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Classical Physics Lecture 16
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then started 7th seed right and in last week to talk about but all material that I want to cover all it on gay
and go for HMOs and materials TV reminders will review within year than that with the power of final material but if you to someone who was practiced on to His life with the fact that their things length of contract as the real fun that sort of thing difficulties on we have problem From our problem is very similar to the 1 so badly filed good ridiculous Major gave me little same while not again those writers study by the are don't use it at that the death of the author of the study said that he like please use throughout see how it was that we want look at the same time it is not getting more of my character probably the festival 2 years and years often fail of what solutions on and go back from the dead but I don't think that we all the others call last month sending a problem that you want authority any problems that exactly Europe and which means you as a whole week get found no problems the for right so I want to In to think about half the the question you can figure out all the the time I'm interested call of wasn't about dialect so if you have probably 1 of the questions when you know how long the war the evening but a lot of practice filed ice None of which the problem but are right while the look features rumbled stockpile and asked you to the guard an emeritus and see if I get that healthy by these are given by sort of strange the it is classified In this there were just like returned his acceptable but if they don't have to walk around was sacked you're trying for 1 of the year I suggest out not that virtually occurred during new capacity and without it protest Sam about putting solidity but Over the last 5 the right there 1 for we I have a problem with that kind of sending a back the nose yes it is to be whatever I say again picking out like that but you can't while getting all of your bravery that yes all the draft Our violent will be there will be some out required is look it's 0 year-old thought that we cover it could be since there are certain forces we talked with will we collision in the over he said that the gravity of their rating on top of that the violence will with physics with everything you need for the 2nd half last but the 2nd a final vote on following the things learned that the part that the simple basic there's that part of the matter but that's what it is you basically discovers so concerned over reports bottles of where the potential energy depends on position not having got right independent what you can do class runners starts ago you hire Hugo's that I could spend a lot of these and he was that the relief the low road he's in the face of it being back because Petula just aren't ready in but doesn't matter if there are any idea that you are being back down exactly the same proportion as 1 of the owners the current situation the derivative history there and others at a widow of course not the 1st choice sliding across forces object in and road there were it did not the force applied
so if you don't want to do this time around the table more or of the it will be a zig-zag around 2 the fact that a lot more work yeah he added that not just on the position I thought I back you lost and regained reading that energy he is to remain energy market along this is not only year histories explicitly included in the team but I represent about half of the tense relationship between the boss potentials as well as the native derivative I want him to go on houses were quite finished the what's break have been functional 1 here at the end of the war you usual Ratzinger vision the world a crack at will without the ball and put the ball at energy levels after considering that thing about college prep football here rolled down passed on last and that the fact that all the more movement of all energy but energy also that the oscillating this sensible what's happened just by looking at Angela tensions that have been on rise after you stare is at parliament arrived here of brain in the interim shouldn't have a met in a mail drop the here forces just native Texas gravity to think about but all this is just the role that the gravity of the you courses of potential here original think not trapped inside as well with maximum potential energy prices there are still many years ago 0 right this is a man of the match but all energy switching Connecticut Angela French and she will never out here these years or more and than but he said at the start of the year report and there on have aware with on it but elects on the way all solution the in his very have of arbitrary function here the bird think about what motion of differently they were trapped here is whether have noted in a lot of potential for years not if you have an object with this much energy there was no unity all potential right still trapped by his theory move freely here right exist anywhere near because has some non-zero if they know their potential but to get over this would require more potential energy the system as measure wire the decision negative occurred just course and smaller get shot hot course but every case of the writer I heard you were wrong by the time of his death with very easy but the true then and you're so we lose their both after the war and persuaded by food that that comes along with daily connected to acceleration acceleration a derivative losses please send me the movement that is meant to celebrate the mass starvation ports that led for the moment was set up I would think about it some changes the momentum margin my daughter directive Commissioner just math and regions of the mass was originally they're here work we know what we got the last me and also alas you truly derived from the right there no external forces object no force changed the momentum so sir and is the definition of bowls also changed the goes wrong all you want about work Connecticut the ball from that change is also but for how long was he finally met German team final words over time that changes over the the changes In his 4 because
harder to change momentum quickly change much of you forget all right but at the time of course were forced to change the direction vaulting momentum of all the momentum various small find the wreckage contact all the various moment the more force while the movement of all worth job back that's why you hit the ball with the rest
of us is on no and the but sometime the happening inside so remained arbitrary definition also faced by the external forces on at the airport which struck assistance of the no external forces of strength of our movement and all of inside the classical example of a new version of they had the stuff from each other if he chose from no chance in net and you're Art a lot of equal rights right all the force arrival when you pull the trigger and on the dangers of forcible as we're back that requiring gun back the offered that hold them the reason for bullet goes much faster than that just because of a right much larger various incidents were reported from people who recalled the head of this brings us right here about how half things only 1 of these days of the initial velocity right is 1 of the following last going on news of the he moved on you know mass velocity started you know what I am saying that it it has been given 1 velocity the car was very given 1 of those bottles right with you not for 1 another don't have a use your true voice of someone so to 1 of the ones which kids fall so you know the twist the last the they thought that the spring that this the contribution of their energy by you have to rise further Of course the last energy source of particularly the country the union support but also would get better forming his new wife radically can sit at all the we got all of our crew through this without it he that the together have not initialed in favor of Air remember that a simple Mon was show goes Saudi include program of world I'm also no was of which are in the car what I what right down to the just think about these arrests in the red transfer to afraid of some inertial frames where rests with the kinetic energy of 0 growth in that same French What is the Connecticut it is not right to object moving so in that right in case the frame where the files they know Mr. state has written said proves that what can do the same thing elastic case last there is 0 use you to objects move girlfriend which you would close off summarized in both
cases like that again unless it was right not the surface in Poland is only goes on our own energy he OK In the area With the positions of power they got hold of 1 country devotion a complex objects the thing about this Her we find on a the vast articles have more before we agreed that we all work by the time the report the weighted average work permits contribution depending the way then 1 overall all similarly by the velocity but approval or what you want and it is it last fall momentum along with some of the again some mainly this by the or my over for part what were you take away from this it's just a month on shows intuitive their but makes sense for a massive average velocity they more than a year where is the 1st what might happen but with surgery community of sectors that why don't you need to know that those by because there is some parts you have prompted half of it is just sort of student always considered free of the mass of some of the articles the general a great deal of work cent that pleases the massively an urgent matter individual the subs returned from force but you have to do this in a world of of a formal but you do individuals fears that get of your old these are
problems which were there the on the whole system is moving and promotion and bring this becomes a problem solver it's a great piece write a dropped most like this put down here understand its where does all that growth I would just be a crime 1 branch it would be difficult to drive unless they agree to fall you know of objects and then rotation with respect for the final 2 minutes to get friends and of a why did he lock there will be
there has not change her all of what he has no external got external take long years losses the drive just reject boss the the interim rule would prove he's lost relative to the vast on a unit had rejected this war or that the fact the trajectory and motors are but them you can have they teach projectile has 1 meter per 2nd often that dramatic force of the explosion from and the only To support and would get more there is also a one-step derived function as this sort thing OK all as we learned most of the material privilege I do charging policy ideas the ahead novel hold different system were solve their problems things all Indiana of films smaller than what fools would solve excessive but only if you and so forth basic quantities just a quarter ending next this quarter Ringgold always measure the that we are made at the same time the the bride in maze that velocity mirror losses course two-year period and only recalled in our struggle for linear resolution emotional religion is such an action losses right translational motion we have no no individual which beneath a talk on account of this but for kids cherish that man direction it was like that Back then put a lot axis where chain around here and there have freedom up or down on the which 1 where it's totally arbitrary process but can people more right for most people the before but in Mr. the 1 distinction between New Year's resolution along with the same sort Bargemusic origin the review and velocity and sing direction by being the salary of the interaction of velocity up the seen standards explosion velocity and all the ways we that that's not to say equations I want to say publication with very bad time new that's what they each of them may have it's all about that works out to life that but this is the only equation you really have member but this 1 is a simple case that this is a special case can this is really a fundamental 1 rotation such a identical a different portents Boca the on that flight right here 5 here we have are that Canadian vote for others the injured object which made for some of your place these all that 1 of the earmarks words together said we right Connecticut patient eyes we define new cars that are squares some How long version of a translation of Europe the not after the your feet wasn't right remember a review of world accused losses the part that are really Asian waters energy more work hard to get a larger governorship of we're are there In the head of course after that the most founded by a decision that security at the point of the of movie obligate has been these days it thought it was moment that the moon or around these are difficult times particles more but have thought he knew he was up to it and there is a vast array of Tripoli leverage we get him will bring his squared the man said calling him JD most standard fees for all the trees cut tuition of them so he need this problem of course is that somebody like this 1 all the us in the forest share but he said is the further away from that diversification mass distributed larger remember we didn't
follow also will announce the end of the year we're also also which and the moment and name forces peer review for the rest of the war that cost originally for passes but he is the direction matters in the position where the borders of 5 acts as a team is that because more the if you have more luck the point perpendicular it is the 4th season more than 40 acres further with wall but the right 1 of our real lives on through thought other it acquired to act think about you in life wave a lot of action for the letter online national security force of ear and reached as much harm on national rights born on it will offer order and wanted to work directions right also on hand but In similar case like this when we met on mine action perpendicular to the force the more complex situations you can also be in the works for and this is where the most the death of former Florida right when we crossed review cross product number that they crossed we have a plane normal The Plains created by river to vectors playing Frost but but a varsity the course the on the theory that a letter with them all in the final 4 straight Monday Tuesday what reject and he is perpendicular line next to his mother wrong here are not the whole article are struggling with little Ramirez his but boards times the level or hold it works that's going to be good but not great which is that that is all not for example that the original Norcross we're all kinds of things you get off and now works the consistent lots of ways to think about the are you taking a fraction of what the of doing it is useful for your project OK tell us that they can help solve our problem of Honda because we want to reject In you're just so what is worthy of a rise with less than that prescribed threat that what went he has in both in translation in you never of we want know that we have we find that's the thing mean that we it has no velocity the grabbed the point that that doesn't mean it will not at any moment point that but he around not slip with respect to the velocity is due to resume York not only Brown Brothers different points then From the contest what is the point about which area on wheels in losses 1 thing moving plus rotation about the way getting with what the exact worth top off so that really isn't arrests and is only happen tangential velocity is equal To the center lots of these also the critical problem were told us slipping Eliza and that the losses to hit into velocity because you know you know we have a role which usually solves problem is reduces 1 1 of the problems of course this requires purchase can hold without slipping purchase on life there's no action motion last in lost their provisional were not earlier work for works and how they are official warned the here example on the board where De being which he fired from work that is In the last publication of 1 of the things that forced me to on all it depends on Nash's about which up also has the same definition of the direction my wife there used for any the loss of totaling direction the points direction predicted by Hooker In the middle of a crazy
she objects have some long we're a lot of people will not want to occasional we think of the menace of his art From overall and that what would be the 1st of 2 articles each 1 has been they have their arising are paying job losses take part and the wearing of the rest holding initially dog kidney described by your side and we're his job described at a given moment for the new terms as long as in all have the loss of its stock at major much of it we're used to in the motion in like a case of the emotional forces change in the year for the 1st time at the end change for the team known as the knowledge momentum consultation his or her house deal with their means and then general that was not only the no net firstly objects Nova but also on them right after the force Over the course of your readers that problem falls jar the euro was the moral were we not only your forces also there was no teacher around here for a day and the latter
grass dragged through the years of history professor virtually about this
graph that does not want to be very small and it's a limit dominates the world's most with the structures known some thoughts you know about sources Brussels gas galaxies I got part starts Unocal is much more than this week but gasoline have gravitational influence on you know our sons gas Gallup a cluster again and reviews collected but you've got both of your that still exists in rooting around what get bigger than that there are clusters of black us all to yields on my right to clusters of Foster each of which galaxies they looking and noted that super as you look in 1 direction to go out of another runner by the way beyond which are enormous so sooner the collected Super orange he people from the lack of form it's always been is not bad at all senator or focused on a lack of course is what got so this is the the largest river covered are bottles of the initial phone what they have lent fluctuations but stopped it but relations between Israel and the cost of political novels and look at the initial 2nd year but he never did make just shows show you will you learn just look at annoyed you find look rat we don't have those initial fluctuations imagined universe about explosions and is just that numerous here is that is a very universe from life you don't have been Geneva outfits yet matters right all existing structure tourist asked some have come on 1st that sees only in Hong Kong everything about the universe matter that ravages of focus so do the other
shows have for masses this croc we don't know why he all but can refer to determine for measures the gravitational force Riyadh please down now but the plant half of what each setting it small-scale Mass a small protest more often but it is small on that there were additional streak dimension that once on that we just couldn't tell their prose gravity the death of washing through there and grabbed also ruled that From that over 20 more man with pocket so 82 of the past and back and forth track forever Mass also in nice thing about ready to promise some arises from the point leery about it where usually wears the mask form Oracle that's a matter of mass article in the word of a long shot from inside as always outside lays that last would be matter of the will lead you think about movements on the ground that every piece of news for the way see a common on an amazing judges so crazy about what they remember which of course is will as of March and so and then and you get duties of gravity of problems in the it is great that what we have here if imagine firms went before further what you not Have you can raise the yard than his forces and that will come from the evaluation function for all their wrath that is the way what happens the will she was crazy about decreases Iike that what happened 0 right in the center favorite cook the revocation all Work was no network a gravitational work will be removed from the records and the force you 5 force was listed in the Yellow Sea yard what happened on the special knowledge that there were just knowledge worth more than day with your knowledge of how we can put that what
about like those that gravity attracts gravity charts that she had Mohammed massive food 0 gravity job yes I of all gravity working class voters and the last round there was so far said Wednesday that the Sony revenues but jolted sexual energy energy vendors on that forced him I don't have the best why gravity and because it's because life In a rare
oasis vastly whole quite review of all the questions about whether the
parliament is evaluation on them that they would please don't let you know there we here about how to to agree to prevent their things you have to take it Carolina goal for being moved the violation of same eroded it was you have the power but also you where NATO have ideas like me didn't tell me what the about fast you were too embarrassed tell me that volume also remember the last time where she said that but but I think the problem music a focus
here is an example problem and we have a large tree mass and long warned that both version of critical for you we expect purchase over pushes down and angle both horizontal what is the matter metaphors required to keep the secret moving parts last the coalition so were name for review provider and you get with the normal course of for motion woman really down in the down a gravel down a for Finley has a point of no worse than ever necessary with crushing for the cataract her them when we had to be what version you have been in that direction we close which in force to you know what we know that will add phase in the normal course of why didn't usually but but the question is what to divorce part that is the key factor in greater than woman cannot stop you know how actually wanted more it is a matter of how are you optional remember that direction which is now stock partially Bush's down as well as the new normal which means frictional forces right some value of course the down common efforts sideways so we feel the same arrangement and he said why not that's right now that would be great if there is to play on the Eurasian came with the original for years based on what the U.S. invasion was no waiver which because the hardship pushes more virtual Porsche which Kerouac but there is a lot of philosophy easier where and by as they the vote may be lots of foreign yes rockets of this here is last of constant all Beijing answered who there are a lot last set by the end of the day and we bought were throughout a defeat with a vengeance this version was placed in the final hinges on ending it delays and had a 0 a lot of what what what but as but it life a Canadian foreign Angela Road so there is no for
Sunday because of holding move right but that all for going to war with danger the tension in years past the he knew but this is what happened this general there virtually all of them a from the fact that he had asked for what is the way books the renewed use of that would be most of time he has changed the way things on here by the waves seemed to be another way of saying 1 of the road or thought he'd because here we have someone with your assault from wait the worst thing that purchase but what said engine look at this component right force it took so you want us to do what you do on eve it's so that fancies itself take although the would yes the end Tuesday about horrible other along that's missing from the from the enacting but he warned us that plus WV signed they because the anglers Aziz will be the end of it know what would be permanently but there's a lot of them on war by forces that they had blown vision terms of the the Soviets in the long run out of the course is what you want to interrupt normal please diluted little but is there will not known for smaller without that's the only way to normal course that you might hear the use of force out yet personal version is new and the dollar they no about because it can't be in the Europeans that the you or your in the says for certain values have ranging from 0 to 90 degrees so those you have function evaluated the larger value leader force fired that makes sense it is as if you're pushing the tore along with their families less or cables you're or less work because after falling by our forces where you're lessening of course but that's the way so far as to what 1 more lesson the virtual which also fine what are the around so on the of the general expression are being a lot of value have the minute the face of the this would be the 4th quarter answers beaten in ionization problem expression they they find value for which the 2nd positive in 1 minute and falls this winter prejudice equation people 0 get this right because the the balance of the year for which figures are in tho it was all in their the remember Thursday look over the practice final Council involves licenses were described by win we are the formerly used by a group said she wasn't


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