Classical Physics Lecture 3

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Classical Physics Lecture 3
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at 12 30 there are has a really doing on Earth the ravaged of the a tea for a day and it was found that discussions he's thinking on but if you're counting on a line like you but I'm OK last time about what bounce was that he would really she fears there were so remember maybe in get beef they also them they think they can only learn reads we observe in our interaction with the universe we things like vision things out place things that b the race with position changes things have effort accelerated rate lot we can't do send an undefined force very voice this year man refers to 1 with say we define what but because what is really defined by the press accelerate we define forced me the finger causes an acceleration source accelerate independent on the funded by we have the laws of motion and basically was born when is this the sum of all courses on object is proportional to the here is that all worth for and we defined as special cases will be younger and where the sum of all the forces of evil 0 means no the basic concepts from left OK so let's laxity example working last time ridges the chandeliers and both the candelabra and 15th century castle my drive more like we reviewed it you told this an equilibrium that means that some of the forces if the hero some were 1st we have to indicate what all of which are so dear said so what forces on there is force down to gravity as a force up to the road the event right now this is what we call a free body diagram that means drop but object all forces not only were not worth on other stuff going on and off just forces on the while these people from sources armor will we have a very busy stated that the sum of all we know which related so what are they called for some the new account let's talk the nature of the all forces in this country because he worked for the city of Boston grab after something providing drug smart ass around a lot and visit their reports hasn't actually that we'll be what about the chandeliers and equilibria chandelier necessary no give they all out of orbit who knows what might you're doesn't necessarily have to be in equilibrium right however every word that I haven't bought here but the terrorists are not drawn here even the least to happen this 1 as a velocity very years forced through the area Friday so the earth pulling on the chandeliers chandeliers pulling out there that actually get this 1 is getting older but road road is also down the chandelier but the world role getting but force on the road From the chandelier it is no longer revised died because that added bosses are not long after the point I want make here 2 kinds of bound for what kind of action reaction learned from which a lot reports that people up for that of course is that equilibrium not necessarily mean that only revised that were so don't always work 0 blissful is back on the free but there were other questions about that but not everybody called for of it so that a civil case brought by 1 minute on a diet sectors because Jiri Woods attractive directions and magnitudes policy would you have the work that equation here for the summer holiday sources deserve the some tricky issue easily someone like him all of us here and they are thing he he's he really and then all problem that the sum of all forces what works go some of the for through the the road plus of course due to gravity is equal to 0 so let me right to you board is firmly so that I can bring great better equation component so force do the rope is able to what the Texan 1 while I haven't defined as someone he called his wife and his ex right not only by the directions to define what positive positive 1 the select so it was firms with homage in the years wrote had positive and negative quite positive right so could we're meant death row and here with 0 they're telling father and 430 gravity is able to make native it of the magnitude of G the recall so now I can't take this equation which is really to lure you forget brother equation In just 3 right turns to Beijing's that this represents is the x component which says the magnitude of several minus men that GE but we think the that's where the
light of day 0 0 0 so we really are India is only 1 of that sense all of fan and now and really information Texas is wanted to include wise breaking up better way it into our way at yes you may think 0 8 4 . 0 0 thin wire the city Hubert SSA's won a bronze next annual Arroyo visited video of it so that's an example of what the right image that break it up into the realm facts of 1 manner in terms of that just offshore and writing several really want vectors of religious a quick way arrest of think of it as close to a tricky but say that a single rose 3 to roads and not be era and then the draft like a note is angle 37 degrees this this he 1 to the area were told now try by his number the of what also the original means by which means the salt is found in we write the forces 0 this means to settle in the called y 0 AM somewhat courses in X 0 right as you know the vision that as a no vote wine different you could have and no 1 or vise versa his case unless both cases but you're aware of let's begin with phone life then this is about what's going on this is just a little 1 road solo work forces on light or dark gravity only want to vote Angela right which real faulty he 3 hitting us any forces it could force the 4th wife of writers as a vector of all horses 0 assists and 3 vendors think the Abidjan they have a self esteem theories that there is 0 a positive 1 direction and the negative while so let's politics is better working the components of it been which usually only the force to gravity is negative energy chief of a number of mass so this force Graf yeah which this make sure it pointing about half that he and then the demanded to that possible with 0 Aegis all are at the very thing with 2 and right so gene better 0 attacks negative energy in 1 of 3 is 0 0 and you said that sort of on Tuesday at the holder of a gravity of World Summit says you was force of wrote several obviously bounces for gravity so that energy that I right just so let's go on and he's presses understand what the forces on other parts of so original improvise white wealthy drug by not long after trying to distract you originally set for each of his problem this is the forces dancing to Co so this drug free by the end of the world the not so the forces here are you want to be very ready to end 1 of them will be left on the letter Is he warned 2 but theory obviously equal 0 break on it but for the 4 start formal meetings OK 1st as persistent as a of road he love as but he knew that if they want but they treat Of equal 0 5 where happened he signed these could positive thing but we already we are this all what the use the photograph fast separately liberal then and just plain Purdy career here played 0 entity arrive here yes yes Arizona our problems like that yes a well this he has talked with know this pointing drive they're not as they fought them they managed to their action reaction fair enough 1 is the on the life of the on 1 positive
here I need to rise 0 common negative Ng within easy place make that Dougherty because of sloppy and labeled this thing because they are not interconnected but they're not for use by mistake maker will find it here cried but it still is right of course but so far we have not 1 Texas bus into next easy with your eatery is no exit from an artist repairs that is why have you won wide but he too while minus AMG physical but now I know what angles all right so I can't figure out related he would next World War II Price because of occurrences if you want to post signs of 180 his thirties 3 of us at press these writers through a picture of parent people in our society for a while but well equations OS is cashing in on select 1 2 3 4 but opted not solved unless I know something else about you guys annuity wanted since he won wide and their kids rejection of the same thing over which I really me he wears worldwide is really only want to back he won British Open as he won and goes on son thinking on the theory used my knowledge relationship he went eggs and you want to reduce the number of variables for wine is 1 x equal to men you 1 of those times when he says what what on he rejection which is what the exact numbers find relatives have X and Y reading here this is your you have a line here this is do we have given this is the 1st of of Europe and they need Is this but not so that we get to equations and unknowns Sabri this is the number number number number 2 equations because salt affairs and knows a good virtually cut sanctions 1st person they sure that but right I want a trial are mischief singles 37 degrees for where 1 of his long this 37 this is also 37 right and this is 1 each Launey all want the we but you get 1 we take signed a who but danish throughout their yeah In a sign of war what bothers million rank with solid growth unified way but In a way I to think about it started when I absolutely the were greater importance with me what to wear the elections and then just song would you get to this point is usually about we you make a mistake in 7 and up number for part of that examples of only two-dimensional not every case visits overseas equilibrium on sometimes on Monday the euro metaphor for example having a party the Lord by enormous off what we need are so great that they are the break and you run down by a lot of people had to go in the big boss right here you are the dragons thing that players are there so what are the forces on your nest you watching crime lit the graduation the wreckage of war so where is the norm about 20 with best and what causes the normal course the ground that it was normal course about born into a single party and another 1 part of force due the road that would ignore virtually of so here you have 3 and even knows that equilibrium to build user the sum figure out what's going on with my and the some of forces people to consider writing here or there it's not 0 status on and know components violent acts the force is just another center right is one-fourth the next viewpoint why the force of gravity the normal course are equal in wide areas of acceleration there is
acceleration of the Nevada move saying that we revised that Iran's right we acquitted y news operation an acceleration those who have stopped but if it is exempt from the book section of the distance between 2 telephone calls his 15 years Hill not only does 15 year whether 1 kilogram when the telephone wires midway between the wires . 2 meters we'll call them exaggerated said this is 0 . 2 meters of the skill don't worry if you have a lot of who user From my work no 1 knows when the room is already a task force to Joffre but were later bird so 1st free body diagram you ever heard what was on the have down he works nor was the normal Will provide all so while wrote but normal for normal for the services of what we were destroyed by force there's no it's not that you that morning the wire is former by but there is tension and the normal course on bird and you know we really don't want to use a job diarrhea that housed tensions burgers on wire to wire also 1st we needs to know the singer's but foreign property quickly if we don't have any tension and go from there in the 1st break the 1st draft the components the keys that being measured this angle measure that of the life of break world basically we have a triangle here but this is the year of course 2 years 25 years so that's enough from the angle because it's a injured Alpha it is 0 . 2 over 25 if the angle of the Eagles 0 . 4 5 8 degrees very small collection version better down this is going to over 25 years and then knew right to use force them in college versions of those what is the equation index 1st of all the phrases such as when about 10 years of this guy he his to and this 1 is he's cosigned and as signed so next we have he goes I offer my for over 2 years because of equal 0 1 of them is on Monday this way that this tellers and information about the number what we have achieved so I'm not 1 of them plus he signed offer from other miners thingy current force from 1 of force may force them to that 0 so to be Alpha their gene we wanted to use all solidarity of his and over but we know give the problem of course genius to know help close the signs of crime but it I get the so have result problems of provided iron 1st the of the might said about what In this case operated on further at fall out the figure out for the region that but that another approach but that all but is sure if I had gone this China but there Britain has only so many ways you the chance for a new life this would reveal this Woody now the but what if but was funny experience please not clear on par with about their weight still it's something that Spain and I don't think we're doing wrong Back Black so I don't really do they want told what you might expect that talk about him I think came less than that the that left particularly moment I he argued it is not now I even for good of the last week which is as it might sound like a cop 1 is lot work through the thing is the best we learned that the
job of my suggestion is a 42 start or by meant that their friends and humorous it's because you have tried herself the figure out year How long because we think think they can review on need to really understand them on plan to try the 1st herself a course on that workers orders I never the book and my Bulls Mass City by Braham tracer but it was a viable classic by career they said they had changed the training 35 points the Senate the top end the year without such a Mac tracks also remains stationary placed horizontally ponies and 3 0 0 Magna review no cartoons magnets realize from Baghdad Poland detained by 3 days of service all the Rangers 35 . 7 centimeters but we displacement the air is when he and the national track bowl so that it can see here problems the code so that it remains stationary means velocities toleration before the using over the years docket the 1st of says free body diagram of our picture what's going on problem useful but not everybody that provide directors Aki object of that is draw on provide our irritable on forces on both engines from the mess goes in the direction of road right then so this is something will reduce his later gravity parent the magnetic force probably all of focus I don't know if that's doing to is nowhere and bring equation he 1 of the more what about those figures so we know this angle who will enjoy the triangle Mrs. 35 . 7 seats 1st of all this is over for the rights of visit Bader the river is 38 . 3 degrees now the place he would force the means Sunday he was NL now I know the whole thing is in equilibrium which means that some the forces the 0 Charter he component born in exercise have magnetic father just might it's my duty was to be hero turned his with and I have he signed miners and she was never leave 0 so here I have family and say forces magnets and road I know I know and energy which is involved 4th and ever but his mother OK so where is the from president 1 more crop it news them how they handled by Salam only done problems that services course realize there are things to say for example if you have borrow can't may come when a service angles the borders Bradley points down as always and use X Y where X is terrible perpendicular the report that 1 right but it's not always use that more people than in this case registered house I want the velocity and some call them so this is convenient to define difference these alive time from someone will follow problems off of solid this is what this axes were injured in the blast in and now we take the force of gravity projected news and so you're right here some of this them Her plus the force of gravity would just freaked out Her 1st formats broke into and 1 were the 4th gravity is pushing down the red and green as very 1 normal what's fell off some of this is a reaction to all the force that which is normal for bounces the while on doesn't that will think about Labrador work England
England 0 about for forming part with cars going on there no strong thing goes to 90 agrees Peru is normal because that is not what we call on our makes sense the normal cost increases and prior to that stage with no and because existed in acceleration along the X axis at the front did want to know what is wrong I have a problem on thing about whether the words Israel really are somewhat more with respect often easier to solve all of whom were baseless the death of his says the last like that of friction plane having immigration 15 degrees at the height of the block and if we think but what part and only inclined to news was full of commuters 1st brought freebie at what it could yes that was the 1st of the users of so freebie gonna walk so the 1st thing we do it my if a 4th down gravity In the normal course for French near the forces no but if there this any even need to the balance someone components of the need to bring in components in earth there were raised that GE components work anyway and remained in velocity bills it is it or they will force the Hornets from you go it's so let's take a force of gravity and regional Ireland for those who live in this Our is what it is G O center this when this sigh of relief Raphine commanded order in which you don't focus of those who has brought by garnering if question is what is so original lock down and out of right now we really forced acceleration of mass and acceleration we wanted a celebration of Mass even a continuum of course so indexless forwards signed price is and why I was found for hours are so we don't matter quarterly UNITA acceleration signed data but for Carlos of if all of that asks us find this a lot when it meters the on however undefeated lost on the map need know chief as personal what we do know we know exit 0 0 at the time the next sometimes when the bottom is years we leadership velocity 0 0 0 we know and we want to know this 1 the acceleration and calls times fixed too John all with so we have these positions Our position don't have to be a lot like no you have to figure out last long she road want to do that following news I always liked that at times with each other kinds of things do more but case that constant acceleration and Alicia larceny just 0 easier he what they this is the nearest is 1 have achieved signing he's way I'm military here thought he might be able to find the right the velocity a function time is the initial velocity acceleration time this 0 Jewish she signed times of 1 . 2 5 seconds are what do you want he said of wrong course thousand a television that is a one-dimensional problem by that that the that it is a very fine recall me stores so you're thinking of in these were broke these were the center of a game where there is fear so figure out what the celebration united view that the boxing until the bonds as long Of the bank is widely that she does the novel nor when it's all over Boris Her the text I think that there is resistance
which With the loss music that yet yet the fast yet you could on Borneo but with loss that will cover with all the potential energy pathetic energy you know it doesn't matter what streamlined will allow them to use fact that all what that what further progress was wanted president trickier your problems until you get away with another harmony of theaters problems practice in knowing handle on hold so if you have a bowling around that Alito wrote what functional Foley said that while he had been here protectors playing his last the tension goes along the road and sing along those functional is too end of redirects the attention by redirecting the purpose of so it's all part this which he cares 3 but got a lot more in 1 has a force of gravity and engine into has the force of gravity which might be different because have different attention you say but attention in 1 hand and I never say that because what he wants to want equals to write accumulates while he was back equals that you're not sure what it is that fast that is where the point 1 mass murder point out that no the Duke when it 1 . 1 just because the same road deaths the same Becker force members all pending the and change the magnitude of that change the direct that but the persuasion is true if the bag now 28 years version that like they have stopped but the focus so 0 with the thing that we've got this equation for someone to Massillon acceleration of 1 so what told forces on the 1st floor more than G a trust 1st he is No. 2 in fact ever of 81 here accurately to years but in reality using acceleration growth has arsenic acceleration of copper that acceleration along its entire length right 2 acceleration of based here you have to weigh in with 2 unknowns engine and the acceleration of your assault at 1st meal happily Carol I treat science again you culture 1 day not disclosed it is solved the problem here access all along the road of say my I working the lamented that the regional like this wanted to go positive action on finding a non-linear taxes is just along so in his that gravity positive here through me gravity believe is what positive pressure and this would inundate warned that this case however the Agency him 1 and day a negatives was a plus of them to move there but for starters but when they and another way they want answers we're is because I don't want to think nonlinear for his father because people along the path Semak case Georgia equation like negative 1 G plus team and it intervention knowing this case gravity it is negative on both part and the road is positive in this Rabbi father monkeys and other broke off here carefully but which would make a choice and consists of of long distance from what choice to to make right to have also done my has positive you just some crazy acts which made up rejects carefully and the right policy think it make In the final for getting access to it you want lot of friends from the U.S. University wrote a letter that says it is that you know there's a million miles dollars consistent labeling the directions for easier access there are those who stood with her focus on his case without calling
and bedding around the corner and 1 had to do with that same sorry for various source that in this case grass and not just pointing to his component along slowly and was normal and 4th the normal course the trial or what is attention see you
lot remember thing nobody like
remember when I St a random question on both a curative division like this without me it sold as as solid as
1 5 1st shot that what from mass 1 and 1 down and masses a little military here because at me and you grabbed greatest traveling to the normal for perpendicular service found by force in therefore organ or a man on long Hill X X energy and Eugene time so not just a single set of single air forces to their forces them to masses are related by 5 to force down equation is the only way to reach what 1 why grabbed him on case along to you know component ran song that might pushing of positive that gravelly on the other the team a new to equations 200 cities would solve buttons but L. thanks sorry that vote Mrs. socially will a a version of Nunavut the term of 5 years another example often bronze with a steel mill the the of the engine from that but they say I was in this case you have forced them on charges of engine St. and along the where the scale of tension over here is always following the integration of energy down into the fire kilogram force rather despite the there was light different theories on about this year the wholly owned about the same thing different don't want right now has to bully down this that here you better another example problem in those debate what is right Richard they have virtually Mac Microsoft or to object is not perfect but little protection a base causing the of for the motion parallels for supervision always the House version depends on more put arm you know Key West to get that virtually always parallel to the even those proportional to the force created friend is a superclass of
objects billiard ball and look at it carefully if you know your man was on the ball the Bottom I are absolutely kind of their skills they will actually billiard ball and on New Year's forests around their normal
medicinal and motion along with their purchase that resisting the motion belongs to the bullies parallel headed by his feet part that friction over that's what propels the making service people for what is was 30 set up it
so Fritsche is always and is perpendicular to there is little doubt it is interesting property works this version that it will choose services have no velocity the books that these writer gained started that they want to get started then the Hawks grab effectively version yet Connecticut purchase is smaller instead of thing Have moving purchase and here is ration you don't understand it with the force applied objects which is on the verge of war response he Fergal boards is proportional to the normal course and there's some optional no longer stays and forces the
enterprise had different sections of the Middle East that kind version like human lung easy joints that Parliament forcing roll around on Hi how large the our boys a day idea problems magic is a key member of the EU on