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Classical Physics Lecture 17
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right started that it will be the
last laugh at the cover all Uriel enough to be able to learn and that
any problems or fear and Bob Probert I work so you probably with the the you have this morning but I have a problem to solve where he was I also had practiced by the river the fact is there so I could result from the back of my idol Ayatollah by across a strong bonds do see the Fact file will be part of do little at well level that goes those 1st brought that solid 5 . 1 1 that is likely the said they believe you're working debate colored by performing a frown on you ride motorcycles that followed by a year With trading birth or years but we're really is need for a physics that is lot of fear and probably will be a major at last said you the motorcycle mass of what do you want me to be happy with it fires a motorcycle or not the contract which years that we're not there but as a writer chopper those forces on this diet plant travel not what gravity is and all of them no matter what must be kept up circle the buyers are not lose contact with your work work so let's translators quarrel that both that that motorcycles not content years saying that it losing because a year from on the law a word with a circle of uniform motion sold for unity and these weird Over looking for me and is the boss please last go Oh base would let a little visit a foreign people and lust and you the is now in Europe the proposed new lost force be any amount depending on how the vote that the euro and where are the people and the and where we are we will see where are purchases 11 . 3 8 meters there's a friend the 2nd of the world all of the members and 11 . 3 per acre pretty fast dropped out fraud were meant to news both within so that that's about look like but he worked at math kids right and then there are the problem at the bottom of their leader's wife that I what is the magnitude of normal on Mars by your face off Bob but I have down the course but can you have same conditions for circular motion colors but each where they have area what often is able to it edit plus a photo of his or were mind Islamic with 4 times and where they are and we where we are in the bowl Warren G. planets Ng headed by the press the force firms the velocity requires full already knew what velocity would have for between Fort Worth where irony which was last time and said this the force that he or she is now less than normal for the the normal course and gravity and help each other for years there was more of strong Drew it was some quite uniforms what those who didn't we might reject but we were we have moment shares a mail circle of 1 another as part of the team a lot progress we want from reason for
that by that we were you have to laugh that half time
lot of a lot of these forces a lot gateways to boys born in blood requires the coalition knickers also finished 0 . 3 while the 4th was there to be less Constance on we face the question where the force necessary me so that it was a Burke this of you go for he brings you can't even about you can't be the vision of Europe so what force that we have been through of these guys in the normal course that up from the ground we driving boards the
force from on the way it was the way he also
waiting the driving force purchase of air the vote by a city about those things they had a together that both beaten account for we have force on the same day together with a single kid you not only that but this is only a OK so they only want it back so if they asked for friction between back all you the it 1 of Britain's bridge or is the normal for us but it also called for years In a way out woman Is this was the big news is that there will be on all the there have asked for with native will have your toe Moon River is a Hill the rest the very similar said that now job you now is here are here like that Rivers parade catching a that is how the rest now the inquest find that part force their journey on it the laptop told you never it is now ready by the euro 1st thing about me with the sorrow of what we have for right driving the regional boards of normal but we believe that those who what which is why Fellini's you lost direction that was on acting on a lot like these rooms Virgin Bush close this 1 call this whether that be dead right also those that for them from where you know if they have a lot of law they had just got its weight around the normal course of from Long Beach and all that version of it and was was so they write wrote the role of call at aII and of course this kind of those duties as well we know something like this WA right about that because of the virtue while you are on the same evolved
from worked look at the work differently we're by our
look what but jurors think track while the for are the same the world all our not worse all of you at the time the but as long it also will be kept us that was the end course is normal nor would use that yes on this was on it the part directions said also they all they all Boston's thing I didn't mean to over the right poems
those so what's the will know for
innovative and a place to right the and Anthony but with but With a close we need from but in no but that was here and me is whether we need those fears over these forces a please now we have a writer and that's 0 . 7 2 the fact that the no we know this course it's as the anger that figure is 1 of the things they can be be held on front for all we've going on so this worth as well mail carrier and we know that there has changed the last time you heard that you bus that you beat saying that work for you now this guy over to some of those miners that might be a year of which means that we do have a which is used to going to the public and just put down by bioterrorism bigger careful about that can all from there were no 2 auto time this
1 6 75 small awoke about what we're saloon the for while we've all hold in the will always Opel the bad much of their children I have to work at all the vertiginous a lot of originally revolving 0 . 4 nearly all of its feet of 0 . 7 per cent cures that whole from surely the rigors of 0 . 1 which 1 reason that this news is at the bottom 3rd team to whether it's in the course the originals the law and reports that the engine caught fire it would be a problem for all of us
those Ahmad is Lockwood was bought from gravity boards and the thing has name but movies they have you more for that what is where are the quest for began wooden engines the vision of the past Czech EU laws jet the race so far it is plugging and we're all number that . on 4 initial phase and Is there a problem with 1 1
was his here in there for a were the phrase so that his removal of figures from the house work with 1st on at work for the right our you what only for the answered for earned so what breath 4th on different sides this could work right you can't vision of I was very fragile energy go down there said yes and they are show Angel crossed that call for years of but being brought from you want us they want others the Bulls who not the work so that they don't have to memorize the names of so you can you know I the he is just squares where we have back 4 but not with you well we need to know these forces on previous a vast both the radius the blast the change I think the villagers creditors the wrong way the of the probably
settings from the city the portal moved along with what happened on a single board force work on that a
mail from the team's new unless the again for saying see so it it is when we're at our removal of the fact on the force is the potential energy went bad will present a world part what is the direction of course on par with that point a little bit potential it is the name real tight what do if they do this or that of the following here which later broke down users always roses Of course for jet that was rooted here a native of offered for serious what about a 20 please riveted on the also called near for he what value next Connecticut and the whole and Connecticut and on some answers then Connecticut maximum Angela they mother both the what is the largest but part their movies you know how to move but that is what it argues that next week but part of star who points floated there is an area more work a place on fire have more and we will review the easy imagined but where he was the 1st year In your members that it will not Montana you can't stop it they he said it was a lot of time with the you know what that X parte on point of stable glued in 4th the this thing 0 last year to year and near death after seeing new sectors of the right coach this is stable equilibrium because you move away amid reports that award was wary the river is buzzing with aware of it you're ready for this stable on the other hard evidence that points toward me kilograms lawyer yes snow-covered hills west of the guards Hill Stone is being for area 15 kilograms of being in the middle of this year we have a plan that covered only points came after many years there is no pressure on point but there is a version of Little Brown on the between me and all that part of the House leaders and then and then run run their might bring more from a quality the they around longer too bad what it is to the stone they but there is more at the
start of the 2nd World revealed might be a lot of from millions of years salinity complicated by the assault with energy so they want you will
face but Tar 1 1 and Heroes Square little alot midfield and allegedly he each or give while interviews and where blood the euro that Bombardier were different in so doing rather neat the news where In knows where a book Jimmy Choo choo agreeing to 22 do you know how formal was sold for as the break the killer but that come down until after a the remarks on
purchases also picked up some of the leaders
of Japan and never were part of it observers Virginia until late spring and questioning Oral so all the were but the but the rest I know some of back 1 of 1st years of the war laughter near kinetic energies Burke vigilant in in that if things turn energy person energy will the In 1 case the right thing I can't say I can't do that some of the purchase and the all these products of the terrible but what bird the finer next year right well delivery . this an 100 plus for the Hill had this thing is that the person is going to be a time energy or so we have 1 and it where were we know that a lot of money on Monday and you play and he has made next the report said in the text of the interview so we know will be squared we don't have any of the others new that we were just wake are solid yet to to clean morning for New World II the very long by I have
got a new set of which is in danger look at
so you the only thing that this is not a problem for years with the dangerous digital purchase half are problem will list the movie and after the meeting thought not worth 3 Ron calls that is 1 of both think about 3 earlier reports of operating here for the 1st time that the we're worked so what is the cost to bring leftist in a way that those Williams was I'm sorry to work let so spraying is 32 . new they have college we that you have the U.S. and the US From what I know there are 100 inking so you can have the Frank only reminder warning remember them written on a massive amount of your right to have found you have other a service version we know only this has invited and the 4th to after they here and just because Mr. package naively you might think of it but stronger than forces are force Virgin is less than or equal to about the but the next 1 8
. 9 cent yes
until they break dealers they're freer breath Britain was part of the and race on Jack and Jill jacket by Iran's Jill that's 40 mile and crazy that 15 half there they remember that must what so you horizontally from the top of the 3 main much added it said that Captain John it's just that you wonder if that person is totally with speed of formula 2nd relative to the crater ever but German John violated slid greater that the during the last row of the grid so what is the the files race boat Jack and Jill Jones I think the thing that makes use of inertial the Brown will you the lot rose in 84 his town freeze his way to power after the buy-out of great policy Jack Pine error John F. J. Jill so what is their losses and when they're on the move around freely the grounds of the he it at all that's a big of of food the agenda off the air at the velocity is slated for special praise the maker of a lot of work are there velocity great for me OK so their losses at work more money for their must former me in my face the question is reviewing all With the files from the sound momentum right there the hands of the courses for based both be on top of a purchase on sound so we can say that all momentum the initial movement and by the With unit on that you're right on some of the things figure out apt figured out until a last NASA's crazy freight times lot was treaties she on dash until there are a few things in life and then we have agreed that the solace hold what if so all of that you will find 5 you shares of done what is the files created Jack Dempsey 1st then a few seconds later Jill Jones in the same direction it deterrent to steps 1st Jack thought we're a few years after that killed jumps off wrote but was free again Jack but so how do you quantities of gold mind our job if that number are what was going on and move forward Creek Wendell so great great Jack the utility or fresh so clean the final year of NASA's great was jail my name is primed for the mass grave Jack lust and inject them for more mud is needed the spread of the disease jetties but programs placed here on Friday Nunavut images private schools for 2 . 2 meters now we have a salt problem with Jill Jones movie great so now we have a visual initial fun he will not back Jack created 1 of 6 kg times prime initial figures right the final configuration is necessary great time and money please 1 of the most but not Jack Ferreira Borland crime that came less than that Joel going forward be high no we Jack your account and this is moment still race re-energize urea joked have jacked up the defeated Jill reviewing the GE's July because the directly which era velocity of call at knows every for that what so it is that they think I'm
Jack something children you know we will only have you as a purely from those of the TV 5 . 2 a period mourning that don't individually that not that each job they have Richard also it's a bit of our situation Starlight thing the same job from what housing compared with the greatest the same amount it can't be condition that Europe former 2nd velocity relative different but part of what is your job there is a need and muted the foreigners buried next Monday planning to an adviser says 500 rumored 1 horizontally and 2 . 5 million in not being printed in the paper lies into a stationary applicable she said the last 2 years by news that it has your . 5 the on a blind into a stationary farm he went out and go out and buy it is more than a year and has mass of 1 . 5 it has been changed a bit like Boris we know it said Real estate the collision of the bird just dropped to the ground but 2 hours by their what is your last just after it and just as it reaches the right of the burden off the bar and moving west it was a lost all around the world and make the draft that what is it that Burton bar what all right but the birth you don't what and with the leaders the court dealing with the image of the relic of the 2nd movement is a lie that Have we from their eligibility rules and here we are going to so bird can wear them us and you where the we I know that we have a lot of read it . 0 . 5 years we know very well that you have been raised me on the ball wife for the what we want expression also is not part of the record and on duty rule I can't think losses agree that this is a of catch from what China away it is not what it once novell's clearance right the of massive Bergen off of it 0 2 place moral massive so those I could make will too Reading but what the last fall and reaches ran for wise enough means they have averted gravity so he will brief rally in the southern part of the the by transformed but here we have Asian we're wrote wrote each again and we have some think about that but they want to go to the purchase of that right 1st of all have to write but have I wear you know that this here we have the finals the we want know what the will of the draft no vigorous went on with their work if that in on In changing the residuals center Matt Dunning it Angeline Yukon Bush said that it is now Malaysian relative is an old age changes that are about what halfway meditative singing rotator about what In both cases it has point the but what if the ground where the of colors and 0 all right has changed dealing with the matter all give me high center fell over the energy initial invigoration is just the height of their relatives behind at home his this is all but refused but we have a lot of things With the whole world is better off around that in the space the news a vessels and was were road with a G Yeo said little was alone is . 3 while
the matter to me the momentum of the day and what about an hour at the center of a plot to plot linen cloth off here he said
methods 6 the on the farm where and if they Langer along with Considine about 1 . 9 as there is a long leader
solid they met didn't have a lot of
Romania after 1 it was famous for her and I'll where measure were now find that thing we know this vast universe playing his with America about the great for respect from ingredients that can go from 1 to minorities he thinks he's a 3rd of those easier and put them on under the most winners list for more than 3 seconds for . 1 state killing at least squares the With recognize these kind of movement from square Bermuda which we do said that's 1 13 . but not of it but I was read on I felt kilograms 5 of them didn't circular forward down long but it doesn't matter how much work the base engine for the fate of the world that is for them on the euro what is more about is only work by the end of the day will do what you want woes were a a new things to think about what the question was what don't buy it have work with but only about the change of position as the only answer the moved wrote that although here change and again based on the was bigger breasts to connect energy in Evangeline terming them all but Of all us well as mine is reviewed University of math wall a lesser spacecraft but authorities is there really is small or less this is the man who reviewed like that's 1 but given by well what we include that year college for that following us all and we have Bergen 1 thing only to the 1 million however the article by spinning of the energy simple flat and where her but a joint earlier losses but given the men as the velocity of gradient of more than around Mars but the condition of an orbit is certain motion and that emotional provided by graft trial and an overall squares right these where you can install them and we are the to wear Jeez and over or we have a lot of it beginning express her party's so we during outages what kind where do you have were all our and less care so that leaders of the region in 2 years the initial energy use 1 he and I warrantless be 0 Angel energy my duty and there are over 0 what was committee engines wonder and 4 an over are you might be over on now we have bought their radio waves of Lord there is no no but removes all those accused
problem voters understating engine problem areas but also 1 of 1 of 1st energy firm who formerly was called the
draft cashed stated goal of and 1 of the things Our as they would the 1st video would use sending you realize there based on so TLC Brandise's questions White among the pilot but enters the there is no question work you're quite legislator there will have placed orders of work that go out of my work it would be best for the team reliance inflows of light right that the very next be light not and the arrest it's filled with gas prices higher by letter and also has a little too last approved an alternate right on top of that life like human during that so sometimes they want to from the Iran's 1st switching maybe Tom frequencies but the amount of it also on CNN In the work only burst on butter for the veteran beyond was a robbery must yet it's they it the British aircraft but problems you should get off on I will actually look at but we're talking about the fact that Israel out like we GQ but also by a liquid that everything was based on 1 side and New York horseradish or otherwise we originally I always here Friday


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