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Amelia Bedelia Learns to Code

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we do this in and and and so on and so on so that this stock it's an a day events occur an so I'm constantly as a local vessel
and ensure you've been welcomed already at the Brigham and say that I live here and some city so there's that is a fact
and I live and work here like I said that this is my 1st time speaking at a conference if didn't notice that I like complete lack of expertise uh complete but respect for like societal expectations like how to not be weirdo and that so I want to tell you guys about character who is really important and essential to me when I was a child and I just write it so you can get a quick show of hands who here on at any point so now worsened to time the past was ever a child any current or former children you laughter but not everyone raise their hand the so we have a couple an audience calls and get so the special character in
my childhood was made of and I want you to do it because I really identified with her she is notoriously literal and she's practical to a fault and in many other stories she works as a maid and in titular doing a story and the Delia and she is actually consummate and she get things to do as an on unless it's size prepare a chicken dinner and this has never heard that determine phrase chicken dinner above world and said she tries to track bank brain and figure out the most logical losing what is a chicken dinner and surmises that chicken there is a benefit she gets so she's serves up cracked on because if you know anything about again single they love eating cracked corn and you know who doesn't belong impact on banana and nearly as employers the Rogers family and in the book she is consistently just causing them to be super exasperated and flabbergasted at her you need new ways of being extremely literal she's determined to complete work like in 1 and the makes sense to her and other in the same story she hasn't you assign and that is does the furniture and the way that it reads this strange to earlier because it seems indicated by dust applied to the furniture around and she's like that's weird but that's what was written so that's what I'm gonna do even though I I think it makes more sense to have removed the dust from furniture How does
sound familiar to anyone in here at all a request is worded in a way that seems to indicate that something really really strange is needed and you're thinking surely this isn't what they want but it's what they wrote so you deliver terms and only to be informed that this is not the desired result this does happen sometimes
adopted redevelopment maybe to a couple people back I that it happened and so that I mean I think you have you are and I feel like a really strong connection to you now that's so an adult male and you can see how I'm starting to think of a million less just like kind of a silly character and more of the archetype of a developer and the literal interpretations silly mistakes and not asking asking for help but yet and then at the end of the story is nearly
always saves the day and usually does this by preparing 1 of her and desserts usually based on in this story is that christmas and everyday she makes she saves the day that decayed by because to managerial when she can't find the fruit dates she outcomes of the calendar and uses those dates instead by everyone yeah I art in the last picture of the book that everyone that eating cake and smiling so I guess that is really good that that that 1 so stating I don't claim to be there in the data scholar on it but that every everything ends well and and so I think that is Lopez we tend to talk about our own stories this way especially people who are maybe self taught developers or to camp just those of us who don't have attrition computer science background we say you know what I wanted to the Developer Site did this stuff meal and states in the end we have this redemption that we talk about and now everything is perfect and that works because it's a really good story people want to hear these good stories and and you know what honestly I'm all of wikis this is my 1st conference
talk I'm extremely nervous in the afternoon using freely on the English size 1 it instead of doing a talk on a read you a really good story instead I have the the deadline to my book it on that
the name of this and maybe Daria wants to code written mankind stably very good prolific are all their look that person out of the as illustrated by sense men and inspired by the works of Peggy Herman perish and no begin with her
employers the Rogers family it's time for a video Mr. Rogers says Amelia you've always been done good work once we managed to get on the same page we definitely appreciate unique approaches to problem solving bigger so literally it drives me insane sigh talking to a robot for all or a computer talking to a computer and links to the self now that sounds like fun some if you don't have a binary memorize still and everyone obviously has an rights the someone didn't high binary and
million reads that to talk to a computer you have to speak their language but it looks like there are quite a few languages you can use to talk to computers and nearly as new friends rails girls mentioned you might enjoy language called million things that sounds nice enough but by previous specifically what would
the what kind of the areas of like that the shout to strange boxes who mysteriously appeared the group consent tax it's natural reading easy to write a follow-up if you like really know what we on rails it to what framework that optimize for developer enjoyment well that's right beautiful code by favoring convention over configuration yeah I believe that an easy way to talk to the computer at best about design developer happiness if being a developer is what it takes to talk to computers certainly 1 of the happy while I do it repeated and there's us to know on a particular as the strange boxes have already disappeared in the same mysterious way there right a if
you're a beginner or someone who didn't read the wise eloquent battery you should check it out maybe that but that's a budget is from so I don't wanna
make an inside joke the Israeli the this rubyonrail stuff is easy and thinks it's that HTML and CSS I know how to use those there's a database of corporate databases before to a is working away at the beginner Rauss project and she realizes that she needs to add a table to the database would like schema file as a central resource for the state of the database there's a better audience involvement on the next slide so I'll do it 1st in US join and and and and the next ones you look at that position pattern so what does Amelia dealt
to Descartes yeah so what does in the Congress and you didn't I she added to the schema of
words now she has another table in your database without involving the strange randomly numbered migrations the no Amelia I can read this
all explained in his computer in some languages and frameworks you can edit the database schema directly to make changes to the database but in reality the database schema is just a representation of the state the migration seemed to be randomly numbered those numbers at the beginning of the file or actually the daytime the migration was created and Marion nods and computer continues since we've only build a really basic database it seems like the migrations represent individual tables but they really represent the changes that are going to be made to the database I use the migrations to make the database for you and put the date time of the last migration at the top of the schema to let you know that the migration and all the previous migrations are included West Philly mistake I won't do something like that again all Member right migrations when I want to update the database now remember to run using rates of the update masking the file and the is cheerfully
working on a brand new application totally independent tutorials and guides she's not exactly sure what all she needs but she knows she can cover most things using the rails generated a scuffle new models views and controllers the and
she is in the scaffold and being of course all this is the real scaffold to create my new model that's just as easy as writing the files myself in fact it's even easier let's now I the controllers and use premade in case I need them later can you guys see from the illustration groups she has a blueprint for a house but because she's the scaffold she's going this dog mention and then yeah and then what do you do
we really need all this as is computer the rest apple is handy but you don't have to use it to create everything you can just use the generator to generate a model you or control or you can even create new files without using the generator and rails convention over configuration design major things not just how they share but it's so much easier this where it says in his easier for you may be reprising his computer I start to load all the assets created by the death let's do we need all the scripts Peabody disappear tomorrow you're right we don't need all this stuff I didn't realize it that a lot of extra work for you all the Shawnee's the scaffold to only use the parts they really need
OK so I know I don't need the rails generated make everything I can just create files myself in this as she remembers what the boxes to that rails designed with conventional reconfiguration still not sure that means but I wanna write the best code that I can all follow the framework convention and write the code the rails way and it
is not and
without the help if you In each of files human minutes the codons are generated by the scaffold if this is how the change would backgrounds this is how all do it to the he then into the city this year I raise their hand if mediated and perfect the
only all Amelia explains Mary's computer convention over configuration doesn't mean you only have to use Rails within the frameworks conventions it just means you don't have to configure the connections between conventionally name models views and controllers when you include all the code you can accidentally include different features for instance meaning that you respond with blocks in the control could allow you to inadvertently exposed adjacent point back controller OK so that's what that means so I definitely don't want expose adjacent API and its application just because I can do something with rails doesn't mean that I should I should only include those things but when I need them and not just hold on to them for later you got it area nearly as having a
lot of fun of her 1st factor on the team she's working is requesting time features many of them directed to all different rocks and nearly as the major excited getting antsy for the new weapons for the act I need to what makes a lot of rocks area says
and she activates
each of the rout spare breaking them before committing and pushing her code with each new about chelate simulation of file as the relative rarity and breaks the round rate a shorthand for review make so I read each new out will be available on my web these I'm not going to make the same mistake I made with migrations forget to make my routs expecting them to be there anyways did you get through the veil this is a non sequitur the values outside proposed changes in OK they might they might alias rails to rout out to rake and change the stuff out so obvious confusing so it slide so 2 of the figures get and that to but no 1 million you don't have to read the
Ralphs activate for your application richer shows you a preview of what the router look like in your why not ask a million I have to read the migrations it makes sense that aim to rate the routs to rate and nearest computer explains it is a little confusing that recreated in these migrations we don't need it to create routs rate is just a tool that run tasks the rocks are created when you add them to the router there's no harm in making the rounds that it's not needed either who I think I'm getting it a little bit now it's in the area rate is a tool we can run a lot of different tasks unlike the schema about are generated I wrote the myself so they exist as soon as I write down I can't believe I spent so much time reading each new out I added my teammates are going to be excited to see all the new routs much sooner really starting to get in the area and the
idea is writing an application with her to out-of-town friends fragmentary friend carry have been developers for a while and always hit the latest trends and Ruby gems thank you said James are great they're just libraries of code wiring yourself when you can put a gym you can find a gym for everything it's like you never have to write your own code million things when the best in consumer and I can believe as do a million things this gems are pretty handy seems like I can just drop them wherever they have access to a ton of code written by someone else
the and yet
at all of her favorite chance to each new project she starts all save myself sometimes in some code that says you know what this team is missing we not a hapless missing John's but stressed that make it pretty with the Jaipur Jon theory says what is that the application I know up with the rails admin genomic I that the just and this hitting and say that's a great and you're getting did you see this out before I didn't right at the center of Paine's not so fast
says in his computer James can be very useful but they're not the answer to every problem every region that you add to the gym file might have dependencies on other gems and those might have even more dependencies on other genomes to all those dependencies can cause complications and eventually make it harder to upgrade your project although I don't want and I don't want that I heard enrolled 5 is coming out soon all when a child to rolling story I tried in the area I guess I should mention the gene's I'm including are the ones 0 really need the
new working as an intern at a software development company the client she works with business corporation e requests that new parameters be added for customer addresses parameters and the things I knew exactly what to do with operands in rails out thank
you she does exactly what they ask for
and adds them directly to the parameter such that we so excited areas I see people have had this year had before I think last is hash browns and onions and customer address parameters I and it's an when specialty and you can get at local house and that I into the history i th I get the thing that some of you don't buy and this is using
works ISM is computed a client and say parameters which seems like a general terms that that word has more meaning in a Rails application turned out with the client really means is just a table columns see records to but at least my workplace has CodeView so to make mistake is contract before being deployed to Somalia they don't be so hard on yourself Emilia says a computer this is a great opportunity for you to push back on acquire requests in the future when they seem off to you and you're able to some my tectable client a little about Rose architecture in the process the yeah that's a right nothing bad happens and I'll learn something it also I'm getting the hang of this and nearly as
coaching at her very 1st rails workshop she finally knows enough to feel comfortable coaching helping others and code she overhears a group talking about scheduling tasks for out onto workshop space project they when he's at time t of the best but everything falls apart and they try a special day it's very very far in the future and his work future dates before and made this very same instead before 2 land to she had
spread over and explains how about problem of words you it's an easy mistake to make but if you use daytime instead you won't have that problem that's why I always use time when ever I need dates once again so you had to be at the beginning there that's not even the silliest mistake I I've made yet I'm still making mistakes every day and that's OK because making states means that I'm running even if it feels like I'm learning things the hard way I know a lot more about why things work the way that they do less sometimes my mistakes help someone else to when we talk about our life happened I cannot the learn better maybe they try to edit the database schema as they were with Microsoft Access before whoever that has to be anyone here Avellaneda's and I help learn by pointing out the analogous parts of Active Record and arouse application I think that that's what
software development is about making a lot of mistakes and learning from which the thus think yeah it on but that's a really
hot itself before I told you the story I told you the story about the story the matter story if the well which is that a lot of times as developers we frame travels if you will story and tied up with the low at the end it was hard and I figured out I redeemed myself and I feel good now I'm an e-mail always has a redemption at the end of her stories to by the way may or may not know is that there's a series of Amelia Bedelia stories and she's always having these parts these highs the daytime cakes I assume full calendar could as well and she's having lows again where she added the database schema and I mean that's exactly how it is being a developer you have highs and the lows you have also made and you have the Amelia Bedelia days so you don't really ever stop making mistakes um this is what the data
is more like so unlike unlikable our stories don't end with the product and among the ideally histories don't and for a long time is an undermining that your data something or you leave out and that would be sad and we would back but again I don't know that this is what our day-to-day looks like and and I wrote this topic because I want people to share their mistakes and so I guess I should put my money where my mouth is and I'll go 1st
sometimes and I want you necessary mistakes and she's heard Gabon hearts talk here that could match like 2012 meeting it was about other x the size that doesn't mean greatly to we will read it but I love this word which I want to say again and I it seems like a weird quirk our strange unexpected bargain language and so Gary found a bunch of these in Ruby and have found maybe and Beverly another script and where where the language just behaves strangely and so recently for me 1 of my big mistakes and I was working with a more senior developer at my company when I really respect and we were pretty deep like all those deep but in the light of writing a respect for like a strange fragile case and how did as part of this we wanted to verify that something happened at a certain time so we were trying to force a quality on find out how to turn now equals equals time that now and how they they were returning false they were not returning as equivalent I and we thought we found a wide in Ruby and we realize all my against this is should be equal to each other and they're not like Darwin Gabon at the right time that I even know he is alive and is Gary Brent part of our time like the yeah we like where Riviera and so we go into that we go into the company chat room at the back end team and we tell our teenage let you guys can explain this look at the time that now it it was time that alternative returns also is that ridiculous and there was light this this space standards that made sense like I what is the problem here of and we were just so entrenched like super laser focus on this 1 thing that we're doing we forgot how time worked like the that's a pretty silly mistake and what happened recently and the press yeah it might not also happened recently to me like I know about time and stuff but like this this I selected a senior developer that I work with who I think is extremely smart I think they are extremely smart but because we were so entrenched in what we were working on we just forgot and we were thinking and this stuff happens all the time
and the descending sabinae obviously like 6 of them have been up here until you've all them I they happen the people that I really look up to n really respect if probably happened in roughly gives isn't in here so they probably have you that's not the gist of was good whatever friends and and they have considered the developers that you work with that you might think are infallible and their developers
make what mistakes all condensates they make a lot and say I need 1 106 but the biggest mistake at the beginner developers make and what I need to I was thinking that I was alone in all of this but I was the only 1 making is done in the states and it's easy to feel like you're the only done 1 it's so easy to feel that we are not talking to people about it and and that's I began developers are much more prone to this and they began ASMs because unlike the developers they don't know about that like sine wave of highs and lows that I showed you guys that we kind of go through on a daily or staying on how quickly work hourly basis and and did realize this for 2 reasons 1 of they'll never us and 2 we also there are asked for a lot of reasons but basically it boils down to the same thing they're afraid of looking down I'm afraid I'm asking such a silly question OK did you ever make a mistake but have still you would you feel asking that someone not at all OK never mind right please remove that in the video thank you in God for modern video editing and other way they're they're afraid of asking a question and a somewhat sillier done and and they don't look like in a day
but I it's OK it's OK to ask these questions and it's OK to ask someone if they've ever made in the states of
because in developers make a lot of mistakes and we'll tell beginner developers that's great right and if they wouldn't know that right thank kinds of URIs that haveyou having questions just ask me right so if you put it out there have done your part you that on they have no good reason to be afraid to ask except for the neo they wanna impress you and from where they're sitting it looks like you're holding all the cards we don't tell them because we don't think about it we forgot what it's like to be afraid to ask dumb questions and so a lot of times we assume that other people on a free either and I think this is 1 of the biggest mistakes in advance developers can make
and it's OK it's OK that we make that mistake but when I think that what we should do instead is try to remember the mistakes that we made when we were 1st and and I'm going through the minds of events above is not known how that happened but you guys you hunters I have just everyone should do it everyone does it now for all its developers in revelations welcome we should remember the mistakes that we made when we were 1st learning any slip-ups with junior developers that you work with for the junior developers in your community 1 dehumanizes you to that when the person I was working with made that mistake I was like 0 my gosh a person to and not a highly sophisticated robot because they're so concerned this person infallible up to this point and I just felt better I was like OK so even if I do get really good at this I can still make mistakes this is OK and then it also just humanizes the process of learning to code when we think about it as you're going to make mistakes and not when you make a mistake but you will make a mistake that's OK and we're lighting any finally recognize mistakes your making are common silica fighting on the right path still feels not Austin to make a mistake but you're like well it means a lot of other people were thinking that way too making stays means that you're
but it means that at some point you look back on what you did and realize that it's wrong that's learning them I think that a lot of a that we want creates a spaces for people to learn and and I think that a place that's safer to make mistakes and if that is the environment that seek to learn them yeah we want to learn the hard way but we don't we don't facilitate that has been as a we don't make it easy for them to learn the hard way if you really want you to learn the hard way make it easy for them to talk about the mistakes that to talk about your own mistakes go to where tell your boss that you have to do this is it's the law and telemeters wanna talk about mistakes maybe just have a Hey everybody does that everybody always whenever you work on whatever at 1st everybody makes that mistake don't worry about it on that to start eigenstates and create the safe place to learn that you say that you want that
illustrations for this topic created by sense who works with the and she is an excellent co-worker and illustrated and that is a website if you wanted to so it ended on a high
note and I have my name is because 1st of acceding finding at here I FAST the everywhere and well probably everywhere probably and and like I said I wrote this talk because are I have been really really lucky that when I 1st started learning Ruby I for a comfortable making mistakes and I said going to rouse because of how i for sharing the and everyone was working on an extension of the rails girls workshop applications and they were going up completely beginners at each other and talking about application development and mistakes they made and so when in my database schema looked exactly like it should according to the tutorial I was falling but I can't get the rails server to start I feel comfortable going up to the front of the room and saying hey I don't know what I did but it's clearly wrong answer so turns out you can guard can you can edit the database schema should you it seems like now the this is analyzes the timing it and then when I started working at the ranch I was exposed to a ton of people who were extremely smart rich in a comfortable taking up talking about their mistakes and even though the environment was really great when I 1st started it I was still really scared of grammar mistakes because I thought we would find me out and they would find out that I was a new interior and they would have read the books and they would be like we gotta get out of here I but even in that Super what me environment it to me some time to write to talking about my mistakes 1 started talking about my mistakes so I sort of learning so much faster and I I think that if we really want facility learning going to facilitate is making mistakes so and then there are the lumen of the and some of them and
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Titel Amelia Bedelia Learns to Code
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Abstract "Did you really think you could make changes to the database by editing the schema file? Who are you, Amelia Bedelia?" The silly mistakes we all made when first learning Rails may be funny to us now, but we should remember how we felt at the time. New developers don't always realize senior developers were once beginners too and may assume they are the first and last developer to mix up when to use the rails and rake commands. This talk is a lighthearted examination of the kinds of common errors many Rails developers make and will dig into why so many of us make the same mistakes.

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