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Classical Physics Lecture 6
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already so that you back chapter 5 so that energy and were using assault there
were doing work earlier Connecticut we Angela energy for example gravity Games of energy brain I have rounds force of my game an 8 5 remembered he don't diseases that were they have and the thought was rained out of work but less time and again that come out of it as that of another with a huge lead an entity if you get a lot of work to do in World War start of the war His work in London is wrong said he had for created math celebration next year that Acadia so far In our view 1 Over here all masses constant acceleration might have that triggered usually notes function don't offer no it's a function of shaky so we lose writers like already acceleration as the jury derivative velocity and near but or it was a DVD next Exel 18 for the fact that he'd distributed exit 1 of you that this is last year I fair here velocity than you need to be X X company has found no role can be the violators get 1 and these From the initial what is and what whatever before then again this means that being Connecticut bottle but Connecticut and would change
the change Connecticut product doing what all this we really know it's
showing you might be derive from your start working for the other distance but 4th celebrated knew little if the juries and you get hit of them the book who was 6 children Block 6 kilograms address home right frictionless serviced by force will do well with is last years after here is so here so what is the last of the promised more than 4 times the other means the world figure lot this is a change in the rights of its 1 and final where 1 these initial initials where are but with initial politely 0 result on a lot of time on the square in the new year just a lot but on a course that will make it velocity how much velocity will we know that we can work with working accusing him of relationship ng velocities very simple what happened so easily kinetic energy project would buy a lot of revealed a lot From energy Julia problems but we do work system gives it motion and you're after finding that velocity the key is always Iceland kinetic energy simple relationship the he work with the energy often solve social system aid so do more thinking about energy and basis they have amuse me I regret usually usually along a path through a thousand pounds object In the Devils enough said is a CIA big thousand children as sign Cheney creative some of them are the Johnny the civilized struggled with every year around you are those led to about what happened that the giant mood initially envisioned is 0 x 0 1 velocity initial your very earliest days With these potential energy to gravity of 0 initially 0 moving so full work done is now set to force for France for crossed out of this the ground off on those exposition of 0 1 year of losses diesel 0 so was Angela generic amassed by energy E give a gravitational but it's not the NGH back to his days as a man being fired because 1 thousand kilograms and none . 1 meter Missouri River and finally energy 0 they so work done on his way 90 the song of the kinetic energy and now a fury across the movie horizontally at this point division is something less than half of 1 meter velocity is 1 person walking with profit so vigilantly hasn't changed still 1 Mero rounds Jones now armistice he is now In square that be thousand of the math ones where is the 1 that's fine so what's the worst that our democratic on Monday 100 words 500 rights send them rules that doesn't mean we're not violate laws destination on are far across campus of face Jerry engineers still solely at a velocity is 0 potential energy saying there is still 1 of those the rare Connecticut energies 0 work done both 0 9 just don't want orange rise and with down now it's not a hundred newsworthy worth started but 0 years types of change address those potential energy is hero kinetic energy work done all excise will still that work on this we're working displacement zebra by 5 interaction what the search for missing out on a force in the direction of we doing work on object RBI these potential energy worth have been challenged the and we walk past every that they had out is a mural lowers the ground that the Pentagon
means captured some of her sister after like it yield declared on drops it and the wheel captures the energy to capture that probably muscles and so that it does some velocity of an EU summit he has captured the Ghana muscles Virginia because somewhere the unit backed the thousand pilgrim object down you don't have the same level of energy Mitchell they were he gives a fuck Teresa committee have opposite brings it back down your only the answer newly acceleration of it further work it sort of countering that are safe actions to rulers of
the tune you need your work it is
a problem book chapters 17 problem said it says Morris 6 eyes they need to know answers the right of the 24 but the thing is a vital objects displacement the really I must want it to be a he moved in this direction but not a member of this that the U.S. those deployed think it's moved on to you you know what it that our force that it is I will make it to the 4th but that the 1st is as fine work you have work a Dada book why earlier a world a for the concert right but started his inaugural before the start of the aura force constants the just was found in a pool of your efforts start move general formula it is 2 . 6 as negative on 1 of the 2 working very hard problem for me what is being all between Morris and his best friend well I got here using components with another never thought it is back to 4 times my this place and times little we're noticing there's no Mark are and this that which would wanna know exactly what show a theater are those dotted with is by by the man that I know this and you know there's a very real 1 where doctors said number there is of course that next is year's 8 man is based of forces in 1 direction but 4th on but not the 1st says while that's little over there what is next but he was too he the got software fixes goods forcing 0 there is 1 of China says we find work for Texas 0 0 ext 3 removed from the position Texas was clearer signals 3 What is the of art worth about now work here because the force functional unit of their own mineral when quantity changing as you can see that left at the start from the yard of when image let us where can I say the affected area yes it's at the point where you could do not have the things that you could be involved that could draw Chen's killing wares elsewhere in the world that we are going to be a part of the bases as in herbal X of 18 months he's the sources for that we're acts that that'd be 0 4 where we knew his world revenue extensively where's the value of force during a period that moving from 0 3 4 Morris possibility that's what is negative force but from all beer negative contributions here the past Asians hang in the 4th period what its 4th changes bounce off again the Hooker was that brought you I want to need in calculations the Treaty 1 Montague real world something you have to figure out which physical mulled wine in order to get the man on the
part of 1 of the factors known to eligible so the hard right news said
members scene before kilogram being stretches it by 2 . 5 pesos 4 kilograms and stretched by by 1 of the best major and have got him from objects came from a stranger in visit natural resting position spread over a wide area all that things hanging To avoid by sending point but here why the below move photograph about free body diagram here there is From a sprained right and it is for some wrapped and these things on about to face the question asked us How form 1 . 4 children always dressed as low as 1 . 5 children what would dubbed as 1 there little guy has the place is not 1 world I found out what we need is then the report is negative KX earned force this guy them too In June G. 1 of 1 wide who is negative and each book we want to show that barricade of your start with the answer is yes if what will be but for all the world case that allows him must have sample were Miller's and mast they seem to have more wine 1 losers 1 1 1 9 9 0 Freesia for his in his place you can get Massillon on and but the news that the company would pay 1 7 times and the premier not game for in it is organized you know we said so warm s placed 5 smaller how much smaller 1 way my masses smallest displays a small this is more than half this 1 was less than a quarter of a point the point that
but the train cars slowed but whose rain as the freezing of variation train are now for trade that out of spring here shore which is 20 years long long and it was a very large the review and want are spring saying place they he long but it's thought on May 16 faces to springs in the same ones slows down and then it needs case in 20 that you'd pay reduced figures in the those says the train stopped it then years after 1st ratings I thought it was 0 last year the question what was the initial jury boulders stopped at the disease centers but however year after he his lost only thing but then again rather variable losses problems that the and those who work together really want was a Canadian for energy here is that no rest this he said In this 1 but traders got all the
velocity ever gets turned him over there is a comedy about that brings together
duty and different lines like but as matter within 1 one-dimensional of those things but I like again the Gazeta swung and these it's of you is start rally England robbed his initial energy use by conservation and Indonesian having his little invigorating have the kinetic energy and has no Angela energy Springs filed originally potential energy once again Connecticut potentially for Talbot stopped by the velocities easier so is including Poland after compressor spring centimeters it still had some residual but that if you're fortunate religious are they and this is the place where initial velocity for and these guys purchase of sent a letter to raise living compressed air carrier which is why bright 60 here we put it that


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