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Classical Physics Lecture 1
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OK what they said that yet sorry it does so if you're wrong but I'm not and a high the today day the Department Delaware
sectors classes here what should be done by officers in riot assault that killed your of 31 last number but throughout time you were also at that time of of year but nobody ever stars so don't like you did make it were not this month I also that interrupt on the wording on that many thought by busy OK so that the
vessel were using that's a 3rd 13 edition there is a 12 additional very similar we generated 2 additional time make more money and that editions of barracks on each other I'm pretty records in problems from the closed it out my wrong problems but you have a politician from the 13th edition project in yourself when are using the book much class rate with you or popping at most rigorous review meeting at that time and make sure you have steady for the class you're reference solved the homework as so today have posted just talk
about the organization must 1st how do think that a delicate Europe you avoid already know who we are members 2 levels of physics back really which will we tested out of assault cover all that is to say 1 class of going pretty quick but you like so they is not something you're comfortable with me you you're in the wrong section but they really the boring easy your wealth the it is our right so organist rates the last place Tuesday at the main and more were to be worker great the final then move to raise it said that because that really innit after being Aleksandra ASCII pull together should solve problems or nets really in Europe but we also have quizzes part of free fall more than had in clashes that sometimes also e-mail critic with 5 . 2 read the book for you that when you're here I'm very bad and that not places will be very easy basic district points it is the focus all work the 2 more be great mortgage lending rate rate homework do but you have for aside from the book you type in outline itself immediately but we're not getting the new feature of this year that if you get some problems on that that you're not understanding here at practice problems that of course the entertainment if you think paper agree on paper but there is unique sign up for the his website Chandigarh your taxes under the plan have not told everybody buys you need to go find a Duval were bought by his every time I thought greater over Burma underrated over this problem that much easier following are similar to the kind of problems on there you're doing a great works of good ideas from expect them determined that a lot of problems our problems and this year defined by other members of the previous year the pool questions are not practice against world have also With the discussion section of sometimes you get that with those who is taking back from brink problem so if you've done every problem on their own problems which quit seeing or done basically but sister motivated so mastering physics of you guys critical website we advise online board meeting you could become book about the bookstore dancing will miss class and could also Basel but With this everything online and a chart of organ that nature were and were also using letters and figures early later transport amateur danger requires the attention because it required actually something that they're not paying your participation is worthwhile by the way it works is every every class at 10 15 requested built in the lecture or something the question about can you respond to it per cent question whether force when lecture early the it yes show up this is more when I came back there's a serious people show up so that you come in this is not a went the the U.S. physics majors it but also encouraged the way it works is you buy a registered online with your your Clipper has some and an all-white connected Clicquot ID number with your student right tell me me who has which use class missile base station near received messages from your quicker but the variety and but see and and later I download this data correlated the website figure out who press the button who was here like that if you have problems with some of the province is on him Mr. but he's happy which you must sit on the request yes but but I here went to press on can also knows all have erased so practices victory on 1st turned on some you by the liquor comparable little plastic wrap text batteries of the Rangers shipping that on a regular flight that plan this is a victory me I want 1 a symbol but more recently the creators of Geneva like Cadillac former fined by also and now he said frequencies warrior quicker I think the war was he said on this instruction all of our older power over 2 seconds and then press the because this they stated the reason is that another class or there using TV you don't want your quicker responses part so just practice with his works is question the slide and come here saying a mail open up for answers as far as thinking that the Fed said he want me here to work on image left you got to see young many people in this question is obviously can't 1st note here but they would also think it this 1 seat a insisting everybody so I analyzed this I notice some of it so we have asked that if we we only have periodically for the people here who have letters were not working you're probably you're players is settled 1 5 21 classes and 1 . 1 per 5 per cent but he could devote CDC try turning off our you go up 34 of misusing vision was has 70 something people I see a lot more work 35 so we will go for CdTe president to start for bait question but quicker during a steadier get back change arrest chain said change remember that at its success communicating and so it was aware of
the real question questionnaires after eating 1 strengthening darker and it to me off over the a 32 do want 3 times 35 they OK so Tina
discussions that will be led by a year were both go so if if you tried greater 1st for Egypt special session of crime with questions that help you understand the problem show and have not tried problems at all really the trial for the discussions and he will go to those problems with it because it is really all about now sometimes they have better it is with problems Richard tried to advance the cause and the not announced an advance some weeks as long as no maker we have determined that in blast on October 24 2000 doesn't hurt as did 2 years ago they have killed there are analyzing vanishing in and finally ended December 30 Hackett wrong anywhere were supposed to be a mobile home prevented it moved to some information sometimes files and with plastic resin hero easy sometimes in glass together question I think shows be listening find your brain of your programs a really hurt least think out loud of since this is a 1st for her freshman year beginning in at a college career that give you a little bit you're not in Iceland mayor adults that stickers on the public yourself that we're here to give you the information you need to help you over Niger parents it's mostly you would you get out of class and also at Scott Base Period here through learned something that nature you really ask questions figure things out do the homework until you understand how get those things in bringing your brain physics is a language can lead to a new low and with the base metal or really heated debate thing you have that Apple will in order to do and poetry and wounded responsibility the whole works think carefully about what you're doing Masters each problem don't really China understand and they organize are not calling it a step toward a major review figuring out way more you he tried jury dollars on adults with an adult relationship there and the last thing is I don't know what they were and build a concert the concept of learned something you something else which requires saying that you can't wait may terminate cannot blooming Islamic history with Jamel that there had been no orders examined so if you have questions about visits need me something to year years roommate region are you never Aoun arrests have thought about it questions about has some homework problems of the best thing is I also questions but to office hours also there to determine whether she said the every meaning that liaison center To do so there people who were you have problems support people you don't have to work by ourselves OK work people that doesn't think pervaded some bills but you could talk to each other like a closed book by June question that reading they needed and the right I've never heard that mediation April but said they complaints about rating and then I'll review of great here don't satisfy make point in the 1st where is called arrest that he's the class about Gates have to if all 2nd but you have to ask that the kid there was an out such information right yes so I had a set aside for lecture posted online by or over the but will discuss in class politics major just presenting by 2 or 4 working on board slide he added that there were better in me I thought about stuff should fun but we're Whitewater as if they use these were probably would work what solution available of state's correct some people really for 1 way or another popular revolt began balance but even when I white or I will have a slight appears to be on your soul tradition says of his lectures already on the way so let's talk about the price of the new year solid the last preliminaries the 1st any other questions abide by the revision yes as far as I know this is our I don't near here last health and another for so what on of wise and what it is needed because the weather was really big questions about money might be quite well uses that like where they went about 1 hour or a person like to say sigh mail rules that involve star what may happen at the end of Nunavut How long before the funeral and switches the whole list of questions you might ask about the universe we find ourselves as a with side personality you have questions what about some of these questions these words here these are real scientific weather which means that not only that but of philosophy but also had a real answers measure and to improve right real part quantity of things and you get your hands around and Antonietta name is what I'm happy about that West who really quarter of our about no other questions here His were also fascinating a real adolescents looking for because they don't really have Wyoming here there but it also has a question about the probe will focus and analysis said we you
predict future by predicting he would lower doing building a model the world brush with woman when is that he and which ran wireless entered this question that Western about the future How many seconds so I have to say that do that we will mark the will model has minimal necessary we don't like complex so we a lot simplest possible description of the universe that so it ignores all irrelevant universe is not relevant the question and can build on known mathematically the because the model nor is a relative division to the west and then all the questions that of moral used to answer questions in on whether more complicated question requires more concrete 1 saying this is you and that's the end of your question is how much time which where you could build a one-dimensional model of motion of a massive project it's really a one-dimensional Cher me four-dimensional World 11 men strength but only 1 critical dimension From your distance from the end of this matter shaded the model U. nor the call maker of the rotation and the fact that it's actually a piano the piano now matter pressure not even if is smaller the size its sure like about the changes in this regard How much respect all these things only relevant to get discard Model T Philomont you can deal with that people one-dimensional motion heavy object and graphic stuff you should request for the complex budget swarming piano you know what they're becomes a simple and keep the critical information prediction from at all we know is how fast moving how above me what are the equations of motion the force I know that the predict published as this is what I mean by that physics is not only way build that warned work for you you have your head will work you have to what has been a time happen it the all fell down the stairs you build your own is most can be useful but sometimes critics wrong for example gasifier figured object virginal service how long gone building that rules for 1 moment stops because that there's so little malls are sometimes along solicitor for example retailing with piano without piano was on top of a pirate ship hijacked piano Holy at the very top moving along and they may drop carriages and oceans somebody that on the ship and then dropped so the question is will the piano with looks like including some who were so that it stays the same position relative to the fire at all are for the Pirates the piano but not 1 Wednesday that Filipino pianist also straight down from the place dropped and apparatchik moves forward without In a move this way orders now most people who live models tell them the pirate ship the use of that was common knowledge is commonly thought that this was an argument against the earth moving around the world moving around the sun exactly drop something we get left behind built so obviously there so this intuitive lot people that is what was wrong figures standing in the dock and about job this year this is critical but you have the right on the piano you have to ask is the piano portions now that there is fierce physics tho he said he has been found regardless of how was moving will travel the world longtime believed that regardless of how left the him moving his job just straight there should be such a lesson Aristotle but that out of the way that I here actually said right into the path used so we use mathematical models not to that doesn't mean he's ventilation fact should use intuition check and get cancer that's crazy does that make sense how could possibly the piano and is that likely to have million years lands which is just now the physical realistic about find the amazing thing about years some models is that the Rivera somebody give me a piano a rock and done this job jet in disapproval but he simple example supports experiment is fascinating thing about is the based on there the thought target of the universe purely by thinking about what's going on there there is no need to go out and action check some this cultural spirit they should not the vomit that thousands of years later that's why nobody checked I but that's a fascinating change in the way of the world foreign those that's my concept of what fun interesting I actually that was my research and the car giant be is part of my work at collider in Geneva bars like the news 5 years ago and about last year because there are a lot pride in my questions I want to do it because I I know what the world an island over is that new keep finding more and more parts were these there is little that so very brief if I ask the gist of it gives you a sense of what they think about so I'm talking about understanding the world and we're that normal there is a flight on enemies and we know that Horowitz got a fact sheet human ever seen interacted with aid as saying struck out on already from nearly infinite variety things I phoned occurs by trees whatever the European variety that b brought from those the that credible that we think about 100 Barbara when I got there of course you know that
you have electron nucleus the protons and neutrons Is that a new chance of corpses were filled with of course that quirky protons and neutrons here you have
resigned from the Athens that now the described a universe in terms of please note that this year's worth of 3 from 3 things build and but turns as true there are other fundamental the universe than we discovered along the way so I told you down turns out the walls were pulled out and their exactly the same workers that were accepted there have been nobody knows why or what useful for what they because there which seem we make a place thought about the vision of electron also summer call the neutrino chinos a tiny Oracle has almost no mass novels Maryland you could shoot the neutrino from light years of less I would like to Europe and you have 50 per cent chance these things are almost never produce color everywhere the like candidates in each of the 1st person to person go through they so huge that massive What who approval mostly ignores like another universe only very flow injures light quarks electron neutrinos have heavy version of the article is just like the fatter and fatter like super that came out and that and we don't know why as part have to or if there is a 3rd parties copper on what it means we don't but we do know that there some patterns lot with trying desperately to go out you because we think those patterns some more fundamental smaller description just like the way you look at your opponents say these stable for Japanese applicable In a notice Have you structure the however these immersion but not call from the path of job not be repeal something deeper structure but they were looking at how this find it hard clueless what's going on and I think it's very unlikely that this is the final for example according to Lawrence theories of physics United charge electron which is exactly answer Showtime is pure coincidence the 2 independent buttermilk prime charge proton charge that it just happens to be the exact opposite equal so the nitrogen nuclear and might get accorded theory that full rights and maybe some coincidence or maybe clue that there's something deeper going on both sides as some Sunday holiday period of time were it not for the electron so both of us all that His masses from goes but as explained why have also explain why it happened for example but of course here is very much like top so had single top workers have gold this a huge variation in the those as actually get their act top more men work less that for we don't know why the public more but a so
the tool trade are part of the owners the article outside Chicago if higher energy collisions in the world until recently no 1 outside the Geneva Switzerland 30 kilometer range critical nestled between 2 and what will the summer accelerators depends on what they're about from the frontier very hard and very small and were recreating conditions existed How can we have the big part of the hopefully probing things what the universe plight some insight into how is it OK if you wanna learn more about my research I have a couple of things can't get library and the is a describes in the form of a question about the arts last on our part of the topic was not part mechanic is that I really hurt all usage of procedures to think carefully about how to interpret recent thought might think freshman would do I have admired house which came His except that I and just you have this skills the musical which the virus code then already the by final professor who works on that topic fascinating get yourself some research program and shout out to you that you find 7th setting break up back we find research up keeping making cool man who success people that said How stars form it would best dark matter the of originating were also a version of the 51 vise that that also the 1st supplies from talking about it we got out of bed it is a good thing you'll notice by the way were at their highest do you to guys like thinking about putting things on my staff were part of those 2 dates and my legacy and look at them you have to look it so we to pay therefore gradual widening the you covers 1st 3 chapters in of the 1st you hinders out basics that might buy dollars Mitchell talking in language that 2nd part emotion one-dimensional we've will talk and that's when after alleged emotions when last year at a later chapter
1 you just versions are still so please feel free to rough had passed for which is the very best would buy you wonder what kind turned do not be afraid of he can't that you are a lot of things getting question those seems to 80 per cent teachers that where budget not because not all of it so units were using the course of communities and basic units are on temperature leaders tell kilograms and then from these basic human 5 units like the 1 of the few seeing is this is time celebration is linked time swear and dimensions are useful because they fire in 3rd pitcher example if you you have equation engines have or both sides where the velocity acceleration and the unit that velocity is length overtime celebration like Times players Saleh this time the original plan linked on reflect philosophy is like so that there's been a real 1 not solid squares the acquisition practices on unit of length they length over Times Square Ms. yet what have where his unit but that's about it there was a farewell to write down velocity acceleration and on the square which is physically just can't be true because velocities units the length of time in a feast flared as you like so you can never say like 5 meters per 2nd it's nonsense there's a concern for so it's you pay attention with which it but she has each other each but the that should be enough time with him they were yes I was there
is it drive that time time sheets over losses time cancels 1st loss distance cancels this time b Boston's dear and of course we converted just look of inches up the birds have guessed also period injures 11 news reaches Kingsland units giving us physically unit it is a good way avoid and a bunch of cool crew previous you have Alliance a lot when young children Dr. and on boat the unit version will adhere will kill off for 2nd use per millisecond the conversion nature of our arms are among the last year for example this kilometer cancels this kilometer if this is on top and the bottom of this seconds cancels the 2nd letter Year's From what you are converted 10 kilometers per 2nd to make it leaders percula 2nd in humans conversions to use them these rich change that significant figures the president Ahmet certainty certainly have it for example you have some Circle Maine greeted a near measuring devices will answer for once in 6 . 0 . 0 2 showing how much information about written 6 but that's not accurate because you have more nation and 6 . 0 . 2 5 . 9 6 . 0 0 that's too much more of this did you hear your new information about what should did your measured by holding this thing with this associates obviously showing more region you have a reading jury trial use thank you for your good practice it significant figures what from the ones that not might be the most important thing contingent most on tries to In the final the household but we should all learning and then you have to carry you can sometimes for example you imagine what you're interested in there has been really square to carry through Kennedy not but not right too much information about your character which secure Realty actions digital information the report was the incidents also had 2 digits of precision this is more affirmation of letters so that is a
Wainwright 2 dimensional information compactly except 1 right vector any thought this either warned its some of that I just wanted to this after the of Texas what they want these the component actors now sometimes we write vectors through the air over them and then steelers followed the length of the public sector and occasional they immediately take part so is a vector BY X and also try to the length of these components using trade can't cosigner theater sustained here the length of the length of side could make this size Phoenix Back to do this thought issue and you take these guys combined again pulling the vector you can combine this with tangent to get rid of bad policy that Ford would from had to get about 1 with committee is a break the opponents next component of what do the same thing would be vector at best together had the White together and that might result this is the year X component of my part just some of the next components and the wife of my heart some white a nearly visually elect visually people there before adding a B at all or is this it they said that the 1 Noojin along with the beginning of 1 of the combination you could see physically that these X component of the resulting vector is just some of the next component of a good thing for a while so as an example of that they a manhandled handled by hand long what's the matter the displacement of the city can as those on that Lecter ages 0 0 content that could be be used in the 0 4 pages in the length of the sector like this place here we're not Elaine the capture of which belong there but the distance from where it started toward him right so that the vector being minus which is which has components and minus 10 visitors to be and they man to death lines for this take to the distance between started sewers Chapter 1 we made them game tells prompted they this did not mean by the point the new children of member function he has a value such former value with every point function not that is very useful because is is the 1 that brought unless you're a complex objects from 1 location and any time you have a location is very convenient described in terms of function to draw a line that describes the relationship between your skis position in the car door and given time plug-in for example he won 1 of time axes and the value function and costly but change he wanted to that you want from the change in their I'm beer he want to this the difference in price the key 1 month subject to and so that he difference was of this function the difference is the rise run the difference In a stunned by the difference in the time it was just slow that this is an average of 3 times to use more if want painters of the recurring he wants to get as the difference 0 then we get look at at as a catalyst starts here as we bring us together we defined the slope of long TX derivative of a function now this case the settlers is all you see that X the new constants so you graft slowly slowly also he also also has the velocity change the time this case of lot cast right so Major targets language which in these 2 functions as the largest have look between 0 2 that but to be injuries and should be enough they use
said while won't the be Everett slowed determined by the change in X over change of heart five-year term in the plan here so we can have a same dealt so the Juan Martin del water average look like this 1 here at don't act as winners almost 0 which is these has largest instantaneous slows anywhere in Europe from but the dog so right on the eve of a summit on it said this don't 3 of its obviously has right the same everywhere he will be out hear this looks very positive or negative on their own but this point here in caseload larger than his president fit so far we France's former position velocity and ruler thing about these things and translate back for 1 obviously a lot of the global position acceleration of offered you go local acceleration sculpture after gave at function bridgeable but we're only deal with problems that have constant acceleration or so here's an example for the sake but real things at the same time if for example we have grabbed knows position and we don't see any point in time we this incredible McDermott biggest that this means you know exactly where it is no matter what time included dead also predicts sold the Gerard have position of something I don't know where it's been I knew what he thought was crowd piece of information we should forget that also contains information about velocity and acceleration on different different she got lost have an analytical form for next year's have an expression you can't knowledge to get version would also be offered to buy I hear the a fairly large market and then in the slowly smaller and smaller and smaller and approach 5 occurred the same game acceleration acceleration look velocities looks to me like a little negative draft look but you movie of aggression gave acceleration you figure out losses that go from position to velocity the river to go from velocity and acceleration and last year or that's all all the at that time so the example problem we had a Super Bowl 45 gram of charlie 20 meters per 2nd bounces off a brick wall comes back How can they determine the contest for the wall with the man at its origin of all this is the 1st woman in need of there won't be a state official but it's also a very slowly but the velocity 2nd 1 watching something happens me Ms and velocity what happened to them yeah that's our the boss which is why I also done very well with that coming right your said that the 1st lawyers entirely there is the fact that so the fall within a mile of all which is not really farm on the walls of the original budget would make it because the ball is in contact more than instead also which wishes the Internet time to conduct a war in the back of the Baltimore like it's not more like spread How can the question now it the problem is physical model in our mind what has this is what that averages celebration sure that do not war we have initial velocity we have the final loss would interested in the acceleration well what is now average members have without acceleration change velocity of change time double your doctor sure its final reminder initial be careful with science because of the way the problem is that 27 per 2nd wars the wall and going direction he track are assigned when they start so chosen this no positive and toward that made the difference that divided by the time they give returns from 4 meters per 2nd square 1st but that the facility to another example Savino this small right position as a function of time there was where you I felt safer currently bird but if I hit you with your position objects looks like a bouncing ball right what looks like something so what's happening here misses gravitational under wraps to 4th round here back again around Highland Park acceleration and then again in free fall motion gratified positive that celebrating its slowing struck that piece by piece was velocity of velocity is will start-up basically 0 more negative and then all of a sudden there a very short time for making that velocity those a part and then the slowed down the new me understand physically forever there is no war picks you up In 48 what is the slogan 0 more more more more negative moreover negative suddenly positive outlook from here native very positive moment and then less on the acceleration acceleration is constant negative laws and the gravitational except the moment the wall had drawn technically depend back on the Mall is a moment of celebration continents we all know that came just know some large so you have all the matter also use your physical and
focus these equations for closure in we envision both consider this you have a position you know velocity notes so lead in the time of year was great emotion forever now that the case have a lot but no acceleration fresh started here because that kind of 0 the housing he had a change of vision but you have loss was bought from top position changes the way you here you add an acceleration of 1 more firms when he would where once he would the last time on the I'm funds once 2 it was this structure for that that's the only way to review were strewn while were but when asked it is equated to arrive from the equivalent of a lost last in July but the time remember acceleration is what it's change velocity with respect velocity of velocity the change in the law I'm kind of America worsening consulate sellers the Getty division this integrated with 1 another way to think of if the if you're celebrating vendor change division warmer more rapidly as time goes on the acceleration of the bigger impact position especially large as it accumulates a lost a lot of different times so easily equation millions know for one-dimensional motion young voters go back to they strive for the authorities here object the force of gravity the initial blast could be positive means makes To be 0 amenities that goes for now the down so he grabbed me this is case where the acceleration is making negative to this fall under way decisions and you're the 3 cases this year you just drop object initial positions positive image velocity for mutually objects you're starting at in the velocities positive or negative for your color tossed out start ground what came face this week so it was great for clients that I know the initial position initial velocity acceleration related positioning so here's an example of the was that he 1st of words more than winning formula she boat he's a cop 2nd half later sister How ostrich the question is what little velocity were the key focus 1st goal of the mall with foreign said the fact that where I Asian he's Jalen sunlight reading on he's like that whose children he has so we get there went after but all and this is the is a one-dimensional 1 social Roosevelt medical staff major for some loss and you sit when initial problem with that acceleration we have a photograph of an initial lost my said is acceleration were sisters borrowing star Mark moment for all we know that concentrated grass In an initial could start among they started 0 velocity it involves from there the or the that part of the he's reached while is that will go figure on the far right With what ensures that will write our which will say that he started to find our 0 we have initial United lot there are to know the planet he might squares position is such that we a lot of operation and we however no decision at 1 point know that after a 2nd and a half he he's for 2nd form years we don't know whether they got out and they come back and we don't know whether that she's which is known that 1 seconds later this is not that solve this problem we have only got under way but the time velocity and he already knew all along and you the 2nd what a lot he says what called that what you waiting at initial velocity but kind of lesson we just figured out that if we know that from the time of the incident and that was that the back down but she missed the ball away Jakarta among it also means there is a much needed this another time which white voters back above and Roman had checked initially again to show what would occur so check to that don't the military refused to go along back two-dimensional motion seems a lot more have moving from the proper much however somebody a long time ago made his brilliant separated 2 that's what velocity and acceleration in the event of a Sudanese broken down too so two-dimensional 2 one-dimensional but any commercial property described to so that an X X Y and sometimes the relationship with their figures for example excellent like you want you don't want to be same kind of things that we have this noted that be let things in terms of better terms position some scholars have her position the number of function numbers all are shortly the numbers together so it case for example have an initial position in the final position is pass a pirate ship this is dealt change the current Europe humor but not to mention using their education break down the self are what is really just a short time writing letters always the he tried into imagine tricky breaking down and one-dimensional that view for example translation between
1 minute quantities metal on you go from position where's it is a shorthand way of writing to I don't want be ready for release is just fine visit supported which usually exercises like problem and from French indications and pulled away any actually has actually this we were build long said they don't have the map further the physics building that using it in so Psocidae does he has dealt Oregon already you right it's really a victory Delta velocities Delaporte religious they are at we can't tell what got hot and that didn't have a region that is remembered one-dimensional together thinking with derivatives losses DST vector philosophy is he or she wears a derivative of that for me just the derivative same-store gravity but remember Nunavut follow your 2 components that somewhat more meetings may have visit separate for example say you have this motion lot has some initial velocity next nothing more so this represent the philosophy up moves along time snapshots moves along velocity constants moving along a the paper example instead having only what they also want but Her they also moves in what we know its motion next on having velocity wanted not change any budget wife celebration of while losses have no bearing on position facet of 190 image soon example can field the recent Nunez where the ball 20 meters per 2nd degree fine how much the the forest with I am so but the is what the just like woman sources here all very period has the project they object initial a what but we know what we 2nd reading another initial velocity that kind of thing initial while what is inside the now on definition explores initial while acceleration in 0 merely sellers while rap a mail question about where you come up with an equation of motion so that's where some time which is what is that figure out how long they got use whose expertise is constant velocity notes laughter you never know how long they get Crossfield making use of factors travel can't last year I want to get so what time it is text of new World His municipal aside village velocity known so it's all this time but not the time the thing is to follow his time with the link between the 2 unity 1 dimension of time and then apply that now we know how long it takes to get to the cross bar all this I when he across borders was half they have not Russia we don't know started 0 we know it's an issue velocity just what annually acceleration much shorter were Soviet plucky know there is equation and activity that we won't almost a meter above party so this is a two-dimensional problem brokered to 1 what did he he won time but that in the white dresses more examples here were ready time so the news at this time I'm happy lecture slide also happy we're all the equation on board using this whiteboard lies in the or watching you write about it laser dishes like if you really like because you think my about terrible running right side you the movie chewing boorish so
I probably do most arriving aboard but I'll do some size also and you have a quarterfinal spot posted you find it but it was also for of them if you might have officially so close that we knew which needed you you're a year drummer who just as it is said to him the hit go to path 0
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