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(Re)Building a large scale payments system on Rails

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lot of is early in the year and the other thing I have this I mean it's very hard do you think the people that and you should use them for addressing error prone in here that the leave so the user is favorable greater than or you can think of this and this rule so it's in that case you know of some you to hear your it so as to how the virus that I can think of it so you can have a good fit in the form of the critical field in the world you're expecting that you could say that the result you it's about some of on and so that is and this is another thing where you can do that when a standard of what is the standard approach of real user you might have to ensure that has a higher salt and call the so called and some and here is an example of the kind of thing and that kind of thing and that's the period
and this is the there was no and then in the narrative so you know how it is and there is some of the things we have to or something well over here is is the recall minus the parameter the gene is going on and that was from around the turn of the user but also in the area of please go to work on this and so you know this is a complete list of faith and reason except you're division but it is something that you do you know you know you know what people living alone the same by because the mind of the writing about this like that's sort of the it's better to throw away we have to use some of the things that some of the some of the work in and so the error of the period of the period the purity something new and I always use the phone yeah this is just job showing and but there will be a little bit of that you can do this in the hands of the world you can find in the use of but communication options we hashed over and the search you will there was no other source of optimal for example some of its the kind people in the region of the meaning of the 2 so you also some it's not you on the other you just write it you put it somewhere in the beginning of the union right so that means that the the the model with the so I don't know what to do about it all the changes you want the people of of the because of all of this is
the right thing thing for is is that you have heard it over the engine and the version of this is 1 of the model of the and here 1 thing to think about what we might call that it is something called long
you I have a 0 mean because of each line in the island is usually the job in in order to exist between so you are in the class and you trying to use the example if you don't know how to process information and you know this is called upon the trying to figure out what it is the spiral of the roots of Axis gold how should say the and and the example of the kind of in the other so we have the following problem is a threat 1st world in which you want do the meaning solution using all control over how it is that is how the origin of the of the you know you know kind of almost always in the form this and this and that in 2 or but know want know where the change rules part you know what they want to do is to ask the right but not not just because you know that in the fall of this year so I think of this is to have a lot of how do know is that the a problem of Labor and so you can use it to have been so some of the should the system and the key concept is that all this that and the rest of the computer and you have the men that were in use in the region in your hand and I waiting you have some of the head of the and so on here at the university which I would just like to know what you so much of it in world the fuses with just changed it US in the wall here doesn't change the way in which the 2 chains are the same in all 4 of you say that you can used to those of you who want to build right so this just things you can do anything you can think our such as well if you go over and saying how do we get the best of the world may in the stream of payments to of a long chains and cannot be in the hands of the so could use it to variables some of the
things that you and I don't want you to think about the Federal Office of the 1 proposed this year in the area of the varied doing something to beginning book so you of all of his own and this kind and you know the the neutron how you make the look as well it's like a layer of gold in the life of me this is the gold so that you have all the data in the form of a lot of my apologies for the is here and unit he had
a pretty good model is linear any of you that of the there so the coverage of region which is in the sky we use 2nd example using a hot or to the real so here we actually have a few main moral of your model has this world in the universe is 3 on the guaranteed it'll be on the rise of the of of the year and it only with the the the the gate you get so you have a smaller set of all this is made in this area and little be I think the new model is actually a lot and all of the drawings of some of the of of the words and you want to know model you want that that have to the In a series of new initiatives and in a way that we can use it for the world is you you also so in tune communicating with services and also interested in how you can find in on the year in the United States Code the but is the fact that the colonies is of the form to you all right with some constant in solution in of the gene is due to the only ones and have articles when you do the results have been saying but it's the but what was the language of the book so this this also in the works so that the usually put on a ring that we call it from the going and you know in some form in the front of these and we also all of the following you share in the field of the of the smaller the fund this interval by and so you want as a result and the following is small and the will call so the fuel and by aiding is because that they were thing In of so it's really the size of because of the variables in the world and the fact that so as to have only become clear in the but you can't the smallest thing in the world like this so the you can see here is a list of users of the EU from the people that have in the following of theory is the fact or not we have a few model of its the but we use anything is outside of the the parents is going to turn out the lack of so in his and founder and doesn't you up in the center and the this is square the square of the of it so in England and all acts of your code and the visual to our setting so in the course of your reading the we need a movement a lot of this is to so this and of all of these little but it's interesting to read that have handling of music and that the except in the city is much less the half of them so you went out to of the in frequent reasonable here there's a lot users using the parameters of messages that are sent by a lot of data and using it as a of where is the way in which is extracted from the which is what we call the dual and the reaction you and and then on to actually say who in the world but you that that that you see the story the I use it changes in in the and the actual so the human figure of this but if you have 2 more less like the lying you will end up with this shit and what each of the of the original you just that have to and 1 of the original series so and also I think it's a very very long is the only thing is is this the the of the and the view was seen in the news but only because of the community of sociologist knowledge on the whole we so this is the rule of but of course they should be similar to that used in all the and then you you can think I it is
used those as you find that curious what you will learn about the middle of the of the of of this little of it is that you're way off according to him at the end of the about from the general public on the way to the end of the size and the only 1 of the things it talks about the purity of that is to say we got a network of the grid and also exposing the return of the total of the log of the reasons against all of the instead going insane and every time you you know that check the world so in there is also a single letter you can say is that in this in this part so on what this is the name of it but allowing to examine the
related of the exam on in because of this we actually and expect from 1 end of the long period of time the knowledge year and that for a change in the change in the so
in the future and I think in the earlier I think all of that during and this so on all kinds of and the link is about the importance of opinions because of the of of the and also offered them of I think of it you like by a man of the world here called ideas but I don't know the meaning of the so this is the world that is on the side of his before we use any of those things and create new conditions that produce the things that are it's in use in the use of and many of the companies who in some of the problems of the this text in the period of the original problem if in part of and so so that there's been a
question that this is the utility U User protected laugh at the at the time the last year of the last this of is your so here the data and I have to use the a higher the risk has already is all i so was the original thing which is very basic the basic fears of users and the use of and this is 1 of the creators of the model using so once you continue using the agents of another useful when the origin of the universe is so in the long run the 1st of the introduction of the transition from the use of the word of a change of so that all of the mind of the world without In so every time of nuclear and holding the knowledge in this period of the state of nature and a summary of the of the you know we've waited for you the arm of experiments with the with the quality of the world and the so the the the way it is far we're hitting times and to use it for the world and it has a sort with a problem you have this finding to that that is not true that I annotations actions actually and by another nation ruled out that the use of the history of the to train the rule of law all of all of the loss of our 3 D N a system will have all the you know the name of the words or adjusted to their actions so there's a limit to the right of all of the b as well so you know the missing link there is that usually in all this you know and and generally have so just so you really have to do is just based on so we have a lot of people so in the some of transactions on you will also going on but the of the of the analysis is computed from all that so in the domain of you find is that actually created all the thing is really not a single thing about it is always so it's better not achieve the source of the light and about the oral falls into the hatched area area in the world and you can go to the world and everything that was sort of the end of performance you could you have during so you know I was not only in the last in in the it was 1 of the worst thing is that there is no I in the long in some of the things that you the lot and this so you have and what I got out of all of the all of the time so the probability of you're from the so this is where it was just so this is also started at the and who knows who are and this is the way 1 of the of the world in during the war and during this time there are accessible by 1 of his own just was like there a variety of use unity of this is the use of false thing of looking over the use of the of the axis of the of of genes and 1 of them is that we are also of the activities of exploring the use of the of the whole of the properties of so that in the the role of the dialog that the women in the system of you to properly they kind of life of the inside of this era the ones in the center of the theory of the social several of my company of about the good right and the government of the words in the this you can use to the right you're the only 1 of the 1st time in a in the yeah this is the worst thing you know the University of the city please cite here at the bottom of the meaning of it so that you can make and so on so the crew for the exception of the action of and visible of tools can be near the greatest 1 so the end of the year in order to do that to say the throttle you all of this and some will think of it as a as a kind of and these on of they say you but we have use some of it is so you know what it is that the world you know so you know how to use the the so in this this is on the right side of the area of the of the of the of the of this already a lot of energy in this work that is focused on here is so the people living in a dealing with some out of the question in the light of it and generally of the flow of data in the style of so this is just using the this is the 1 that you pool on traveling from this is the cost and time of the entire part summarizes the wedding in the really if they call it the following year it should be noted that you know that we call it the way in which the user the the this so is the case that the name of the of a the the and the and the
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Titel (Re)Building a large scale payments system on Rails
Serientitel RailsConf 2015
Teil 89
Anzahl der Teile 94
Autor Weksler, Michel
Lizenz CC-Namensnennung - Weitergabe unter gleichen Bedingungen 3.0 Unported:
Sie dürfen das Werk bzw. den Inhalt zu jedem legalen und nicht-kommerziellen Zweck nutzen, verändern und in unveränderter oder veränderter Form vervielfältigen, verbreiten und öffentlich zugänglich machen, sofern Sie den Namen des Autors/Rechteinhabers in der von ihm festgelegten Weise nennen und das Werk bzw. diesen Inhalt auch in veränderter Form nur unter den Bedingungen dieser Lizenz weitergeben.
DOI 10.5446/30646
Herausgeber Confreaks, LLC
Erscheinungsjahr 2015
Sprache Englisch

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Fachgebiet Informatik
Abstract Payments applications typically require a strong audit trail, very predictable failure behavior and strong transactional integrity. In Ruby/Rails, ActiveRecord allows any part of the code to modify anything in the database, failures are often silently ignored, and database transactions are hidden for convenience by default. In this talk I'll explore how to solve those problems and use RoR to build a large scale payments system.

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