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Classical Physics Lecture 15
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so we schedule for this at the camp cover to gravity that's a topic view covered
draft so that leaves us cabinet that's what we have 3 more days and that is 1 of everyone more so they have different views of problems a together the this problems said a you look more wire math and later made into a summer some circle than us and length Bell right Of those years old you're a final magnitude and direction of gravitational force his wife exerts on points with as little and placed at the center of curvature the we have a wiry my full month end you have a test last year the question is whether the war by the mayor of direction we are the vector on this guy from 1 sufferers of all you have to get to a point NASA's What is the force the GE and 1 to over arts the course sponsored by proportional to and in the what who is did now have a realist number it's in the text look a and that there are Our yet here did they have a oversaw wife of rights or unless you have that you could do experience with 2 sites objects that so you have a dealing with suspended this road you have massed here to attract new major attraction but the rotation of this year which is measured by putting a mere here showing a laser and seeing where it's screen and the people do this afterward if send a mile away 3 which is the size of the Order of the all of it so this is what we have 1 at that point we don't that that integrate the chart this guy into lots of little point right call all this infinitesimal slice of our and then E is of cheese there this is little of world leaders over it was he even at this World Cup it would think about indirect those things about X and Y what we say about but we have to look at the direction of we better next time if forces all masses on 1 side for a while 0 while there but because any point here that 1 others for the legal point here on the known death Boston 1 direction they would agree with that but we just afterward X so forcefully next direction is D like signify this absolutely no content deals with that this is like in derivative a man County would have had right to detail over forest where aged on so early in the design and half while he was OK so out of his every year he data transformers and in southern again all are can't vote for them but this is not each little will end that different paid their tribute for example over here is we know contribution what do you think differently again because it so we can do so think about what can I think but really they right DMS but it is what it is easy think about but because the U.S. is uniformly along wires a fraction the methods India this year saying fraction of angle the phone only high school math and this gives us hidden is them over d they I put here and I have he said was over I parts where is spurred here I come yeah enrolled at cosigner from Liggett fire fire you would have better with this said Sunday and then violated but it is better is 1 might make what that every 1 of us we're serious about focus those factors that are the legislators toe but didn't is over 4 squares of us but I would think you're really areas they all I could look at the structure that arrive this structural problem here this is a great contribution very along the lines of the tires the World Series the problem is mess of the rest is that a little bit tricky here but the ability only that from parade both to another 1
gravity From its charter elliptical orbit more than that the policy should have gone to 2nd
of 2 . 0 per cent for the full year for 2nd with a distance of 2 . 5 times a week led meters from the center on what is being this the college what is its speed limit is 5 . 0 0 hinted at 10 so there parents Gary of subjects Craig
elliptical orbit irrigated velocity this point here is that the point is that lot she commuters polite celestial mechanics Back to You and properly time but Xinhua which eventually is energy but yes bed In
accordance with the system of promised comments so Connecticut Energy the comment but common surges graphic that's all know really that but problem they about how that works what getting but some the door farmers over the name on losing it also imposes on its book heating up the and losing so that yet In the 1st part of a so we know the initial kinetic energy 1 man in the east where were not told the comedy figures don't worry that we have right now is not to have relief from that but on this he's done it on that figure problem there is this where ass since loyal users or what but but squares it is part an era that masses because it did not matter could you're more than the that has changed then this year each student is wanted by sea salt or of beats squares and square to those that the project is a reasonable speed video
bosses promise that it can be let
needed such velocity and for 5 follow that they get but the sun leading to go more the work to do more of that you know that work there were What's that the 5 seconds family 2nd year then lot I I don't know if you back to the year the tend to that start
I am a 2nd year higher than that
of suggested it was the year that
resemble what these efforts appear what can be
hundreds of years South but to back at the end of the list of problem is we back 2 0 over Asian Youth mechanisms used to raise rates box Rhode Rhode is wrapped around the cylinder and in the castle there's a Hindle until the middle of this race traitors much all this is like but sent ships all the crate mass 50 kilograms arose around with cylinder that turned the hassle the looters really is your point exists this is a 5 meters it is a moment of inertia of long always known in kilograms meters the creators of the what I reacts with version of varying cracked print he will have to deal with was firms earned it would be over previous 0 1 1 2 meters Turner the greater question What is the man to force a fly in gingerly to handle so you with some force here for delays the crate acceleration 1 . 4 0 meters so you apply some force here that turns this carries the polls on you want to know how quickly a force of life here so that great raised at his house provider injured revised higher rates Chrysler rates was forces on gravity didn't mention from the rope right there will be no some forces here 0 on so the forces is an aid will give and this is Enschede it was signed to team
led G right so we know the messages of Richard G. actually so it's all direct eliminates all that he is able to achieve right if overcome gravity and acceleration of the numbers 516 focused so basically orders with him on his nose this fishing gear asked about 60 days to remote areas for the deal solely on this we have take down another half but whatever supporting it and it will be the soldiers up tones the awaited the applied these years it might force some From there Our fitness the OK so how do we have to deal with these rotational horses and connect them to however overlays he told through new well but by that of course cost of its origin there are no much you could say something about some of it for a some for is which will convene times out the Office of additional accelerated it aims we also states that 1 some the more at reports of his death times year miners times or is it really is things out both leaders want margin this once you get positive thing acceleration by known as the latest here because of the role because that's the is overall are now we have a place to live this is not the right time for me know engineers and others like this on our game this made sorry given his side came on the phone with force I have no time a where he or right therefore at I think the market will lure he are over you get together 1300 keeping years recognizing and were interested in almost just like me my transition some of the work and Quaker Oats you know acceleration because the same larceny they acceleration as the rookie right knows something about In 1 president OK as know it could run as
crude isn't says 1500 kilogram rocket washed up 18 per cent this engine will start from less right right 53 degrees above the horizontal rocket years it was serious about a horizontal if really really is at the bottom of of words His launches will be heard the rockets down and shot but engines provide a forum for 2000 those forced engine is 2 thousand but there is friction array of 500 how far from the base of a branch of the sorrow measure of all along surface of the right we want she want Interstate 15 . 0 Streeter reflect our problem look like an energy problem I wanted to Oracle's instead of sliding down a hill virtually and vision engines along on right after that initial kinetic energy initial gravity cylinders work done by the forces is kinetic energy vigilantly bases that allow us to connect velocity so we say potential energy 0 this 1 of just 1 have been launched swear by this the euro thought rests with special energy easy and each right around here that injured were asked for distance all along the rail these potential energy only on each for angle so more marked base of his potential energy whether 4th on so what 2 thousand 1500 times the distance wise man injured acting like our 1st win in over from some support think which exactly the same categories there has been week here so this is the hard part Ross recognizing the problem figure him out of that region who are conservation for the rest of it is a so repeated sitting in chairs the deed beef in red says he signed it plus 15 hundred D 2 1 half square right now equation that only was the only meal Millard do you know 1 half of a square took over energy trader plus right they on June 14 to the last year yes a 1500 kilogram rocket we thought problem easily solved for long and think about the next but say children show close to write 1 math 2 kilograms of the 5 lives a Joe bases 1 kg kilograms heavier from being a hundred jewels of kinetic energy from the explosion With his call this 1 a key so Connecticut 38 it is a hundred jewels if we had earlier Friday on Jules together make college Hitech energy does a lighter ones the Harrier warned says that had name a Korea's conservation of energy I really because water the kinetic energy cover something costly explode the dynamiter Some like our and things that we don't know anything about initial forget about so what momentum vise the 3rd year in elastic so what is a little more than a little so what is it about the tells us that and need plus and gave me a busy right that the rate massive sources maybe will AC & Co the mix no the magnitude of the graph basal rice we learned that the isn't reached you lost How is it we use all these bridge have overstaffed barriers said look at it so you're saying we
couldn't do that on the energy 1 do think that by the velocity of use that find the lost of 1 and if finally right because of that reason is also still that well all I know is this race then they'd be over Cape day 1 have and BVP weird 1 and maintain peace right has canceled its Tennessee beat over and any time we'd be over these days where I mean Europe newsletter it is and they over and meet friend this becomes an employee and a square over and made peace where inmates and beat right now we have reached you a kinetic energy bills 1 of those areas radioed that tells us that they be years and they were be times it saying that's too Whittaker also that by what prompted a moment of your focus here that 1 Chapter 9 busting led wires wrapped we'll theory has sealed wire wrapped around it attached to it now supports the widow of a a here are that have we realize really is 0 . 1 8 meters here 1 meter over inertia of 0 . 4 8 kilograms where a small loss last 0 . 3 4 kilograms suspended from the freeing what Mrs. released from arrest lot of confidence bearings in illegal acts or rests on the use of generic medicines Jules work has a lot of sense me so we're going down 3 meters in friction is negative stick to what is meant to have a new look a lot it would be so we're being asked what is the matter of the wheel after a glut there is being priced out of well the fact that it is friction he's version on terms that were in the 3 years that is really know what sort of they still the year to energy to discuss counseled called owners he theirs there some complex objects of forging ties with lose concerns reference eating the race the gave plus Humulin W peoples said this 1 0 this would the have potential energy near Ng age and my 6 tools were told may writer kinetic energy following do wanna envy square these while also University Clinic in view of this we will not only his real burn emerging from the auction absorbs energy into his Israel 1 hand kind only so we're interested in a sum at half mast notice has massed don't of these so they want equations it it but there may be people borrowed the reason spending because the role is to begin use that connected after that lot of how quickly the realized that was being in usually take on returns he returned here are interested know that we think is being replaced and say this is 1 With square right but hold firm is have see didn't parcel where the latest this is interesting because you debate about whether the war was worth the Moldovan version of what this but seem like square because of connected to the deal on those elected by the problem isn't just Chargers rotation revision we'll and a revision of the law don't believe that it was in this election if we wanted him to each question but what is on an energy needs equation thing and it's so weird is too game where Julius over the same course boats us so is where this month if you what should a brief there is no way to solve the problem I think so gave what but but
there is the strike 1 says in
November 2003 most within an object of solar system was discovered by this article analysts said the only 17 kilometers in diameter 74 and you want to know I think we can Years War with the Stars and dozens of years to remove maximum speed of 4 . 4 kilometers per month look at for . 6 kilometers reading you just look 1st less calculated that is complete path based on measurements indicate that pilot all varying from 76 through 1942 but what the where AU leaders at 1 . 5 times in 8 kilometers west of what is that the minimum speed so this is the maximum so that the maximum speed a minimum and maximum distance there is relation Westerners what is that a maximum speed we do contribution how long the gravitational potential energy and velocity that but um notice on policy for looking for these this is not being there was minimal the 1st of when it but modest so is closest cited doing this benefits I the key yet actually some of I could ever not without rumors started with deep but does its is done the diameter of thinking is going to be a freeze over there parents of illegal momentum is what velocity times the mass time so this is a service right am won't be 1 held on to their health and so give this all This is a 1 the matter must being in distance is held 1 this is helped to arrange agreed to me too is held 1 over Patel 2 times a more so this is could really 76 in to after 4 . 6 4 kilometers per 2nd equals 0 . 3 4 Plummer person doesn't mean it isn't easy without being that it says here what point for in her got there was a brief maximum kinetic energy only we know the relationship of velocities red issues again use in 1 case to use 1 and he Noland all have to square he won over to the point where you know the the velocities here so that at 154 August
border war fears let you use improvements is the bulk of my earned a quick there's a rotational
Figueroa Rod the laying of 0 . 5 years cent working in a circle of friction with the table of honor the axis of rotation perpendicular to the rod at 1 end stationery villagers if there's a lot of rising velocities of 0 . 4 readings per 2nd 0 . 4 treaties per 2nd anemometer measure of 3 times the negative 30 kilograms meters the latest her 5 but it all started around 1 end will initially standing on the wrong axis of rotation decides to call out others will reach the end of violence in the written answers exchange angel sees leader is 0 . 1 6 years 1st the fucking cheers point man was the of God be with the matter they were looking for a massive brawl at the city's original s but it has that it With the moment of inertia of a maybe it was the guest of your brain must be like that but not like this in front of that year grace period based in your mind you make your money but are you really the masses life right here in in or at the a man so was very problem really tired and also where which is 0 0 3 6 0 Oak 0 Hill that is easy now with them as well as the mass of the world as well conservation and momentum until we have a used car division middlemen well it's really deal in army rear so I want make 1 is to make the because you know I won't until May 1 scoreless allies now we don't know why 2 don't men who were being passed what is the masses how to write your eyes lust contribution from the and the hills why can't you just add ownership is not over all the that not all are about to add a new object just as more and more review but 2 things together as long as it right we think this is an of God on it what that does to you well do is leave over time but his long abroad the the same angular velocity is Amir told us 1 of my world right down from the thing for him that this deal get em I we have waged of this week this looking for this this so we had everything just saying consolation that lying down charter right on the question given all in he weighs more than I think rearranging Chinese people love on but didn't advance 3 times right he carries using part of momentum again you'll have long ownership the new hybrid object you may get here a really are to uniform are also to diameter are stacked MacIntyre said 1 of her reconsider marble said circular marvel to oral 75 grand each 75 grams treaty is 1 centimeter that could gainers worries that blood this is 1 centimeter once a year overlap None of room for the future those are 4th and final Fawcett containers from moral point of contact me what
Soviet limousines some of the worst in world right now who have would figure out
foreign all at 0 and see them right out of place so what are the forces job here 1st one cute but this 1 is widened so what are the forces so that some this is some force here that's what we're looking for some boss here but we won't know we're told reporters here when our forces are normal course between marvels this what else on the way to but and 4th personally OK so the thing about the components shares components what article heard 2 with their own eyes so for for me that by to waste that I will be there I couldn't I don't think Journal John L. basis 1st all things that we know who you are we now oil diplomats and normal 7 career really is 1 leaders so there no sign of heart for for the forces that but missed but that's useful if he
later sees following those in our bread and so it can get fired what I want to what look at want the models farmer
what about yet think with mainland me this start trying cases this is too are right this is art right because the whole containers on time and this 1 has to to be 30 degrees but I they are OK probably a lot with the easiest way for the shortest way is paying for memory we use ordination we can which also requires no net because that has helped us on the island network of is 0 prices Tom but she so how about we point is the question Art Center Basel Marshall isn't it so far we want to be involved right so torpor on this point gain would to forces event toward a just peace so as to give us arms are bound by Pepsi in time distance tried to are indeed decided angle Mr. the 4 equation led us all you know this year and that seating so don't forget that equilibrium also means that is because the forces the stories is about you better look at the problem those who have been doing and you what they remember to really is not a problem than your next Thursday Delaney you


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