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Classical Physics Lecture 12
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OK so he thought about the agent that when I think about it if you do with required to learn and use off it's often face to private firms of yours so worried about the matter and energy today and that we already considered for for translation we they were all that means is that they want to a shot of a boarded overexposed is construct everything of our nation In terms of Hornets call later and everywhere and do something that matters of movement for energy referring to a game and that he will leave the saying equation ideas I think France's much of that we don't have learned and areas of religion or visual Bush just think I this they would you the owners that drew rotational and that's rotational energies world Franklin back definition make sure all talking the same language rights but we have a circle of really is far yeah we have some angle didn't along Hall and usually radiant 1 more there value this is our work from the same quarter last loss track Bishop so little coordinated with acts which really columns but what a lot of
love in this case translation velocity is the a lot of the
yet he here for a translator that addresses bottle and there's a lot City is the rate of change of the single race are wouldn't change our mad these data he said
the velocity and John Hall met angular velocity just but
now has formed being living there were also used last your motion
around here I'm not and old trick a bit about velocity unions what is this direction is the direction today we would also be I think what so any loan here translational velocity is came this means that currently thinking translator lost as the direction your moving work along with spread what I but version during what's important but way about it's a way your way he direction of view and which to under the stars so choose a source arbitrary definition of marriage is the most in this direction then we would mean a lot better off so might need a voice is the rare direction Rangers came along that we're close guests he it the other direction and maintain the velocity we need them so they are sure because without a I
like is our shared station about
and we've chosen often visit still work but with no fundamental reason Thursday with your friends would the dollar interest is the 1 place where each of ocean averted authorization have problem because you have leading your the accident the Depression-era movies all those belonging to direct 1 then again pointed along the direction the method directions being it is the length of the vector to back the longest the flow of city directories that we were making no nor does it about celebrated so rich in the reaching lost translational motion so this call but here it is actually have a good job from again remote translational motion for you if he knew that if there were do with want them to for over
translational removes all resolution asian for Europe to
radio for federal Europe considering the angular velocity not velocity that translational plus an object moving the rated teen years a lot of users thinkin measures here we aren't enough you could have a negative but step in building 11 saying only using about all that if you make a point of you have a point the passes velocity and mother of to pass losses in the derivatives of wealth and you had to have passed but we know that the removal of a series of losses so just like in the Lujan velocities where they arrested the men employed 3 the fawning offered from that
also decrease in the of the nite as of last year's receiving usually with the
but fear and then kinetics equations Romania that those weary head for velocities 0 plus now we have all made a hero 1 the property rights think about the occasional said the use of losses and Myrna has most television was at 0 plus easier he won he wears right the new is 0 plus met he was 1 of the a severe problem with leg some of the velocity and acceleration problems Lewis the main thing is that where is the and that is translated thing from from being alert to the retreat from a transitional authority of the base that look that a lot of those things a man after news fingers what the since nobody likes actually open their mouths depressed the group of do you really need is a truck we get several different 2nd we were friends on a full line of bread with so
where there the graph shows the angular velocity and acceleration versus time for a rotating by which of the following times is the rotation axis time to find agreement is eager classes and knowledge of of the West is a waste of time because the rotation speeding at the greatest threat which couldn't means the managers of officers who wrote the native laughter and negative acceleration also is heating up right back the only confused science of its added
is 1 where that has sort all year he we're categories at the end and all the as hot God those retreat the method of ours saying Bureau for new on the it is a great thing for for 5 greater than the same Out of Lawrence man to peoples and they disagree that OK another 1 period
DDE initially address so that line he Hewitt this service that that is beginning to turn with a constant out of any 5 3 in the 2nd quarter Ed he's for that what angle between the lines you based on
results of former bucket with with data was 0 but the Mazer OK so what has 80 square feet for it in and we get 0 . 4 revealed they do that so
we're a sort of thing with the the
prominent thing about the connection
between the rotation in the face and
neck pain concepts insulation getting moving along my 1st changing now that I
think that anytime you are indeed circle he also had translation a lot of
urea circle circle
radius far mingled with the other taxes union reserve early this year said earlier that as these people who are so you think about motion for long sir we used to move the base of thing but a loss for progress as he Oregon they always from and what he says a lot about its velocity along the with translation from 1 as for measuring did along a curve line in the form working on actually making movies the visitors velocity what relationship velocity and it is fast you angle of changing the more quickly moving along right conversely if moving along circle really quickly and the relationship between those 2 while on leave was the the circumference of the visas were relationship while only overall what are so what is the only In it was a lot of pressure I imagine circles right In remove 1 when the time around the smallest circle members larger circle of Lord shop where by much where is the Paterson Shade is no information so 2 foreign this thing velocity leaders that was the reason that the good would immediately argue the which is get all our where are because would work there is a path that unit half have something reviewed with per 2nd this year danish Bartholomew users are might be part of what could be a possible theories now with all of them series the dead look at the moment there's not about possible said OK exhilaration the engines of urgent care centers by which an acceleration circle right now Gingell is just mean not partisan change this year he was a member of so the relationship between individual velocities velocity of promotion around a circle along along circle is related to the acceleration of your again but for the sake Fortaleza that that is not a member of the radio acceleration he is wears over all 3 of which there and is because we could if we want to rewrite as a minister when not the underwriting Angel here is writing in terms of the pact might follow me a lot might worry me that they you're getting a velocity bosses friends the the 3 sites part of the boring but were thick Brazil Italy this
note the drug aboard the move so we but in a
circle I was talking about dental athlete and bring in and bring retailers operation which he removed him all of which acceleration Wong Temple and the bomb but was broken up what acceleration radio acceleration with origins of Act which is intended to look in breaking that I have to work on that where will the toll acceleration just the vector sum to the example here is the problems given many of which a lost acceleration find components and gentle revealed so far this is not a member of the tangential tangential acceleration just revealed the radius and thinking lost Angel acceleration which and radio reported where off which is not circle plus you are combined together but is actually told me that for DVD for his regime will ever-increasing question is how the auction and gentle they can't compare what he the same what the same Games were thinking of sending you a lot of the of same celebration put together was thinking but I have different race the question is about the and there's a lot of television and radio so no consensus here I want to discuss with innumerable again body that another visit OK so Rehak realist operation AP here there you have the same weather yes why think beats them because they're Connecticut on this the Angels are the saying the matter of this thing where the radio really 5 we are faced with a thing like while I think that I'm very sorry but based past the August as you go around your agent What kind of Bush's logic through the independence of the dangers of Haitian on are confirmed as part of a larger armed the jurors Ingersoll what about radio the the same or water will result but also received fixed angular velocity at the same velocity and is part the new rebel larger than previous acceleration revealed salaries are they might think what I think that this is will buy the West I don't think right now just doesn't have the same agent took a lot of things right which we are and all but now occur it is your house speedily years here's connected by a chain the of last example viewers with 2 points were on the scene he really did this but the then but thing about the same engines will last forever with the chain stock that is a candidate for what's the relationship between the different number on the basis the Old West they are right this looks like a distribution whenever noticing was president so they had to resist about what their cell saying
velocity and we're in a loss to of France where that is not new of so here and relationship where they are 3 years old met career in Oran runs on front by connecting it ratio for example almost all over on carrier so the Rays Is members relationship King of Pop I think the the last year it's bit more slowly than all whether 2 small Wheeler and with it actually the rest of it is that the latest and number of agrees with the release of 3 new members but trees the Beijing Youth Daily 1 we change work is that I guess will change you do that I thought so you have to assume that they for on that they say they do mine owner right Over the number of front To trying all year although the number of hours they think the trade this is is really relationship between the number of days all along prior that saying 2 years over but and front Over and the right legion but under high forehead yes the owner most of that and so they combines these users of equations relationship with him in front Over and In rear and front page who it from a a woman so
is usually a foreign is thinking of the situation in translating which where no 1 has openly down here that I'm change real men the last not saying ended years thing a single-chip better to another war here to the 2 on the we're here advisable as to them frontier has what terms linear speed and Inc are discussed in a dangerous it said that redefine unloading on some of it was clear that would think Our are greater pressing a I want your 1 moment pockets Arizona's law will be but only latest being the things they wanted to have the same will use these different I the same problem minute changing forces that thing you chains structured that they have the means to retain or perhaps a but the while slower was relationship between each year velocity these is men are right the same linear velocity of large arrays smaller momentous and that again the basic principle of that right here in repelling it the same size back we'll for but it gave point at here With those that have made
about revision Utah shares of thought velocity and rotational motion acceleration nothing thing about cylinders and and those that has the logic of regret last but what that press our that's doing gas produced by the middle of the road With that not only do on over and they have a little girl I don't know liberals traffickers aerospace there is something picked the right thing about the thing that in view of the kind of thing about little winning I'll say let's think about the overall in terms of particles article summaries another part of another 3 years I do and a system will girls ages with some of articles so what is the the kinetic energy of this little girl in terms of art but well that energy is just 1 and and 1 want we're love 1 and right where some overall who you are rules that make there they later 1 at that time U.S. until the the legislative throughout quantities the there wanted in India for 1 where only where it is easily are squarely on you are their name to this translated the barrel now their masses thirdly what want sir if they are on the road part this is the same velocity right here that they will let the single single loss there In the light wanna more and more ones where where the Omega square and there are like that 1 hello In have 1 no arms meanwhile press here we have officials we will have something I'm really not so that this and some sort of rotational inertia the way mass is glacial then moving on radio back just to golf where are the and who are you we're close to your room regional constructing just fine knowledge masses of thing part of this can't quite a tie was phone moment of inertia right think of the rotational inertia is 1 was with little girls were showing us is that the the hands operates a large being a larger version part you know she thought the ball center because they have a larger and larger commercial for more it will be the last just as there is a long that is all too often work original decree it is a new among of 1 with the difference of additional is this
the bond with respect massive not properly and not the man with which is moving a kind of looking at it to find but only doesn't say for example
you had amended its this a connected by a lot did like this and this is connected all to noted is the same direction the motor ownership this horrible thing look here the owners of this thing and Pontiac so for example if he different you a few clues that this group has set up an 8 hour and you're back in Madden leaving the very small you know then there's around said in you all these squares and but RC squares Over and then there is a very small areas if you stay neutral this thing through here the dominant these where it is said to have chosen through here B and C essentially just determined by but those that
she was made to release winners these are and the more general expression he
wrote figures song of you have made articles cost about it the world out of an article separating measure the more general expression involves a normal over the deaths of the modern world of density function of our time parsley there has to be here until you haven't got here but Korea shown wrote yet but he's above the are we don't you donors had massed on the reviews what so this is basically black infant death he last time previous we are are but when you think about their head played reported around the edges and think about how that he is a generalization of but that on of came here from once in while so 1 what have some there's only Havel will have a lot so also see it this way In the construct quantities the plus makes intuitive sense being written with the a book you will find a moment of inertia typical objects so you don't have do rebels very much in control rod review the center then numerous times schools on well and where it's a lot like and indeed as year of Rivera said here Muslim rejected and more hanging over so it is not something father handling he ever know this Barcelona you it is worth your while remember what you should understand depended on the distribution of example you're asked him with the between that and they think Hall and all of man children that ever but I really think the repeating those same mass that is larger or smaller the policy here 1 large about back on yet that followed center here Reading marks where Jews boxes out our hands you look at us as an artist should understand in general relationship get general relationships 2 days later learned that our or Mass General distributed from the it's a practice known as
Here's the picture of a lot that book and he's targets so we have had witnessed a me have slashed brought senator from 1 is also resolves or others the all-volunteer user but examples and again don't memorize them but take a look at the picture you understand what we were and the relationship between the base year E 3 objects here the same mass and the same 3 feet high growth over the centuries on the same shall Connecticut in an hour we want rotating members said this official shot him we have but they seen then again this is a prime time where we going yes to be solid cylinder you're a resisted the both of you have alliances so solid figures about him yes you they Q it will look are already has about me painewebber half what it was that Serbia which is war saying the same is larger from a smaller reliance on same has by the same kinetic energy the Lord on May the 1 with most of the small regional and which whereas the smallest size Willis a solid cylinder because it has moved it more massed close the to small expenses plus given here you there is without the smallest number list of questions of a routine tho us here and want to double the rate while keeping its can in France and not in the do this by any of velocity and have what relationship to the initial blast negative constant
engines on let us play a lawyer up up
the committee is 1 of the 1st time in his case highlighted by and water where they that the year and final energy do you think want to change our ways if that be saying His double the rate also has an e-mail Swissair reaching New for but whether or not at the 2 then they have
brought to return of dreadful is
rotated pulling force 9 years 9 in the tomb were fully answered where his 15 kilograms as they the of their . 1 2 years have been the road pulled her through his older 2 meters and force is 9 and new so the question is a 50 field wrote pulling a road here what is the final rotational speed time so pull world leaders is a bit many to great energy we do worked on the but the fact of life for rescinded that work that brought wears as workers belonging to energy region of the world what is needed How you like 1 half time but then again just like they did translation and these Reever Asian 1 I petition unless additional velocity both 1 I the scope been more but the blood here ever know the result that we have returned work into kinetic energy and energy relationship ask which is what we solved for but but but for that let's go over and if all members that give us given last thing that radius from the diameter and given the boards and board so tells me the answers it would be a blow to the for example looting work billing energy into so far only been doing that he tension and in most motion Nouri 1 more element of work shot and do you you have falling block tied around the ring was stirring wrapped around only the fruit they increase their colleagues and mineral Of the about their rotational and if police's the Bush wrote little boy but now they have blown by playing wraparound fully which question in how quickly if the bloc falling out just before long it's a little bit a lot of but the question is what is this the yield on when hits the the ground and with these rotational velocities will lead to the loss of a previously of all transferred potential energy what was that again we writers but now we have something else going on potential energy commission center-left NGH is getting turned into 1 man and his squared short but also it equal to what have I squares of full Our blocked going lower that is turned into rotation of U.S. floor that will be how are they will use only about just like stealing of the old since last now seems not to have more is a lot of the guys but we have a relationship between his translational velocity injured velocity and middlemen 1 1 and 1 Torres where that plays that he will not because the poorly the road attached to the quality of the occasional speed at the outset pulling the same at the translational velocity the velocity of the road and then we will see what happens this was its 1st fully was not we're not attached the bullet wounds the fact that has fully is more complicated than Nelson said he knows something about the relationship of the road To the rotational speed and is now only about half of the year the nose I consult and get lost German address that
there is 1 more example of using the state of us together station River meters
the mass 0 . 6 4 1 6 kilograms pivoted around 1 in of movie version on a horizontal and will start or horizontal minutes brings them the music is really more of Brazil playing on the change in row usual that this that those who know the length of the 1 meter and messages there what once 6 kilogram some pieces found parking what is that every year it is not so how do you have some of them they federer masses this bad In its message here in the center of lake with the thing that are at the same so changing gravitational energy prices is just ng times meanwhile the I of the death of the center of an initial the height of a by Russia which in this case a half a meter 2 minutes saying find a new leader of the state where need change we have initial energy initially had hair finally we have Beijing plus medic energy of rotation rural villages the difference between East and I think this 1 0 simple Ng about half a meter and he hopes to behind on where Alliance With guaranteed gravitational potential energy it's turned into each professional kinetic energy nor have to find a new speed on the matter just like all the lot falling last year returning potential and rotational time show that Indonesia levels like those of your based on


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