuals the not all forces on said the 3rd law losses QRJ that equal or not worth 100 here laughter here subject to object won't jostling for fear that is force object 1 object to this is the force of up to object 1 is just as always want to do is able to force to 1 for 1 thing fun to
artists on the gravity of that for these projects Anthony S. lies the Lakers there was that there blast and that's of its listing examples
of theories objects in table PARIS but will on a leader of computer Solis and by forces between the computer and earth aren't you wrote in his review of every was he will not so the force to Mass times the acceleration of the earth Eagle to negative the massive computer for the celebration of computer so the 1st facilities course years by what is the acceleration of the computers toilets and EU over a CD various parts of announces other what I think television we around and see over there is small the forces of evil acceleration these 2 forces supporters of computer and forced her part celebration on the last of the accelerated classes that others what between the monarch the computer in the table None of these computers pushing down on the table and cables which on computers and so will call the normal flow of these computer is getting older on its own but
a thing but the deal was worth about what is the normal course of course is the reaction of the service makes so that doesn't move on if you have somebody out
a good example of that 1 last year they really will be brief there what can see so the around here as 1 which focuses on but the liberals hot food 4th down on the ground the boss up from the ground or not at all all the molecules in here which are connected to each other by forces not going to get the restaurant did provide force back what all the normal the price of any ton RJR surface fifa finally it that service not being a form of that's because the final normal force of that work because of the restatement of law of but he will leave the New literary just means the sum of all the forces of 0 that forces 0 which means no so often in the following losses in the final minute of the 3rd that through the net worth of the example we have chandelier things insulin there of a force down on the chandelier from gravity forces on the earlier from Rhode Quimby Stewart off generally which is is you want the notice these 2 things people off not in action reaction actually hear you heard this forces in the boss of bosses the chandeliers on this 1 has a very important role on the side of the road and down to fully about the 2 forces actually actually have to art that he was on track for both going called


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