Beyond Hogwarts

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Beyond Hogwarts
A Half-Blood's Perspective on Inclusive Magical Education
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When Voldemort and his forces threatened us all, two of the three wizards (and witch) who led his defeat were not raised in the magical world. Schools like Hogwarts can help us identify and train those with innate magical talents and interests whom we might otherwise never discover. But how to find and teach those beyond the reach of our owls? This talk explores our options and will serve as a call to action for the Magical world. As we will see, these challenges are almost magically mirrored by the Rails community as we seek to find and train developers from non-traditional paths.
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and the and so on and I'd like to thank you all for coming today and it's wonderful to feed so many professors and distinguished guests as well welcome as well headmistress scholars other gentlefolk my name is lovely treasure box this and it is an honor to be here with you today at gradients comp well I'm not an official 11 love has drawn and with welcoming arms it is a very special community but you already knew that as seen in your schools my talk is called beyond Hogwarts half perspective on inclusive magical education the for generations the world's magic has been performed by witches and wizards carefully identified an early age and cloistered away in Hogwarts or drum staying or Salem which is Institute there they are trained and groomed in their magical abilities and and sent out into the world to carry on the traditions it's been a good system prove by time and trial to grow the magical talent we need to but several years ago the magical world faced
a threat like no other twice after great losses on both sides of Baltimore was defeated it's easy to forget that when but the modern his forces threatened us all to 1 of the 3 wizards and which to let his defeat were not raised in the magical world those events lifted veil and have revealed to the world the incredible magical potential of Muggle born and I believe even of squints but we can discuss that it did not the as you also reading in the scroll I'm have led my mother is a model the but my father was a wizard a part of the magical world she even served the
Ministry for a few years as an or I However was raised in the magical world complete with Muggle schooling I was quite fortunate and unlike Mr. Potter was never actively denied my
magical heritage but I was never actively brought into it either for most of my life I thought my magical side was just a curiosity a fluke I thought it could possibly lead to anything more so for years I ignored the quiet owls wrapping on my
window pane you see only a chosen few are summoned to how courts with the tenacity of double door my 1st steps into the wizarding world were a
long time in coming finally I opened my eyes 2
wonderful magical world before me and I don't right in I've
even been able to find some of my my
my magical fathers commentary that you'll notice my rub their hands so my spell books are only borrowed from
diagonality and my precious widened was a gift for magical friend
and her equally magical network this wand was given to me at the time of my greatest despair the like mining
Granger I've been very lucky but how many of our next generations potential which is and wizards won't be as lucky where would we be now if half let's or motherboards like Severus Snape or Lilly and miss the chance and never made their way through Hogwarts halls Severus Snape is that for a lot of things but being half-blood isn't 1 of them opinionated and brilliant it if sharp-tongued professor Snape its knowledge and training have saved countless lives Lily Evans started her life as an
ordinary Muggle while she showed some signs of magical ability she had no real idea of her potential yeah until the day she received a visitor from how courts who introduced her to her true calling Lily Avants is better known as Lily Potter member of the order of the Phoenix and Harry Potter's mother without really Evans we'd probably all be speaking Castletown now there are great and terrible things just half the horizon we will need every bit of magical talents we can find to face them we must all look beyond warts and beyond are always and growing magical talent and it's not just mother born to have needs beyond Hogwarts once our students are in school so a few of our brightest are not finding what they need their the Weasley twins Fred and
George quite notoriously abandon their educations to follow their creative sides I say notorious because if you fly out of school setting a fire dragon on your teacher and leaving a shower fireworks it's hard to be known not for dropping out the Weasley twins but their skills and talents to good
use the products of their entrepreneurial spirits have brought great joy to the magical world even as they've taken a little of our productivity and a lot of our goal in return and they're not alone we sometimes
forget that even all the vendor himself are revered wand maker upon whose tools so much of our magic depends is not known for an illustrious school career Hogwarts I even heard rumors he used to race prunes and there's so so many more the a
and but we need to make room for all of these magical minds to build and create in their own ways as well even if that means extending Hogwarts level magical training and mentorship beyond Hogwarts waltz we have a 3rd and final challenge that is sometimes only whispered
the Ministry of Magic is finding that spells taught at Hogwarts are in some ways insufficient even our brightest graduates are lacking in the latest techniques and charms well the theoretical knowledge is superb learning magical theory alone does not help much when faced with a real life conf ctr the is not enough
this gap between knowledge and experience and between theory and practice was laid bare after the Battle of hauled courts to be blunt the students who fought and survived bold Morton step leaders are simply better witches and wizards today by having the opportunity to develop their magical skills in the real world are most favored trio and they're battling allies are better prepared for any magical venture whether in times of peace or war so we are now faced with
greater threats and a growing body of students who were either found later in life and are too old for Hogwarts or whoever needs beyond the Hogwarts curricula we need to look beyond Hogwarts 1st we need to
take better advantage of the recent explosion in beginner magical training opportunities the just a few years ago about in which 4 wizards only real opportunity to study magic was within Hogwarts waltz that is called To date
high-quality beginner-level magical training is just to switch and flick away and yes there is a great deal of bad magic out there as well it is up to us to amplify and increase the reach of the beginner level training there are also been tremendous strides in developing Hogwarts level magical training is smaller venues with the small schools blackened scale individually together they can make up in total reach but we need more of that the and they need to go deeper 1 of these magical schools regularly
receives more many more times the number of qualified applicants than their capacity for when asked why they don't expand to
fill the need 1 which involved in selecting their last cohort replied that they would love to she said they have the demand and they have the support for medical industries but they lacked was enough experienced witches and wizards willing to teach them all and that school is only 1 of many that are starving for more witches and wizards who want to teach they're looking for experienced passionate teachers and tutors for their students they're looking for you finally we need a revival of an old practice apprenticeships magical
industries both large and small have already embarked on this path and their
findings accepts the apprenticeships are proving to be an excellent all new way to grow magical talent but there is still a terrible imbalance between the number of future witches and wizards seeking out these apprenticeships and in much smaller numbers of those enabling them we are poised at the brink of a new age in the wizarding world by increasing the reach of our owls and by supporting magical
training beyond Hogwarts walls and by extending the reach and the depth of apprenticeship programs will be ready to identify and reach and train the army of witches and wizards we will need to meet the challenges ahead of us I invite all of you to join me in this mission to reach out beyond Hogwarts for the future of our magical world with the threats and challenges looming on the horizon
we will need every single shining star and diamonds in the rough working together to defend and guide the magical world on this was God let's talk about those under threat let's talk about power where the ABCs of a conference always be charging we don't have to just accept that we want devices that use less power we want to be able to let our needs dictate which acts we run in which acts we turn off how many times today or yesterday did you put your phone airplane mode just to save some policy make it through the day we shouldn't have to do that the a solution to that will require the skills of Electrical Engineers and it will
require the talents of a software engineer whose thinking about energy consumption as they cope also are workers developers feed on energy just as much as the work of a farmer feeds on water our future selves will depend on software that is respectful of energy use and our future selves will depend on software that enables a stable and secure electrical grid the grade where we get all of our power the is run by software software someone or a lot of someone's has to write 2nd on that list is privacy there are 3 big buckets of people attacking of privacy today 1st we that nosy neighbor and that's not right slide that's prejudice like we've got a nosy neighbors but the creepy that's by your onto his lurking in your Facebook feed and we got the authorities we've got the NSA recording everything with low the camera and say the who is that police departments who want to make you use your fingerprint unlock the phone and we've got a job departments who made you swear to spy on your colleagues on social media it's not a the and finally we have the free services that we actively Givat information to announcer old bit if whatever you using is free your actually the product the In companies from Google to Facebook to Twitter have built empires around selling information about us but play for pay companies are starting to follow suit Wilbur and pay pal are doing their best to learn everything they can about you just check out some of their job listings or the our security
threats come from multiple places to
1st the the hackers and this gammas those lovely helpful folks who send you the e-mails covered with your bank's trademarks and trade official login information out of you and fight them we create complicated passwords and train ourselves to be wary and internet savvy but then we discovered that the layers of security we create becomes so difficult to penetrate alot of people simply don't use that we might passwords to order fill on our browsers or use easy passwords
just because we want to get to the article already already become dependent upon services like last pass or really accounts to each other so we just have to sign in once it's easier than remembering long strings of gibberish but it's not the safe way to go either by bringing in new programmers who started
out in other fields and by fostering entrepreneurship in our dropouts we not only gain more soldiers in this fight but we gained from their experience and insights and we can then smaller ways to artisan teachers can make great UX programmers we won't know what we don't know until someone new comes along with a different perspective so where does that leave us we've got threats both big and mundane and we've got a tremendous potential army just itching to get in there in code and we've got to
the the at each and every 1 of you has a skill or resource or battles goddess share and if you don't know where to start look up your local learn to code
groups maybe 1 is right down the block or maybe not you can look up a girl develop a chapter or study group or start an intro nite at your user group you can spend some time on the co newbies chat
on Twitter or the million other the code chaps they're going on you're bound to find lots of folks who can benefit from just some bits of your experience if you have a little or a lot more time consider starting your own group it was started about 2 years
ago by a handful of developers a lot like you and looking out I know exactly like some of you Madison softer Academy project sand mother coders all of these were homegrown grassroots schools working to give people their stopped 1 way to reach out to
newbies at your own company breed Thomas before earlier today and Pamela vectors after me that both are talking about specific ways that you can help Wizard of worked in their companies and that you can model into your course if you don't have time for a big huge commitments all you need to do is take 1 or 2 of of the year newbies under your wing and meant for them you could offer the parents something and let them drive where you could host a brown bag to talk about something that you're passionate about and then encourage your fellows to join along with you in the next 1 you might be surprised at both the turnout and what you can learn when people come up for their turn its and if you're in a position of influence either by title or otherwise consider starting an official apprenticeship program at your company have only 10 minutes then
spend some time an exorcism I were missing a huge part in the middle between what these beginner coding schools can and can't do and what companies are looking for and if you don't have lots of time to devote to helping raise up and grow the talent of our next generation of programmers just a little bit of time on organizations and sites like that can how passed on the knowledge that you have the experience that you've gains from your program have more money than time that
crowdsourcing is for there are countless people out there looking to bootstrap their own educations spend a little time and the sites or just paying attention to your Twitter feed you will find lots of people and organizations that you can impact and I include a cat picture so I think that means that the torque is dead the things that few remained in and the 2nd the