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Classical Physics Lecture 8
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OK started so we are halfway around the turn them into a little bit earlier that at a doctor for it
so did go through what we learned of foreign for part of that discussion about more back there and then reported Thursday it is so you're moving in this room there and all last year plus like all and when you have with you is a calculator and a list of the group is on the the journey that I'll be walking through but so react acceptable later by propensity for news 1 of the 1 I won't the years of course I will have held providing this list of equations the put up on-screen like it here and there more readable based on holders this is also available on whether he would cover an very friend in here 1st on the cheap there was also summary of course we learned that many hold fact not figure out which learned why variety overly says you going the look the jury members court based earlier
worth about how the firm sees if while using the term but here we told a small part of the world but so is becoming under than those signals despite the head of the residence of a house prices return there were some easy questioned from Laura Israel was horrors the butterflies as hard as it was marred by house would be where all right I'm not going to prove that kernel for value problem so what that was way out the more Arthur barrels as well as his own home I have questioned the need for our athletes also anybody is sending and they want the help you know I'm around today moral makers by the combined it was a good idea Giraud spinning and that sort of thing so I really tried hard to make a final deal like but a leak OK so will reviewed the concept but that there are no better than that but although quickly Miller of the rebate please do it has all the vision often can really does needs derivative for the book which we can't force that really know how that will deal with problems that have answered the very occasional the very thought of the but almost the movie general form is 1 of the vision of a lot of time and then as a final note last the region more general Wong and arrive it's a list that as a result of this use velocity grab the velocity in 1 on I wouldn't say did wrote the 2nd should be enough but on the interviewing with 40 people registered about never had 25 occurs through summer never coming more pressing at so it is with come lots them Travelocity opposite a lot of confidence we really thought that focuses on not overbearing there is a new answer position he developed obviously this glossary velocity change so it's sort of a year is a long series of very short passed by 1 of his at time missing will be here this is your the ground somebody on religion and they have given but the broader ground is there so very quickly and William the 5 seconds 1st response here position and start on positive 0 negative ARC father is a decision increasing constant decreasing it right period increasing rates were about velocity possibly on the ball start that after their 0 it closet and if losses increasing constantly soothing velocities increase there might have you here that's role in the world it is increased last year for me it is after that the the measure from immediately after throwing the ball prehistory than the velocities but those views said velocity is increasing they were acceleration again immediately after the war the ball good exposures negative and acceleration increasing can't eat a right
it's constant it right to scrap a baby What about over here these quake positions are 0 or negative and positive still but the grown and position increasing continuity show up but so do these positions increasing the point of view it is that as a result I tried is now my for so they could increase that has been recently appears opposed Consett you know it was quite a lot easier velocity change in the law 0 at this moment Larson those who know the future Watson will mean that service position will be more negative things always decreased get there are not increasing at that point we didn't enter the Bush didn't act the question is are there you must realize that will effectively of brought a market great was here the kind of yes you're remarkable 1 pocket in this case it's right there is no change in position when the velocity of air of where the velocity it's a problem that work and the velocity increasing decrease France up the so is the velocity increasing that users will have to be found the that is not changing velocity is accelerate our sort of wasn't his decrees Wassily 0 building with acceleration I know that a question negative saying that things will be velocity of increasing the acceleration increasing but yet socialist constant as it is the right of all our What about comes up in true to its original tho returned to remember 0 position is still very underground is 0 all right so it's still positive changes its position increasing decrees get they it's going down right philosophy With the velocity at their treatment negative going it is a loss increasing I don't he here it is on some that and 1 for the last value the value of getting 1 morning he I've been going back at the last velocity self quantity and because acceleration push led only and how it the what about you give the will right so I find this to be white 0 0 0 the position increasing consular that different jobs physical problem bouncing on the light all that right those most people refrain bills out from foreign that confidence was survive right now it's a race the change just like at top of the top here but
last here at the bottom of lost me leads with brown rice not moving velocity 0 is a velocity increasing constant In the final game no change is really just but his break other 4th always part well it university In communities life where there have been no changes of the small time to find out site right over really is a try let's work work on so that you had the smallest like here in practical terms we don't get a seat at the place that much smaller than they were 2 years are likely like picking Mac I think that there's a prediction world War suffered also for years OK so we get started and that it would be the rain in here so here the velocities increased losses was not lost is headed in the direction of the positive that's because acceleration here most of the screaming What is accelerator know 1 a lot faster than negative he was both laugh what but they want there is a lot in part to express their views the moment the policy grounds around their involves salaries changing its losses on the part of only moments in this problem the not reform you're going home to grab him over its or anything but is accelerating here increasing the increase in France where a vote of our own all but 4 of them were later seen acceleration to increase will also more vigorously had risen out of war after acceleration With spring him that for so imagine a spring in the ground for us all that at that moment for the British forces for an the full force of the Great White a that go and they are at the balance of a most the will but thank in the face of things exposures Cooper said a lot of it there are firms in the but it will be moving theories he dead is the most after that small was about we must look at I think it is difficult very difficult I'm have no arrests of those give me and I want to get better the it depends on how long use model using both model like makes a momentary contact ground and acceleration this native momentarily deposited on the but I think that spreading most and then in his vision come back known but the different were not the ball after birth come up with model by problem and ask questions announcing the following yet as 1 that bring and I have to do a lot of all time he killed questions about How are so it's going to be easy
1 of the things that those who remember we started off review marrying him not to 1 of those things with that and those that mathematically they all racked up pieces With that lot disagreement there less In a you license 1 . 2 million we have look at on the part of Europe world it looks like look back the but please let opponents directions but man that the and also just this the on the way it is a balanced and wife of images have a vortex first one what do you then won only 1 from 1 our me when to their point that not really wrap around here and this 1 is very similar to think about drug the it so there is a demand that didn't check Iran's major thinks that day however this database is what I know it is yes they gave me interaction in Versailles and in light of the fact that it would take his victory when asked whether will choose their backs even break down projections yesterday that 5 0 as but you're so that their gives it away together fever wire appear what is what they for all or Top Idaho unity of over this way or that for the erection what but osha in time there is socially easier Thursday about 2 nobody fawning you press that button but really show from video why yes there was used in the so you're recurring Ryan
Armenia's that they really wanted a pair of on prevail but 1st of these units are about her the EU on my own J. J. but we were told that the plural on their a only in the direction the that kind maybe half of to work the array two-dimensional most has 1 of the most innovative stand while two-dimensional motion just thinking about it right so for example without a vision that which is to organize opposition is written get on with it parents are from water to resist the lettering using it that marijuana may seem like a motion there'll origin that on 0 0 at that time he knew that this was after all what is June think at bring him better than his break the problem of wonderment loss of vision for the text from what think about a little stable at the house fears grow yeah Brazil is not a lot the of change in position over time where has positioned together the which are as it is to build saying they losses a lot of interior by Bush we have to go the far difference the only 1 more final minors are you you want that British that track I lost where is the lives of along just as it did in the bottom of their are they are there also have a part of when back it the meeting have to is better than disagreed nobody left a letter in actors if you give out of it so here on of vision and the uses a longer but the along with the the direction that I can get out of the 1 part of a component is 1 of those nasty next that goes a term call this negative 1 1 that the decision goes from negative 1 2 1 2 seconds the velocity 1 when unit the but by that the remembered for every 1 to
have fun in what was lost we have the conditions but hornets that where there is better on my life those envisioned for them by Charlotte way led saying I'm a lot being in the wrong direction of this region I force of the are better terror of warning of two-dimensional motion is just broken down X and Y I you haven't been on the agenda of violence PARIS me the election Chung or is like taking a derivative that scene using the thing about one-dimensional derivatives let's look at will see you have this week to components for 2 versions meanwhile which is expression we're right this is a time this is a jail is crazy on him the longer didn't finally he is the right now I but he but jam the will be right this the same thing it's just another way of writing with this just them but next time he said I forced OK so theory has further they have dropped more red involving rose review the visual loss Drew the ball a daytime ride because talking but why years had lots of relative motion is of the case the neck X and Y the tactics of football form but what usually follow it own burst the those Asian with his wife to adhere those users available hire stressed the origin and time with 0 pilosity adding 20 in a white negative face Egan right velocity Forney the ship accelerates next question for where was the whole velocity vectors all those that ran off the lot home loss last season and the lost both of which have more right than what the version of your also quoted the only 1 who was working for the origin of With the position of the stars origin not only to have his or her of 0 no Division Arsenal we know there for that area expressed way With only the Blues two-dimensional 11 and so much more circular there'll conditions here are the move at a constant radius of constant that a lot thought about what is that look like map out most of the circle discovery that individual components look like I would think that direction that here circle which is the position With the ball this is close John that so what's the position that the rule ocean the decision that the majority of the votes that point pulls of the sight with a start of a social yours the vision of origin where right what is the velocity but yeah the move the crew it is also let them and with the acceleration at good old acceleration is means was listeners bullet fired circular and reason
is about lot changing teams and a lot of that is for sure when he inversely video through members acceleration are a sweeping the right the circumference of a a circle of this that it has evolved just passes where's the ball did this in the 5th inning in his hand because you think that bring of 1 of the volatile get In the next week the girl on the so we have to start again laws of motion that ethical then rise to his thing all for the 1st quarterly profit they threw the case means of course sorry during moving them there says forces working with I want to work the work are you North afraid for the people we but freebie died after that meeting his forces of falling apart forces on individual or member off of the internet or not it turns out the story entering but talk never think about what these object is port the net worth 1 thought about that all some here thinking that reaction among them are want to know how they for not only in the past the modern world and the normal course no course than I think people responsible in the arid north of the use physical models and the reality some point with him and all but 1 of his last name over cable providers but once again voted is the only forces on normal and we're right there we go then would not allow such Ling and often he hit the roof about someone has long been playing with those the remaining 1 world summed up in elections in calculating the so we could that example lost 1 version of planes have English agrees with stars from the top in 2 years In what was done with the normal wars took right now president turned down a plane bound normal or common Rafferty continually left with the support of gravity down which would provide which it accuses the acceleration of 1 of the best none of that mood of blood you have freebie diagram of this great family bosses or on Friday no him it phone so normal course for Avenue pulling out from the threat of force probably and rumors that it is clear from the the ripping and very complicated with some very simple tradition fortunately the normal war Hans knowledge and of a member Virgin only failed a circus for new juicer whose as bulletin for hake right so it it is always opposing most Harold you know for sure the force which is perpendicular so remembers 54 1 model of they are not be only some models the square he was there is all the time you have a problem that I haven't model Graf is solved Saudi her testimony from what because downward what brought about by the ocean 0 this the Russian last year are a small warts and there will be a lot of reasons have been a lot of the velocity of Lord resistance revenue almost the not
energy and the many forms energy that the friend from purchases in the spirit of the tour's owners remember all the men that it would kill all of them In addition said everything out the matter be reduced you know the relationship Malaysia has covered with nothing more members home even the direction this is a science were no worked with the kind of energy in the book of flying and sparks fly over by sliding along with him part of the area what are usually paid for time of the work force but it's worth bearing in the more costly but always starting in remote regions that forces for energy
conservation all week within certain over a subset of the year that ended in there he said energy transfer from 1 system to another call it however the energy the isolated
system no came here and we do things like running Mitchell Energy is finally here weaknesses the gravitational and medical costs for the pocket so give me some feedback about how well will 5 46 of less than 1 year people all over the loss amid a wave of old quarters and barely and but for who is really good so you people getting a half an hour after of it what are you all all of about if that is risk the question is damaged singer press Pirates will be there Rose solo section we won both ha I but the it have piece of the review the to fine art of members of the sticker they also recognized the special you guys major not the plant think of wounded the bears the that history of Ariel North Korea voted the base of request but
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