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Classical Physics Lecture 11
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it started receiving government like us that they will talk more about momentum within and center of mass burial composing composed 4 yet starters questions to see fills out of this game with a dream allied with them Monday added an the level of is part of our I guess that the vote what is your was on the level of budget question that particles or we'll be forced out of the the articles are not connected expectation the when it announced deal that the Arab states that are get out what is viewers was level that is the library explain Frank here Parliament that string theory is currently a mathematical pretty fast but the festival of lights you quickly grew only days university but I but I next series but I Syria also on the Saturday period we're not calls on the mathematical played through of 8 of good will vote on a Soviet got much much more Maine tiny often regarding collisions right and momentum product man velocity we this that week connected to another basic which uses all the time required by recognizing but a change of manner that equivalent of course does changes the of objects that can we be used as momentum because remains of think about the solicitor right because there there's is no external force on something has changed momentum and computational my only uses brick power but what happened in the initial momentum gold but final hole we also so this is for men also were able to use from the concept of rich emerging of this only in last of case of elastic would have operation Connecticut so you have a little people's on had so that very helpful the war still doing sample the listen back in the practice of using Asians last week on very if by like fire From that I have done their part of a part of me is initially addressed we'd be initialed a initial it is over there is a is what he meant afterward a flies off some angle alpha it myself I want and
flies off another wrinkle and here and we're given fire velocities the game is to you rejected a request for the loss had let's start thinking lantern energy prior Alaska collision looks like it is while
effective stick together
King Jr but the bounce off each other as if they were interaction with what's going on with the work of the Connecticut and back not have lost so we say the initial Connecticut urging is cool to a final round of energy this 1 not he's a Iife where just for nothing are in the final energies TV where plus 1 and there is a word I know this notice these your mouse orders 2 . 5 kilograms . 3 kilograms which dates set for the year so the has canceled all these years where it is eliminated he a squared minus V F advantage in that like this we
marvel this price is part of a number of good players and radio
mast then these force batteries that is much much better I met my bowling ball and a ping-pong ball these glasses about right they will a amended they will also all holiday mood the as London giving numbers but F but it is what the for sex offenders tells us
Mac who lost Anderson give you want which hold back the lot where you was aware it man
lost direct after a where 1 of it directly directional major while also observation of momentous right in this case we have to wait remember that led to separate provisions so we have then be these days I next year is and he a final corrects plus a B B B final X and the component initial state 0 no momentum in 1 of the year's end while us to really be the to please P S 1 of those he days initial velocity and the matter what our new illegal novel but it will have to quit your friends family and known I want to buy 3 are throughout Europe they don't know he said In view of what we had something about the unknown there is some watchers to file loss that so I lake either straight relating to French released expressed components of velocity but and a Texas PM a the year earlier he's a cosigner health then BV S but the Times readers some the wine that may be a sign another plus please have to be now I have to equations to win them all the question of butter I'm just miners learned last week and that's useful thinking about a couple of hours to 1 thing now what part of systems are due oracle's dozens of articles to real objects has real fun but giving point so many have not just to work full of holes in particles each with their own velocity and their own men maybe charge Chaka shot coming out of the velocity of but what do we say well the momentum of the the whole system is the son of momentum they break on services 1 want to do so well momentum songs so you this is not what is we these are 3 waiting for OK so that momentum the what about the momentum of the center of somewhat here is center and to remember last time we talked about external forces if you draw a circle around the causes father
it is my model of tourists in the forced and so is change man where this quarter on that means that this means while laying around relative is nothing that affects the whole movement is a thing of a concept Of the center of a somewhere in the years of points that we were outside this is the thing about the horses has concentrated 5 4 on the former action all system I don't know I don't necessarily share details of what's going on in effect a lot easier for me just the whole system article with some Mass Over and create a stance that call center class which is like that you don't find that Oracle with massive velocities injury the whole system as based on how will forcing the fire he lamented the gold medal with a massive movement but velocity well I have Massell system and the velocity of mass this should be able to Momence assisted by America has mass what there what is the sum of about 2 more blows us 3 times PCs about they were please velocity at the center of mass is someone you want them to be too but divided by 1 us him to pose as defined lost my that particle center man Bureau quality of right beginning at that point as the master weighted average of last from averaging velocities waiting by the end of more weight averages things that have more it mass weighted average of loss that would mean that a lot of the ball Her what we're likely to someone with opposition to really Argerich closed position 2 but it will he added that is a structure that part to live my life and we are more murderers not novel which arrived with his mother what the relationship between velocity positions that's the way get the remotest frontier effect on all of these there are so few could establish momentum of Basque ETA to establish what he velocity and their with position was was we part a a vast concrete examples who is known case of
this the figure long stock means that I think about motion of each
shot 1 the motion all of the sector was very simple and over the course of justice the particle light that initial from the shotgun blind guarantees of a projectile more than that I think but emotionally part with respect to right so every part that this war is described as the motion plus it's motion relative in usually those too problems of both of us back concept of they example you have some sort of modernism there you worry about their
wrath of mass weighted average
here we are beginning to asylum with Inter because the product is composed of Eleanor million a number of infinitesimal and last but by symmetry capacity at its geometric the part of the logic which is come under the center this movie added privacy of fear that fast but was still under their last but we have the disk this being a matter what level would be allowed we don't wear the center-right not necessarily any that at the center of geometric feel mass weighted average of all was the your average out someplace where there is no actual much like this disbursed are not necessarily us is a is a songwriter because needed more likely the center vessel called it opted for example the example that the book of a war that last year that but he do it rigorously they won't have function Morris and that is a functioning and fewer actually role over with the pain having defined as being she was there will because their song these things just have the nearly so the oxygen each 1 0 2nd heightened but the this guy is through the position of the 1st region and lust additional region on its merits Lewis the position the oxidant man on some of the most so if you find this center last radar complex object in distant objects by years here and here use of centers still there more complex because their last week after week at you that useful concept being which public
it that's been promoted me but the saying
a rocket that Iraq has to stage new president and if stated you watch as they around how rocket and say just get 1 initial slingshot she dropped we never starts moving projectile right of course none of the gravity of losses so jet right the Big easy from halfway through its flight these 2 guys that exploded load was charged at this point here when I was a bit like when I have more complicated trajectory about the declined guarantee that the case has been packed jeopardy well turns that you've been separated problems Britain's when talking about said no external borders on the rocky as an intern for separating the 2 cyclists skaters bidding on I Ching pulling external forces along the motion of a standard that is not to be affected by anything that happens in but no forces means thing rather than change in its force of gravity so emotional center of mass just rejects you know no longer and have their motion path to either it's simple but I understand the motion of 1 of the pieces we only have motion that her last name used in the motion of this guy's relative to the or example told that this point here gets is the loss of 1 per 2nd which were down there you just think about emotion and 20 per cent relative to the center so emotional but their best plus a motion relative to the server I think there is a complicated problem and break it up and the pieces all of which he she said born the humor the mystique of internal problems is just a about qwest moved by that show but but the wrong so it is data drawn but the picture is the trajectory diesel the trajectory others With respect for the rich let's get back to favorite example pirate ship with just do over for buyers can also known is and ejected on you are right talk about with neighbor
argued that it would be better off or those it's time to act a what does that I had to have written they Bradlee any type of of it but it
is awaiting who easiest seem target for this year I'm doing the talking well Paris this How is it that way around that these forces alone yeah all that but then I realized that of was so what the and if the answer is a it's Matt problem durability what about David also who is can progression areas 1 can also at the head of a university sustaining man without the church plus care she said you it our right so that it's been matter quite a fee Ahmed and deserves matters it year on it was gracious in emotional center mass the dramatic changes in the matter very intimidating inside which is falling it has light we don't care about emotion and a matter of fact this thing is relic firing satirical all acquired him and piano right north-seeking and that fires and view also OK some arguably the enemy while China here from only the most of dramatic going on that system is around when the Kim all the warm weather model virus with their animals still awaits sent him letter that not a lot of velocity be treated as a single article and a regardless whether the wrinkled and warned let's think a little more about what this means is that there is no to release will result in lot of problems so if they have to friends for years a span of from all and promote 60 kilograms they I think they're very serious friend James James is kilograms Baron James that negative news 0 0 0 years names again ocelot puts a beer here From here and give these them and they
assert that I have requested to both all on world who B.S the we're Ramon y the matters of belittling what is the
center of mass of James Ramon we're not because they don't want us so calculated the opposition has said mathematically have position so it's 90 kilogrammes time netted 10 years plus 60 kilograms plus a devised by the masses it of a bit of a mess right most were change he said the thing about what happens as
now Kerry is a set of math change them so we use that analyzes that example of what happens when
James gets to be made me where is remote but in indicated for me this year and next month over not only 60 what's to the center mess not for any position like for for example chosen order I figure out where Ramon and says they want meter as John Woo James those cities leaders were among those nite in
order to keep their asses with a vision different you know the reach of their 6 tonight that real basis if it possible for to ever get TS one-dimensional a
one-dimensional rights John Vermont and so chart we know we remote position at any point in time we say that a mass is unchanged prime every safe he said he's 19 0 right gets 2 years I think he's there where they will have be so if water or change it beer that has it means you're David Lynch division firm owned by the trust among millions of years that have passed on to the concert here said that makes this very very simple life right now to forces that total mess by simple
that is a matter for example are the matter is 1 that will not remove no amount all full you get to the end the but what as for but he added right to pull out our standing your the port let's another symbol part OK here
we have a yellow block In a rare are joined together each bodies formed and then ask them by objective here question is which is this wins yellow and red which 1 as agreed but if you don't they is drawn so the red and the longer the other 1 set a uniform is threat 2 while we figure out to where is the center of others on prisoners Iran so it is a mess call the message 0 there we just use the center of mass next yellow and yellow and red red there and then yellow is negative attacks and over want red various so I received red ex-wife have different signs 0 but an X ray its magnitude rate still the figures show that these were yellow more laughs the poll found that the rate have more ministers their man this year or early in life warriors closed the to Back in the day means of this some of them through a particles that contribution really ought to greater contribution and 1 but it was not talks the summer of what the was the fact that there is no doubt about I'll bet we get back he yes resume was not here but then we're really well and excess along this line the next holes in the wire somewhere between my what I'm not he want to know from your mother said 45 of woman 45 woman and music Georgia new bottom you won't the New and from there must used for you both the a new age 60 kilograms of animal newest by long there she also . 1 meters from 1 year 1 year look . 1 and if you
resisted the notion of human walk How part of the new but she walks along with a new and told known this and vases the problem is there a massive not Westerners are part of review now after 2 of but yes the change we need to know about the world of finance taxes Brian was an analyst with 0 0 years ago there was initially is good as a woman and her position all 3 meters plus the massacre New Times position 0 right now is article so really what I used some old our place here which is the center New York treated and head of the party added center meant that the power what Fletcher pray and this arena the number of months there was again is really have plus 3 plus must commute times X server long-awaited really is at the end we Jewish people the only but good the measure but from what I thought they more detail truth problem that says 2 after a man can change can be found for a day day and be careful with that an Indian group velocities CAN with respect to chancellor in this state as far as I can and the brutalizing BA in medieval respects to the show and the we may be we really expect to ship now problems says showed that these energy of these and through it can be written and some of the best times velocity matter where there were showing arguing that unit is that we can not just you know that we're sending this concept of center last injured from mentor position that he just that all 2 of them but 2 2 0 let us anywhere From a crime being farm we're back to the center of cake energy that they're
asked if Connecticut she said plus a kinetic energy their away from broken up part the letter kinetic energy into energy but then he will respect earlier advance the line talk rockets came through that these guys here
velocities with respect to the center of an 82 has joined together no laughter 0 0 and this reduced to so we have guarantees his last mean tax terms of those last as a state of problem but if 1st introduced to the late well the velocity of after retaining a velocity mass most of losses so what just a brief resolution velocity the ship was last the loss of for plus velocity but it's somewhat right and West may brought up beyond the about what wears these guys for hours at a time these carried a need Monday where the and plus 2 years that year of his wounds where his TV drama there he also expressed the
often of finish and that right no I have loser 1 of far-right energy in terms of internal told Connecticut of whose
wife initially had and a square foot then we these right the man
lost do with President terms the a lot of demand and that the price tag here but
now what we're going to hold them off that on that in here again on half and saying prime square foot half there may be CM square most of them may be days of the year of the 1st part of it were with his way out the loop France and had a similar expression be back within but thought OK right now there gather some terms together for a better chance for a long time but and NATO and turns where this
term must be vote and the but the
individual velocities with that the center of mass and saying the islands where they must indeed be prior where his firm's plus but I want to be what's left of them and these days and we will be 4 . 0 yeah now for year right so will
produce 1st term 2nd term about this a press are T Bush should thank you field between the velocity the loss jobs here I could not again opening using moving Carroll what is last year these are the the ship right at them the velocity others matter begin with Mr. Shifrin corps there are you by expanding and crew the although and the house among the ship you don't you Russia it is just too must choose not the lot all of us on the wall try to the the the based to use a velocity of news guys on it it will be possible use of Ruiz are going be Wong this this the this
is the moment you we've got I'm so far keeping him out of life 2 at up to half of the book doctors all along directions this is summer to the well if you like and they gave us an the is that you some point not not but by you have that house about it's the kind of all that I'm if ship go off on of
because losses and must have pleaded not like him you Mass the pact so the let him pass GS hands on you the that they have been back part of a year
of his past exactly what it is that we have here and so on photo ogre college look when I did this after Asian which this week this was a prime right seems these over now what is this was here this is the momentum of the center with respect to the center with 0 by instruction for us so this is awaiting will again be pieces in the show are you going to instruct the Pentagon Milligan views that as 1 of the pieces and break down and you will have to wait and see all the bank the United States will include ammunition this had been try not to be lost with 0 . of said last nite that direction so that not like what you you Porto but a clone world is newer models are are you not washed up on the bed every
does algebra and border village doing other papers are much harder responds dates you're looking at a huge paper brilliantly and you're gonna test was always things were rather dressed like this only 4 finals every single thing they could write like the shop is unique there she but there it neutron with less than the mess and think Mesa head-on on lack political nucleus of mess begin his initiative whether tests Howlett Connecticut doesn't that the fact the last then again urging says the new trial Her Of
those and Young With colluded conservation is the earliest Travelocity Act which some small Mandarin which we have against some of that the so with our strategy of scrape away from it out the other back as Rebecca Romero lost balls it's a message is a quartet but right now so we
had a initial kinetic energy 1 and mediated where will what have initial opinions and where but what have been we that what need a new all of us just learned he paid for it it also lamented equation at equals M a B 2 x at the end of their lives that that Ms. of water they want Beijing have similar will rely but you a new loan plus a music CD G what these weapons in July and but yet Nujoma mass start you that our vision library wife you do but a single woman a lot of momentum what asking you like your bitterly no 1 hour well are all about past on initially right now you want I'd say to wife as did not and that add but what sorry Red River fuels let's image of Europe reticent to danger not saying so series why 1 of the 1 way or the other around at each year no weight that direction made at the universe that 1 direction of letters some reason
chooses Correction like slanderous reflection angle you're right that also
part that now they are point and that is the result from a portion of the right so these think wrong set a fire that is that the thing about all the information we have your answer 1 the last major firms the masses of massive problem and so over proceed from here algebra and put the future not really physics but there is something you have largely because of his trip to Ukraine churned through its stoically sometimes there we can rest restless 1 the this last here difference in Michigan initial and final because OK energy lost by the chance me but the big Boston on the best that nothing expressed so that's just a initials Larry a finals berth at bay the same is never a k a minus V 8 1 2 times these we 1 plus 2 squares from this acquitted here right now and 2 . taxes to an 8 times a 1 might be made to to questions and just divided pleased to see discharged canceled are removed he beat 2 you want to know about me and 1 was due to a member employer this year will be 1 of them was won't close to the firms and Washington money is needed to prices have eased to quit in they said Jean a true In a minus you need a plus gave 1 tonight relayed by a lot of during each onto its initial us these just masters and this means that being able to talk to them over and they can be by plugging in here and that is to connect me from their on the
lessons can file again and also arrested we
don't have


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