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Classical Physics Lecture 14
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South anger amend the din work I remember remained Delaney the agency only doing things forces are blast that me again occurs Temple said in an interview that object 2 1 have been where's the best of what I you go to the mat and relative we struck at just the right this weekend and it's nice way each of the transitional stuff there but there is so little but it could bring back the Virginia spinning Segura have on all down
ramp and there is provision of the question it with all would work on board ball around the members I want to the worst time of year but are on those but politically but not be weather the full array discussed neighbor allowed him agree so that now so are issue here at work force section of the border but during joined by action for fear that the level of the letters have voted for half normal way words are worth some all right where these forces way where but did but the the because they don't want 1 point of contact between balls and that went through the center of mass all of 3 regional or grabbed gravity at don't of all that every time you are right but we did fall as affected article about ran outside all over the wall education Bradley act on basic math all sorts of Asian so around the world one-fourth rights provision now said D. more than 1 of you maybe we regret a mail questionnaires Is there information where this picture the bottom right corner all right here's a free but I'd much rather be the normal this here on friction last year is the only 1 that has a nonzero but doing it debuted that racial assault problem known as where you so long long time then Perry said not the major how much friction but the thing about it is a notification and what happens of all his life delivery but it is probably that it is friction right leg not 18 on Vera rotating invited them rolling without setting just perfect between the the knows flying possible less friction in need of but still suffers from versions of songs and we have not enough material as long as is a fraction of that is your personal cost me some of that went to think that the problem with our nation is that we really sharp where the memo Bekki but emotional here on the world class you just think about as part of it what this year career yo-yo ensembles if there is enough version will stratus pulls the rug what happened but Soviet
intuition here and you don't have the right to the floor could be so are not because they arrest World earned 1 workers about know all the around it will be off I want and on role workers would be key point of view of the it is they were slightly hurt but there are need 1st gold the so the restriction what direction for what the right 1 a a long string of business right this character pop up and on Wednesday no and there is the address of so this saying that you're after is on the right obviously the left friction points to the right so were for to work force right version of course to write possible usually for some years right in the 2 forces applied plays out here were only concerned with the most emotions that now where on the loser but was stopped by the Woolworth is the right thing to do is look at that price urgent so stood sale of virtually that no if it's a set of virtual that With feared it would slide but virtually no news of the war or if you use strain was at the center would be trickster after 2 weeks training at work at each other but the only way I of this this so that what is called the Red Bulls Gap new rules current limit this case theory have their work enough urgent news role that's being strings he did but the thing is I believe you saw that as an as force but the try there's also we please ignore a lot of things that were mentioned as a here the probe launched the 2 military force is of forces less than a week where forces which would come of the an insane direction by worse so what are the cost friction over a career that nothing about it he said it is the renewal again ruled the right questions about that he pointed out the back people are on the
ground living of friction there's friends it
also will be being used to speculation that there were about a new of it is from look at what they see fit to . 2 kilograms diameter 1 . 2 meters role for the right the
velocity of affecting rolling said that it is going to get them out of the house is the Centre a says What is the velocity E molded rolled without for the bank role unless the thing member means that velocity matter is equal to the velocity there always true remember always true that the tangential velocity is equal loss in times of radius velocity of points on but it world without slipping vendors but board that's the way you get confused America's 80 here told us that there the different but easier but there is not necessarily equal each other method we they from have given previous an organ America right of just 0 . 6 meters a 2nd 1 way OK senator from what is
Connecticut well enough other kinetic energy is 1 man and museums where plus 1 one-half eyes Omega square given amassed a lot of them with the what is this time and porous I settled on up we have to remember but this is just some time on squared all articles on articles have been radius and must never simple we know that were given a matter of fact that easily a little bit about 1st because this what is 1 of them are squares In a minute to over are currently square feet Morris canceled we another 1 and peace interestingly in this case the kinetic energies and these were the people energy in spending revealed that asks us what is velocity of blue and by persons were the velocity I hear somebody say ground and measuring the velocity a single point on the velocity that To me what to do it's work for us all a lot of talk to the velocity that is easier velocity of rotation positive year near the same men right which is what we know about the velocity at this point here it is too easy near 0 by velocities motion that plus emotional vectors it's velocity the top 2 years and then asks that final last year but the ground look Boston above 0 0 looking at a rolling things the anymore and moved 0 loss Our goal is to have a To
understand U.S. personal 3 by motion that would be a technician get cancer I'll tell you protect circuit back OK
explained entirely can lot Nora about a quarter 1 ginger to talk what it is not would have wears on and on this this road everyone has moved the following day but I want this quarter a notice last month year the doctorates want it's movie put but
added that he want changes every day because all perfect figure a person but if the with any part what to be about specific part of your although that most of earnings period by point which is at the bottom even at that point will change when the reason back on here means the part of what happened Brown and that you're expression of linking part
with any part was force right poverty at the bottom but yeah almost all of it then again in the wrong thing about it is is sense however some generally possible and there is because now plantation visual work is therefore translational motion a linear motion Uribe were for their 4th but not in the distance if image rotation breed were in a lot of course not for long distance now because of building and all of these objects vision similar to to translation the higher 1st about a 3rd of the game where were like if that the case band doing In your work that make sense giving it rotational Medicare plan but in the work there are also about angular momentum burn their cases momentum is and in the rotational states of organized crime occasionally petitioner velocity and there's a lot of passion is also eager Leahy quantities by taking on crossing it he is that took it does so while around forces said we said Boris is named DPD right so who knows for me fourthly people 0 means the GPD the Eagles era of competition in the linear Gates is my news lawful rotation translation evolving and this is detailed full review just like in the amount of momentum forces that things change among men rotation toward the changes being it has a commanding lead keep adding that some so the anarchy also met a little the as device that last year who is going to spin out of this means conservation of momentum the LTTE will 0 0 was so that help us let's
think about that and if you can't agree on on we consider what happened to the momentum will likely have helped figure of America with thing about
withdrew patient commonly collision with rotation is clutching your faith that clog up 1 wheel which with some losses and they have another 1 of these is committed in June is connected to you may meet periods were some the others Friday ideas will assume tightly lobbying of momentum that I am the president exists the initial stage of the final stages the president the final stages that these things a teacher had come together so this is we have but press engine and not you really clutched to come together and have a single provisional a license but grind area we could figure out what is that from knowing that envisioned by insisting that momentum that initially momentum for that well we know the initialing of the eye days plus I need to right what's the filing of its moment of inertia these 2 years ago I was I realize that this not like what that when he combined lunch together in taxes while Western moment this summer the a friend of motors that the son of the 2 together the some of our thing about the the regulation Haggard motors some larger than the 1 he denies he knows of only the arts he that's what that so what might time and set out here final rotational speed and so we can solve for this he but it's a roulette and mass we'd have say that at the the moment and weighted average of there's a progress help us solve collision problems with there thing about me you
Connecticut where have figure skater
and these electors as old as long as it is stark about what happens to a momentum can have his Connecticut through room a holy figure
this right argued refrain right but the colors and can be there is a need to be else's thinking is being held in the city where most people agreed that a new momentum and why the group for related to widening losses so I think why is it that is a lot while these most of the horse so you
saying he meant his answer was that if notes for the rigors of it of course means to amend his concerts limit them initially but his I initial digital rules I find obviously this change whether this change at moving on the doorknob during his last name so this change 0 final velocity is initial final years they feel that 1 of his regime was written more the wife Mitchell of owners of moral goes like 10 parts where these decreasing all retreated this summer here is really more final is greater we all agree that 1 Connecticut the
but you don't others the covered by the highway In turning up what he is there is that some form from new saying he turned and while in an interview you explain where they had come from free but energy but removed and the that a vast increase so can kinetic
energy however has to promote not just met at a summit is also and eyes going down the measure square area so that this part of the part also of New velocity goes up anti-government constant energy task increased the missing girls 0 0 part it is true 4 and 5 years an all I know is that so yes suspect To agential are hard you can't get such growth as a single form such a complicated system among
soaking men service and I think the list How can increase rice and beans Is that energy muscles he's doing work on himself calling his arms factory of sitting around William we're giving yourself more again urged Annette that some Asian you may ask pushing on my
son is in the here what and morals this that I want me of these season that where the ceiling and do work the standards like somebody grounded 2 per person jumps of grass Genie gained strength over at the turn that he has a very rare 1 I know that he is going to get on or off my government stations but the she starts right she's hanging from which goes with that phone call yourself acquired over the course of the war take note it is not not all but right so if turn the lights 1 the where there was not a my said House of it that reality of momentum interesting they are also that nite like what's agreed to review but also it happened our actually a confirmation a momentum riddle that determines the structure of our don't forget what is Red while want for now but I do have 1 the wires why rose that it would but there a new mentally certain universe money when they started while like every collided that life the a big ball against them and that will listen gravitational pull together what are the chances that massive universe a matter I guess is exactly 0 England seem to be very much so he has afterward how much rearranging things coalesced gravitational reducing all are only just figures on the ground his that it makes us all that what pretty rapidly that's what where printing standing galaxies thought initially movement from the balls so you have for supplement the galactic scale by system or if they're here for the rest of the world for this way called for 1 place
for year it His off-kilter since when did all rates and still Life no I let Williams of collisions level still the is likely to massive body labels on they don't total logic acting but it is likely site can't on a yes vote remember most spinning 2 hours as possible as you get your enmeshed the struck for a while the awards Back they were among them History universe the history by looking at Of all the honor but for example you know this size in the dark about it just so happens that the moon exactly cataracts most of was son a that world the mood is another thing is that the move is playing signed in our skies as some of that era dropped at the same time the characterizes as defined visit fall in some really what sometimes are just too many regions called but what kind that you look at it and there is little room about exactly what we want OK so let us use of problems using aircraft region the federal won't look there's uniform as 2 pieces that my wife How is bordered by the centers this year the earlier and you to really I borrowed 1 30 centimeters of 50 centimeters various suddenly 1 of the lawyers rates and wires last live as this pesos Mr. provision Little Falls down wire virtually wires while the remaining not the use energy conservation on the of the center after all 1 so that they would tell us to use our vision and so kinetic energy Angela energy final we can call the initial 0 convenient and his initial Connecticut once and for all cars like the initial Connecticut 0 also that was and then case so that's the moon received this time when the examples if more familiar themes mail as part of our guests his are that makes sense are we were blessed where former Charles 0 reverts to 1 but it's no longer were also called a boulder that slipping so the PC is he made on and this is
movies art rolls around outside and associated kinetic
energy is one-half these weird both on Omega squared was lows Henman 1 the potential emerging just as the last gravity was the distance travels each and it is defined as both positive and negative dissidents on being 1 of I have here in terms of what we have here is not being will make is there are 2 against but 1 half and where once to square the tide here please what where for most of all they want to you go to 0 so I know and I know foreign the bar energy a ton of everything in this and these were the world you want there there was no uh a bad case of the energy and that Europe Asia losses the mass of the rules it looks at how long have sold the wire wires in the opener of the inner circle said acquisition this she look such religious sect problem it kind of more but do 1 but we want the
marginal of paper rate until then rests against the wall the are is 18 centimeters is full of paper you will put her hand held in place by catch to Wal-Mart and the central role of the rotation and all of this the turned out rich in brackets move and there's a lot the owners of the and brought that acts as a lot of the square fans that the moon measure on this axis the paper said other rocket test he regretted mood and not social around this year In the rise of the Roman Catholic frictionless the wall the remains of the original what used the weighted by the coalition paper wall near the task force is applied to the 8 14 and paper on our we have paper is that wrong inch single Rio virtually the In the course of pulling on career was the question is what is the magnitude of the force on the force exerts on the has so that they were all
forces from labor forces on
duty that is where the force the gravity right of what oils start the force this is the wrong here and the rise a long run of course brought about the Asian leaders Persian moved 1 of them the paper down here motion here urgent down here for urgent normal course Church which was where for for the full force riches here but there 5 forces get so were asked what is forced on March 4 2 loss from however figure this out socket forces where finishing it is reducing its yeah we want this thing is not there has not been so as to me the that forces on the last members you go down that road West the freeze In theory assume the papers the year if you hadn't been in mail but and that the rules of the movie forces all balance and it's complicated problem action with several of the next 3 components Bush greater boss the the 4th brought on Monday in Manhattan carrying pretty simple force the the rise like this and like this is in line at the end of next Roma signed data and I knew
that provision of the signed at that all with
your forces that it's been while we have you have Riley who signed it is only so far if he wants to friction must await some of us using because forced found because exerting applied for and the 2 have for everybody for areas them don't because it could just be happy about emotion match for war we want to think of a militant and find that for the forces of ignore all that and think about emotional problems know of course that but at a news came and went and hear any we know awaits know you will force him you know 1 of Ron that all of the yet the force of the blast was the hardest part of the problem about gave it but forest has promised her veracity more of these guys felt they were not
what they know is that it has what is the
magnitude of it being acceleration of the whole E at work is now the bride 1 the my forgive it not to give was problem then I guess I'm not so let's on talk the face of what forces here for his review war now forced foursome brought this forces to form and the sports image those the direction for people to move pulling force was Regional Warsaw on and so on their neither no we know this will give it an advantage of forests which force from you game and from the normal force Normal voice on you the there was a path of music to me communicate here and 2 of you here but rather of here have to work as you of acceleration of but but
what I but no 1 at a time but for the most part but of it uniform marble wall
that's the thing down that but losers but they this is a beach on Hulu here is what is needed here in years 20 from models it is 36 years a uniform without slipping out leaving important down the figures they find minimum height requires the not all it so I think here soon or by drawing and all of its again turned to work on those are the result of a problem New Year's judge of subtle but it at all look at thinking that turned his attention to a reader those about 1st we do time is all about but the fate so from 45 . 5 the my time of life estimated that no initial while the figure out how long you're you're right From that buying the EX and no longer there you know how long 36 years ago how fast going so From knowingly last year you figure out under new policy figured out that going downhill last year have ruined last year to this energy potential suddenly 2 kinetic energy I'm so it's the fall 20 years once upon a time of life of fall 20 meters when S he squares no initial 1 a lot of is falling from rests with time take off because I know they're already there if he is following Williams Tuesday the 4 leaders to 2nd guess there are a lot of more need those 36 meters but in 2 seconds off justices not too almost 18 per cent of horizontal pilosity leaders 2nd year you will make it across during enough but what I need to get that last year's so they can initial sentiment final a all sanctions on Iran Mitchell 0 0 this just Ng a list of learning how to write him in care 1 where the revision placing was all although its current mood on energy get sucked into the bed the In these squares 1 where where it is usual I have 2 possible speed emotional regional but hasn't which will not slipping I could lead to people's on this case eyes to this Morris all it's enough to many of the players this season 0 1 left him these plus 1 that Morris where we were on our but quantity square most canceled these Voyager 1 L plus 1 of his life and that is the masses canceled so I was best With the blast has cost is gene frankly I know very very salty personnel velocity presented as 2nd part questions says that both us says the motive owners of moral religious imagery explained why they are not dependent on the really is among those released him that left was I want to do it because they on more viewers was you were forced to start in which he lives lost they say sigh my is this thing squares this thing and the told you think cancel it it was much larger then it's why would those are the things that we brought in more as a limit on the size of moral vision their meters all of that now is the sole party in law what we have virtually ruling marked value that the remove this Our tried solve work again he fears rights is right is 22 . 6 meters indicate lot with no rolling 16 basis killing Connecticut normal it's a lot of rolling off less when we saw that this turned his energy saying last fall yeah it's the lot size but role that the need for others for example problems in the was a dozen guys did it the Middle East please


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