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Designing a Great Ruby API

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and the and and and and so on and so on but so the model into the water properly assigned 1 of 1 of the worst thing you do is you know that the theory is that the release of when there is about in more than the system the the past and in the in the in the use and because of the you know the cells will come from the we work so inside and the 1st thing that I had this the lord of the nature of the crime the a lot of the poles and the new world of all you might be on the on the on the some of the most or all of that is to say the this who has a structure within the whole of classes that are already saying it over and over and over to so what is the use of the fact that there will be more in my state the from all of the people in my mind that look so that something like this the world around them
you know changes you know everyone will know the fact so is what the this is the name of it the that the the the the the the so at the end of this year I don't know if you just for student of the Raymond on reader and extract from the right and when I always like to human relations because of the white and gray matter and actions in the hands of you from reading it but there are some things that I know it's so we only have 1 of the forces in the park and ride around Europe doing things happening in the background of people or more than half of all over certain items users structures on the back of this way in this world more 3rd in a little of the during during all of the work I you know the history of the of the of the of the this year that are displayed possible the so you might want to call it the more you know you and your learning to reduce the use of new more in mind that the remains but remember right now and I also want you to use this and we're not aware that useful so really right thing that you all right in 1 or 2 so our and get the hell that we're thinking of the so I have another
journals so we know the the
and it was because of the social and that's because of the small on the actual barrier is worth doing got you were here and this is the angelus online all where the verb and balanced he asked for her to have them in the dual voltage so that they're all in all and that is and so we were just around here only on my dear here's the person and you in the in the kind of and this is the
beginning the analysts and writers that are the 1 on the inside of the theory of and on our religious grew more so that in more than half a year to well so this is the only part of the and of the signals so or any kind of rare word do you need a lot of and is relatively small but it gets a lot of you know right the it also works in that because of the way we lost all along the lines of the model of the idea of this tutorial where and all of that use the and the year of the series so this normally down that were already that it all internally to performance is around here was the of the model was visible only sort of more
by and the and using it to of this literally the literally over a reasonable in the US and Europe and by a lot of on this so that graph the so this is your
and your reader right here in the problem of the return of a lot of work or the and this is not a lot of so many of us you or the of what the data is not in the direction of the calls and which is probably the reason that it lot
the of on the news where the rule of danger and no assessments of your original problem and also review all around the world and also and and then you know the signal of course of the of the recording the if so found
on the fact that you are already everywhere and 1 of the things that I think it is all we want to use of the law so I think is
that is when you go through and it will hear that from 1 another there's a
period where we have interest rate and 1 of the many of the and the only thing that we have used the word which is the same thing but most so the use of whenever you use all ages and the tone of this we go to the inside of the sign up to the age of the foregoing into the then we can do this and that that was originally thought about what you're going to assign brands to up to and then we will look at aim the the images of something like the music of our we want to have a little controllers so has more but the union there are or are you not go through the history of all the truth of the original the I don't really work earlier you only have lower that the that the whole ruined the conciliator and a lot of the so this is 1 of the music you know you probably be 1 mole and is a witness so it's going to model and we know that you have read and also know that it is go and do we're going to need you upstairs in and have some marker for what want it and this is very important that you normally have the the or it always on the back and was or is in the house the problem that they this on the other the so this is all in all you prefer and he's going to need to introduce a topic into of the the or he's looking at 1 of the modeling the full list you can have do right and we need it of this sort of of the 1st thing you when we know is a lot of people in this respect a and was that they are less the always introducing the music room or that this rule that all
will allow it is have the what do you have good at the time and this was really the head of a so long as the land in the years following the you know
your mother were here is the the end of the day I'm just going to go and this is the case of the world what we call a symbol of the earlier derived from the I am using is about this but and this is a very small there has
some of which you are in the user really instead of music
but don't always try to have any of the brain that was was the c the so we know we know going to use the you know that I have very little so there's that lets you know that so we consider we have to know the use of the and that was the end of of the year is that when you were so tiny that by extracting more and more people use them you know and we're going to and I know but you get the that is structured by the user of and finally where all of the structures is full of that the of the new model where are we going to ask see that all variance the if you're going to fail in this model here we use around the world she was T so your roommate in so that all of the they're all of these slowly in 2 a to the panel its that we have contributed to this thing to talk about what they're not many areas or in the case of the of the of the of the of the screen and building the use symbols principle and and replace of on so we have to stop certainly all the students so we the 1 way and used for meeting the immediate area is you and they are the work of a lot of us the the the so this is not going to in what a symbol of this is remember that we have almost so In that our system we use something that will be easier for us nouns verbs that it would be the less used so that was the answer is I think that the world's spring so far this is 1 of the we ran of if we use the same way that we want that 1 and work is going on in the diversity of the origin of the love of people the so those are the symbols that we know we're have and so we have to pay for them to have a more direct we could use a lot because it has more similar the telemarketers know history it varies was this action and the other 1 with the group that battery and 1 of them is this giving a lot of you know and understand what you're not using the sum of so and so on and when the when you when you know you know have had the little what your hand on the but on the other hand he goes and on I really out of the data in the following now a lot
of the In at the at the UN and the other 1 want to know what to find a way to use all of the all this of is a lot people what you do know where were you basically have to a review of users understanding repeat some of you know and a lot of the whole and the people and the human is very very that
so we know that there is a useful in the early i for all facilities during the 1st of all it was wrong or change the gene not all working structural however in small only and we were we iterate that response but just not threaten running
from so this is how we we all know that the size of the in the based on the all is that is the going to go up as you know where the and that you should use this inside the last variable and then you look at the last minute in not a and not the unit for example of a growing boy here at the Battle of environment which below the knowledge that they will have the so linearization place
and finally the users and the world certainly more robust for an apple to the real so year is probably the most likely at this point so on the other
hand which is a leader of political and financial structure and will run a I have you know what going right all of not no more we move our users where over a lot time that you're a solution that the 1 I C 0 and I think that a of of this then we can go and get a and policy you know I was kind of used know that there's a lot of the people who were part of the problem the only people the data
internally I just might use using you know what I want you to understand the system and that's a symbol of all of them and that uses view of of the so 1
of the graph in the others but I can't think of a is going to be all our system not you know all members 1 of the others of energy from the or a part of the distance to the known among the motion of the inside redesigning I want world in that and so it follows that same thing this issued on a you know all so we have a legal review performance of the long so that in the rest of the data from the social work community this serialised in front if call serialized like you know know him upper case and is that you want to leave you with a so this is what you think the selected atoms in terms of you know all the money and you will or any you the that freezing at the people at the time we don't really have to tell you that I will and and the last in all of these areas is it doesn't have the 1st now I'm using however the birth of the all of the time on is the use of purity when and serialized through and you might say the answer of so we always have this this you would not have wanted to purely on being that is on or off on it so can although we don't in our so is of same thing but in the name in the all of loss and the here is this as there are also some more on to the fire by the end of the in I went to the DNA of all the world to use so you should all the rest of the top of the full all end up in and this was a from it all is there's so there are not enough you know that he knew the small they're all there is have a lot of people in in with the rest of you have to you have to know it follow that of the so we're going to build your own I want to build a solution of the finding to the end of the year and you can find out that the real thing that you you get all of that was the what the ones that introduce the work did you so on this all
which was also have lots of additional information of the people that are at the root of the separating that we need to do so you will need to really believe that there is a group and they can to you from a male name not through all that through the regional away so that means that we have and that similar novel where access were no not at all and this is the year required reading in the wild original but but this is
what see in the universe of people in rare in on what so room all here at the base of all regional and we go you lower and is all the so that the bill of terminology and use here their own so as you something that you really what the and we also need to be started and several other objects to the words so that you can also see that the this is 1 of the following you many and eventually of the transition between the various is and where it acts remember that I'm not there you know there's we introduce a lack of of you up and the is the lack of unity and most methods that are now here the change is small and that we are all what if you look at my record during the course of the and the that is not the at which the bullet will get on regional the 1 and the blue is where the experimental of the that's all right
here we have a lot of reading through all of the answers we really mean that they are what that means is that the use of the principles of law and we again in this you figure out what the cost chain the so we police more of the implications of not seen in the university here it was
a lot of user equation using the what do users in this time written in and true a lot you but I also you have to do that I say I just know what this disaster and you're the 1 who changed certainly has no use a long time user on the on the on the world you don't see the group also have her the not right to a lot of of every class little on last you know I see and lower than when only the considerable in which universally true or not whether or not they're going for long and hard to arrange to bring it to you special and as the as the most important thing in the world do not always know unintelligible was working for I was 1 of the ones that university through when and that it should never change the responsibility and remove it was on the end of the 2 models of interest which is the most enormous change if you just told you model and we did that they shouldn't change there were any most of that you would have that layer by the time you get all this so as the number because you have to use it all the way back in is
not so on and
so on and so and we know that
the this yeah it is the only 1
year and used for the use of some of you may be the kind of group will be you know in shift toward the end of the year of his work on and this is the view of what you were worked out of the other is the sum of the forces in the thing is that the area of international law and all of you are assuming that the this year's like the whole of the of the origin of the world or which use was quite slow or when 1 and 2 of his so I have a friend who got the same things and I also agree on the of the of the context of the group that his her friends you and you can hear that it restricts the and so on but also by the wall at the pattern of instead of just here and there so is the only force through that our moral possible because because of the changes the structure of the interaction you use all the time at which you the more where you are on a new test I'm all of the so on the age of 1st of all we the this kind of thing you can what they the right so the question was coming out of the world at the end of the this knowledge to be at the end of the novel is the older than that that which is that is the 1st 1 is the 1 and we that unit all moved up the same or view involvement I know that the only human I'm calling for this problem this and and all of the weight of a reason to think that after I have a is a master of the quality of er of I but then all and you know so of the thing that I think that we on the front of the world the but so what do you mean by that is that is that the get an and you have find that you see in the yeah but I want you to write all of the units to whom you know the ones on I know that I have to think of a few years after the symbol in yourself or whether it was reported the history of associated with each other so what you're the which is what you want from more obvious and to religions and what have you that of but at the to studies showed last an example of modified on the use of record that belongs to another in the morning meeting at the time so
I'm going to do for me changing their method model and use this this features note of the origin is here that I told you that we're in the and is not going to work I a any of its J. where you can find In my view I think it's a little bit the head of the yes I know that because it was on the left so that it would that is the I guess the best is reading all time I heard of it is really this clear it the other that there is a new unions last year there and 1 of the things that you can use the light of a word you don't need a year or or many of the reasons was a lot of work in data is always true if the only in the fulfillment by all and also on the norm of the of all but 1 of the religiously area from the sun and the other half serialised history which is on the way to the properties of the of the arrival of a lot of the things that I also lost their of about a phosphate and where all about yeah and 1 of the 1st of you and this is mean that of the on the but on the you In if the of and all of right so the question is what original where you have relied on land that was I think
so long as there was yeah the symbols that you know all following the standard work that you will have on the end of the book it is the will of the people and you will write this section so it on furthermore the day it is a have where they decimal all the precision is treated later on in the group and we just read out on that and you want to form a group and the of I was in the velocity of the whole thing you have to a following of of the of the X and the variance in world where genomic following this was the 1st all and as you like him and I have to volunteer immigration and is what people where it belongs in the lower and I don't really the also models of the of the of the white race as 1 of the components of the response of I you like my mom and the way in which new workplaces we do we have a no so I'm not going to look at it in the state and that I had a room like it is really it's really with at this time the and I knew that you about it and he was in but it's not a question on that really is the progress of the trial and the leading strand in this world and you know have the better more about and that is a of a bit of the news and you know it is a of as an has and not always you so that you you can use some of the kernels of the truth of the new knowledge and actually saying that a along with any of data using a with that you got this money from the government did really good things I think most of you did not only when it was for the scenery look at the end of the term the in the and and
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Titel Designing a Great Ruby API
Untertitel How We're Simplifying Rails 5
Serientitel RailsConf 2015
Teil 70
Anzahl der Teile 94
Autor Griffin, Sean
Lizenz CC-Namensnennung - Weitergabe unter gleichen Bedingungen 3.0 Unported:
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DOI 10.5446/30910
Herausgeber Confreaks, LLC
Erscheinungsjahr 2015
Sprache Englisch

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Fachgebiet Informatik
Abstract The most useful APIs are simple and composeable. Omnipotent DSLs can be great, but sometimes we want to just write Ruby. We're going to look at the process of designing a new API for attributes and type casting in Rails 5.0, and why simpler is better. We'll unravel some of the mysteries behind the internals of Active Record. After all, Rails is ultimately just a large legacy code base. In this talk you'll learn about the process of finding those simple APIs which are begging to be extracted, and the refactoring process that can be used to tease them out slowly.

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