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Classical Physics Lecture 4
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they would have been started get
CDs this morning we to have today on don't develop right than that morning they but some of those work but it was I who won please that came from it is a suburb 4 or 5 hours L but 68 a half-point don't Song there are so it it agrees to figure viable guys came around anglers bigger building heady apparatus of Parliament I didn't know why the western part and the NATO over the idea field permeated Nunavut that same time period was thinking of the same idea and he wrote varies such just that but division saying the deal and that is part of which we we could the 1st Wednesday and there are these guys played out there work on the edge of the next year 3 guys Americans begin TABLE they didn't somebody else had a number of matter of road barriers revert they were not like that is where you making a phone call from US they that up then 50 years later it was discovered but the Nobel Prize awarded 3 people who violent people they will kill were who wanted more time to hold on to a guy who who also worked as a way to deal with it no grass the year before right there will be there then wrapped up and was the Americans Oh it's only around In the long plus 3 4 with a budget of grass that rules out world than a lot of work to do here labor is only 1 of them and then some people but they need me actually cooperation with 1 Member 1 my win might actually got with these collaborations 53 100 professor the they which there is a morning announced the prize went to being weird In pig's they basically just know all their riveting use of them like everybody else that that more and more on last year the better new fraud but that there comments all of it so far less time we started a 13 member of fame and equilibrium fear and version but yeah owes they got restored about the you're dying in it we think about circular motion and also talk about recordings forces but here and they have that worked for energy in those areas those remind ourselves what we knew the principles a circular motion if I'm in the next while a circular motion means on radius there is also a constant demand to losses from terminally talk back dues History coffin angle of changing the Becker got on the end this is new position that where are the velocity perpendicular vision and acceleration perpendicular to offer pointing in your and that the acceleration needs to raise foreign velocity the Over the last time there known as you have all the revealed they were looking at the top of the ball on and the holding year of the Rat down so what forces wire In order to keep the ball coming I want a bold moves or but really forum then Boris the mass on the acceleration Boris but just you and me but the legions all biomass for state is visit the force necessary to move in uniform and remind them of the history and a given moment you're velocity that his agent of the circles so it with you cut a stirring moments of the last hour
of Ellis to but they the book the ball and
things from rows of land now we say no this is a move because most of the you have make the article there is a of all is from around this so work main vertically moving up horse on the on my it was this radius as axes we know the orally question is what is the velocity of the ball it will understand most of we had news the 1st that usually offered the Red figures who tried adding the that offer but that we want only draw the Arctic courageous to all of Earth those years all all with the forces of nature and from the road and that's it please the angle gravitating centripetal with death for basis of merit now we embrace X and Y Jibril forces not an
additional just the worst forces
is of course that moves the . 4 we bring this scene to components right he signed data those are the real of all know where this the bears the kicking the ball just those 2 more so that was the most recent only to be shot what found quit right now what happened what's happening in 1 the song also would want your we don't play that way losses 1 acceleration 0 so song forces in it's the 0 he will sign it minors and 0 severely physically following this positive 1 his neck 4 marriages but I make my access to it that the current year and I stick with it so it's so therefore he goes on the kanji utilize acts also going over next song of forces and Texas should be the 1 30 0 however
nonequilibrium he knows the ocean wires for Morris an acceleration he so some good here we to and these wears off to tell us about moving the promotion was that forced so this is he signed it the question was what is the velocity family man acquitted here where I'm knows he finally and then day with you he found another reason find a to all are an event and heating and all this he said he is he's over here the flow said here yet square or OR is a jury signed it is over ozone-depleting quick where is canceled together these weird over to the Jedi OR so is that it is your agent of these weird the she the road it so
always done they tragedy have figured things here with some rules that Europe would really and his it is sometimes your problem on moving Kings some forces more that I haven't 1 great years which is like a
fact that would raise the here my next like this buzz so the bosses of X not have the the there is no room moved the ball found really cares a shot in the back side this is that have won their lack really Dean Ryan and crazy equations where where that wineries and home really while most next fall but there was no more real world for older and
1 or other of the he I'm very very
driving around her previous by leaders of the radius of curvature of different will be in here 0 . 4 while reading a hard-driving current this ain't going around her the question is what the maximum speed the car without sliding off on the angle there really is massive Over Ridge question what the masses are those users will follow up for vote some of those people the all work the original forced then urgent that by all direct Virgil were real work force the cares parallel service and is look blizzard direction of our Obama this is the direction of velocity of so you're saying the virtual so was the a job he after I thought that was
involved including in the years use the
move I use the car directions cars Malaysian is not the same as the direction of the road with injured because of a paragraph who will remain part is important point but thing about where the purchases bridges and higher the Richard Burt Arsenal for His March NYTimes . only horizontal time is over last year think of it into components and perfectionist only resisting this the bridge is providing sports the think carefully about new virtually parcels John revise their car looking at from the back after we have forced them to gravity we have a normal force from the road and then we have a virtual but they know why we have hopefully no motion on ours the bulk of the forces and wife 0 forces are head that he with means the normal course I have a press official fertile virtual force here is the man To north forest can't vote by for by the way Texas startled horses next 1 1 start Universal 2 we know some workers and 1 TD in widening 0 0 know are there a leader of her place on the basis of energy and you need you go and where's the harm but it is a matter of rules rules Bernie GE velocity the Holly dissolves parliament recognize the virginity provide for setting are it's all who desire for a flat surface in War the feeling that there was a legend that version for drawing on being rude no forehead sitting track the thing just the game of a radius of the Bermuda is only 5 years they Court where is the main goal of the but it was aided so the coroner's nonslip velocity 30 . 4 the red the we have no friction bank and wrote the question is what's the matter angle his loss those were driving circle with providing him with no more and more of that the the remote that the death are angle the force of gravity with them we have great rapidly to its with is I don't want to use the president of Of the nearly normal course spread your bullies her naked through way every day Britain all force 2 rebounds in my bed next the airline and Cos think that and those cars pulled up by gravity in the road is resisting being crushed but are pushing come which is not his part of that a trader on other shows that some order normal course is 1 of the points included unless the cloning those easier and signed my Sanjeev using of 0 so that tells us I didn't know what they are hold for more than half of these where are the letters and signed theater with of them where they are now we have Reno these we don't art but we do to know we know far we don't have a lot looking for we also don't have what's on behalf of have we a lot of really is don't know the mass Chancellor bears for some of these things out records victory she of these 2 equations but this is all for the velocity of radius paragraph mascots got the
it is really can't right yes In real life the world of this is only point you don't need them back on the back do not let these characters in the Middle East slide back force inward from bad the look of the curator injured on workers on written by me on the phone with data to determine if any will provide means for the above slightly different versions so of their questions facing jet the who move are last body has not been in the hurdles 3 2 1 1 and it's like 245 set the question is wars on top of these forces rallied more ground it not clear were needed force on fire jet I got injured the network by force from which it will be for his part will be get hung
up what I want what we know 3 . 7 kilometers the velocities when you knew who I knew that those situation in line circle the here things that can only loss this year there I had a lot of pain 1 over the course of the trial the yet and on the part bottom hired sitting there is not subtle forces on the force of gravity and his boss of the chair of the jet engine with them were these forces that babies and as G Force chair mind is forced out this case gravity is cannot help shares will work that is being revised for those sort is good but force the chair lose lust for a real energy on 1 of these squared raunchy to organize and there's also a scenario of firing at the bottom of the loop forced from the is always have who's got a turnaround for the month were on view him or top ever was remind me a civilian here at the Americas summit on a moral force force the chairs and grab and called on the same condition of forces is and these weird all are they force that year plus the force of gravity right means at top force shared and please we're my advice and be square R 1 that is 0 . 9 and so that what the Jets were more are with press the easiest thing about the gravity of the modify circle With a rare thing we're obviously have fallen you he was maintained her Richard is not at all you're real quiet it was but Ford the notices in the model not only with my everything work now I was really it but examples nature New song use it but that is going on there was an abiding your the the mailing of the whole they want to get our allies on all the remember what happened on that the 1 of those the want they'd be right if provided them over and think about what some of the forces at work too at the counter awaiting Frank Cedar missing some of that so there are part of a party for the losers but Dow
reconsider report that not everybody in the world all really they have for example a judge has some good examples of their army among the most creativity the last they Lewis America is removed but this what about the ways of the bowl and resist fluid not the force past ground but the truth is that for years support for him because the but the proportion of the of the boss we thought the foreign what mattered virtue of forces not you want to know that that moving us for what we had to go back to the support of its the 4 couples to that have been here the constant of Super who's got a larger number of so this is that this is the most we've chatted on the office really happening when something also members of the new is somewhat belt it which pushing down following their man aware for more than a lot of very complicated his year you don't have to worry about whether not about what was really happening will be up measures awareness it's not highly accurate if the buried Lady is the year following the start of the last is such that we have a lot of this the balance photograph are all from a loss was the condition Carroll of forces is basically equilibrium the book and you visit were found no more no more being North origin meaning that those users you meet then for with emotion start living you know that there were 1 of the forces indeed down Miami PD gravity for his math accelerated what accelerated it's being change of what has otherwise relate to your changed lot right says all of these he which is your acceleration Gene Myers dean of New now and easy easy euro has no moral authority lies that need and over this to the body at which salary 0 means that term what Syria and Iran their job by their initial while I hero With this point Graf starts pulling down native white lost track of those supports the eventually force draft bound by uses of force falling apart from but this time the discuss the crime restored velocities coupled to the change in velocity call an assault by his visit different ways differential equations but fresh when you're ready to force the so I grew to be the source of thing they a
fragile waged it's often difficult find a solution to verify example I don't expect that but I tell you is that want to share more of it and returned from a lot of things so it from what I hear 1 month exponential negative numbers are so it was a case of this time because of housing 0 0 0 4 1 1 1 1 0 0 Brock but start thought hero time 0 0 what happened that unit we're on the part of 1 0 0 there's a lot even a divinity is long over EU than senators from both it is 1 of firms in he's so we'll won't as be here with some very large time there is a hazard wrote but well Over years the forces on time small from a lot of what is known for just
before losses were very me to change
a lot of the local velocity but what about every year here the look what because know this that gives them so it imagines the world's smallest Muller the gradually approach the limit they are told you that
differently in this fall which means they give different rates what's the solution you but he is verified with any vital Is this solution of the differential that
but appeared very funny about it is that they're OK it's in the coffin of one-on-one prove herders it is what I think is directed at the start of the week that this bananas that she has been urine his but find function me with a basic condition that history is he finds itself have bunch elected that that's true history there at this point conceived despite all the in different ways come on the Haitian on their work and that was all the force linear from isn't there is look says can
always acquired all agrees to think out all over the lot of 9 and
Panthers news Dragon equals making me being able to 0 . 9 5 kilograms the review over it the they have their small readers 2 centimeters Air Force Boeing in Edwards Air 4th One on Wall Street In Paris oral or point only wars done and we are resisting so is pulling forest is balance both around in the oil will also be nuns in forces pull mind we might be seeing which are now while it the poll funded the that
we know that means such agrees give me a ring of fire was forces well new no we offer rights find following your life in an orderly manner of gravity test would be named last fall on division the man has to or this means that really is due over 3 stress that 3 kilograms so the enforced but it is in gene let me have massed around you know know who regularly careful with units of blood will in what said I problems era bigger the it is road yeah but for me it's about the look and frustration rather that had 1 of his work with the I get the point let about the life the of Carter example 1 is removed booked at the vote 3 and 9 children not all but they aren't what they he region have by 1 by words the loss of 5 . 4 seconds to 1 today's weather is from or do you just go out and find out what is from you from lawfully Molossidae is vast and that we know very little about various 1st determined he is America's motivated voters in this phase of 4 4 but was
moves this season information false he and his wife
. 5 4 seconds 2 of 1 enough to be seen but is be he's there was 1 of these days he over no terms rights those 2 years velocity Kansas now in a way that has nothing the whole point of this information to give us what next steps forward you're you after what 8 . inch who never get richer and the nation had yet the rise which carries 1 want to look at the end the it is not a member of the National Center for 2nd reading the base that will be it and the redhead energy needs and it is of of his but there
larger resisted for mom reach of tell politics after offer that determines whether had her Her ladder on and the How long hours the fighting in Crete forests but but the velocity of time of the from was of follow-up I
will the budget funds what about you sold the 3rd reports 18 this
foreign Nova press them 1 of these days being forced and now can be dropped off at least we know the what we figured out that he was now in a velocity at any time during the last point but in for reading get out there on time any you the blog road for got 11 . 1 per engine it took
5 seconds after World and another 6 set forth from that I please take longer to make that the removal of the Kano laugh from
France said how warrant for what is position after 5 . 5 that Apple would we know Rios velocity of any point in time and we know all finished with it fears that up about it beach that unless the of what got 1 of our travel and integrate tho new positions for people to enroll for the last year bordering Iran funny is pretty those firms with their it is a constant threat the answer to that he wrote off their moves on you the delivery the of a well what is narrowly yet yes With rule Of course it so you bring on some of the job of prime you gizmos was canceled With these wells and will be on view that there be over 10 and voters are on we he this year we in part by a war and Europe on time we know from losses he called me on Monday that
followed and don't really is always with us 1 of whom are part but is
a little tricky because there are terms of differential written and exponential solution the only but it's just not that change there you the profit what price brought over with profit from its
overnight but the question is review of our those who get into being rolled over will you catch the Rafah around me back at her mother originally given the assumptions about relative acceleration but often connected by a part they out it would a little more time the fact that that the situation back to its that 1st with the relationship between massive the celebration man he won to sue on 1 of the With the religious shipping television this time the sellers this Holy year most people said see them in the president who said he warned that the at that point right now and down that is so connected Larroque was face based rollers colors of the top news 3 1 he now ways relationship between 1 of this itself this year and his there are 4 of the last 3 years I came here the winners of its that day in and think about what this hit out at what fast right on it holding rotate around to back off at 1 2 0 what we think it is in fact rumor that would be lost who is going to be a part of our there's but at the same time who would have thought he won and want to right about how to them to 2 walls to worked that his wife at that the you're arguing that it is not back was him we have polluted that that's 1 of the leaders call back right and you left them so what think about the vast to give the mass along with a wall for masses you all that move 1 extreme to the other for the Bears what will have so after that's why is now moved quite fast bowler they don't only extracting the visitors from agencies and Haaretz so their moral problem is what attentions on drains terms of GM 1 a press you enjoy died all forces have neither here for years they need to at the direction he is pulling pulling out here right this and that the war of course there is a force ran their near normal for some the bell you might get equations from bound by saying that celebration of objects to force to man and that he is minor In York to get on Friday has centered on 1 need look the bourse math math tho because they relate that the 2nd critical all involved however want and the 3 equations noting that was so that the voters all often critical all all his clothes and look better later here's another so here lots that only the mask I didn't version of combining With respect the game played down partly by areas where the autograph down this 1 is rapidly in the normal course the force have the 4th purchase but knew the road burst of Georgia version is a retreat by yes look at the book 2 flies forces of leaders to watch the part of the problem and the planned to celebrate forcing it to have a quality problems negative years hostage guys along the axis of you choose something else but you have to also choose my down side them have acts would here but aside from a single I think it really is one-dimensional while right out all the provisions of just 1 radically he warned him 0 office What is the acceleration thought was right 1 of the all-time together at single over the years the force on the middle 1 Bergen rose or not and the last Rice's where found the the normal work there with our and booth very real thought path so that our members
set aside a lot of to with homework before death their leaders have left his board


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